Reclaimed In Full (Chapter 6)

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“Sandra, finish your greens,” I said as I swallowed a morsel.“No! I don’t like them,” Sandra replied as she gently pushed her plate away and sat with her hands crossed.“Sweetheart, how will you become strong if you don’t eat your veggies? Come on, be quick. You need to finish them.”“I don’t like them. Mama used to cook better than you. I want mama to cook.”I kept the fork down in the plate and sighed. Ever since Carol left the house, I found Sandra growing into a rebellious child, as days passed by. I tried my best to understand her and give her all the love and affection she needed, but there were some things I couldn’t understand.“Mom never cooked. Finish your food and go to your room,” I said sternly.Sandra grabbed her plate and headed to the kitchen. I heard the running of the tap, cluttering of the plates and then the footsteps. “Good night, dad.”After doing the dishes I went to her room and found her awake in her bed.“Honey, are you not able to sleep?” I asked as I sat on the edge of her bed.“I miss mom. I miss her tucking me to bed and reading me a bedtime story. She didn’t even complete the previous one.”“Sandra, honey. I miss her too…”“Then why is she not back? I want her to come back. Please daddy, can we meet her on her birthday? I want to say sorry to her. You should say sorry to her too. I am sure that she will agree to come back.”I looked into Sandra’s blue eyes, which she had inherited from Carol and often reminded me of her. I tried to explain to her that her mom was not coming back and she had to get used to living without her, but she refused to accept that.“Honey, it’s not easy. She is not coming back.”“Does she not love us?” Sandra asked.“She does, but… she cannot live with us.”“But daddy, can we not meet her on her birthday? Please. I will eat all my veggies and do all my homework. I really… really… really miss her.”I looked at my daughter who meant the world to me. Her eyes were moist. As I caressed her hair, I saw the photograph of Carol and me. A moment, frozen in time. It was a picture of her third birthday which was celebrated at Cynthia’s place. There was joy and laughter in everyone’s face.“I will try, sweetheart. I will try,” I said.“And daddy. I am sorry for wasting food. I will eat all my veggies next time.”I couldn’t help but ponder on the words of my daughter. I didn’t need any degree in child psychology to understand my own daughter’s behaviour. She was missing her mom and it was clear through her actions. As I reflected on this, I wondered if Carol missed her daughter. There had been few occasion when Carol got an opportunity to visit Sandra but it was only after my approval.I went to my bedroom and changed into my sleepwear. As I lay down, gazing the ceiling, I couldn’t help but think about Carol. Her birthday was approaching and Sandra was keen on meeting her. It was ironical to think how Carol, blinded by sex, had missed her daughter’s birthday.The following day, after work, I paid a visit to Jenivee to check how she was doing. When I reached the cottage, I found her all dressed up and ready to move out. I didn’t bother to get out of the car as Jenivee herself made her way towards my car.“I need to buy some stuff, let go,” Jenivee said as she opened the door and sat in the car.“Fancy any place?” I asked as I pressed the clutch and changed the gear.“Yea, the place where your wife works.”“No ways. Anywhere but there,” I protested.“Don’t be such a pussy. We aren’t going to meet her. I want to go there because there is a good discount on things and I am short of cash. So let’s go.”Having known Jenivee for some time, I knew that she had no financial difficulties. I couldn’t understand the intentions behind her visiting the store.“Jen, Please!”“Simon, either you take me, or else I’ll use another means to get there.”I sighed. “Fine, let’s go.”I had been visited Jenivee regularly and after each visit, we found ourselves growing closer. The sex and the aftermath were of great aid to keep Carol’s memory at bay. Jenivee even confessed about her crush on Aaron and her hatred towards Carol. But when she learnt about their affair, she added Aaron to her blacklist.When we reached the store, I accompanied her with a trolley. While Jenivee was browsing for stuff, I looked around to spot Carol. I scanned the entire place but failed to find my wife.“Love, come here,” Jenivee called out to me.‘What the fuck was that? Love?’ I headed towards Jenivee who immediately wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me. The sudden kiss came as a surprise.“What was that all about?” I asked.