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Subject: Pleasurably-Tortured-part-1 Pleasurably Tortured part 1. The following is a true account of being gang banged by seven men with some consensual sexual torture just after I turned 16 years old. Comments gratefully received at [email protected] Usual blurb about don’t read if you are underage, etc. Also why not make a small donation to Nifty so they can keep up the good work. fty/donate.html When this encounter happened I had just turned 16 years old. At the time I had short light blond hair parted in curtains which framed a sweet innocent, virginal looking boyish face. Despite the innocent appearance of my face I had become a right cock whore since since losing my virginity to two 16 year old French boys when I was thirteen and a half years old. Since then I had been having gay sex daily and I had recently started fucking girls too, although I was still more into guys. My cute door next door face had deeply tanned flawless skin, dreamy light blue eyes, a classical nose and lush red cock sucker’s lips. Not that I’m saying I’m anywhere near as sexy as them but to be give you an idea of what I looked like at the time check out the actor Alexander Ludwig when he was in the film Race to Witch Mountain for the cuteness of my face and blond hair. Being from a nudist family my body was deeply tanned all over and as toned as the British Olympic diver Tom Daley when he was 16 years old. My deeply tanned arms had subtle definition to my deltoids and biceps and my forearms were lightly dusted with blond hairs. There was subtle definition to my deeply tanned, naturally hairless chest stubbed with two dark brown pointy nipples. My flat firm stomach was starting to form a washboard but hadn’t grown in a treasure trail yet. Around back I had a sports toned arse which was silky smooth except for a few wispy hairs in the crack and as deeply tanned as the rest of me. My big thick cock was the envy of the school showers with even the straight boys unable to avoid looking at it. Limp it was a thick 4 inches long growing into a fat 8.5 inches when hard. It was as deeply tanned as the rest of me and when limp my tanned foreskin covered my knob but peeled back below the prominent ridge when erect. When hard my big thick cock dangled down due to its meaty weight. Behind were my big balls in a deeply tanned semi-lose sack dusted with blondish brown pubes. Even for a teenage boy my balls were highly productive and I needed to drain them several times daily. To finish off I had legs sexily shaped through all the sports I played, deeply tanned and dusted with golden hairs. This encounter happened due to an uncle/nephew incestuous relationship although they weren’t related to me. During my sex life I have had numerous incestuous sex with two of my male cousins as well as other males and females who, whilst not related to me were related to each other. This was one such occasion and I met the uncle/nephew coupling when cruising a public toilet. The uncle was a 33 year old street mean tattooed skin head and his nephew was a slightly goofy looking but sexy 21 year old twink. The twink willing let his uncle use him as bait when cruising. The twink was called Sam and he knew he was gay and he knew that one of his uncles was gay but it wasn’t until Sam was 16 that he acted on his instincts and seduced his uncle who hardly put up a fight and cherry popped Sam and bred his tight teen boy arse. The weekend before this encounter happened was the first time I met Sam and Harley who was his uncle. They were both in sweaty sports kit as they had been for a run together and were now cruising for cock. Sam was wearing a sweat matted white muscle top with his long slender arms on display. Below he was wearing satiny black basketball shorts whose leg hems came a couple of inches above his knees. He had pale slender, subtly sculpted lower legs covered with dark brown hairs. Sam’s pale face was twink sexy in a slightly goofy way as he had jug handle ears, an angular nose, lush pale pink lips and a goofy smile showing the top row of his pearly white teeth. He had a tattoo on each of his deltoids although I can’t remember what they were of. Sam was well hung too. He had the waistband of his satiny black basketball shorts bunched under hie big balls. Sam’s cock was as pale as the rest of him, hard and erect. It was thick, nicely veined, 9 inches long and circumcised. He had a dense untrimmed bush of dark brown pubes. The other guy with Sam looked street mean or the nightclub bouncer type. He had a high forehead and he had shaved all of his brown hair off so he was a skinhead but you could see the stubble area where his hair would have grow in if