Running Scared Ch. 03

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This story feels like it’s going to be fairly long, sorry for those of you looking for instant gratification.

The following story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance between these character and events and any real person or events is strictly coincidental.

Do not reproduce or copy this story without the consent of the author.

The following story contains lesbian sex so if that isn’t your cup-of-tea, I suggest you try another story.

A final note: My deepest apologies to everyone who enjoyed the first two parts of this story and have been waiting a long time for me to start posting again. I was hit by a combination of entering college and a few personal tragedies. Hopefully, I will be able to finish up this story within the year, I get side-tracked frequently by work/school.

Thank you for reading.


“Ummm…Camille? I-I’m really sorry but…”

Kita skipped back in alarm as the lithe Huntress whirled from her desk, amused exasperation sweeping across her features.

“You’ve got to be scammin’ me, are you hungry again?”

It had been almost a month since her young charge had regained conscience and in that time, Camille’s guest had blossomed with regular meals and the expert acupuncture treatments of her hostess. No longer the gaunt skeleton she had been, Kita would never be the athlete that her caretaker was. Even so, her appetite had gradually built up a bit above ordinary and her weight finally began to approach healthier levels. Camille really would have liked to see her charge another three or four kilos heavier, but admitted after several weeks that the girl simply couldn’t gain any more. That being said, her body recovered with a speed and thoroughness that approached the capabilities of her own augmentations and astounded Camille. So short had been her charge’s convalescence that the Huntress had surreptitiously taken samples to check for some kind of bio-enhancement.

Ultimately, her own med-facilities and implant analysis concluded that Kita had simply won the genetic lottery. Her body preformed right at the theoretical limits of the natural human body, though at the price of what her incredibly advanced (and highly illegal) A.I. termed “the most freakishly rapid metabolism he’d even theorized was possible.”

Camille had already noticed the phenomena of the little blonde’s food intake.

By her calculations, while relatively sedentary, the canlı bahis girl consumed more than she did, and she had a number of symbiotic augmentations and a bio-generator to feed. If the increase of appetite was consistent, by the time she was fully recovered and active, Kita would probably eat as much in one meal as the average human did in a day.

Camille reflected on this with a certain degree of trepidation. She had never been especially wealthy, most of her money poured into the expensive treatments her unique body required. The bonus from The Rhino was mostly gone now. She’d have to go back to work soon, her network of middles, contractors and linkmen would have to be alerted and a way to care for the waif would have to be found while she was gone.

Breaking from her reverie, Camille rose and made her way to the food-prep station, Kita skipping happily behind her. Today was the day that the convalescent was moved off of the nutri-paste she’d been proscribed by the auto-doc.

A few buttons were pressed and the preserver unit obediently spat out an assortment of vegetables, spices, and a large piece of protein grown to imitate a basic cut of beef. Drawing an ancient Santoku out of the knife block, Camille began to chop onions, garlic and ginger at the counter. Behind her, she could hear little noises as the small blonde settled onto one of the high stools at the breakfast bar behind her. Peeking over her shoulder, the chef was rewarded by the sight of a pair of sparkling blue eyes peering excitedly at her. Her ward was leaning against the counter with her nose just poking over it; eyes crinkled in a huge smile.

Turning back to her work, she smiled to herself, ‘Just like a little puppy.’ The normally taciturn woman found she was actually showing off a bit for her guest. Camille nonchalantly flipped the knife half a meter in the air and caught it in her opposite hand. A satisfyingly horrified gasp sounded as the razor sharp blade whirled end-over-end and thumped handle first into her waiting palm.

Minutes later, the beef was being sliced as onions and garlic sizzled in the pan she placed on the hot plate. A drizzle of soy sauce and ginger was sprinkled on top. The meat well infused with the spices, Camille used a pair of chopsticks to pick pieces out and sear them on the open flame she’d rigged in one corner of the kitchen. Crackling slightly from the heat, the meat was laid upon a platter and the canlı rulet sautéed onions were scrapped on top to finish off the dish. Accompanying it were bowls of fragrant steamed rice and a kind of leafy green.

