Playing with tanielia and tinsia

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Playing with tanielia and tinsiaAfter quite a few requests for me to transcribe my erp logs to text, I decided to do a few test runs with a few of my more popular logs. Message me after if you want anything changed or have any suggestions for me to work on.)) Tinisia~ *the moment Tinisia led the two around the tree; She reached behind her back to unclasp her bulging bra. Letting those enormous, perky tits spill outward in a jiggle of flesh. She winked playfully at the two shemales in front of her as she reached down for her panties, wiggling them downward until that bare, pink pussy came into view. She sank down to her knees, looking up eagerly* Mmm… Going to give me those big dicks?Tanielia ~ *Tani saw Tinisia quickly strip off her few remaining articles of clothing. She felt her cock bulge in her pants, quickly stripping them off she kicks them aside and pulls her panties down. Freeing her big black cock. Smirking as Tinisia kneeled down before her and the other shemales* Hm I know I’ll give you my big thick cock baby!Cinare ~ Cinare smiles as the night elf sinks to her knees, slowly walking forward with her massive horsecock straining her panties to the limit. Walking up to the woman she pulls her panties down, exposing her 13 inch horsecock to the elf. Reaching down she says “Let’s put that mouth to a better use than just talking shall we?” Tinisia ~ Tinisia bit her bottom lip softly as she watched that big, black dick flop outward right in front of her face, followed shortly by a huge, blue cock springing outward right beside it * Nnnnggg… Gimme those dicks~ * She reached out, grabbing up each thick veiny cock in a hand. Squeezing and stroking along them with her delicate fingers. Turning to cinares cock first, guiding that fat, blue dick right past her lips, shoving it deep into her warm wet mouth. She moaned softly as she immediately began slurping on that meaty dick*Tanielia ~ *Tani got close to the kneeling elf slut and turned her head to look at the other shemales, She saw her large cock and grinned at her as she too approached the girl. Watching Tinisia grab her member and quickly shove it into her mouth* Hmmm what a fucking little slut begging for cock! * She felt the elf’s hand on her shedick and lets out a little groan * Hmm you better be able to take care of both these big girl cocks sweetie!Cinare ~ Cinare lets out a quiet groan as the elf’s lips wrap around her thick cock. Smiling down at the woman condescendingly she reaches down, and starts to stroke the rest of her cock that the elf didn’t have in her mouth. She says in a sultry voice “She seems to be pretty good with her mouth already.” Reaching up with her spare hand she starts to knead her own breast through her bra.Tinisia ~ Tinisia bobbed her head up and down, dragging her soft lips along that veiny, blue dick. After a few minutes of noisy wet dicksucking, she pulled her mouth free with a loud slurp, leaving that draenei-dick drenched in saliva. She turned her gaze to Tanielia, giving her a slutty wink * Nnngg… That’s the idea, honey. I’m warming up these big cocks so you two can fuck me together… Do you two want to fuck my puss? Together? At the same time? *She gives a whorish look up at the two shemales above her before plunging her mouth down upon tanielia’s fat, ebony dick, slobbering up and down along that black cock.*Tanielia~ *Tani looked down at the girl with a smile, seeing her suck on cin’s long shedick, after a while she watched tini take her slutty mouth off the dick and look up at her * Oh sweetie don’t you worry we have a plan for you! *She moved her hand around cin’s waist and giggled. She then felt tini’s mouth on her hard kaçak iddaa dick and she groaned* Mhm fuck that feels good, suck on that big black cock you slut!Cinare~ Cinare smiles at the human as she watches the slut go about her work. She reaches down and starts to stroke her own cock harder. Spreading the elf’s saliva up her shaft. She reaches up behind her with her free hand, struggling with her bra before tearing it off, revealing her magnificent tits to the two others. Topped with purple nipples, already erect from the excitement.Tinisia ~ *The slutty elf did as she was told, her head bobbing up and down over and over as she slid her lips along that dark, veiny dick. Her saliva dribbled down that meaty length until that chocolate nutsack was soaked as well. She loved the taste of that fat black dick stuffing her mouth. One of her hands was still wrapped firmly around the draenei’s thick dick, stroking up and down in a tender twisting motion. Bringing that meat closer to her face, until she could rub the tip against her cheeks as she jerked off that blue dick, smearing sticky precum along her pink skin*Tanielia~ looking up briefly she notices cin’s massive sexy tits exposed. She saw how aroused she was from her erect nipples. Smirking and reaching back