“Just teasing your ex. looking at my belly she might think you might be the one to knock me up.”I turned around and saw Carol, staring at me with wide eyes. Wiping her moist eyes, she was about to move away when Jenivee called her. Knowing how embarrassed Carol was, I tried to persuade her to stop taunting, but Jenivee was determined to add injury to the wound.“Do you know where can I find some condoms?” Jenivee asked.It was a moment of cringe. I had not told Carol anything about what was developing between Jenivee and me. But when she saw Jenivee and me together, sharing a kiss, she must have assumed that we were seeing each other.“Sorry, Ma’am we don’t sell any condoms here,” Carol replied with her head bent low.“Ah, what a pity. I don’t want get knocked up again, right babe?” Jenivee said as she turned to look at me.“Anyways, thank you. You can leave us. Till my pregnancy, I can have sex without any protection.” Looking me she said, “Your ex never gave you a blowjob, right? I’m going to take care of that for you.”The words of Jenivee made no sense to me as it was all directed to taunt Carol. After hearing her speak those crude and unfiltered words in front of my wife, I was embarrassed. Seeing how defeated Carol was, a cruel smile of victory drew upon her face.“Jen, what the fuck was that? You didn’t have to be so mean to her…”“I hated that bitch ever since she laid her hands on Aaron. I want to ask her what she thinks about the video I sent her.”I paused to think for a while. “Video? What video?”Snapping out of her contemplation, Jenivee immediately spoke up, “No, nothing. I feel happy for taunting that whore. Let’s go. You can drop me home.”“But, Jen! Aren’t you going to buy anything?” I asked.“Nah. I was in the mood to play and I am glad things worked out just fine.”The words and actions of Jenivee left me baffled. I felt like a tool who needed to satisfy her need for revenge. As we made our way out of the store, I up and saw Carol, sitting in the corner and wiping her tears. My heart melted at the sight of her but I decided to leave her alone. I was angry at Jenivee and felt stupid for playing as her teammate in her game to hurt Carol.On our way back, Jenivee continued to narrate the litany of Carol’s wrongdoing while I drove in silence. She had humiliated Carol and was justifying her behaviour. When I reached her place, she invited me in and I declined her offer.“Are you mad because of how I reacted with Anadolu Yakası Escort your ex?” Jenivee asked as she bent over to look at me.“Jen, it not because she is my ex. The way you took advantage of her was not right. I felt bad for her and yes, I am mad at you.”“So, have you forgiven her for all that she has done to you? Don’t you feel good now that she is paying for her crime?”As the car roared to life, I said, “You didn’t hurt my wife or my ex, but you hurt the mother of my daughter.”“Simon, listen…”I pressed the accelerator and drove towards my home. I was pissed off at Jenivee for taunting Carol who was clearly at a disadvantage. The tears in her eyes hurt me but more than that, it hurt my ego. Carol had no idea that I was seeing Jenivee and now that it was known to her, I could only imagine the self-pity she would indulge in.After supper, when I lay in bed, my mind was wandering around the tearful face of Carol. It was late but I was rolling in bed with no sign of sleep taking over me. I grabbed my phone and dialled the familiar number. “Hey, it’s me. Can I talk to you for a second?”“You don’t need to say anything, Simon,” Carol replied.“I have not called to apologize. Sandra misses you and she wants to meet you on your birthday,” I replied.After a brief pause Carol replied, “Simon, I don’t know what to say. Not a day goes by that I don’t regret my actions which destroyed my family. I missed Sandra’s birthday to spend time with that bastard, on his birthday, and it makes me guilty. I hate myself for doing that. I don’t have the dignity to show my face to my daughter, on my birthday.”Carol was guilty and ashamed of her action. She had missed her daughter’s birthday to spend time with her boyfriend and celebrate his birthday. It would be hard for her to face her daughter on that day, while her daughter, on the contrary, wanted to spend the entire day with her mother.“Carol, I know how you feel, but this is not about you. This is about Sandra. She wants to meet you and spend the time with you. I know you miss her as much as we do… I mean she does. so for her sake, please put your feelings aside and give your daughter the time she deserves…”Carol interrupted, “But Simon, what face do I have left to show my daughter?”