Poker Night Part 1

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Poker Night Part 1It was another Friday night. My roommate was having another poker game with his buddies and I wasn’t allowed to join in. I spent so much time preparing snacks for everybody, but when I was all done, my roommate Craig told me to go in my room while his friends came over for a few hours. I dunno why he wouldn’t let me play, I was actually quite good at poker. I sobbed and went into my room, not even allowed to take a single bite of the delicious snacks I slaved over. I moved in with Craig a year ago. Every Friday he and his buddies would have a poker night. Sometimes at our place, sometimes at his friends. Craig was already living there and it was a decent place to live. Craig was always so nice to me from the moment I moved in. He was an older man being 44 years old and me just 23, but we didn’t mind the age difference. I remember the day I came to him about the room. He looked at me with wide eyes and then was thinking to himself. He showed me the apartment and the room. I said I was interested in the room and would love to move in as soon as possible. Craig told me he had a few others interested in the room and would think about it and get back to me on Saturday as he had a poker game Friday night he had to prepare for. Craig didn’t want any of his friends moving in because it might ruin the friendship. Craig was a bit easily annoyed. A couple days past and then on Saturday my phone rang. It was Craig. He said “Congratulations, the other two people dropped out of moving in so if you want the room, it’s yours.” I happily accepted the offer and started packing. The next weekend I was moving into my new home. The room was beige an fairly large. There was a window and large closet. I hadn’t seen inside the closet on my first visit, I opened it up to put away my clothes and noticed a few articles of womens clothes hanging up. A couple dresses and shirts. I asked Craig whose they were and he said “Oh wow, I didn’t know those were in there. The last person that stayed in this room was a woman. Guess she must’ve left some clothes here.” I said “Oh well what should I do with them?” He jokingly replied, “Try ’em on see if they fit. Haha I dunno toss them if you want.” I was intrigued at his first answer. But just laughed it off. I moved the clothes to the end of the closet, deciding I’d figure out what to do with them later after I had settled in. That first night together, Craig and I celebrated. He ordered a pizza and had a few beers. Though I don’t enjoy beer so I just had a few sodas. We had a fun time that night and stayed up late before crashing in our respective rooms. The first Friday I was in the apartment, Craig told me that him and his friends often hold a poker night, and since he wasn’t married they often held the event at his apartment. But he told me that because of me they were having it at one of his friends and that he’d be gone for a few hours. I understood and didn’t want to butt in. I enjoyed the night to myself. Made myself a nice dinner and watched tv in my own comfort. By the time I went to bed, Craig still wasn’t home. I heard him come in around 2am and was surprised how late their games went. The next morning I decided to fix us both breakfast to celebrate my 1 week anniversary. Just some pancakes, nothing big. Craig was very appreciative and said I was a wonderful cook. I blushed and said thanks. I asked about his canlı bahis poker nights and wondered if I could ever play. I told him I was pretty good at Texas Hold’Em and regular poker wasn’t much harder. He said he couldn’t allow me in because they were already full. I understood. The next 2 weeks, poker night was spent at one of his friends, but after a month went by, the game was to be hosted at our place. I was kind of nervous, meeting new people was never easy for me. Craig asked if I could make some appetizers for the group and I had no problem with it. I cooked up a few snacks and put chips in bowls and readied the table. Craig said thanks and then told me to stay in my room until they were done. I asked why and Craig said, “Look, I just don’t want you bugging us is all. Please just stay in your room all night, these guys just want a fun night away from their wives and probably don’t want you hanging around.” I was disheartened and went to my room. “What a jackass” I thought, “I made all that damn food and he kicks me out! Well next time, he can just make his own damn food!” All night long I heard yelling and cheers and trash talk. Could’ve sworn I heard