to unhook her own bra. Her huge dark flesh mounds were free as she winked. * Hmm so fucking sexy! * She looked back at tini *Mhm fuck yes your mouth is amazing! Hm I think you should try and fit cin’s cock into your talented mouth too! Go on baby, do it and suck both our cocks!Cinare~ Cinare smiles down at her and says “It’s worth trying at least, we could always try to fuck that slutty mouth of yours. “ She smirks and playfully reaches behind the human and grabs her ass, her own tail starting to flick across the back of her legs.Tinisia~ upon being commanded to suck both of those dicks, Tinisia’s hand guided cinares thick blue dick, towards her lips, mashing it up against her mouth. She opened her jaw as wide as she could, that black dick pressed to one side as the huge, blue dick slowly squeezed in the other side. Tinisia’s cheeks were soon bulging outward as she packed both of those fat dicks past her lips, drooling all over them, her pretty mouth turning into nothing more than a sloppy fuckhole for huge, shemales cocks* Tanielia ~ Tani smirked to herself and felt cin’s hand on her ass. Looking to her side at her and winking. She then turned her attention down wanting to see this slut take both massive dongs in her mouth; she was impressed as she watched tini fill her mouth with both shedicks. *Ugh fuck that’s a good little slut* She reached over to Cinare and pulled on one of her erect nipples.Cinare ~ Cinare reaches down to the slut underneath her and puts her hand on her head and applies pressure, persuading her to take their cock farther down her throat. Reaching down she starts to knead her own ballsack as the elf’s mouth pleasures both of their shafts. Tinisia ~ Mmmmmmmffff! * She lets out a muffled moan as those huge dicks were forced further into her mouth, pressing into her tight, narrow throat. Precum oozed steadily from both of those cockheads, mixing with all that spit welling up inside of her mouth to dribble out from her stuffed lips and run down her chin in a wet sticky mess. She tried to move her head up and down, dragging her stretched lips along those fat, veiny cocks, mashing them against one another* Tanielia ~ *Tani saw cin move her hand behind the elf’s head and encourages her to go further down on our two shedicks, Groaning out as she feels the warm mouth taking both of our shafts, pressing them together. Her tip drooling precum, tipobet güvenilir mi providing some lube allowing our cocks to grind together as she sucked us off* Mhm fuck she’s a good slut! Our slut here just to pleasure our dicks! Right cin?”Cinare~ Correct, she should feel honored we have allowed her to suck on our cocks; if she does a good enough job she might get lucky enough for us to breed her. I’m sure she would love to feel our cum inside that sluts cunt.” She smirks deviously, starting to pull out and thrust back in slowly, rubbing her cock along the other shecock already taking up residence in the slut’s mouth. She closes her eyes in ecstasy as they fuck that tight mouth.Tinisia ~ *Tinisia tried to nod in response to the draenei, but she could barely move her head with both of those meaty dicks crammed into her mouth and throat. That black dick pulled back while the blue cock thrusted forward, making certain that one of those fat dicks was constantly pumping her face. More spit and precum was gushing from her cockstuffed lips as she slobbered on those veiny dongs, her tongue lapping at them inside of her packed mouth.* Tanielia ~ Tani felt cin’s cock rub past her as she left tini’s tight warm mouth. She grinned seeing the precum leak from her mouth onto her own tits. She groaned as her dick left tini’s lips, watching her walk over to cin and quickly gets on her stiff wet dick. Walking up behind tini and pressing her cockhead against her ass* Hmm you are lucky I’m being nice, otherwise I would just fuck your sexy ass! * She pressed her swollen head at your tight cunt, already filled with cin’s girl dick* Hm fuck supertight especially with that dick in you babe!”Cinare ~ Cin looks up at the elf as she lowers herself onto the shaft, she smirks and grabs her hips, forcing her to hilt inside the slut, before starting to push her up, leaving room for the human to enter the willing whore. Looking up at the elf she says “DO you want our thick cum to fill that cunt of yours? You have to beg for it first.”Tinisia ~ Nnnnnfff… * Tinisia groaned under her breath as she was pulled downwards onto that fat dick, all those inches of blue draenei dong plunging into her pink pussy. She was barely given a moment to think about it when she felt Tanielia pressing against her back, followed by that thick, black cockhead nudging against her already stuffed pussy. “Uhnnnggg… Fuuuuuck! ~ (*She squealed whorishly as the black dick squeezed into her elven cunt beside that big, blue dick, her eyes rolling upwards briefly. Then getting fucked by two huge shemales dicks in that perfect, pink pussy of hers* Nnnnnggg… Fuck