he let it. He had a tall oval pale face which had a trimmed short beard and moustache of brown facial stubble. He had an angular nose, intense bluish grey eyes and lush pale pink lips. His face wasn’t classically sexy but it had a street mean, scally sexy appeal to it and it pandered to my posh pussy boy nature as he was about twice my age. He was also muscular in a well toned way rather than being body builder bulky. He was wearing a sweat matted black muscle top with red piping around the neck and arm holes. He had broad shoulders leading to defined deltoids, bulging biceps and toned forearms. He had a multi-coloured Japanese style full length tattoo sleeve on his left arm. His sweat matted muscle top clung to his well chiselled chest and his pointy nipples showed through and it looked like the left one had a bar piercing through it. Below he was wearing skimpy satiny red football shorts whose waistband was hooked under his big balls in a semi-lose pale sack dusted with brown pubes. He had a thick, veiny, pale 8 inch cock whose uncut foreskin had peeled back below the prominent crown of his pale pink tinged swollen knob. His pale legs were sexily shaped with great definition to his thighs above his knees and his lower legs were well sculpted and all of his legs were pale and covered with brown hairs. At the time I didn’t know they were uncle and nephew, all I knew was that they were cruising for cock and one of them was a goofy cute twink and the other was a street mean scally sexy man at least twice my age. The inevitable happened and the three of us ended up locked in a toilet cubicle where the twink and then the scally man bareback buggered me and bred my underage slutty schoolboy arse. It was only after that when I got to know their names, ages and the fact they were related. They weren’t classically sexy but they both floated my boat enough to give them my phone number which is how this encounter happened. During the week after Sam and Harley had fucked me, Sam gave me a phone call and invited me over for the night. Thinking I was on for another threesome with Sam and his uncle I went to the address given wearing my school rugby kit and no underwear. I had told my parents I was going to rugby practice and then staying with a mate afterwards. My parents knew I was the gay side of bi-sexual and sexually active but they didn’t doubt my cover story or if they did they didn’t show it. When I knocked on the door it was Sam who answered it and he was bollock naked. Sam wasn’t classically sexy but he certainly floated my boat in a cute goofy twink way. He had short dark brown hair which was slightly spiked up at the front. He had thick dark brown eyebrows above dreamy bluish green eyes. Sam’s nose was angular, like that on a Greek statue but wasn’t overly large. He had jug handle ears and lush pale pink lips with the top row of his pearly white teeth on display was he smiled at me. His pale oval face was twink cute in a slightly goofy way. He had a long slender neck leading to broad slender shoulders. There was subtle definition to his deltoids, each of which had a tattoo on them. He had sinewy definition to his pale biceps and his forearms were slender and lightly dusted with short brown hairs. Sam’s pale chest had the faintest pencil line definition to it, was naturally smooth and studded with two small pale pink pointy nipples. His stomach was flat and firm with not an ounce of fat on it and had a thin treasure trail of brown hairs running down from his navel to his broad dense bush of dark brown untrimmed pubes. From Sam’s pubes dangled his arse busting and pussy pleasing 9 inch cut cock as he was the gay side of bi-sexual like I was. Sam had lost his virginity aged 16 to his uncle and Sam fucked a 16 year old virgin girl from school not long afterwards. Most of Sam’s sex life had been gay but he had fucked a few girls. The shaft of Sam’s cock was thicker than average, as pale as the rest of him, nicely veined, 9 inches long and 6 inches in circumference. He had a large but neat circumcision scar below the prominent ridge of his helmet shaped knob. Behind Sam’s big thick cock was his big balls in a pale semi-lose sack dusted with dark brown pubes. From the shag in the public toilet cubicle the weekend before I knew just how highly productive Sam’s big balls were. He had long slender pale legs which had a hint of definition and were covered with dark brown hairs. It was no wonder my limp cock gave a twitch in my school rugby shorts when I saw Sam stood naked before me. Sam pinned me against the hallway wall and began passionately kissing me and groping my cock through my school rugby shorts and it soon grew to its full thick 8.5 inches. He stank erotically