moans too and some guy must’ve had the catchphrase “Come to Daddy!” cause I heard that quite a lot. I also heard “Fuck yes!” quite often. I wanted to look out my door, but was too pissed about being grounded to my room. The game finally ended around 1am as I heard them pack up and leave. Craig went straight to sleep. The next morning I voiced my frustrations to Craig and he slapped me. Telling me never to talk back to him and just deal with it. Sobbing I told him I wasn’t going to make him and his friends any more snacks if I couldn’t at least watch. Craig was pissed and grabbed my mouth saying angrily “You’ll do whatever I tell you to do, you got that?!” I nodded and he let me go. Over the next week, to get back at Craig for what he did to me, I decided on a little revenge. I went to the fridge and dumped out a couple of his beers. “That’ll show him” I said. But when Craig came home that night, he was already pissed about his day and stuff that went on with his work. All he wanted to do was to come home and enjoy a beer while watching tv. But when he went to the fridge to grab a beer, he was at a breaking point. “WHERE THE FUCK ARE MY BEERS!?” he yelled. Cowering on the couch, he came over to me. “DID YOU DRINK ALL MY FUCKING BEERS?!” He stammered. I stood up ready to defend myself and nodded cautiously. “YOU FUCKING BITCH!” he yelled. He grabbed me by the back of the head and forced me over his lap on the couch. He then yanked down my shorts and boxers and started spanking me repeatedly. “This is what bitches who drink my beer get!” he said. I cried and cried as he delivered 25 powerful swats to each cheek of my butt. “I know that didn’t hurt, your ass was made for spankings. It’s so fucking large and bubbly!” he laughed. I ran off to my room crying and laid on the bed. I decided right then and there I was going to move out the next day. But Craig came to my door. “GO AWAY!” I said. But Craig came in anyways. “Hey look, I’m sorry what just happened. I just had a really bad day at work and all I wanted was to get home and have a beer, but when I saw they were gone, I guess I just lost it. I’m really sorry.” I scuffed at his remark and turned away. “Look if it makes you feel any better, bahis siteleri let me take you to dinner tomorrow night, it’s on me.” I turned to him and rolled my eyes. “Okay fine I guess” I said, I mean I wasn’t gonna turn down a free dinner! The next night was wonderful, Craig treated me to fancy and romantic restaurant. I thought it was a bit overboard and he could’ve easily just taken me to a sports place so he could at least watch sports. But no, he took me to a nice place and was so wonderful. We both ate a fantastic meal, shared a few glasses of wine, and went back home. It was a wonderful night and I thought to myself that maybe Craig was just having a bad day and that he was a rather nice guy. So I decided I wouldn’t move out. Over the next couple months, things were easy. I’d work, Craig would work. We’d come home, watch tv, eat dinner usually prepared by me, and then go to bed. After 4 months of living there, for some reason Craig started making dinner every night. Saying he just wanted to start cooking from now on. he still had me make snacks for poker night however, but he’d always bring me some dinner on Friday nights to show his appreciation. But as soon as I was done cooking, I was banished to my room for the night. I noticed that ever since Craig started cooking dinner, I was losing weight fast, now approaching 130lbs, and I was feeling weight on my upper chest. My body was getting slimmer and my hips wider. My bubbly butt getting even larger and my skin getting smoother. Hair started coming in less and less and lighter. But whatever it was, I was liking it. That poker night I heard some mumbling among the group, but couldn’t quite make anything out. Craig came to my door and asked me to come into the living room. I walked out nervously as this was my first time seeing his friends. I waved and said hello. “Leave the pleasantries, turn around for us. I’ve been telling these guys about how I think you’d make a good athlete.” Craig was lying, but I couldn’t tell. I twirled for the group of guys and then was told to go back into my room. I closed the door and heard more mumbles. I went to sleep shortly after thinking about what was going on.Meanwhile…”So guys, what did you think?” asks Craig. “She’s got potential. She could definitely take over for this whore when she leaves.” one of the friends says. Underneath the table unbeknownst to our star, was a girl happily sucking the cocks