“Carol, she is the only one who is oblivious of what has happened, so you don’t have to explain to her anything. Your mere presence is enough to cheer her up.”After a long pause, Carol replied, “Okay, I will. What do I have to do?”I thought for a while and said, “Can I meet you at your place?”“Yes. I finish my shift at ten, in the evening. I will text you my address.”“Okay, then. Since the day after tomorrow is your day, can we meet tomorrow?” I asked.“Yes. I like that.”“Alright then, thank you. Good night”“Simon, thank you. I am sorry about everything.”“It’s alright. You don’t have to apologize every time.”As soon as I ended the call, I got a text message from Carol, telling me the place where she lived. It was clear that she was desperate to meet and talk to me. After having spoken to her, I felt better for having made her day.A big part of me felt good, but there was a small part of me that made me think that I was a fool. I had become a source of solace to the person who had cheated behind on me. As I lay down, watching the ceiling, reflecting on the conversation I had with Carol, I realised how my feelings for her had changed. Ten months ago, I would have fought any person who’d hurt my wife but today, when Jenivee insulted and taunted her, I did nothing. Things had changed and maybe I had moved on. Even though I didn’t want to get back with her, I was feeling pity for her condition.The following day I was anything but focused at work. I had been ignoring Jenivee’s calls and texts as I didn’t want her to know that I was meeting Carol. The episode of the previous day was still vividly imprinted on my mind and I couldn’t help but feel pity for Carol. She was all alone, away from the people she loved and cared, no financial support and ashamed of her actions.In the evening, I drove to the place which Carol had shared with me. It was an old building which seems to have been painted just once in its lifetime. I was searching for a place to park when my eyes fell on a familiar-looking car. The very sight of the car made my blood boil. “Aaron!”Rage took control over me. ‘For one day! Can’t she stay away from the bastard?’I was about to return when I stopped. I saw this as an opportunity to put a nail to the coffin and end whatever relationship I had with carol. I got out and slammed the car door. Upon entering the building, I climbed the stairs and stood in front of her door. Just as I lifted my hand to knock I hear voices.“I said I don’t want you in my life. Get out!” It was carol who was shouting on the top of her voice.“Oh, I am not going anywhere. Not till I fuck you and make you my sex slave, bitch.”“Aaron, please. I am meeting my husband…”“That good for nothing husband of yours?”“Don’t you fucking say anything about my husband. Get out of here. Get the fuck out from here.”“Bitch, was I not clear? Till I fill you with my cum, I’m not going anywhere.”I twisted the doorknob but the door was locked. I stepped back and with all my might, kicked the side where the lock was mounted. The door broke open. Aaron who appeared stunned stared at me.“Simon,” Carol said as she came and hugged me.“You alright?” I asked Carol.I looked at her face and saw tears in her weary eyes. I cupped her face and then looked at Aaron. Letting of her face I clenched my fist, went towards Aaron and punched him in his face. Before he could recover, I kicked him in his groins.“When a girl says no, it’s no! Get the fuck out of here, before I call the cops.” I yelled.I watch Aaron struggling to get up and staggering out of the room. As he left, Carol collapsed on the floor and began weeping. I bent down and placed my hand on her shoulder and she hugged me and began weeping.“I am tired. Simon, I am tired,” Carol said as she sobbed.I caressed her back and said, “Let’s go home. Come.”I had no intention of getting back together with Carol, but ignoring her at the moment would seem inhuman of me. The following day was her birthday and it would also make Sandra happy to spend time with her mom.I told carol to occupy the spare room and she readily agreed. I warmed up the food and waited for her to freshen up. As she came down the stairs I could notice the sad and sullen look on her face but upon looking at me, she managed to smile at me.“There is nothing much, but please help yourself,” I said as I passed her the dishes.Carol silently served herself and began eating. The sight of her gobbling the food from her plate melted my heart. I felt pity for her and the condition in which she was living.