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Subject: The Pool Party This is a work of complete fiction. It is a fabrication of the author’s mind. “Welcome to town I said, My name is Andie.” “Is it always this hot hear? She asked.” “No this is pretty unusual for us, I answered” We had been having a real scorcher of a heat wave. Today was the eighth day this month it had topped 100 degrees. I live in a rural town in New Hampshire where pretty much everyone knows everyone. So when I spotted the very attractive woman standing there in the post office line I knew she was new to town. Not to mention that she was dressed far to provocative for this little conservative town. She was wearing a white spaghetti strapped cut off tank top that exposed the majority of her well-toned belly to just under her ample breasts. On the bottom she wore a mini skirt so short, if the town fathers saw her they would probably have her arrested for public lewdness. Hell she could pull it off with that body, no doubt. I mean I’m no lump of coal, I have a nice gym at home with a pool and Jacuzzi, so I stay in pretty good shape myself. “So where do you live if you don’t mind me asking, I queried?” “Oh, she answered we live out on the West road about two miles out of town. It’s the old Smith place, she said.” “We, I asked, would that be your husband?” “No she replied my roommate. Her name is Rachel and I am Mandy.” She had been pushing a package along with her feet and when she got up to the counter she bent over to pick it up and I saw her panties. In fact I knew those panties well. I was wearing the same thing as we spoke. They were teeny tiny g-string panties from an Australian company and were called Naughty Knickers. Even in the air conditioned post office I noticed the droplets of sweat running down her exposed back and disappearing into her almost there skirt. The extreme change in temperature from outside to inside had stiffened up her large nipples so they poked out profoundly through her obviously braless top. It was odd but I was getting strong feelings of arousel about this woman. If I didn’t know better, I would say they were almost sexual feelings. When I saw her panties my nipples got hard as well and I felt my pussy moisten. I’m an independent woman of thirty-five and have become independently wealthy from owning several successful Internet companies and I run them from my home here in the country. Suddenly I got an idea, “Hey Mandy you and your roomy have any plans for dinner? If not you could come over to my place and we could grill something and take a dip in the pool to cool off. I live on the West road as well. I’m just past you about a half mile. I’m on the left at the paved driveway.” “Just a second she said as she whipped out her cell phone and made a call. Then when she hung up she told me that they would love to come over. I told them I was heading straight home and they could come bursa evi olan escort over anytime. I also said that if I didn’t answer the door to come on in I was probably out at the pool. I rushed home and did a whirlwind of straightening up the house and then went upstairs to change into a bikini. I had bought several suits from the same company that made the panties Mandy and I wore. They specialized in swimsuits that were very minimal and mostly sheer. At home I personally never wear a swimsuit because I love my all over tan but I bought them to wear when I travel around the world. I am still not sure why I wanted to dress to impress this girl but I did so I picked out a sheer lavender one. It was the smallest one they made. It had tie sides on the bikini and the patches on both top and bottom were very small at about 2 � inches tall and one inch wide. I stood in front of the mirror admiring my form in the ting g-string backed suit. Goddamn I was a fucking knockout. My big hard nipples and large shaved pussy lips stood out through the thin sheer fabric. The neat thing about these suits is that when they get wet they are even more see through nearly transparent in fact. Having a little of a naughty moment I decided to leave the top of the suit inside and swim and tan topless. It was after all, just us girls. Even though I was probably ten years older than these girls were I still wanted to impress them for some reason I couldn’t explain. I was lying out on a chaise lounge by the pool when Mandy and Rachel walked out from the house. “Oh hi Mandy, this must be Rachel?’ “Yes she said this is my roommate Rachel.” Rachel was a vision of beauty. She was a nearly carbon copy of Mandy except she was black. That’s right a real life ebony goddess. Long straight black hair, a Tyra Banks face and body, large breasts with big hard nipples and smooth flawless skin. Looking at me Rachel said, “I didn’t realize we were skinny dipping and unabashedly stripped down out of the bikini top and shorts she wore.” Mandy followed suit and in a moment was as naked as Rachel. I started to laugh. They looked at me as I stood and showed them I was really only topless. Then they stared laughing as well. Rachel stepped up to me and said, “Are you gonna make us put our bikini’s back on or are you gonna take yours off?” I looked around and didn’t see Mandy, where could she have gotten herself off to. Well I found out a second later when I felt hands on me and she yanked the side ties on my bikini and quickly pulled it away from me. I turned quickly and she was right there so close that our noses were almost touching. She put her hand on the back of my head and pulled me closer and kissed me hard on the lips then yelled out you’re it and turned and took a running leap into the pool followed quickly by Mandy. I walked to the edge altıparmak escort of the pool and took up a coaches type stance with my legs spread and my hands on my hips and