Punished for Peeking on Mom

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This is a copyrighted original work by the author. All rights reserved.

All characters featured herein are at least eighteen years of age, even if not expressly stated. Any resemblance between actual persons, living or dead is entirely coincidental.

I crawled very slowly from the bottom of the stairs toward the open wall. My parents had built our home and in doing so we really did not have a great deal of money to spend. My Dad had moved us right after my senior year of high school and since I was going to go to college it really did not matter to me where I went so I naturally came with them. My sister finished high school in the giant city with a population of about 600. To try and complete the house as quickly as possible my dad had saved some money from his retirement and he used that to build the house on the 60 acre farm he had purchased.

To make completing the house more of a reality dad finished off one side of some walls but left others so that he could cover another wall to another room. The house looked a little weird but it did work functionally due to the fact that you at least had privacy to some extent. That to some extent was what got me into trouble. Dad finished the walls on the insides of the bathroom but he did not cover the outside of the wall that went into the laundry room. Where the plumbing went through the wall there is always a space left over since they are never cut exact. That little hole around the pipe caused my ass a lot of grief.

As I said I was crawling on the floor of the laundry room from the stairs trying to peek through the hole next to the pipe where the sink was installed. If you stand right in front of the sink you don’t see anything but if you’re on the other side you see everything from the waist down. That was what I was trying to do. I was trying to see things from the waist down. Namely I was trying to see my mother’s pussy.

My mom had just got out of the bath and was standing in front of the sink looking in the mirror drying her hair. She had not put on any clothes yet that I could see so I was just trying to help out my teenage libido by looking through the crack in the pipe. I was fascinated by what I saw. This was the days before women shaved their pubic areas so I was able to see most of my mother’s outer lips and I could see that her pussy was standing open to some extent and then it happened. My mother dropped her hair brush and as she bent over to see it she could see my eye at the hole as she looked up.

My mother being the crafty woman that she is just stood straight up and acted like nothing was amiss but the whole time she was unlocking the door to the bathroom so that all she had to do was open the door and walk three steps to her left and there I was. I had no chance to get away and I didn’t even think fast enough to act like I was looking for something, not that it would have worked.

All I heard was “What do you think you are doing. You are 18 years old for crying out loud and you are looking through a hole to see your mother naked. If you wanted to see your mother naked then by all means let’s make sure you get the whole picture.”

My mom didn’t just take off her clothes though she had a better plan in mind for that. She looked at me and asked me to take my pants off and only my pants. “Why do you need my pants mother?”

“Would you like me to talk to your father and let him deal with this issue or would you rather I take care of it?”

Of course I immediately took off my pants and there I stood in a shirt and white underpants staring at my mother. She had not even realized that she was still naked until that time. She told me to go and get a magic marker from the cabinet in the den and then told me to come back. While I was gone she put on a pair of panties and a bra and waited for my return.

When I got back she told me to stand straight and not to move. I did what she said while she moved behind me and took the marker and drew a circle around my ass over my underwear. She then walked into the kitchen and came back with a pair of scissors. My mom told me to go behind the shower curtain and take my underwear off and hand them to her.

I handed escort ataşehir her the underwear and she took the scissors and cut a whole in them the size of what she had marked. Mom reached through and told me this was my new pair of punishment panties. Oh I hated that word. She had to call them panties like I was a little girl. Mom told me to put them on and then I was to come back into the den.

I put the underwear on realizing how big a hole was in the back of them. It clearly left my ass showing. She told me when I arrived that they would be used to spank me and she had no desire to see any other part of me so I was to wear them from now on if I was getting a spanking. Mom said that since I wanted to see her without her clothes she would just oblige me and with that she stripped naked right in front of me.

My cock immediately got hard and of course without any fabric on the back of them they made a noticeable tent in the front. Mom sat down on the ottoman and then told me to come and stand at her right side. I did as she asked and when I got there she told me to lie over her lap. Once I was in position she asked me to look at the spool of thread that was lying on the floor. “What is this for mother?”

“When your ass is the same color as that thread I will stop spanking you and not before.”

“Yep I just figured out my ass was in trouble because it was a nice bright shade of red and she started to spank my ass. She continued to spank my ass and then to make matters worse she held the thread up to my ass and said, “Oh that is a lovely shade of red on your ass but it doesn’t quite match the thread yet. She sat the thread down and again began to spank my ass. I don’t know how many times she hit my ass but it was a long time before she let me up and she did not back down at all. For a small woman she could deliver quite a hard spanking.