Setting the food on her small table, Camille turned to find the girl still on the stool, adoring eyes shuttling rapidly from the feast laid before her to the chef now gesturing for her to take a seat. With a glad cry, she flew from her perch and only the woman’s supernatural reflexes kept her from being tackled to the ground.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! No-no one’s ‘ver made somethin’ so nice for me before! Thank you!”

Deeply touched and somewhat embarrassed by the display of gratitude, Camille hugged the girl to her, fighting back the pang of guilt that flashed through her as her nose was buried in the girl’s hair and she inhaled. The scent was so uniquely Kita that Camille could have found her in a crowd of thousands. Her eyes closed, she breathed in again. The ancient fragrance of jasmine wound around the core of vanilla from her body wash, blending with the musk and spice that was the perfume that was the natural flavor of her body. Over laying that was the smell of her shampoo, citrus scents.

Her slim body felt so good in her arms, the firm press of her small mounds, the sensations that vibrated through her breasts as the girl sobbed into her chest with happiness. For the thousandth time in recent weeks, Camille fought the swell of desire induced by the girl so trustingly nestled against her. Fought and won. A quick kiss on the crown of soft blonde hair and the woman steered her charge firmly to her seat, motioning her to sit down.

The two dug into their food, the woman displaying splendid dexterity with her pair of bamboo chopsticks, the girl making use of the serviceable fork and spoon she was given. Eager blue eyes constantly darted from the food she was almost inhaling, to the vision of the woman she was coming to worship eating calmly and precisely; dark, almond-shaped eyes studying her closely. For her part, Camille was struggling to not reach across the table and drag the girl’s face to her crotch. If she didn’t know from the medical tests that the girl was a complete innocent, she’d have sworn the little blonde was deliberately tempting her, the way her tongue came out and licked her spoon clean…

With a start, she realized her hand was halfway across online rulet the table, reaching towards Kita and she quickly changed the direction of her movement to grab the platter of vegetables. Something, she needed to say something to break the silence that had abruptly changed as Kita watched the motion of her hand.

“Ah, we’ll have to go into the market tomorrow.”

A solemn nod, those blue eyes never leaving her.

“Kita, I-we need to talk about you.” Oh those eyes. “You never told me just what you’re so afraid of or why-“

Out came that tongue again. Tracing lovingly across the back of the spoon. Those innocent eyes the color of a clear sky locked adoringly on her. Camille’s vision went hazy with raw lust and she stood abruptly and cleared her throat, ignoring the confused look her charge was giving her.

“You should think about the sorts of things you’d like to wear, make a list and let me know tomorrow morning and we’ll get some things for you.”

With that, the dark-haired beauty strode from the room and locked her door, the heavy bolts sliding home with heavy ‘thunks’. Eyes unfocused, seeing nothing before her but a pair of sinfully innocent eyes watching her lovingly as her synth-leather pants slid down her hips. It was not her hand that stroked nether lips already coated with the sheen of her arousal; it was the first sweep of a warm wet tongue. Eyes already narrowed to slits from the heat of her lust slid shut in ecstasy; in her fevered brain that long wriggling organ was sliding deep into her red-hot pussy. Pulsing in and out now as she thrust her hips towards that face just begging to be used, two clear eyes staring trustingly up at her. In the depths of her brain, an alarm went off as her implant silently informed her of a human in the hallway pressed against the door but before she could halt herself, a pert nose suddenly brushed her stiff, aching clit. Again. And again. And now the tongue was driving furiously into her while one hand grasped a handful of cornsilk to grind her clit against the sweet face below her. Teeth suddenly bared in a savage growl, Camille arched her back and moaned as her pussy became gloriously molten and she came, juices dripping down to overflow her thrusting fingers and pool at the crotch of pants that still tangled around her ankles.

Leaning against the cool steel of her door, Camille sighed and slid down till she felt the soft brush of the deep carpet in her room molding around her bare buttocks. It should have been inaudible through the heavy security plating behind her, but her enhanced hearing caught it anyways: the patter of bare feet moving away from the door and the knowledge that her audience had heard it all.

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