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Post workout sexIt was a cool winter morning. I had just returned home from my daily morning 7km run. I was a little bit sweaty but it wasn’t too bad considering it was only 7am. I walked in the door of my house and into my room where my boyfriend was sitting on the bed. I took my shoes and socks off and took my shirt off. Sam walked over to me and kissed me gently on the lips. I kissed back. He pushed me on the bed and lifted my legs and started worshipping my feet. He licked the soles of my feet up and down. He carressed each and everyone of my toes gently and lovingly with his tongue. Before I knew it my feet were moist with Sam’s saliva. I sat up and pulled down Sams pants to reveal his hard cock. I leaned over and kissed the knob of his dick before taking the whole length in my mouth. Sam thrusted his hips back and fourth as he fucked my face. I took his dick out of my mouth and laid on the bed canlı bahis and proceeded to jerk Sams dick with my feet. I was giving him a footjob and he was loving it. He was moaning slightly. Not heavily but just under his breath. After about 2 minutes of playing with his cock with my feet, I got up off the bed and told Sam to lay down. So he did. I lowered my arse down until I was sitting on his face. Sams tounge entered my arsehole and it felt great. I leaned over and started to suck his dick at the same time. We were now 69ing. We enjoyed the position for a while while Sam licked my arse out and I sucked his dick. I got up and into ‘diggy style’ position before I was penetrated by Sams dick. He wasted no time in giving my arse the dick that it craved. His hips were thrusting in and out and his dick inside me felt amazing. I started to moan in pleasure as did Sam. His thrusting was getting harder bahis siteleri and harder. Sam pulled his dick out of my arse and I turned around and put it in my mouth. I took the whole length of his dick and deep throated it. Right after that I took his cock out of my mouth and spat on it and rubbed the saliva on his dick with my hand. I looked up at him in the eyes as I was doing this. I was his bitch and I wanted him to know it. After a few strokes of his dick I put it back in my mouth again and sucked him harder. Again I took his dick out of my mouth and started liking his balls. I kissed and licked his balls making sure his balls and dick were just as wet with saliva as what my feet were. I shoved his cock back in my mouth and he started thrusting in and out making his balls slap me on the chin with every thrust. He pulled his dick out and slapped me in the face with it making me beg for it. I güvenilir bahis grabbed it and started sucking it more and more and harder and harder. He signalled me to turn around and his dick entered my arsehole again as he fucked me. His balls were slapping on mine and something about it felt amazing. We both started moaning even louder which meant we were gonna cum. Sam made me lay on my back and he fucked me in sort of a missionary style while I wanked myself off. I came. All these waves of cum shot all over my stomach as Sam thrusted in and out of my arse. He pulled his dick out of my arse and put my legs to his dick height. I started to give Sam a footjob again to help pleasure him a bit more. He pulled his dick out and started wabking it. After no more then 5 pumps all these waves of cum shot all over my feet. My feet were now covered in cum. I sat up and pulled one foot towards my mouth and licked all the cum off to clean it up. I then did the same with the other foot until I had swallowed all the cum off my feet. I then took Sams dick in my mouth and sucked the rest of the remaining few drops of cum from his dick.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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