me, fuck me! Yeeeess, breed my whore pussy! I need it!Tanielia ~ Tani heard the sluts groaning and moans as she was being stuffed by two shemales poles. She kept pushing forward and entered the elves cunt, slowly filling you up with her shaft, inch by inch. She felt her dick tight against cin’s in your pink cunt. Groaning out after holding her dick in the elf she started to fuck her at a slow hard pace.Cinare ~ Cin feels the whore being bounced up and down her shaft as the ebony shecock strokes the bottom of her cock, she lets out a soft moan, reaching up to play with her breasts as the elf impales her on the big blue horsecock. Tinisia~ Uhnngg… Fuck… There’s so much dick in my puss! Mmmmmmmffff… *She moaned whorishly as the two huge dicks moved around inside of her, thrusting into that hot, wet pussy. Every pump into her tight cunt made her enormous tits swing about over cinares head, those massive pink melons capped with cute little nipples. Her cunt squeezed around those dicks, making tipobet giriş sure they were grinding against one another roughly with every little thrust into that sweet pussy.* Tanielia ~ Tani reached down and grabbed your waist, giving it a slight squeeze and stare to guide her bounces as she gave your cunt long hard strokes. She looked forward and saw tini’s big breasts in cin’s hands.* Mhm fuck this bitch is so tight squeezing our cocks together like this! Cinare ~ Nodding weakly in agreement she says “I will say I think she has earned the cum she’s going to get filled with. The bitch’s cunt’s so tight.” Starting to buck her hips under the woman, trying to stay in the opposite tempo as the other cock. Causing them to rub each other with each thrust, Cinare lets out another groan when the slut’s pussy tightens down on her shaft. Her nectar dripping down her shaft and covering her shaft. Tinisia ~ Tinisia managed to smile a little amidst her slutty groans as she listened to the two big dicked shemales talk about how good her pussy was. That tight cunt was hot and slick from all the messy sucking and fucking, those huge dicks pounding away at her slippery fucktunnel easily. Those huge pink titties of hers bounced around more and more the harder she was fucked, while the sounds of those shemales nutsack slapping together rung out behind her* Nnnnggg… I love these dicks! Fuck my pussy, fuck me! Breed my whore cunt with the huge cocks!Tanielia ~ Tani groaned and grunted as she felt that tight cunt squeezing at her hard dick, while her shaft ground into cin’s. Her tip was still oozing out her precum as she fucked the elf, adding more lube to the woman’s drenched cunt* Mhm fuck bitch you’re so hot! You love our cocks don’t you? Hm you want us to breed you more than anything? It’s true right baby? Cinare ~ Cinare starts to thrust harder, bouncing the slut above her, causing her tits to bounce straight up with each thrust. Letting out a groan she reaches up and grabs the elves thighs, starting to use them to pull the whore down after she thrusts her up. Saying in a sultry voice “You will be lucky if you don’t have k**s after this you slut. Tinisia~ The elven skank squealed in delight as her cunt was drilled mercilessly by those fat dicks , her thighs soaking wet from all the juices spilling from that overstuffed pussy* Yeeeeess! Breed my slutty pussy, Nnnnggg… Turn my cunt into a cumdumpster for black and blue girldicks. * That hot, pink pussy was clenching down around those fat, throbbing dicks now, trying to milk the cum out of those veiny lengths of dickmeat rubbed and grinding together.* Uhnnnfff… Cream my elven pussy, Nnngg! Tanielia~ Tani kept thrusting into that slutty cunt over and over, going deeper each time. Her balls were churning with her hot cum and she listened to tini squealed like a real whore. Her dick started to throb as she felt that cunt go tight as she fucked. Grunting and gave a hard thrust as her cockhead erupted spewing her warm creamy spunk into you* I’m Cumming; I’m fucking Cumming for you bitch!Cinare ~ Cin feels the other woman Cumming inside the slut, letting out a groan as she feels her own orgasm wash over her. The other woman’s orgasm setting her off, Starting to cum hard, shooting her hot sticky cum all over the willing sluts cunt. Filling her up with spurt after spurt of hot cum. Closing her eyes and holding the woman’s legs, holding her down, trapping the cum inside of her. Starting to slow her breathing in the aftermath of her orgasm.Tinisia~ Tinisia let out a high- pitched squeal the moment those twin loads of gooey cum began gushing into her pussy. Her elven cunt clamped down upon both of those cocks even tighter as she was flooded with creamy jizz, then she slumped forward on top of the woman.((Hope you liked it and let me knows over messages about anything you want me to change about it. And feel free to comment on these))

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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