Professor’s Protege Pt. 02

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Caroline had finished her exams for the day. With the two most difficult exams out of the way, Caroline knew the rest would be fairly easy. She grabbed a smoothie from the Starbucks across the street and returned to her room.

The senior dorms were single occupancy, which meant she had privacy when she wanted it. She took off her coat and stripped down to her black tank top and white panties. She needed to study, but first she needed to relieve some tension. She lay back on the bed and slid her hand into her panties. She began to slowly rub her mound. As she masturbated she thought back to how she and Dr. Clarke became lovers…


Caroline Johnson had arrived at Columbia University for her senior year. She couldn’t wait to graduate. She already had decided what she wanted to do after college and was already looking forward to getting her teaching certification. Both her parents were educators in her hometown of Pittsburgh — they both taught at the University of Pittsburgh — and their passion had rubbed off on her.

She knew which room was hers. She checked in, got her room key, and headed to the fifth floor of John Jay Hall. She unpacked her clothes and decorated her room. She put pictures of her parents on the small desk and hung her Columbia banners. She plugged in her laptop and checked her school email. She had a message from the chair of the sociology department, asking her to stop by the office Monday. She had been accepted as a teaching assistant! She had already purchased her textbooks, so she spent the rest of the day hanging out with old friends. She went to bed, excited for her senior year to begin.

The next morning came quickly. Her alarm went off at 6AM. She showered quickly and got dressed. She chose a white flower print sundress and went down to breakfast. She ate with some of her fellow seniors then headed to the Sociology Department’s office. When she arrived her jaw nearly hit the floor. Standing there was Dr. Emma Clarke, one of the world’s foremost sociologists. Caroline had read some of her works for class, and she was one of Caroline’s academic idols.

“Good morning,” Dr. Clarke said with a British accent. “You must be Caroline Johnson.”

“Yes, Dr. Clarke,” Caroline replied.

“You know who I am?” Dr. Clarke asked, somewhat surprised.

“Yes, professor,” Caroline answered. “Your ‘Basics of Human Sociology’ was our main text in my entry-level class. I have also read ‘The Need for International Education’ and ‘Becoming a Global Family’. I very much enjoyed both.”

Dr. Clarke was seemed impressed. She beckoned to Caroline. Caroline followed Dr. Clarke to her office. The professor motioned for her to take a seat, and Caroline did so.

“I see that you’re an education major?” Dr. Clarke asked.

“Yes, professor,” Caroline replied. “Both my parents are educators at the University of Pittsburgh. I developed a passion for teaching as well.”

“Then why minor in sociology?”

“I wanted to learn more about human interaction, other cultures, and how cultures interact. My passion is to teach those who otherwise wouldn’t have educational opportunities.”

“Very noble,” Dr. Clarke said. “That’s why I’ve asked that you be my teaching assistant for the semester. I see you’re already signed up for my senior-level course. You will primarily be here to help grade papers and teach if I am absent. I trust you still remember your instruction from freshman year?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Caroline said. “I have all my notes. May I ask you something?”

“Of course,” Dr. Clarke smiled.

“What are you doing at Columbia? I thought you were at Oxford,” Caroline said.

“I am on loan as it were. Dr. Thomas and I are switching posts for the academic year. Well then, I shall see you tomorrow morning!” Dr. Clarke said, standing.

“Yes, ma’am!” Caroline said, also standing.

She left the office and headed to her first class. She couldn’t believe it. Not only did she get to be the TA bursa eskort for one of the world’s foremost professors, but this was going to look excellent on her resume. The rest of the day flew by. She was so excited she had a hard time falling asleep that night.

Tuesday morning arrived. Caroline showered, dressed, grabbed a quick bite from the cafeteria, and headed to class. She arrived almost half an hour early. She claimed a seat in the middle of the front row and put her things down. She had dressed to impress; she wore a black, knee length skirt, a light-blue button-up sleeveless blouse, and heels.

Dr. Clarke arrived five minutes later. She stood 5’9″ with long brown hair to her shoulders and had brown eyes. She was dressed in black slacks with a white button-up blouse and black jacket. Caroline also couldn’t help but notice how busty her favorite professor was. She began to get a little turned on. Caroline had recently discovered her bisexuality and had taken the opportunity to explore her desire for women.

“No,” she told herself. “This is your professor. That would be completely inappropriate.”

“Good morning, Miss Johnson,” Dr. Clarke said with a smile. “Don’t you look lovely today!”

“Thank you, professor,” Caroline blushed. “You look nice, too.”

Ten minutes later the class started. Caroline took in every word Dr. Clarke said, trying to scribble all her words down in her notebook. She made sure to get the important points. Class ended an hour later. Caroline lingered, taking more time than usual to get her things together. She saw Dr. Clarke bend over the desk to notate something in one of her books; Caroline noticed how shapely her professor’s ass was. She felt herself becoming aroused again. She shook herself out of her lust and left the room.

