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I was the youngest sibling in a dairy farm family separated by seven years in age from my older brothers and sisters so I was often doing and exploring things by myself in my free time when I had finished my chores. When I was eight and a half years old King came into my life as a puppy to replace Oscar who had passed away from old age a few months before. King was your typical farm mutt, a mixture of golden retriever, collie and who knows what else we got from the litter of a local farmer. I got to name him since it was my job to watch over him and care for him as he adjusted to his new surroundings. I liked the TV show Sky King as a young boy so the name King seemed like a good fit. He had a tan coat with white paws, nose and chest and also the tip of his tail was white with semi erect ears and dark brown piercing eyes. We had a lot of fun times growing up together playing and learning new things as he became a trusted and loved friend of the family. King was around seventy plus pounds when full grown and very strong with good herding and watch dog skills.

As a teen I began to play with my cock when I was alone out in the barn exploring my budding sexual urges. One day while jacking off I began fingering my asshole and enjoyed the sensation leading me to insert other objects in my asshole. The best thing I found to insert were the worn out rubber teat cup liners from the milk machines which felt great as it slide in to my asshole but after a while even that did not satisfy the cravings of my asshole. Then one day while in the barn finishing my chores I saw King licking his cock while lying on a straw bale. The sight of his deep red cock protruding from its furry white sheath sent my imagination into overdrive. I could not get the thought of King humping my asshole with his cock out of my head so several days later when I was sure we were alone in the barn I decided to see if he would fuck me like I was imagining. I stripped naked from the waist down then with just my shirt and boots on I knelt down on all fours on the cement feed alley in the barn calling King over. As he stood by me not knowing what I wanted I gently rubbed his furry sheath then tried to get him behind me in position to mount me. Still not getting the drift of what I was offering him I tried dusting my butt with a little izmit escort bayan powdered milk replacer that we used to feed the calves to see if he would lick it off and take the hint. I was just about to give up when after a few licks of my butt he jumped up on my backside his front legs gripping my hips as he poked my behind with his bony cock. This went on for several more times before he finally hit the bullseye and penetrated my asshole for the first time leading to a quick but satisfying humping by King ending with him licking his cum off my butt while I jacked off. We had three more quick encounters in the feed alley of the barn each lasting just a few minutes with me jacking off while King licked his cum off my wet asshole and ball sack. King now knew what I wanted when he would see me bare assed on all fours both of us getting what we wanted at least that is what I thought being over confident in my brief experience with dog sex thinking I knew all the risks. It was about three weeks later on a warm early summer day when my parents and siblings went to town to stock up on farm supplies and groceries as I stayed home with King. I knew they would be gone for several hours so I figured it would be a good time to enjoy another humping by King. As we entered the barn the aroma of the fresh timothy hay bales drew me to the hay mow at the end of the stable area of the barn. We had just started filling the mow with a few layers of the small rectangular mostly timothy grass hay bales stacking five layers at a time against the wall of the mow like a staircase then working across the mow floor. I thought this would be a great place to enjoy a quick fuck by King. I had taken a big dump shortly before so I was pretty cleaned out and ready for a quick fuck as I spread a little butter on my asshole that King liked to lick. I was feeling pretty excited about doing it in the mow having a much softer surface to kneel on as I knelt down in front of the staircase of bales with my thighs against the layer of bales I bent over to rest my chest on. I was about to call King over but he was already behind me and began mounting me without bothering to lick first. I knew something was different right away because unlike the other times when I felt King’s cock poking me from below it was now poking at my ass from above as my izmit eve gelen escort knees had sunk down into the hay bales. I was totally caught off guard when King buried his cock deep and hard into my asshole almost immediately giving me no time to react to his canine instinct. I was trapped with my thighs against the hay bales unable to move away from his thrusting as he buried his cock to the hilt in me for the first time. I was dumb founded with shock when I felt the pressure of his swelling knot filling and stretching my rectum to its limits. I did not realize at first the load moans echoing through mow were from me with every thrust of his cock into me. This was the first time I ever heard King let out a low growl when at first I tried to pull away from him but quickly realizing we were coupled tightly together his hard knot deep inside my asshole. It was like he was telling me your my bitch now be still and accept it so I tried to relax and spread my ass wide for him knowing he was truly the master now. Thankfully he stopped humping me after a short while just giving me a quick jab now and then I think just to hear me moan as if pleading for mercy being trapped beneath him by his big cock. With King now taking a breather from humping me the painful stretching and burning sensation coming my asshole began to recede giving me some time to collect my thoughts on what was happening to me. I started taking long deep breaths and concentrating on the other sensations flowing into my mind as a way to relax and take my mind off of the throbbing pain from being dog fucked. The feel of King’s warm soft fur against my butt and back felt soothing as he stood over me offsetting the pain of his swollen knot coupling us securely together in sexual intercourse. I noticed the feel of his drool dripping unto my back from his heavy panting and the beads of sweat now trickling down my shaky legs and arms along with a steady stream of precum flowing from my limp penis. As I took in another sweet smelling breath of the fresh hay King began breeding me as I felt his cock twitch deep inside me followed by the warm sensation of his dog semen flowing ever and ever deeper into me. This is when I glanced over at the door way to the hay mow to see my paternal widowed grandmother, who also lived izmit otele gelen escort on the farm, watching me getting stuffed by King. She put her hand over her mouth as a way of telling me to be still and quiet and let King finish naturally knowing I would be in a world of hurt if he pulled his hard knot out of me. I then nestled my head back down into the palms of my hands on the hay bales starting to feel a calming wave of relief wash over me as I began to enjoy the feeling of King shooting his loads of dog semen deep inside me and there was nothing I could do to stop it. It all came to an end about fifteen minutes later when I finally felt Kings knot go soft as it slipped slowly from my tender asshole as he stepped slowly away from me knowing his sperm were locked deep inside me swimming ever deeper in search of an egg. Seeing King’s fully exposed deep red cock and purple veined knot as he walked away to lay down and clean up was an eye opener for grandma and me finding it hard to believe what just took place. Standing up afterward my legs were still trembling as I picked up my clothes and walked over to grandma as she closely checked my tender hole saying you will be sore but I do not see any damage thankfully. Seeing my cock very shriveled up and dripping she said we better do some oral therapy just to make sure that is ok too as she slipped off her loose fitting house dress revealing her milky white breasts and thighs contrasted by her darkly tanned face, arms and legs as she wore no undergarments. She then laid on her back in the mow having me kneel over her head with me staring down at her gray haired pussy fully exposed between her legs bent at the knees and spread wide. She then took my penis into her mouth as I lowered my mouth down to taste her pussy in no time I had forgotten about my sore throbbing asshole. After we both came ten minutes later, at least she said she came, we put our clothes back on and my quick fuck with King was finally over close to an hour later. When the family got back they said I seemed different and asked if anything happened I just said nothing unusual. I sure was not going to tell them that I spent the afternoon getting bred by King and having oral sex with grandma!

After surviving the deep knotting from King I swore to myself I would not do that again but a month later in the back cow pasture under a full moon I submitted to King again as he knotted my asshole to his full enjoyment leaving another huge load of semen very deep inside me only this time I licked him clean also.

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