Once she was satisfied that my ass and the thread matched she told me to stand up and stay there. She walked in front of me and told me to get a good look at her naked body. “Make sure that you see everything you want to because if I have to ever do this again I will use the hairbrush.”

I think my ass was sore for a week after that and I swore I would never ever do that again and get caught. I of course never listen to myself and a couple weeks later I noticed that if mom was in her bedroom and she was standing in the right place I could stand in the hall and see her in the mirror. It worked really well for a couple of weeks and then one day she happened to look at exactly the wrong angle and she saw me.

“Obviously you didn’t learn from the spanking you got before. Go put on your punishment panties, oh I hate that, a get my hair brush and come back in here. I only hoped that she just gave me a few to remind me but that was not the case. When I walked back into her bedroom she was standing there totally naked again and she told me to lie on the bed so that my ass was right on the edge. This lady knew what she was doing. She stood on my left side and began to plaster my ass with hits from the brush. This brush was one of those old fashioned oval head things that has a bigger head on it and my ass was feeling every one of them. She spanked my ass all over. She hit the sit spot over and over. I think she wanted to make sure that when I sat down I would know that I had been spanked. She spanked around my thighs where my ass meets and she spanked the top of my ass as well. She did not leave anything out.

Then panic struck because my mom said, “Son I am going to climb up on the bed and straddle your back facing your ass. I do not want you to move until I tell you too.” Mom did exactly what she said. Then I heard “Son I want you to reach back and pull your ass cheeks apart and hold them there. I am going to give you ten more with the brush unless you let go. If you let go I am not going to count it. Do you understand me.?”

“Yes mom”

The first swing of the brush caught me off guard and my hands went to my asshole just as quick as the blow landed. My mom was spanking my asshole with the brush. Of course she got the inner part of my ass cheeks but the pain of it hitting my asshole was unbelievable. kadıköy escort

“Glad to see that you don’t pay attention because that one did not count.”

“Please mom I did not know what you were going to do and it caught me off guard.” I pleaded.

“It sure did and it didn’t count either now spread them and hold them.”

Those next ten swats made me think I was going to die right there on mom’s bed. It would serve her right trying to explain to dad how his son was lying on his mother’s bed stark naked. Yeah right like that was going to happen.

As soon as the ten shots were delivered my mom told me that we would now walk into my room to finish what we had started. “Mom I thought we were through.” I cried out.

I will tell you when we are through.”

We walked into my bedroom and my mom did something so out of character for her I thought that I was imagining it. She looked at me and told me to sit down and look at her. She turned around and bent over and pulled her ass cheeks apart showing me her cute little pucker. I was immediately in love but I said nothing. I wanted to live.

She then told me she had one more thing left to do to punish me. She told me to lie on my belly on the bed and pull my ass cheeks apart. They hurt so much I did not want to do that at all but I also did not want her to hit me with that brush again. She crawled up on the bed and then I heard, “Open your mouth.”

I did what she asked and she put the handle of the brush in my mouth. She left it there for about a minute and then she took the brush and crawled down from the bed. She placed the tip of the hairbrush at my asshole and slowly pushed it into my ass. I knew I was going to die. My cock got as hard as steel and thankfully she couldn’t see it. She told me that she would be in later to take it out but I was to stay there and keep it in place.

Mom left the room and reappeared about a half hour later. She told me that my punishment had been fulfilled but everything has consequences for the both of us. Then she said, “If I ever have to punish you for this again I am going to assume that I am not doing a good job as your mother and I am going to ask you to put that hairbrush in my ass to remind me to do a better job. I hope it doesn’t come to that.”

I was the best kid in the world for a long time. I really was. “As much as I wanted to see my mom naked and as bad as I wanted to put that brush up her ass like she had done to me I didn’t want a repeat of the hairbrush because quite frankly it hurt like hell.”

Then it happened again and this time I really did not do it on purpose. I walked through the door of the house not knowing where my mom was at and I opened the door to go into the bathroom and there stood my mom stark naked. I froze and said, “Sorry mom I just got home and did not realize you were in here.”

“I know you weren’t here when I came in the bathroom son it’s okay.”

