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RAINY DAYSEveryone in this story is of legal age of consent, any similarities to anyone living or dead is definitely intended to make you mind run wild. This story is the work of an overactive mind that is over stimulated by a young woman….How many times am I going to let her catch me looking at her cleavage? I try to be sly, but I have been looking at her so often for so long she knows I love to see her ample bosom. I wonder how she feels about my attention. Sometimes she seems to want to hide, but other times she is obviously dressing for me to get the maximum view without her actually being topless.I have been looking for years now, wanting to touch them, to feel their firmness, to kiss them for her and show her how they should be worshipped. She is my step daughter, blonde, blue eyes that you could die for, lovely legs and those wonderful 36C breasts. I know because I do the laundry and see her bra size. Well enough of my perverted chatter, this is the story of how I finally got to enjoy not just her breast but all of her young body.On the Saturday we first got together, she and I where left alone for the weekend, my wife was out of town working and we had the whole weekend alone. She had plans to go canoeing with friends and I had a nice lazy day of golf planned. We woke up to fate, it was pouring rain, the summer kind of rain that sets in all day and cancels all the pre-planned outdoor fun. I was lazy in getting up when I heard the rain beating the roof, but I heard her fumbling around in the kitchen so I thought I needed to see what she was doing. I got lazily up slipped on some old gym shorts and a tank top and ventured to the kitchen. There she was looking out the window pouted that the rain had ruined her canoe trip. She was dressed for the trip her bikini top that did little to hide the beauty of her chest, short cotton shorts over her bikini bottoms, the whole outfit shook my system alive so early in the morning. “Looks like a rain out for both of us today,” I said to her as I took in the view. “Yes, this came out of nowhere, it was supposed to be beautiful today,” was her reply turning to face me as I watched her breast jiggle with the movement. She smiled when she caught me looking; obviously it had the effect on me she hoped for on other men. “I talked to the gang, they have all made plans to do other stuff now, so I guess I am just going to have a lazy day.””Yes, my plans are ruined too, guess I am just going to surf the net and vegetate,” and I went to my room and got online. She went to her room and I heard her shut the door, the vision of her was running rampant thru my mind as I signed on and went into a chat room to find some conversation to help ease my minds, the big one and the one eyed one. I would often chat to people online and live my fantasies out thru the instant message, tales of us being lovers and doing all the things lovers do. It took me a few minutes but I finally found a good listener for my sordid fantasy. He asked me the usual, how old she was, what she looked like, did her mother know all the things that really make the story explicit and naughty. I gave him my usual speech, of how my wife had started us being home nudist about 5 years ago to make us all more comfortable with each other. I then lied telling him my wife knew that my step daughter and I where oral with each other all that time, but for the last year we had been having full intercourse keeping it hidden from my wife. This always seems to be a major turn on for the perverts, and it got me going as well. I then went on to tell him how, when and where we had sex and how often we got be together. He finally told me he had to run and told me he would buddy list me for another time, and how he loved my story and that either true or a lie, I needed to be writing adult stories. I thanked him, and then pulled up my step daughters MySpace to see if she had any new pictures. I was sitting there looking at them and pulling on my cock, when she appeared in my doorway. She was dressed in only a tank top and shorts; I could see she had taken off the bikini so that meant she was totally lingerie free. “Can I ask you a question,” she asked me.”Sure.” I replied adjusting myself and quickly exiting her MySpace.”When are we going to do all that stuff you just talked to me about in that im,” she asked me with a huge grin on her face. I was busted, little did I know she had set me up, she had made up a screen name and looked me up to chat, to see what I seemed so interested in when I got online. onwin giriş Of course I started the denying game, but she had me dead to rights.”Ok, you got me, I am sorry, I just get frustrated seeing you sometime. I have to have an outlet for my imagination,” adjusting my hard on in my shorts to hopefully hide it from her prying eyes.She stood there looking at me, sitting there with an obvious hard on, and a deer in headlights look on my face. She moved to where she was directly in front of me, I could see her nipples thru her tank top, which only served to make my situation much more strained. “I am serious. When are we going to do all those things you talked to me about?” “I have known for a long time that you loved looking at me, it was weird at first, but I have grown to love the attention.You forgot to erase an im you had with a person about a month ago, and I was able to read it, it was a lot like the one we just had. I have been waiting on the right time to catch you.””Well, you certainly caught me, red handed so to speak. I am sorry, please don’t take offense, I just have to get out the feelings that get built up and chatting is the best way I know. I did not mean to hurt you.” I hoped she understood, if not I was in big trouble. She stepped closer to me, I could smell her soft scent, and I could hardly take my eyes off her cleavage and her nipples showing thru her tank top.She reached out to me and put her hand on my bald head and began to massage me, ” I am glad that I caught you. I don’t take any offense to the fact that you have these feelings