of musky escort kocaeli sweat so I guessed he’d recently come back from a run. Sam then led me to his uncle’s bedroom and I admired the back of Sam. He was 5 feet 11 inches tall with a slender pale body. He had a skinny but sexy arse which was pale and had a light dusting of dark brown bum fluff. When Sam and I entered his uncle’s bedroom he was laid naked in the middle of his double bed with his hands behind his head, legs spreads and his hard cock was resting on his stomach. Harley had a high hairline but he had shaved his hair into a skinhead. He had light brown eyebrows above dreamy light blue eyes which burned with sexual dominance towards his naked incestuous nephew and the 16 year old schoolboy beside him. Harley had a pale gym buff body. His biceps bulged in their slightly tensed state with his hands clasped behind his shaved head. Harley’s armpits were on display and they had small tufts of sweat matted light brown hairs so I guessed he and Sam had been for another run together. His left arm had a full length multi-coloured Japanese style tattoo and both his arms were pale and sexily sculpted through lifting weights. Harley’s chest was well buff with the perfect amount of muscle mass to grope as he fucked you face to face. It was pale, dusted with naturally short light brown hairs and studded with two small pale pink nipples, the left of which had a silver bar piercing through it. His stomach was a rock hard slab of muscle with a broad but faint treasure trail leading to a trimmed short, almost shaved bush of brown pubes. Resting on Harley’s stomach was his thick veiny 8 inch uncut cock. He had big balls in a tight pale sack dusted with brown pubes. Harley was six feet three inches tall and his legs were long, pale, sculpted from running and covered with brown hairs. “Strip the faggot.” Harley ordered Sam who eagerly obliged. First Sam peeled off my school rugby top to expose my deeply tanned chiselled upper body. Sam’s pale hands gave my smooth chest a bit of a caress and then his slightly goofy, but twink sexy face took on a devious expression as he started roughly tweaking my nipples between the thumb and forefinger of each of his hands. My dark brown nipples soon turned red, swollen and stingingly sore. Then Sam licked and sucked my swollen nipples which eased the pain slightly but then he started chewing my nipples which restored the stinging sore pain which was kind of a turn on for me. Then Sam pulled down my school rugby shorts and with the thumb and forefinger of his left hand he gripped my ball sack so my nuts were bunched up. He then began finger flicking my balls with the middle finger of his right hand which was another stinging pain but it also turned me on. After a few minutes of torturing my nipples and balls Sam then pushed my face into his left sweaty hairy armpit. “Clean it bitch.” Sam ordered and I eagerly obliged and licked it clean of deliciously salty sweat as I drank in its musky manly stink. Then Sam made me lick his right sweaty armpit clean of tasty sweat. He then turned his back and me, bent over and spread his pale skinny buttocks which were dusted with brown bum fluff. He had a tight pink arsehole and the brown hairs in the crack were matted with sweat. You didn’t have to be be Sherlock to know what Sam intended and I began eagerly licking out his sweaty hairy arse and tongue fucking his shitter. “Come and do me now, you dirty little bitch.” Harley gruffly ordered after letting me tongue fuck his nephew’s arse for a bit. Obeying I got onto the bed above Harley and began eagerly licking out his lightly haired left armpit clean of delicious salty sweat. As I did so Sam began harshly spanking my firm pert bubble butt arse with a leather spank paddle. It hurt but pleasurably so and I muffled yelps of searing stinging pain into Harley’s sweaty lightly haired armpit. My hard cock throbbed and dribbled pre-cum at the pleasurable but stinging burn in my spank arsed. Soon it was red raw and stinging so bad it felt like I had sat on a hot plate. Sam seemed well practised at dishing out a spanking as he stopped just before it became too much for me to bare. Harley then pushed my face to his right armpit which I began eagerly licking clean of salty tasting, musky smelling man sweat. At the same time Sam started tongue fucking my arse and he had one talented strong tongue which fucked my quivering arsehole like a little dick. After a bit Harley pushed my head downwards and I knew what he wanted. I kissed down between Harley’s lightly haired muscular and then over his rock hard slab of stomach muscle to his groin. As I did so I held Harley’s gaze and gave him my best slutty sultry submissive male Lolita smile. Harley returned it