a stern look on my face. “What the hell was that for Mandy I hollered at her?” “That is what we call kissing tag. In order to pass along the tag you have to get a solid kiss on the lips. Then that person is it and they in turn have to pass on the kiss tag and so on and so forth. So they want to play pool games. Little do they know I am almost more at home in the water than on land. You see my dad was a Navy SEAL and had me in the water nearly the Day I popped out of my mother. Then later in my teens I was an Olympic level synchronized swimming competitor. I was even once a standby on the Olympic team. I dove into the water as graceful as a swan and swam circles around these two for about five minutes then went through Rachel’s legs and surfaced right in front of her grabbing her by the hair I planted a kiss right on those sweet dark lips of hers. She grabbed my head and pulled me tighter then pushed her tongue against my teeth and I opened them letting our tongues mingle and dance. Goddamn this slut could fucking kiss. My hands had just settled onto Rachel’s breasts when Mandy came up beside us and said, “Hey who’s it?” Rachel turned to her and took hold of her head and replied, “You are baby then kissed her hard.” I didn’t care as I lowered my mouth to get my first taste of those ebony titties. Mandy and Rachel continued to kiss while I worshiped Rachel’s large sexy dark breasts and big thick nipples. She ran her hand over my head and back as I licked, kissed and sucked those massive mammeries. Who was I kidding I would fuck Mandy in a heartbeat since she is incredibly hot but Rachel was something new and exotic a taboo even in this part of the country. She was a perfect combination of Halle Berry and Pamela Anderson. I guide her to the edge of the pool and she took the hint and pulled herself out. She grabbed a towel to sit on and then sat with her leg’s spread and her gorgeous pussy facing me. I lifted her ankles and placed them on my shoulders as I moved closer to my target. With my tongue tip extended I slid my tongue into the deep wet crevice between her thighs. She let out a loud moan as my tongue made contact with her clit. Mandy had left the pool and was now positioning a couple of towels to kneel on. Then lowered her pussy to Rachel’s face. She moaned again but this time it was much quieter due to Mandy’s pussy covering her mouth. I slid two long fingers into her love cavern and sucked her clit hard. That was all it took to send her over the edge into her first orgasm. Mandy was squeezing her own tits and pinching her nipples hard as she rolled through her first orgasm courtesy of Rachel. Fuck me this girl got wet there was a puddle of her cunt juice on the edge of the pool. I pushed away from the edge swimming backwards and said with a grin, “Hey Rachel, I think your it!” Mandy and Rachel both jumped into the pool after me. Naturally I let them catch me. The tugged me towards the steps that led out of the pool. I offered a token amount of resistance but went with it. They led me over to the lush lawn and pushed me down on my back. Rachel dropped on top of me and lowered her pussy to my waiting lips. God I could eat this little ebony goddess forever. I was licking and sucking her sweet cunt when I felt something. I looked up and saw Mandy standing there with a strap-on cock on. She was pushing it into Rachel’s asshole right above my nose. I continued to suck on Rachel’s clit and slid a couple of fingers into her pussy. I could feel the dildo in there through the thin membrane separating the cunt and the ass. I added one more manicured finger to her cunt and reached with the other hand to pinch her nipples. Mandy was fucking her ass furiously with her strap-on cock. I was licking, sucking and fingering her cunt equally as fast. Moment’s later Rachel came like a flood on my face. She actually squirted a huge amount of her sweet girl juice on my face. Then it was my turn as Rachel’s ministrations to my pussy paid off and I came like a river on her face. As we stood I am sure we were a sight, Rachel and I, our face’s covered in pussy juice. We looked at Mandy with her cock hanging between her legs. She knew she was done for when we both grabbed her and took her inside. We sat her on the couch and each took a leg and spread them as wide as they would go. With Rachel on one side and me on the other, we both put our faces between her legs and ate her pussy together. With our faces covered in pussy juice our cheeks slid together nicely. I reached up and grabbed a breast in one hand and shoved three fingers into her pussy. Rachel took the other breast and then slid two fingers into Mandy’s well-lubricated asshole. It seemed like we went at it for hours but I know Mandy came in about two minutes. We were all lying back on the couch resting when the doorbell rang. Who could that be? I was still naked when I went to the door and looked through the small side window. It was Lisa the new girl from the UPS and she had a package in her hands. Feeling a little naughty after what just happened I opened the door and stepped out on the porch. Lisa looked at me and acting like there was nothing wrong asked me to sign the delivery sheet. She started talking about how nice it was to live out in the country where I could run around naked whenever I wanted. I invited her in with the package and led her to the living room. I told her to sit on the couch and Rachel and Mandy scooted over making a spot between them for her. I smiled and said to Lisa. “Lisa I think you know what is going to happen to you now, don’t you? It has been a long time since I had an 18-year-old pussy on my face.” With a knowing nod Lisa began unbuttoning her shirt. I guess we weren’t as exhausted as we thought! The End

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