Rene and Me (a Chrissie Conway story)

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Eva Lovia

Rene and Me (a Chrissie Conway story)Rene and MeI recently wrote of my introduction and first encounter with Rene. At this time I would like to expand upon my relationshipwith Rene and reveal certain details related to how the relationship evolved.When I first met Rene that night at the museum benefit I must admit I was instantly attracted to him. At the time I was finding ita little difficult to make enough money to support my somewhat lavish lifestyle which seems to grow more costly every minute.Up to this point I had yet to amass anything faintly resembling the “client list” that I now have today. I was very particular about what typeof “client” I was interested in cultivating I had already come to the realization that sex was the way I intended to support myself. I been dispensing sexual favors as a means to acquire the things I wanted, but on a much smaller and basically part time basis, since I was in college.Once I’d discovered that something as simple as a blow job could get me a free dinner, a pizza, a tank of gas or some clothing at the MallI was hooked. Gradually I branched out in search of bigger and richer rewards. When it came time to pay my tuition I would spend a fewnights hanging out in the cocktail lounge of a hotel about 40 miles from the University. It was heavily frequented by visiting business types and consequently it was rather easy to pick up horny corporate executives looking for a good cock sucking or a one night stand.In fact, I spent somuch time there that the bartender and waitress and I became quite friendly. When they saw me coming they would often greet me by saying”Hey Chrissie, must need tuition time again.” The money was easy and the hours weren’t all that bad either. I gradually came to realization thatI was born to be a whore. Once I got used to the idea everything else just followed. It never really bothered me selling my body once relaxbet güvenilirmi I rationalizedthat in fact that was exactly what, in one way or another, other women were doing everyday. Wives were fucking their husbands to keep a roofover their head and food on their table. Businesswomen were sleeping with their bosses in order move up the corporate ladder and girls weresucking and screwing their boyfriends just so they could be chosen Prom Queen or just for an occasional Happy Meal. To me it seemed to beall the same thing and I decided why be hypocritical about it. I decided I would become a whore. I knew that if was going to be a whore I wasn’t going to be a cheap, street walking, d**g addicted whore. I was determined to become a classy, educated, independent and very expensive whore. It turned out to be a bit more work than I’d expected. Over the next few years I usedmy “investment consulting” business as a means to find and cultivate the clientele I was interested in acquiring. I discovered that there happenedto be more, well to do executive types interested in occasionally spending an afternoon or evening with a T Girl. Who would have thought it? Iguess in retrospect I should not have been so surprised. It seems that there are plenty of middle aged men who are so bored with their lamemundane sex lives at home that they are willing to pay generously to experience the kind of sex they can’t get at home.I have have always been extremely careful with regard to who I’ll agree to accept as a “client” and I now I rely heavily almost exclusivelyon referrals. Today I remain fiercely independent and I am financially comfortable and able to support my champagne lifestyle. But it wasn’t alwaysthis way.Perhaps that was what attracted me to Rene. The night I met him it was obvious that he was quite wealthy, well educated, physicallyattractive,charming relaxbet yeni giriş and terribly good looking. Especially for a man of 60. I suspect that at that time I was envisioning Rene as a potential”Sugar Daddy”.Being protective of my independence, I never really wanted a “sugar daddy” type relationship. At least not for any extended period of time.However I thought some time of relationship with Rene might provide just the type of financial support I needed until my prostitution businessbecame more profitable. The scent of monetary reward coupled with the lure of his mysterious invitation is what drew me toward him. I suspectedthat he might have a sadomasochistic side to him but never realized that it was as overwhelming as it turned out to be.Our first encounter, which I’ve revealed in earlier writings, was rather harsh and degrading. You might even consider it brutal. The demeanor of this first encounter was an attempt by Rene to establish the fact that I was to be totally subservient to him and to remind me that I was just a whore. At that first encounter I was subjected to two beatings along with a bout of forced oral sex and three extremely hard fuckings. I was fucked roughly followingthe first beating and then later I was literally ****d during the middle of the night. The second much less severe beating occurred the followingmorning followed by another very hard fucking. This less severe beating was anindication that Rene now believed that in the future I would remain submissive and that any punishment might be less severe. The fact that he refused to allow me access to his bed was to serve as a reminder that again I was just whore and might expect to be treated with such degradation. As our relationship progressedon occasion I was eventually allowed to share his bed.Afterwards I was provided with a soothing oil to ease my stinging relaxbet giriş ass, and allowed to shower. Upon returning to the bed chamber I observed that the small carry on type bag I’d brought with me had been placed by the bed. I removed and put on the white push up bra and a fresh pair of panties as well as the sweater and mini-skirt. Apparently in my haste to pack I neglected to includeneither pantyhose or shoes. I wondered if I should wear the garter belt, stockings and heels that I arrived in or not. Before I could decide what to doCharles appeared in the doorway.”We shall be departing now Madam.” he said.”Charles, I haven’t any shoes to wear.” I said.”No matter Madam. You may come just as you are.” he replied.I never saw Rene again prior to our departure. Once again Charles blindfolded me before we entered the garage and I was not allowed to removeit until we’d driven for nearly 15 minutes. When I was finally permitted to remove the silk scarf I noticed that my clutch purse was lying on the seat next to me and beneath the purse were the black Dior panties I had surrendered to Charles just prior to my arrival the previous night. I naturally opened theclutch purse the same as any woman would do having just been reunited with her purse. When it dawned upon me what I was doing I laughed to myself. Did I really think someone like Rene would permit that anything be taken from it. To my surprise not only was everything just as I’d left it,but I discovered that there was now another of Rene’s white linen envelopes present. Upon opening the envelope I discovered a hand writtennote which merely said “Until the next time my precious little whore.” It was signed with just an “R”. I should mention that the envelope also contained $2000 in crisp $100 bills. The remainder of the drive home was much as the previous days was, me isolated in the rear behind the privacy partition and Charles inthe front silently driving me home. Once we reached my condo Charles dutifully opened the rear passenger door for me and watched as I walkedbarefoot up to my door. He remained silently watching me until i was safely inside the door. Hardly the end………..more to follow

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