for me. I just want to know, is now the time for all those things to become reality?” I looked up into her deep blue eyes, as she let her hand roam all over my smooth bald head.”Only if that is what you want,” was my answer knowing in my heart and my crotch I sure did. She stopped rubbing my head, and then moved in between my legs. Our eyes locked as she crossed her arms around her waist and stripped her tank top from her body. There standing in front of me where the objects of my masturbation for the past 7 years, her beautiful breast. They hung just right to her body, standing up so the nipple came up on top; she had her arms at her sides, waiting for my approval it seemed. I reached out and placed my hands on her hips drawing her closer to me, her young nipples seemed to be about to explode with anticipation. I slowly ran my hands from her hips up her sides enjoying the smooth cool feel of her flesh as my hands roamed up her back, she took in a quick breathe letting me know she was excited as I was for this to be happening. I let my hands slip inside the waist band of her shorts pushing them down a little as my hands slid down to cup her young ass. Keeping both hands cupped on her firm ass cheeks, I pulled her close to me so I was eye level to her breast with my face directly between them. I pressed my face into her chest, feeling her soft breast on either side of my face; she moved her hands so they where on top of my bald head lovingly holding me to her body. I began to softly kiss her between her breast and she took in a deep breath and held it as I did. I slowly kissed my way across the top of each of them back and forth, relishing the moment I had waited for so long. My hands roamed over her ass as I took her nipples into my mouth for the first time, I could feel the heat coming off our bodies and I began to suck her nipples back and forth. I sucked her tits like a starving man, sucking as much of the whole thing into my mouth as I could. She was making cooing sounds and holding my head fast to her body. I could feel her fingers digging into my scalp as I devoured her breasts. My hands pushed her shorts down so they feel to her ankles, rubbing her legs ass enjoying the supple firmness from calf to ass, all the while never taking my mouth from her breasts. Her body was hot, she was flushed red from head to toe, it amazed me at how responsive she was to my touch, and I could feel her yearning for me to enjoy her young eager body. I eased her back and stood up, my hand never leaving contact with body, I let them roam up her hips and sides until I could hold her firmly by the shoulders and then I pulled her to me so I could feel her body mold to mine. The heat coming from her was incredible, I bent my lips to hers and we meet in a kiss that seemed to have no time limit. It started out soft and wet, and then I felt her eager tongue part my lips and meet mine. They danced together as my hands roamed her body, I could onwin yeni giriş feel her hands holding my hips and pulling herself to me.My cock was throbbing as she pressed her body into it, making it pulse with desire. I kissed her all over her face, open mouth kisses passionate to her young skin, I made my way down to ears kissing and licking them eagerly feeling her tremble and giggle at the sensations she was feeling. I worked my way down to her shoulders, planting kisses that I had wanted to place for so long. I stepped her back to the bed, she felt it in the bends of her knees and yielded to its demand to sit. As she sat I removed my shirt and stepped into her, my hard cock was standing in my shorts, right in her face. She reached up and felt it through my shorts, it throbbed at her squeeze. She looked up at me and smiled as she pulled my shorts down and my hard cock bounced into her face. She took her young hands wrapped them around my swollen member, gently stroking me like I always dreamed she would. She looked up at me with those big blue eyes, making me fall in love with her deeper than I ever should, as she took her soft lips and began kissing my cock all over with tender loving care. After showering my cock with kisses, she moved back to the head and took it into her mouth and began to softly work just the head in and out of her mouth, I felt like I was going to explode right there but held on not wanting this to end.She did her best to work me into her mouth as deep as she could, I placed my hands on either side of her head just letting them rest there enjoying feeling her head move back and forth on my cock. She was going to town, her mouth was hot and wet. I knew I could not last long.”You have got to stop,” I said raggedly. “I am going to lose it!””Isn’t that the idea. I know Mom says your second round last forever,” she grinned out at me. Damn she was good. “Okay,” I said and gave into her affection of my cock. She was wonderful, she went back to work on me with an attitude that said she wanted my cum. I held onto her head as she worked me and I began to feel my orgasm build and work its way to the end of my cock.”Oh damn, baby here it comes!” I moaned as I went to move back from her. She grabbed my hips and held my cock in her mouth as my load exploded into her eager mouth. I could see her cheeks swell as my cum, flooded into her mouth, she parted her lips and it ran out the corners of her mouth as she looked at me with those fabulous blue eyes smiling and seeking my approval. There was a string of cum and saliva connecting my cock to her lips as she looked up at me. I bent over and forced it to break as I leaned to her and kissed her deeply, this time it was open mouth and my tongue went deep into her showing her my appreciation for her deed.I went to my knees as we kissed so I could get back to her wonderful breasts. I moved my tongue kiss from her cum covered lips to her nipples and once again devoured them each in turn. She leaned back on her hands as I kissed my way down from her breasts to her lovely tummy, showering her with kisses as my hands kneaded her body. I pushed her down onto her back as I made my way to her plump young mound that