“Carol, are you eating well? You have become a bit skinny,” I asked.She swallowed the morsel in the mouth, looked up at me and said, “Yes, I am. I am eating well. It’s just that I miss your Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan cooking.”I paused for a while before addressing the elephant in the room. “I know it’s not my business, but are you and Aaron…”“No. That bastard destroyed my life! How can even think of getting together with him?”Carol clenched her fist and looked down into her plate. I sensed that she was reflecting on the things that happened in our marriage which led to our break up. She looked up to me in the eyes and continued.“I have been a fool to put my marriage and my family on par with that guy. And now I got a broken marriage, no home and a family who hates me. I’ve been a whore, a bitch and fucking cunt who, blinded by sensual pleasure, ignored the things that mattered to me. Simon, I know the value of belonging to a family, feeling loved and being in the company of the one who truly loves you. If I could trade the past in exchange for my life, I would do it in a heartbeat.”I looked into Carol’s blue yet watery eyes. She meant each and every word of what she had spoken and the tears in the eyes confirmed it.“How long as Aaron been harassing you?” I asked.“I left the job to move away from him, but he followed me. He has called, messaged and even threatened to make me his slave… his sex slave. Today… Today he crossed the limit and was about to…”“Yes,” I said, interrupting her. “I heard you two arguing and decided to step in. I will see to it that the bastard gets destroyed.”“I have been recording his call and his filthy threats. I will make sure that he gets behind bars and his career, destroyed. The management doesn’t tolerate such things. But losing his career is not enough. I want to destroy that fucking son of a bitch…”“You have the recording?” I asked.“Yes. They are stored as audio files on my phone.”Carol’s presence of mind amazed me. “Okay. We will see what to do about it later.”We both cleared the dishes. It was awkward to be in her presence and I tried my level best to appear normal. When we finished, we wished each other good night and retired to our room.Just as I entered the room, I heard my phone ring. I sighed as I reached out to my phone and accepted the call.“Jen! What is it?” I asked.“Simon, where the hell are you? I have texted and have called you since morning. Are you still mad at me?”“I was mad, but it’s fine. I had some tasks to attended to so, I was a bit busy. How are you?”“Simon, I think I overdid it. I am sorry. You still have feelings for Carol and it hurt you too…”“I don’t have a feeling for her like I used to have,” I said interrupting her. “I felt bad when we took advantage of her situation. I don’t care that she is my ex. If it were any person, I would have felt the same.”“Sorry, Simon. I still won’t deny that fact that I hate Carol, but I want to apologize. I missed you.”My anger towards Jenivee had seeped away by her apologetic voice. She was a woman who was carrying a life inside of her and I couldn’t help but embrace her with my warm words.“It’s alright. I missed you too. I will try to drop in soon.”“Simon, how about tomorrow?”“Tomorrow? What about tomorrow?” I asked.“Nothing. It’s just that I am horny and need someone to cuddle me. I don’t want to feel lonely.”I was a little hesitant to answer immediately. The following day was Carol’s birthday and Jenivee wanted to meet me at the same time. One side was my past and the other was a possible future.“Jen, I will see what I can do.”As I lay on the bed and close my eyes, I was still trying to figure out the way out of the dilemma. Two women; both need my attention. As I began to discern I finally found a way out. I made up my mind to spend the afternoon with Sandra and Carol and the evening with Jenivee.I was woken up with the noise of excited footsteps outside my room. Without a doubt, I knew it was my daughter. I covered my ears and tried to go back to sleep but it was all in vain. Her laughter and her singing echoed the entire house. She was happy.I got up from my bed and staggered out of the room to see what Sandra was up to. As I climbed down the stairs, I saw Carol sitting at the dining table and our daughter skipping around her.“Daddy, mama is back… mama is back,” she said she ran towards me.As I picked up my daughter in my arms, I looked at Carol and then the spread on the table. Scrambled eggs, cheese, butter, bread and milk. Carol had woken up early to prepare the breakfast and was waiting for me to join them.As I joined them, Sandra dragged her chair closer to Carol’s and served her. Carol looked at me for my reaction and I nodded my head in approval. After ten long months, the family was together; temporarily.“Happy birthday, Carol,” I said as I served myself. In the past year, it was me serving breakfast in bed for my wife, waking her up with a kiss and possibly a cuddle in bed. But today, my mere presence lit her face and a smile shot across her face followed by a thank you.