Over the next couple months, Caroline and Dr. Clarke developed an excellent working relationship. Dr. Clarke bragged to the other professors that Caroline was one of the best students she’d ever had. Caroline’s assistance was also excellent. Caroline was good at what she did and efficient to boot, something Dr. Clarke valued.

Caroline’s attraction for her professor also grew. Some days she would purposely wear short skirts or shorts and low cut tops. During class she would open her legs to allow Dr. Clarke to see her moist white panties, or she would lean forward while taking notes so Dr. Clarke could see down the front of her shirt. Dr. Clarke would seem momentarily rattled then quickly compose herself and continue lecturing.

One evening in late October, Caroline had finished grading some tests from the freshman-level class. She put the tests in her TA binder and walked them back to Dr. Clarke’s office. It was after 9PM, so Caroline assumed everyone would be gone for the day, and she could just put the binder in the department inbox. But as she neared the office she noticed the light was on. Then she heard a sound that made her stop dead in her tracks. Someone, specifically a woman, was moaning. Caroline knew that moaning; whoever it was was masturbating. She crept forward and looked into the office. She gasped.

“What the fuck?” she whispered.

There was Dr. Clarke, laying back on the couch in her office. Her skirt was up, exposing her black thigh-high stockings and garters, and her panties were nowhere to be seen. Her red blouse was open, revealing a sexy black lace bra. One of Dr. Clarke’s hands was squeezing her breast, the other was between her legs. Caroline watched intently as her professor played with herself. Caroline listened against the door.

“Oh, Caroline, you little slut,” Dr. Clarke moaned. “Eat my fucking pussy. Yes, just like that you dirty girl. Please your horny professor.”

Caroline became wet almost immediately. She opened her legs and pulled up her short denim skirt. Her hand moved between her legs; she began to slowly rub her clit. Caroline continued watching Dr. Clarke masturbate; it was extremely erotic. It didn’t take her long to feel her climax build. She closed bursa escort bayan her mouth and struggled to keep from screaming as her orgasm neared.

“Yes, Caroline, I’m going to orgasm!” Dr. Clarke moaned loudly. “Fuck!”

Caroline saw the professor’s back arch. Caroline’s orgasm hit at the same time as Dr. Clarke’s. It was all she could do to not scream. Caroline felt her juices flow and soak her panties. Her climax died away; she quickly and quietly put the papers in the inbox and hurried back to her dorm.

The rest of the week was somewhat awkward for Caroline. Dr. Clarke had no idea her star pupil had witnessed her masturbating in her office. Caroline continued to dress provocatively and flirt with her, paying her little compliments about her attire or her body every class. It was true she had fantasized about Caroline, but it had been a one-time thing. And she didn’t necessarily mind the compliments; it was very flattering. But a relationship with a student was taboo, and she wasn’t willing to risk her career.

Friday after her last freshman-level class, Dr. Clarke asked Caroline to grade some papers and as she would be working late to bring them by the office later. Caroline spent the afternoon grading the papers. She had dinner then went to Dr. Clarke’s office. Dr. Clarke was busy typing something on her laptop when Caroline arrived.

“Here’s the papers, professor,” Caroline offered.

“Thank you,” Dr. Clarke said. “You did a great job again this week.”

“Thanks,” Caroline said. “Professor, may I ask you something?”

“Of course,” Dr. Clarke said.

“Um, do you find me attractive?”

Dr. Clarke was taken aback by the question. She pulled her glasses off and stared at Caroline.

“What kind of question is that?” Dr. Clarke asked.

“Well, you see, professor. I was dropping the papers off the other night. And, well, I, um, saw you touching yourself,” Caroline said shyly.

“Fuck,” Dr. Clarke said.

“I mean, what you do is your business,” Caroline said. “I just wanted to you know I thought it was very erotic.”

“Really?” Dr. Clarke asked, becoming slightly aroused.

“Yes,” Caroline replied. “I, um, watched you.”

Dr. Clarke could feel herself becoming even more aroused.

“Did you touch yourself while you watched me?” Dr. Clarke asked.

“Yes, ma’am,” Caroline answered. “I came very hard.”

“Shit,” Dr. Clarke said.

Caroline walked over to her professor. She sat on the table, spreading her legs to reveal her bare pussy.

“W-What are you doing?” Dr. Clarke stammered.

“I want you,” Caroline said seductively. “And I know you want me.”

Dr. Clarke stood and faced Caroline, their faces mere inches apart.

“Even if I wanted to, Caroline, I can’t. I’d be risking my entire career for a fling with a student. I could lose my job, publishing deals. I’d be fucked.”

“I am almost twenty-one fucking years old,” Caroline retorted. “Besides, you know I’m not gonna tell anyone. I don’t want people to think I’m getting an A because I know how to eat my professor’s pussy.”