with a domineering leer and his eyes burned with the sexual pervasion for controlling a 16 year old schoolboy, something he hadn’t done since Sam was at school. When I reached Harley’s groin it stank erotically of pungent musky manly crotch sweat from his run. He had a broad bush of brown pubes which he kept so trimmed short they were almost shaved. His slightly thicker than average 8 inch cock rested on his rock hard stomach. It throbbed to the beat of his heart. It was pale but got pinker towards the tip. His pale foreskin had peeled back to expose his helmet shaped pink knob which glistened with clear pre-cum. He had big balls in a tight pale pink tinged sack, lightly dusted with short brown pubes. First I sucked one of Harley’s balls into my mouth and sucked it clean of tasty salty crotch sweat. As I did so I drank in the erotic, pungent aroma of Harley’s groin. At the same time Sam resumed tongue fucking my quivering arsehole. After sucking one of Harley’s balls clean of crotch sweat I did the same to the other. Harley then lifted his muscular legs to exposed his rock hard, well toned pale arse. The buttocks were naturally smooth but the sweaty crack had a few wispy brown hairs. Harley had a pink pucker which had rarely been breached as he was predominately a top. However Harley loved being rimmed and I greedily set about lapping up the salty sweat in his arse crack before homing in on his tight pink pucker which quivered under my strong talented tongue. My tongue then set about tongue fucking the arse of a muscular man twice my age as his 21 year old nephew returned the favour on my tight teen boy arse. It was bliss for me on so many levels. First there was the visual pleasure of looking at Harley’s muscular manly upper body and his street mean bouncer face with it expression of sexual dominance. Harley’s pale face looked similar to that of an American jarhead. His brown hair was so buzz cut short it was almost bald. Harley’s pale face had a beard and moustache of short brown facial stubble. Harley’s dreamy blue eyes said “you dirty little faggot” but also expressed the pleasure of being rimmed by an underage schoolboy, although I would have been legal in this day and age. There was the pleasure of feeling Harley’s quivering arsehole on my hot wet, talented tongue lapping away at it. The erotic musky manly stink of Harley’s crotch sweat flooded my nostrils. My hands savoured parting the mounds of Harley’s muscular arse. At the same time I also had a hot wet, talented tongue lapping away at my shitter. Sam’s tongue was stabbing my tight teen boy arse like a little dick or sucking and chewing on my quivering arsehole. There was the kinky thrill I was the central part of a human caterpillar, sandwiched between a muscular 33 year old man and his tall, slender 21 year old incestuous nephew. “Let’s truss up the faggot.” Harley then gruffly moaned. Now I might only have been 16 years old but I was sexually experienced well above my age and I knew they meant bondage. As if choreographed and in unison Harley and Sam flipped me onto my back. Before I knew what was happening Sam’s pale arse, dusted with brown hairs, was sat on my face. Harley roughly lifted my legs upwards and Sam tightly gripped my ankles to keep them in place. Then I felt a wooden bar, like that of a broom handle, placed in front of my ankles which were then firmly lashed to the wooden bar by silky bondage rope. “Wrists.” I heard Harley then order. Sam gripped both of my wrists and lifted my arms upwards and I was still too stunned to resist as it all seemed to happen in a flash. Harley then began lashing my wrists to the wooden bar so I ended up trussed up like a wild pig caught on a hunt. He then bunched up my cum laden balls and pushed them through a really tight vibrating cock ring and he also rolled one down my big thick cock so that my orgasm route was cut off yet stimulated at the same time. Then Harley began spanking my pert upturned buttocks with the leather spank paddle which returned the stinging burn which had began to fade. As Harley harshly spanked my arse I muffled yelps of pain, tinged with slight pleasure into his nephew’s arse. “Fuck the faggot and grease him up for me.” Harley then ordered Sam, who eagerly obliged. Trussed up as I was I was completely helpless and at their sexual mercy, which they intended not to give me one jot. Harley then stuffed his briefs, which were soaked with sweat from his recent run, into my mouth to act as a gag. The salty flavour of Harley’s crotch sweat fired off my taste buds. At the same time its pungent scent flooded my nostrils. Sam’s slightly goofy, but twink izmit yabancı escort cute face had a domineering leer on it and his blue eyes burned