Robbie and Nora Ch. 02

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Thanks for the comments I’ve received. Hell, thanks for reading the story in the first place. This is a continuation of “Robbie and Nora”. It’s more drawn-out than the first chapter, which was a little rushed. I think I fell victim to the “don’t bore us; get to the chorus” syndrome. Hope you like it.


Nora could feel Robbie’s cock swelling.

“Just a minute, love,” she said. “As great as that was, I’m really afraid of hurting my little girl. What about Katie?”

Robbie replied, “Well, Nora…it’s kinda like this. It seems as though Katie and I are together because everyone *thinks* we should be together. Great athletes, great looking, smart…I mean, the sex is great. You saw that for yourself. But beyond that, there’s nothing there. I think that we’re both kinda looking forward to graduation, when the relationship will die a natural death.”

Nora was silent as she considered this. After a minute or so, she spoke.

“If that’s the case, Robbie, then here’s what I think. You fucked me better than any man ever has. Your cock is twice as big as my husband’s. Your body is magnificent. And so, I’m offering myself to you. Completely. Unconditionally. My body will be yours. You can do whatever you like to me.”

She looked at Robbie apprehensively, almost fearfully. What if this beautiful young stud rejected her?

“Whatever I like?” asked Robbie.

“Anything, love. I will submit to you absolutely. I will be your fucktoy. I will be your cumslut. Anything.”

Robbie stood. Towering over Nora, he said, “Kiss my feet and prove it.”

Nora immediately got to her knees and began planting kisses on Robbie’s feet. Submissively, worshipping them.

“All right, Nora,” Robbie said. “That’s enough. Get your stuff together. We’re going to my house for the week. My parents are in the Bahamas, but the neighbors will probably be looking to make sure that lights are on over there.”

“But, Robbie…what if my husband or Katie calls and I’m not here?”

Robbie glared at her. “You call that offering yourself to me? Completely? Your first thought is of your husband and not of me? You’ve got a choice to make here, Nora. Fucking me for a week straight or taking the chance that your husband or Katie calls. Your choice. Make it.”

“I’m so, so sorry, Robbie,” Nora whimpered. “Of course it’s you and your magnificent cock. I wasn’t thinking. Please forgive me my behavior.”

“All right,” Robbie said. “You’re forgiven this time. Once. But not again. Now go get your shit. You won’t need many clothes, but whatever you bring better be sexy. Bring your toiletries and whatever oils and perfume you have. Go.”

Robbie went into hatay escort the kitchen and grabbed a beer out of the fridge. He was still stunned, both by Nora’s offer and how easily he had assumed the dominant role. Maybe she was a closet submissive, he mused. Well, they had a week to find out.

Five minutes later, his beer finished, Nora walked into the kitchen. She looked stunning. She was wearing crotch-hugging brown leather pants and a pale silk camisole.

“Do I look OK, Robbie,” she asked. “I wanted to look sexy for you.”

“You look great. Now let’s go. Clock’s running.”

Nora walked past him and headed for the front door. Her leather-encased ass was astonishing. The leather hugged her cheeks and he could clearly see them flex with each step she took.

He came up behind her as she was setting the house alarm. He ran his hands over her asscheeks and rubbed his hard cock into the cleft. Nora shuddered.

“Oh, Robbie, my God, that feels so good. So good.”

“You’ll be feeling a lot better in about 20 minutes. Let’s go.”

They got into Robbie’s Porsche and began the drive to his house. Robbie rubbed his hand up and down her slim legs. Nora reached for the bulge in his pants. She rubbed her palm over it, drawing a groan from Robbie.

“Better stop that, babe,” he said. “It feels great, but let’s get to the house in one piece.”

He wheeled the Porsche into his parent’s…well, estate. Five bedrooms, six baths. Just over 7000 square feet set on 11 acres. Robbie’s great-grandfather had built it. One day it would be his.

“I can never get over how big this place is,” Nora commented. “I mean, mine is big, but…”

“Yeah, it can seem a little much sometimes,” Robbie replied. “Half the time my parents don’t know whether I’m there or not.”

“Does that mean you can sneak your little sluts in and out?” Nora giggled.

“Maybe you’ll have the chance to find out.”

They got out of the car and walked toward a side door, Robbie guiding Nora by placing a hand on her tight ass.

Robbie opened the door and turned off the alarm. “We’ll go down to my wing,” he said.

“Wing?” Nora asked.

“Uh, yeah,” Robbie said. “I’ve got my own wing. That’s what I meant about my parents not knowing whether I was home half the time.”

He led her down a hallway, past the formal living room, the dining room, the family room, and the theater. He opened a door that led into another hallway.

“My wing,” he said. They walked past a powder room and into what looked like a den.

“Where do you sleep?” asked Nora. She hadn’t noticed the stairs in the corner.

“Next flight up.”

Again guiding her with a hand on her leather-clad ass, they mounted the stairs. Robbie had a fantastic view of Nora’s slim legs and gorgeous ass.