Caroline inched closer to Dr. Clarke. She slowly touched her lips to Emma’s mouth; Emma’s lips were soft and warm. Emma closed her eyes and trembled as she felt Caroline’s lips pressing against hers. She pressed back, returning the kiss. Caroline moaned; she could feel herself becoming fully aroused. She pulled Emma to her. Their bodies were now pressed together. Dr. Clarke moaned as she kissed her student harder. The kissing became more passionate, more sensual. Caroline slid her tongue into Emma’s mouth, and Emma moaned as her tongue met Caroline’s. Their tongues danced around each other in an open-mouthed kiss.

“Fuck,” Caroline gasped.

She reached behind Emma’s head and grabbed her hair. She pulled back gently. Dr. Clarke’s head went back, exposing her neck. Caroline pressed her mouth against it, kissing hard.

“Oh, Caroline,” Emma moaned.

“Call me görükle escort Kitty, professor. It’s my nickname.”

Caroline kissed up and down Emma’s soft neck, kissing every inch. Emma was now totally turned on. She loved how Caroline’s lips felt on her. Caroline licked up her professor’s neck; Dr. Clarke shuddered.

“Shit!” Emma gasped.

Caroline took hold of Dr. Clarke’s white blouse. Her hands began to work the buttons through their holes. Within seconds, the shirt was open; her perky breasts were visible beneath her lacy white cami and white lace bra. Caroline slid the blouse off Emma’s shoulders, and it fell to the floor. Emma lifted her arms, and Caroline slid the cami from her curvy body. She reached behind Emma and unhooked her bra, sliding the straps slowly off Emma’s shoulders and was soon staring at Emma’s firm shapely breasts.

Caroline leaned forward and took one of her professor’s breasts in her mouth. She sucked hard, eliciting a moan. Emma loved the feel of this college girl’s mouth on her tits. She loved how forceful Caroline was being; it was making her so wet. Caroline sucked even harder.

“Oh my god, Caroline, suck them hard.”

Caroline took the other one in her mouth and nibbled. Emma could feel her wetness soaking through her panties. Caroline slid her hand between Dr. Clarke’s legs; she could feel the moisture. She took her professor’s hand.

“Where are we going?” Dr. Clarke asked.

Caroline playfully pushed Emma back onto the couch. Emma opened her legs. She was again wearing stockings, garter belt, and deep red thong panties.

Caroline moved her head between Emma’s legs. She licked Emma’s panties, tasting her arousal. Emma shuddered. Caroline couldn’t get enough of Emma’s juices. She pulled the professor’s panties aside; Emma was practically dripping. Caroline had to taste more. She licked Emma’s glistening slit. Emma’s head went back and she exhaled deeply.


Caroline licked faster. She could see Emma’s pussy dripping with arousal. She wanted to please her teacher, to give her the intense pleasure she’d felt when she came a few nights ago. Her tongue made it’s way up Emma’s mound until…

“Fuck!” Emma yelled.

Caroline’s tongue had found Emma’s throbbing clitoris. Caroline swirled her tongue around her professor’s nub. Dr. Clarke grabbed Caroline’s head and pushed her mouth against her swell. Caroline began to suck; Emma began to quake.

“Oh fuck, the TA knows how to lick a clit!” Emma moaned.

Caroline moaned on Dr. Clarke’s clit. The vibrations resonated throughout Emma’s every nerve ending. Her pussy was pounding, her clitoris throbbing like crazy. Her legs began to shake.

“Don’t stop!” Emma screamed. “Eat my fucking pussy!”

Caroline sucked as hard as she could and moaned loudly on Emma’s dripping mound. Emma lost all control of herself. She felt herself pulsing.

“Oh, Kitty!” she screamed as she came, her legs shaking wildly.

Caroline pressed her open mouth against Emma’s hole. She could feel the warm nectar flowing into her mouth. She had never actually tasted a woman’s cum before. It was sweet and thick, and she loved it. She licked around to make sure she didn’t miss any. Emma had to stay where she was for several minutes while she recovered. It took almost five minutes for her legs to stop quivering. Caroline stayed on her knees, watching Dr. Clarke’s pleasure subside. After laying there for several minutes Emma finally stood and went to fetch her clothes.

“We cannot say a word of this to anyone, understand?” Emma said sternly.

“Yes, professor,” Caroline replied.

“You may call me Emma. We did just fuck, after all. From now on we must act professional around each other from now on, like nothing has happened.”

She moved to Caroline and caressed her cheek. She leaned in and gave her student one soft, final kiss.

“Good night, Kitty. See you Monday.”

“Good night, Emma,” Caroline said. “And thank you for an amazing evening.”


Caroline whimpered as her orgasm hit. Her juices squirted all over the bed as her orgasm hit. She lay there for a couple minutes. Then she got up, surveying how wet her sheets were.

“Damn,” she said. “Looks like I’m doing laundry tonight.”

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