with lust. He was used to being the bitch boy bottom so he was going to make the most of being the horny aggressive top for a change. Sam greased up his thick 9 inch cock cock and smeared a token amount onto my swollen arsehole which he had just been munching on. Sam then dragged my trussed up teen boy body until my exposed arse was hanging off the edge of his uncle’s double bed. Sam used his right hand to aim his big cock at my hungry young arse. He slapped his heavy swollen circumcised knob against my sphincter which was swollen from the expert rim job Sam had just given it. Then with a powerful thrust Sam rammed his thick veiny 9 inch cock ball deep into me. First there was the pleasant sting in my tight arsehole when Sam’s swollen prominent ridged knob popped past it. That delightful sting was maintained as the long thick shaft of Sam’s 9 inch cock sank in ball deep. His swollen knob harshly punched open the walls of my slutty, but tight teen boy arse until it slammed into the entrance to my colon. Sam’s slightly goofy, but twink cute pale face took on an expression of sexual contentment as he felt the hot wet tightness of my young arse soak into the full length of his big thick cock. As for me I savoured the stuffed full feeling of Sam’s thick 9 inch cock powerfully throbbing in my arse. Sam gripped the ends of the wooden bar which had me well trussed up. He then set about roughly rogering my tight teen boy cunt. Sam’s tall pale oval, goofy cute face had an expression of sexual dominance and his dreamy blue eyes burned with lust as he looked down at the cute trussed up 16 year old boy he was fucking. My eyes also took in the sight of Sam’s tall skinny pale upper body. My swollen arsehole quickly began burning and stinging with pleasurable friction as the long thick shaft of Sam’s 9 inch cock rapidly sawed back and forth against it. The exposed ridge of Sam’s swollen circumcised knob scraping up and down the walls of my arse fired off the highly receptive nerve endings in there. His knob and big cock mercilessly pounded my tight teen boy arse. Sam’s knob also pummelled my prostate which made it pulse and had my cock dribbling pre-cum onto my flat firm stomach. Sam’s densely pubed groin repeatedly slapping against my pert exposed buttocks maintained the slightly painful stinging burn the spanking his uncle had given it. The afore said uncle was currently knelt beside us and was tweaking my dark brown pointy nipples so that they were the pleasurable side of painful and swollen. Harley eagerly watched his 21 year old nephew’s big thick, pale 9 inch cock mercilessly pounding a trussed up 16 year old posh public schoolboy’s deeply tanned arse. There was the kinky thrill I was totally bound up and unable to escape even if I had wanted to. It was hot to be being sexually used by a tall slim 21 year old twink and his 33 year old incestuous uncle. The room stank erotically of musky manly sweat. For a blissful age Sam brutally buggered me and he had my tight teen boy cunt throbbing with hard fucked pleasure. His face then started scrunching up as he fought against his impending orgasm. On the one hand he wanted to experience the intense pleasure of orgasm but he also want to continue with the pleasure of bareback buggering a boy five years his junior. However nature took its course and Sam roughly rammed his thick 9 inch cock ball deep into my pleasantly aching arse one more time. My highly receptive arse felt Sam’s cock swell even larger and then pulse as it began powerfully blasting rope after rope of cum into my throbbing arse. Sam loudly grunted with each of the ten large ropes of cum he fired into my arse. To milk his balls dry I continued to work my well trained arse muscles on Sam’s throbbing, orgasming cock. As Sam groaned with sexual ecstasy and release I muffled moans of well bred contentment into his uncle’s sweat soaked underwear which was acting as a gag for my mouth. “Fuck Uncle, I needed to bust that nut big time.” Sam breathlessly said when his balls ran dry. His goofy cute pale face was now flushed pink from orgasm and his dreamy blue eyes had glazed over. “Don’t hog the dirty little faggot, it’s my turn now.” Harley then ordered his nephew. Reluctantly Sam pulled his big thick cock from my blissfully battered boy cunt he had just fucked and spunked in. Harley pulled his sweat soaked underwear from my mouth and used them to clean the sex slime of Sam’s cum, my arse juice and lube off his nephew’s cock. Harley them stuffed his underwear back into my mouth to act as a gag. They now tasted of salty sweat, salty cum and the earthiness of my teen boy arse juice. Harley had a street mean face but it looked meaner with its expression of sexual