At the top of the stairs, they stepped onto a landing. The landing led to Robbie’s bedroom. Robbie’s bedroom was dominated by a king-size bed.

“That bed looks wonderful, love,” Nora said. “Has it seen a lot of action? Have you had my sweet daughter here?”

Robbie didn’t know if she kept asking about other women because she was insecure, or whether it was something else. He didn’t care; he was getting tired of it.

“Listen, Nora,” he said, with a hint of command in his voice, “if we’re going to do this thing, I don’t want to talk about other women I may or may not have fucked, here or anywhere else. Understand?”

“Yes, Robbie,” she replied. “I’m sorry.”

“OK. I’ve got to take a shower. Make your self comfortable.”

Robbie walked into the sumptuous bathroom. It had a Jacuzzi and the shower was square, six feet to each side, with numerous showerheads. He took a quick shower and returned to the bedroom ten minutes later.

Nora was lying on her side on the bed, head propped up in her hand. She was wearing a white lace teddy, a matching white thong, and white stockings and garters. She looked like a gift to Robbie, and that’s what she intended to be.

She gazed at Robbie’s naked body as he moved toward the bed, marveling anew at his perfection. Smooth, muscular chest, six-pack abs, and smooth, powerful thighs. His cock was half-hard and bobbed before him.

“You are beautiful,” she whispered to him, scooting across the bed and sitting upright.

Robbie stood before her, and she began exploring his body with her hands.

“I want to worship you,” she said.

She stood and walked behind him, cupping his chest from behind. She began planting little kisses and licks across his broad shoulders. She moved down his back, exploring and memorizing his body with her tongue and lips. She dropped to her knees as she reached his lower back.

She studied his taut ass as she moved her hands down his front as found his throbbing member. It was his ass that had so turned her on when she watched Robbie and her daughter fucking, the way it flexed as he thrust in and out of her.

She began slowly stroking him as she kissed and licked his ass. She made a few tentative licks at his asshole before stiffening her tongue and sticking it in. Robbie was groaning with lust, and Nora was delighted that she so pleased her young stud.

Robbie turned around as she continued to probe his asshole. His hard young cock stood straight in front of him, veins sticking out in taut cables. Nora looked up at him worshipfully and took it in her mouth. She began to suck as Robbie wrapped his hands in her hair, pulling her toward him. Her hands clapped onto his tight ass as she sucked him.

“Oh, God, Nora,” he sighed, “that feels so fucking good.”

Nora continued to gaze passionately into his eyes as she worked his cock with her throat, her tongue, and her hands.

“It feels so good to please you, young stud,” she breathed.

Nora knew that Robbie might not last long and she wanted, she needed, his masterful young cock in her. Robbie must have felt the same way and pulled her to her feet. He began stripping off her clothing, and Nora quickly joined in to help.

“I want you on top of me,” he growled. He lay back on the bed and leaned back against the headboard. Nora climbed on the bed and raised her hips to straddle him.

“Put it in, baby,” Robbie commanded. “Show me how much you want me.”

Nora wrapped her slim fingers around his massive tool. She held it steady as she lowered her cunt onto the tip. She briefly rubbed the tip against the clit, which caused her to have a mini-orgasm.

Gasping, she lowered her cunt onto his tool, finally bottoming out with all eight inches in her. Her hands resting on his powerful chest, she began easing back on forth on Robbie’s cock. Shortly thereafter, she had a second mini-orgasm.

“Feel good, baby?” Robbie teased, knowing just how good he was making her feel.

“So, so good, my love,” she moaned.

Robbie reached underneath and grabbed Nora’s firm ass. Pulling her legs forward, he eased her onto her back, his cock still filling her. He and Nora looked deeply into each other’s eyes.

“Yes, young stud,” Nora whispered. “Make me yours.”

With his hands on either side of Nora, Robbie began to rhythmically fuck her. Nora wrapped her legs around him to pull him deeper inside her.

“Just like that, my beautiful man,” Nora moaned.

“Who’s your man?” Robbie asked.

“Yours. I’m yours. Completely.”

“And who’s my slut?”

“I’m your slut. Your fucktoy.”

Robbie continued hammering into Nora. Perspiration formed a film on their bodies.

“Fuck me, Robbie…just like that…oh, shit, come on, keep fucking me, so good, baby…so close…YEEESSSS!”

“Look at the slutty mommy, fucking her young stud,” Robbie grunted. “Just a little cumslut for her man.”

“FUCK YES, I’M YOUR CUMSLUT,” Nora screamed. “Just keep fucking me, you beautiful young god!”

Knowing that he was now her god, Robbie tensed and came with a roar.

“HERE IT COMES, MY LITTLE SLUT!” he yelled as he shot torrent after torrent of his potent young seed into her.

Collapsing on his side, Robbie pulled Nora into him. He was asleep shortly thereafter. Nora lay awake for a while, content in the fact that she had pleased her man.

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