“Got any plans for today? Are you working?” I asked.“Umm. Not today. We are exempted from work on our birthday so we have the day for ourselves,” Carol replied.“Do you mind, taking Sandra out for shopping? I’ll call the teacher and request her to excuse Sandra,” I replied.“But, daddy… aren’t you joining us?” Sandra interrupted in a disappointed voice.“Honey, I have to work…” I replied. I look at Carol, whose eyes were cast down to hide the hurt. She was disappointed.“… But I can join you two for lunch,” I continued. “We can meet at our regular spot and have our lunch together.”A smile shot up again across Carol’s and Sandra’s face. Our eyes met and I could undoubtedly interpret her facial impression as a thank you.The entire morning, my mind was occupied with the thoughts about last night’s episode and the aftermath. I had to make a few phone calls and get in touch with some of my old friend, who promised me to look into the matter about Aaron. I, in turn, promised them with the necessary evidence and revelled to them my intention of seeing Aaron destroyed. Taking it in the right spirit, I was assured of a favourable outcome.In the afternoon, Carol and Sandra joined me at our usual dining spot. After we had placed our order, Sandra who was sitting beside her mother entertained us with the list of things she had brought and the pink dress which Carol had purchased for her. For a while, I had forgotten all about our differences and I genuinely enjoyed the moment.We had our meals and made our way to the car. Since Carol and Sandra had used to bus to get to the restaurant, I decided to drop them home. I had an hour before reporting back at work.Sandra who was sitting in the backseat was fast asleep. There was a smile across Carol’s face and she thanked me for letting her spend time with Sandra.“Carol, you know that this is temporary, right? You can stay with us till you find a new place to stay but, let me tell you, I have been seeing someone. Things seem pretty good between us so…”“I understand,” Carol said with Escort Anadolu Yakası her head cast down and continued playing with her fingernails, nervously.“And… I will arrive home late as I will be stopping at Jen’s place. Don’t wait for me for supper.”I knew I had killed the conversation as Carol failed to say anything. Silently, she continued playing with her fingernails and I noticed a drop of tear trickling down her cheek. I knew I was being hard on her, but I felt that was the only way to get rid of any attraction and sexual tension that I had sensed between us. It would be wrong of me to deny that I didn’t love Carol. I still did, but I at the same time, a part of me had not yet forgiven her.After finishing my shift, I signed off for the day and headed back to my car. My mind was still unsure of where to go. Carol or Jenivee. Seeing Carol sadness had killed my mood for sex yet I had promised Jenivee that I would meet her.Jenivee was in the fourth month of her pregnancy. The growth of her tummy was obvious and often sparked curiosity among her neighbours if the father of her yet-to-be-born child, was me. Even though Jenivee was an independent woman and needed no help, it was me who offered to help her out, given my paternal instinct.“Simon, where the fuck were you?” Jenivee greeted me as she opened the door.I walked in with a bag of fruits and milk and headed straight to the kitchen. I began to remove the things and arrange them in the refrigerator while Jenivee came and stood behind me.“Had been busy,” I replied curtly.“Are you still mad at me? I am sorry. It’s just that I hate Carol and can’t stand her. She ruined the opportunity of me having a chance at Aaron.”I closed the refrigerator and stood in front of her. “It’s alright. I think I overreacted a bit. It’s just that, my feelings for her are still not dead. It’s going to take a while.”“I know exactly how to take care of that,” Jenivee said and grabbed hold of my collar. Her intentions were manifested through her mischievous looks.“Jen, I’m not in the mood right now,” I replied.Jenivee stared at me as if I had said something grave. “What? You are not in the mood?”I sighed, “I don’t mean to offend you, but I am not in the mood right now.”Jenivee let go of my collar and looked down. “I knew it! This pregnancy is making me appear ugly.”“No, Jen. Nothing like that. You are beautiful just the way you are. Please don’t say that.”My words fell on deaf ears as Jenivee walked straight into her bedroom. She cared a lot about her looks. but of late, her hormones often affected her, as it did now. I let out a sigh and followed her. As I entered her bedroom, I saw her sitting on the bed looking at me.