of each guy. “What did you think of your new successor bitch?” one man says. “Mmmm my fink she’s perfect” she says bobbing on the mans cock. “Good, then with that being said, Craig, you may move onto the next phase.” the man says. Craig nodded approvingly with a smile on his face. “Remember, you’ve got til January to get that bitch ready and trained. ” another man says. “I know I know,” Craig says, “I’ve had her on hormones for months now and she’s coming along nicely. She’s got nice tits budding, and by the time she’s needed, she’ll have nice breasts to play with.” “Good! That’s good to hear. Maybe if you ever win one of these nights, you can buy her some implants!” one man says with a laugh. “We’ll see about that” Craig says. It was now May, so Craig had plenty of time to get our star ready. The poker night ends around 1am. Back to our story.I woke up feeling pretty good. The sun was shining, birds were singing, weather was nice, a great day to bahis şirketleri wake up. I scampered to the kitchen to make breakfast for Craig and I to show my appreciation for letting me meet the guys. Scrambled eggs with hashbrowns and OJ, a good start to the morning. Craig came out half naked and said “what smells so good?” I turned and looked at him, his cock hanging from his robe, right in my sight. My jaw dropped a bit, and I stared for what seemed like eternity. “What are you…oh shit” Craig said covering himself, “sorry about that” “Uhh bluh um no worries” I said. He sat down and I served him breakfast. He scarfed it down, belched, said thanks, and went back to his room. Typical man, I thought. Later on that week Craig said I would have to leave the apartment for a few days as he said the landlord had told him the whole building was being fumigated for bugs. We didn’t have any, but apparently it was a problem. So I packed some things up and moved back home for just a few days. My appearance made my parents shocked beyond belief. I used to be over 200lbs with a large frame. But now here I was, just under 130lbs with what seemed to be breasts, but it was just muscle from my understanding. My folks commented on how good I looked and were proud of me. 2 days later I zoomed by the apartment building and noticed there wasn’t really anything going on. It certainly didn’t look like it was being fumigated. I would have to ask Craig next Monday when I was allowed back in. The days past uneventfully, except I wasn’t feeling so good. My body felt heavy and I was having a bad sweating problem. I was anxious a lot and had a big loss of appetite. But the day came where I could move back to the apartment. Gladly I went back. Craig was already there waiting for me. “Hey welcome back!” he said. “When did you get here?” I asked. “Oh I came back yesterday, landlord said everything was okay now, but I decided maybe you could use the extra day at home.” he said. “Ugh no wish you would’ve told me, I’ve been feeling so sick since I left. Think it was my parents cooking” I said. “Oh shit, well here I’ll fix you up something, maybe then you won’t feel as bad.” he said. Craig made up a quick lunch and summoned me to the table. I ate his lunch grudgingly not really feeling too hungry. But after I was done I felt much better. “Thanks! I feel so much better now!” I said. “Hey anytime, nothing beats my cooking” Craig said happily. I went back to my room and laid in bed. Night came and I was ready for bed. As I was laying in bed trying to sleep, I heard some crackling like static quickly turn on, but thought nothing of it. I slept peacefully for the first time in over a week. Each night after that I heard the same static just as I was going to bed. The first Friday night since being back in the apartment was weird. The men held their game at another’s home. As I laid in bed, I didn’t hear the static at all, but as I slept I dreamt of something I never thought I would. I dreamt of Craig’s cock. Nothing happened in the dream. He was naked however, and all I could see of him was his cock swinging freely. I woke up sweating and my mouth open. “What a weird night” I thought. It was morning. Craig was passed out on the couch. I decided to make myself breakfast not knowing when Craig would wake up. He didn’t wake up until around lunchtime. He was groggy so I knew not to get in his too much. I fixed him something to eat, but occasionally I would catch myself staring at his crotch. I tried to shake it off, but it kept happening. It was much bigger and thicker than my penis, I was truly amazed. But I couldn’t let on.

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