dominance. Until the weekend before the last schoolboy 33 year old Harley had fucked had been his nephew, Sam. Harley was a natural dominate top and he couldn’t wait to roger the trussed up 16 year schoolboy before him. Harley was a skinhead with a pale oval face which wasn’t classically sexy but it had street mean appeal to it, like a mature chav lad or mean looking night club bouncer. It had short facial stubble, a classical nose, pale pink lips and his dreamy blue eyes sparkled with sexual dominance and lust. Harley was gym fit with enough muscle mass to his chest to grope as he fucked you, but as I was well trussed up I couldn’t play with it. His pale chest had a light smattering of short brown hairs and studded with two pale pink pointy nipples, the left of which had a silver bar piercing through it. Harley’s pale stomach was a rock hard slab of muscle with a light smattering of brown hairs. He had trimmed his bush of brown pubes really short. Harley’s pale cock was slightly thicker than average and 8 inches long. The shaft was nicely veined and got pinker towards the uncut tip whose pale foreskin had peeled back to expose his pink helmet shaped knob. Harley’s cock jutted upwards at 45 degrees from the horizontal. Below he had big balls in a tight pale sack dusted with short brown pubes. Harley had well toned pale arms with the left one having a full length multi-colour tattoo sleeve. His pale legs were also well toned, sexily sculpted, pale and covered with brown hairs. Harley certainly pandered to my posh pussy boy nature and I couldn’t wait for him to roger me as roughly as his gym fit body and big thick cock could. Harley gripped each end of the wooden bar which bound my wrists and ankles together. “You ready to be fucked you dirty little poof?” Harley gruffly and rhetorically asked as he was going to fuck me regardless of my answer. Through his sweat soaked and sex slimmed briefs which were gagging my mouth I muffled an affirmative. Harley then roughly thrust his groin forward and harshly speared my tight teen boy arse on his big thick cock. My tight arsehole was swollen from the long, rough hard fuck Sam had just given me, so it stung delightfully when his uncle rammed his thick veiny cock in ball deep. There was the stinging burn when Harley’s helmet shaped knob popped passed my sphincter. That was maintained as the thick veiny shaft of Harley’s 8 inch cock sank in ball deep. His knob made his nephew’s cum bubble before slamming into the entrance to my colon. Harley’s groin slapped up against my spanked sore buttocks. Harley wasted no time and set about roughly raping my willing tight teen boy arse his incestuous nephew had already fucked and seeded. Harley used all his muscled might to fuck me as fast and hard as he could. It would have been nice to have my hands free in order to grope Harley’s lightly haired, gym toned chest but at the same time being tied up made me feel so slutty submissive. That was added to by the fact I was being buggered by a buff man 17 years my senior as his 21 year old nephew watched. My eyes feasted themselves on the street mean sexiness of Harley’s pale face with its expression of sexual pleasure and dominance. His dreamy blue eyes burned with lust as they took in the sight of the trussed up schoolboy he was fucking. My sex swollen sphincter was on fire with pleasurable friction as Harley’s thick veiny 8 inch cock shaft rapidly sawed back and forth against it. Sam’s cum bubbled around his uncle’s pounding cock as he fucked me with everything he had. The nerve endings in my highly receptive arse buzzed as the exposed ridge of Harley’s helmet shaped knob scrapped back and forth. My untouched cock throbbed and dribbled pre-cum every time Harley’s knob punched my pulsing prostate. The entrance to my colon pleasantly ached every time Harley’s swollen knob slammed into it. The spanked stinging burn in my firm pert buttocks was maintained by Harley’s rapidly trusting groin repeatedly hitting them. Sam was torturing my nipples which were now very swollen and sore but in a kind of pleasurably painful way. The room stank erotically of manly sweat and gay sex. There was the kinky submissive thrill I was trussed up and unable to escape being fucked by a buff man 17 year’s my senior as he sexy nephew watched. Harley fucked me long and hard. As he did so he talked dirty, derogatory and demeaning to me. Harley was used to using his nephew as a boy bitch but now he was making the most of using an even younger boy for his sexual gratification. izmit eve gelen escort “Going to bred your arse you dirty little faggot.” Harley moaned when the pressure in his balls reached critical mass. “Cum in me.” I muffled around the gag of his sex slimmed