Wow I got away with a free look at mom I will have to remember that. If I had only stopped there I would have been okay but I did not shut the door completely and I knew I could see her reflection in the bathroom mirror. I stood and gazed at my mother and suddenly the door swung open and I knew I was in trouble.

Mom told me to go get my panties and to meet me in the bathroom. I thought that was odd but I did what she asked for fear of getting it worse. I arrived at the bathroom and saw that mom had placed a pillow over the edge of the claw foot bathtub. She told me this would be painful and then I saw what she had in her hand. She held a white boot brush. They have a hard plastic head and I knew it would hurt. She told me to lie over and put my head into the tub with my ass out. I did as she requested and it began.

The boot brush had to be listed as an implement of death or torture or something. It was awful and she didn’t spank my ass she literally beat my ass. She scolded me with each and every slap my ass took. Mom didn’t spank me quickly she made sure to leave time to feel the impact and to give her longer to scold me but during each scolding she made sure to emphasize her displeasure.

“You will never [splat] never maltepe escort bayan ever and I mean ever [splat] try to find a way to look [splat] at your mother [splat] naked [splat] again [splat].”

“You will never [splat] never ever and I mean ever [splat] try to find a way to look [splat] at your mother [splat] naked [splat] again [splat].”

“You will never [splat] never ever and I mean ever [splat] try to find a way to look [splat] at your mother [splat] naked [splat] again [splat].” She kept repeating it over and over again.

My ass was on fire and then she stopped and I heard those dreaded words. “Son reach back and spread you ass cheeks for me.”

I literally thought I would die right then and there.

“I am only going to give you 5 with the boot brush son and make sure you do not let go.”

I didn’t let go but it was the most painful thing I have ever felt in my life. I wanted to cry but I would not let myself show her that she had broken me. I was almost 19 years old and that was not going to happen. Then she told me to stand up. Getting up was difficult and it was all I could do to get myself up on my feet.

Then my mom lay across the pillow and I asked. “Mom what are you doing?”

“I told you that you had to punish me in the same manner that I punish you if you ever did it again. I must not being doing something right if you continue to look at your mother naked. I present myself naked to you for your punishment hoping that if you see me enough you will just decide that you have seen enough.”

“Mom I can’t punish you. It isn’t right that I punish my own mother.”

“You will either punish me or you will get back over the edge of this tub and we will start your punishment again. You and I both know that you can’t take anymore son so punish me and then we can be finished with this I hope for the last time.”

“Okay mother I will punish you but since it is your first time I am only going to use my hand. This will not happen again so I will never have to use the hair brush or boot brush on you.

“If that is what you feel you need to do to make this stop then by all means make sure that my ass is red before you quit.

I spanked my mom’s ass until it basically glowed in the dark. I tried to let her off easy but three times she inspected her ass and said that I had not done a complete job and she made me continue. When I finally finished with mom’s spanking she looked at me and told me she hoped it would not happen again and I assured her that I would not ever peak on her again. A few seconds later mom said, “Okay son put the handle of the hairbrush in my ass.” I looked and she had her ass cheeks spread and was waiting. I coated the handle with spit and placed it at her opening and slowly pushed it in.

I looked at her and she said “I have not finished with your punishment get over the edge of the tub.”

I went over the edge of the tub and she told me to spread my cheeks and I reached back and did as she asked. She took the boot brush and covered it with soap and then shoved it into my asshole. She told me that she saved this for last and she hoped that the soap would also remind me what I had told her.

The soap made it more than unpleasant it reminded me that I would never get caught looking at my mom naked again. She came back an hour later and removed the brush and then bent over and spread her ass cheeks and asked me to remove hers as well. Truth be told I didn’t ever get caught looking at my mom naked again and I had a very good reason for that. Two weeks after that happened we found out that my cousin Joyce was going to live with us because her parents and she had a falling out. She needed a place to stay and my mom told my aunt that she was more than welcome to stay with us for as long as she needed to. Joyce is a year older than me and when I heard that I knew I had a new conquest and I was planning for it already.

Continued in: Punished for Peeking on my Cousin

When caught again I get spanked bare ass with a bath brush

Caught peeking after that spanking later that night and I get an enema with a smaller hose and then spanked and when she says I hope we don’t have to do this again I pop off and said I hope we do so she hauls me into the yard and gives me one with a two inch hose hooked to a garden hose.

I turn the tables on mom and give her the same treatments and we fuck like mad. Mom has never had anal sex.

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