“Jen, Please understand, you are not ugly. You may think that you are ugly, but on the contrary, you are beautiful.”Jenivee stood up and to my utter surprise, took off her oversized t-shirt revealing her ripe and full breast, which had grown in size. “Do I look sexy like before? Look at me, I have put on weight.”“Jen, it’s nothing about your looks. Please…”Jenivee took a few steps towards me and said, “Then make love to me and show me! Kiss me right now, Simon.”Even though Jenivee was pregnant, she had not neglected the way she looked. along with her looks, her confidence and her command often brought men to their knees.I cupped her face and kissed her lips and immediately, her hand grabbed hold of my hair. With our mouths locked, Jen began unbuttoning my shirt and then moved to unbuckle my trousers. A while ago, Carol had occupied my mind, but at the moment, Jenivee had taken control of me.I slid my hands down to her waist and cupped her ass. A moan escaped Jenivee’s lips and she broke the kiss. She looked into my eyes as if to read me and then kissed me again. As I removed my trousers, Jenivee began working on her denim shorts and pulled down her panties with them. I threw my arms around her and pulled her close to me, enjoying the pleasure of her naked body pressed against mine.As she moved to lay on the bed, with her legs spread wide, inviting me to fill and complete her, my mind, for a second raced back home. Carol and Sandra. They had no idea that the man they loved was making love to another woman. ‘Was that how Carol felt when she was sleeping with Aaron?’I positioned myself between her legs, aligned my hard member to her opening and pushed myself into her. Jenviee’s hands grabbed me by my hair and pulled me down to kiss her again. There were tears in her eyes and a long moans of pleasure escaped her lips. With every thrust, I felt her breast move to and fro and her hard nipples rub against my chest. The feeling was undeniably divine and only one person had occupied my mind; Jenivee.As Jenivee neared her orgasm, she began to moan louder than before. Breathing heavily and digging her fingers into my back, she climaxed. It was no surprise that she could cum before me as she would often play with herself to bring herself to the edge and then we would engage ourselves in the act of pleasure.I removed my hard member out of her pussy and began stroking myself. After a while, Jenivee was on her fours and her mouth around my cock. She began sucking me and caressing my balls to help me cum; presumably a way of saying thanks for giving her a good time. As her lips around my cock tightened, I instinctively moved my hands to stroke her hair. With a loud grunt, I came into her mouth.As I lay on the bed, resting my body, giving myself time to recover, Jenivee placed her head on my chest and began to play with my chest hair. I began stroking her back and thinking about the change in our relationship.“You know that I have grown attached to you, right?” It was her rhetorical question.“Do you think we should get together?” I asked.“I don’t know. What I do know is, I have grown attached to you and it becomes difficult for me not to think of you.”“Jen, I don’t think we have confined ourselves to just having sex. It will be wrong for me to deny and say that I don’t have any feeling for you.”“Simon, I don’t want to lose you. I will go to any extent to make you mine, and I don’t care who gets hurt in the process.”I paused and moved to continued stroking her hear. Jenivee looked up to my face and moved closer to my face.“Simon, if we ever get close, would you marry me?”“What do you mean by close?” I asked.“Close enough that… staying apart from each other is miserable. Would you?”“I never thought about this. I need time, Jen. I do enjoy spending time with you, being in your presence but not more than my daughter. Sandra is my number one priority. I am ready to go to any extent to make her happy. But at the same time, staying away from you is difficult for me.”The conversation I had with Jenivee, made me think about my future. Carol and I did love each other, but I was too hurt to continue living with her. Of late, I had grown close to Jenivee and it had helped me get over my sadness.I arrived home at around eleven-thirty in the evening. As I walked in, I made sure not to make any noise and wake up anyone in the house. I went to my room to change and before I could go to bed, I went to the bathroom. While returning, I heard some faint noises coming from the guest room occupied by Carol. As I got closer to her room, I became aware that the noises were moans of pleasure.“Simon, I want you. I want you to fuck me.”

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