and sweaty underwear stuffed in my mouth. Harley continued to fuck me fast and hard with his thick 8inch veiny cock as his intense orgasm hit. He loudly groaned with sexual ecstasy and release as he powerfully blasted twelve large ropes of cum into my tight teen boy arse to mingle with the load his 21 year old nephew had already fired in there. To fuel and prolong Harley’s intense orgasm I continued to work my well trained arse muscles on his rapidly thrusting cock. When Harley’s orgasm ended he pulled his big thick, spent cock from my blissfully battered boy cunt which he and his nephew had spunked in. He then pulled his underwear from my mouth and used them to clean the sex slime off his cock before stuffing them back into my mouth to gag me. Straight away the salty flavour of sweat and cum and the earthiness of my arse juice fired off my taste buds. Harley then left the room and I though for a post-orgasm piss. Sam tortured me with a wooden ruler. He used it to gently whack my achingly hard untouched 8.5 inch cock with a tight vibrating cock ringing purring at the base. Sam then used the wooden ruler to gently but slightly painfully thwack my bunched up my balls gripped in another vibrating cock ring. It was painful but not too bad and slightly pleasurable. The downside was the cock rings around the base of my cock and balls prevented me from cumming. As I was well trussed up I couldn’t escape Sam’s pleasurable, if slightly painful torture. He alternated from using the wooden ruler to hit my bunched up balls and hard erect cock as his other hand gently yanked up the nipple clamp chain. Then I got a very pleasant surprise when Harley returned with another man in tow. He was a really stunner, beating Harley and Sam in terms of good looks. He had short straw blond hair with a slight ginger tinge with similar coloured eyebrows. It was cut short with a slight sweep to the right on its fringe. He had a pale face which was stunningly sexy and dusted with light brown freckles. His eyes were a dreamy light blue and burned with lust as he looked at the trussed up 16 year old schoolboy before him. He had a classical nose and thin pale pink lips. It was the kind of face which easily stood out in a crowd. He looked to be in his late twenties and I would find out he was 28 years old. He had lost his virginity aged 19 to a boy in his class at university, was versatile and 100% gay. He had a fit sexy pale body to match his stunningly sexy face. His face, arms and chest were covered with light brown freckles which I found very sexy. His chest had the faintest hint of definition, a light smattering of blondish ginger hairs and studded with two small pale pink nipples. His pale, freckle dusted arms were defined rather than muscular and his forearms had a light covering of blondish hairs. He had a dark blue tiger tattoo on hi right deltoid. His pale stomach was flat and firm with a thin trail of blondish ginger hairs running down from between his pecs to his navel and then down into his dense untrimmed bush of light ginger pubes. Jutting slightly downwards from the horizontal was his hard erect cock. It was as pale as the rest of him, slightly thicker than average and nicely veined. His cock was circumcised with a small neat scar below the prominent ridge of his helmet shaped knob. It looked about 7 inches long and so sexy. He had average sized balls in a tight pale sack covered with blondish ginger pubes. His pale legs were sexily sculpted and covered with blondish ginger hairs. He was so smokingly hot and I seriously hoped he was here to fuck me as he was naked and erect after all. Harley pulled his sweat soaked and sex slimmed underwear from my mouth and the new guy sat on my face. Without needing to be ordered to do so I began greedily licking out the blondish ginger haired guy’s sweaty, nicely haired arse. It tasted of delicious salty sweat and the hairs pleasantly tingled my tongue. My nostrils drank in its musky manly erotic stink. The new guy’s arse was well toned and I wished my hands were free to grope and explore it. For a minute or so I tongue fucked the new guy’s arse. “Fuck the bitch boy, John.” I heard Harley say so I guessed John was the new guy’s name. He lifted his arse off my face and Harley re-gagged my mouth with his sweaty, sex slimmed underwear. “He’s so fucking young and cute.” John said as he firmly gripped the wooden bar which my ankles and wrists were tightly bound to. John’s pale, freckle dusted and stunning sexy face had such a lustful expression on it as he prepared to fuck the youngest boy he had ever done, although I didn’t know that until later. Gripping the wooden bar which had my ankles and wrists trust up so that I was almost bent double