I found was as shaved smooth. “Oh baby, I love it bald!” I grunted as I started to place my kisses all over her mound.She giggled, “I know you like it bald, I heard mom say that too!” She definitely had been keeping her ears open when we thought she was not listening. So I showed her why I liked it bald, I leaned over and started rubbing my bald head all over her young pussy. I heard her breathe catch when my smooth head met her smooth mound. I had her hot juices all over my head, damn was she soaked. I took my hands and held her legs up and took my first good look at her sweet pussy. She smelled incredible; I could detect a strawberry fragrance that added to the soft musk of her body. Her fat young mound lead to a clit that rivaled her mother’s, her pussy had full pronounced lips that drew a pulse from my reemerging cock. I leaned in and began to alternately lick and kiss her lips, tasting the sweetness of her young womanhood. I moved lower and began to use my tongue to penetrate her fresh pussy drawing moans and coos from her that let me know she still wanted this bonding to continue.I moved my mouth to her eager young clit and took it completely into my mouth sucking and licking, her hips came off the bed and she screamed as a wave of pleasure passed over her.”Oh Daddy, I love you so much!” “This is amazing, onwin güvenilirmi please keep loving me, oh don’t stop, please keep kissing me!” I followed her orders and kept up my entire mouth sealed around her clit as my tongue work it feverishly. As my tongue worked her clit, my fingers found their way to her willing pussy and I began to slowly slide one finger then two in and out as I kept up my licking of her clit. She began to buck her hips wildly as I kept her pinned to the bed with my face and hands, the sounds and jerking motions of her approaching orgasm could not be ignored.”Yes, Daddy, Oh Daddy, Oh Daddy!” she cried literally, tears streaming down her face as her body rocked with sexual bliss. Her hands flew to my head pulling my face down as she drove her hips to me. I gladly let her smash my face into sweet young pussy as she rode out her orgasm. She finally released me and lay flattened as her body lay spent from my oral attention.My cock had regained its full prowess and I stood up so she could see I was ready to complete our first coupling. She smiled at me as I stood above her naked young body, looking at me with desire and passion, as I reached and pulled her to the edge of the bed to position her to be entered. “Do you want this?” I asked looking at her beautiful face. Making contact with those deep blue pools of young lust just made me even more mad with lust.”Yes Daddy, please take all of me. I want this so much, let me feel you inside me!” she urged as she ran her toes up my chest.”Ok baby,” I said as I took her legs up and placed them over my shoulders. I place the head of my cock into her young pussy, damn was she soaking wet and seemed scorching hot. She shuddered as I began to slide my full length into her.”Daddy, it feels so good,” she moaned. “Please Daddy, love me, love me good Daddy!” “Yes, baby, Daddy is going to love you all you want!” I replied as I started to push in and out of her holding her legs up so I could go as deep as possible with each stroke. She began to let out small whimpers of joy and I slowly made love to her taking great care to be gentle and love her as she wanted. She began to urge me to be harder, and like a good Daddy I complied. I put my hands behind her knees and stood tall with my cock still buried in her and I began to piston in and out of her like a man possessed.”Baby, you feel so good, your pussy feels like it is on fire!” I kept pounding into her, she was screaming as I went beyond love to an a****l place that made me just want to totally possess her with my passion. I listened to the sounds, you could hear my balls as they bounced off her young ass, hear my cock slapping into her as she continued to beg me to love her.”Oh Daddy!” “You love me!” “Make me yours!” “Oh Daddy, please love me, love meeeee!” “I am Cumming!”That, put me over the edge, hearing her that she was about to cum brought me to the point of no return.”Yes baby yes! Daddy is Cumming!” I bellowed as my cum began to fill her young pussy as I continued to pump her until I finally collapsed beside her, spent from the emotions we both had just released. As I lay on my back she moved to me and wrapped her firm young body around me, I could feel her steamy mound pressed against my hip, with my cum oozing from her, as she placed her hand on my face.”Damn daddy, that was way better than any im wasn’t it,” she said grinning at me looking for my opinion on what we had just experienced.”Yes baby, for damn sure.” “I can’t begin to thank you for what you just let me do to you.””I think you deserve it, you have always been more of a daddy than my real father was, I love you so much, it is only fitting you be my first!” “I knew you would make it like it good for me, you always have put me first in everything.” This admission certainly shook my mind. Her first, I just knew she had given herself to her boyfriend already. But to find this out just made our union so much more special. “Baby, thank you so much for letting me be the one you trusted with this special occasion.” ” I do love you so much.””Of course, now we have to keep this as our secret, I love your mother dearly, and this would destroy her.””I know that, but I have heard you say before, some secrets are worth keeping. This is our secret, besides if anybody else found out, then we could not be together.””I understand the deal. Trust me I have had month to think about this, and I wanted it. I needed it. I won’t do anything to mess up our fun!”I looked into her beautiful eyes, “So this is going to happen again?”She said, “It is going to happen again the rest of the weekend, and whenever we can after that.””Sounds good to me baby,” I said as I pulled her harder to me and kissed her softly on her forehead. “Sounds good to me.”Thank goodness for the rain.

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