John roughly thrust forward and speared my slutty sloppy arse on his hot hard cock. It was toe curling delight. There was the pleasant sting in my sex swollen sphincter when John’s helmet shaped circumcised knob popped past it. That delightful sting was maintained as the nicely veined, slightly thicker than average shaft of John’s 7 inch cock sank ball deep into my tight teen ball arse full of two loads of cum. Truly sexy John then set about raping my arse with real vigour. As I was well trussed up he could use me for his sexual pleasure regardless of my opinion, not that I had any regrets as John was so fucking sexy. He fucked me fast and hard for ages. John’s rapidly thrusting groin maintained the harshly spanked sting in my pert upturned buttocks which felt like I had sat on a hot plate from the leather paddle spanking it had taken. My sex swollen sphincter pleasantly stung as John’s hot hard 7 inch cock rapidly sawed back and forth against it. The exposed ridge of John’s circumcised knob scraping back and forth against the highly receptive walls of my cum splattered arse made the nerve endings up there buzz. The two loads of cum already up my tight teen boy arse bubbled as John fucked me fast and hard. There was the visual pleasure of looking at John’s really sexy face. It was so kinky to being tied up and totally helpless as a practical stranger, twelve years my senior fucked me good and hard. At the same time Sam was gently yanking on the nipple clamp chain which made my sore and swollen nipples ache in a pleasurably painful way. Sam was rubbing a vibrator up and down the underside of my hard hard erect cock and bunched up balls, both of which had a vibrating cock ring clamped around them. It was so much intense sexual pleasure but the vibrating cock rings prevented me from cumming. John fucked me good and hard for ages before he was ready to cum. Although I was well and truly trussed up and unable to move I wasn’t passively taking the rough hard fuck John was giving me. Sure I couldn’t caress his sexy sweaty upper body as my wrists and ankles were tightly tied to a wooden bar but I could work my well trained arse muscles on John’s rapidly thrusting 7 inch cock. Also I muffled moans of hard fucked pleasure and slightly tortured pain into the gag of Harley’s underwear which were soaked with sweat, cum and sex slim. “Fuck I’m going to cum.” John then moaned. “Yeah, cum in me.” I muffled. John the roughly rammed his slightly thicker than average, nicely veined 7 inch circumcised cock ball deep into my slutty sloppy arse one more time. With John’s hot hard cock buried ball deep in my arse I felt it swell and then throb and pulse as it powerfully blasted ten large ropes of cum into my tight teen boy arse to mingle with the loads Sam and Harley had already squirted up there. To fuel and prolong John’s intense orgasmic high I continued to flex and work my well trained arse muscles on John’s throbbing, squirting cock. The youngest guy John had bred had been 19 years old so he was happy to be breeding a slutty 16 year old schoolboy who was technically jail-bail by five years. When stunningly sexy John came down from his intense orgasmic high he pulled his still hard cock from my blissfully battered boy cunt full of three loads of cum. “He was worth every fucking penny”. John breathlessly said to Harley. As I would find out Harley had charged John to fuck me, in effect being my pimp without my agreement. Harley the pulled his underwear from my mouth and wiped the sex slime of my arse juice and the three loads of cum off John’s cock before stuffing them back in my mouth. Straight away the earthy tasty of my arse juice and saltiness of cum on Harley’s underwear fired off my taste buds. John then left the bedroom and I thought that was the last of it. However John was so sexy I was determined to get his details off Sam and his incestuous uncle Harley. Sam continued to gently yank the nipple clamp chain and run the vibrator along my hard erect cock, bunched up balls and the sensitive spot between my balls and sex swollen, pleasantly sore sore arsehole. For me I thought I was done or maybe Sam and his uncle would fuck me one more time but lots more was to come but that is for the next write up. I hope this one got you off and you’re sat there splattered in cum. If you did please let me know at [email protected] as although I enjoy reliving it and writing it up it is nice knowing people read it. Check out my other true encounters in the Sexual Experience folders on the Gay Adult/Youth, Bi-sexual Adult/Youth, Gay High School and Bi-sexual High School archives or search for John Mcquillium under prolific authors

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