Adventures of ‘The Jewish American Princess’ Ch. 3

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Chapter 3: Finally, The Real Thing!

I turned around to face my newfound Master and said, “Master, what do we do?” Between the true apprehension, desire and conflicting thoughts that raced thru my mind at that moment I can’t imagine what my voice sounded like, (but the man I met as Clint and had now become my “Master Artoris” by choice), chuckled a little (which at the time really filled me with apprehension and dread on several levels, was he toying with me and us, would it really happen it just got so confusing so fast!) and then he said to Peter, “Give me your belt.”

I stood there and watched as Peter took his belt off and offered it to him with his head bowed low and replied, ” Your not going to hurt her are you?”

The “Master” smiled and said, “No, but would it matter if I did?”

I had never been so shocked in my life as that exact moment, when the man I had been married to and loved for 5 years literally said, “No, actually I would like to see you do that to her.” Stepped back a couple of steps and said, “She is yours to do with as you wish, is there anything else I can do to assist?” At the time I thought it was cruel and it hurt like a white-hot fire that burned me and was causing me to well up and cry, but then it turned into one of the most satisfying events and moments of my life! The Master said, “You fucking worm, do you think I really care what you want or think? You who have given me your wife and stated that you wanted to watch; that anything I do to her is OK as long as you can watch! A worm who even signed a contract that it was OK and for his pleasure. Don’t speak to me again tonight before I speak to you, or you will be doing things you never thought possible for a man to do or endure!”

“Now watch how a man controls a little tramp, and you are a little tramp aren’t you my dear?” I replied, “Yes Master if that is what you want me to be.” “Do what? Are you my little tramp are aren’t you?” he bellowed so loud anybody within a hundred feet could of heard. I was so nervous and unsure of myself I actually peed on myself and bit my finger. I mean he seemed to change with the breeze, the man that had been so gentle and loving a moment before was now demanding in a voice that could scare years off of a human life! All of a sudden I was turning into a nervous wreck with all kinds of doubts and indecision.

But my desires, cravings and lust overcame them and I surrendered my body totally for the very first time as I replied, “Yes Master, I am your little Tramp and will do anything you want.” “That’s much better.” He said as he stepped forward and put my husbands belt around my neck and pulled it thru til it was tight. “I will allow you some little indiscretions tonight as it is your first time, but never repeat a mistake, understood?” As I replied’ “Yes Master”, he handed the belt to my husband and said, “Bring this slut to my truck right now and hurry!” As he walked away, Peter took the belt/leash and then quickly followed him with me in tow.

When we got to his rig (truck/tractor-trailer) he had already opened it, climbed up the ladder and was seated in the driver’s seat. He looked down and said, “Take her around to the other side,” and he climbed thru to open the door. When we got to the other side, he reached down to take my hand and help me in. I had never been in a big truck like this before and I was instantly surprised as you could actually stand up inside and there was really enough room for 4 people easy, a refrigerator, TV, everything to make life a little more pleasurable..

He told Peter to sit in the front seat, while he still held the belt and stood there in his glory. He said, “On your knees tramp and take my dick out!” Even though it was really what I wanted, the doubts and fears crept back in and I hesitated. He pulled Kartal Esmer Escort the belt tighter and said in a very low but menacing voice, “Well slut you said this is what you wanted, is it or isn’t it?” I looked back at Peter and the “Master” really tightened the belt rapidly with a small jerk and said, “What are you looking at that piece of shit for, he gave you to me to do what I wanted, even wanting me to beat you so he could watch. Didn’t you, you asshole?”

Peter dropped his head and said, “Yes it is what I want and she does too.” The “Master” said, “Tell this whore she is mine and to do what she is told now!” and Peter did. I turned around and grabbed the zipper, but was amazed as he pulled back and screamed, “Have you lost your fucking mind? Have you? How dare you touch my person without asking permission first?” You might think this as odd but a weird feeling came over me that I still don’t understand, it was a fuzzy warm filling sensation and I suddenly seemed to know what and how to do what he wanted.

In the next breath I said, “Master”, I am sorry “Master” for having embarrassed you in front of this insignificant worm. “Master”, may I take your cock out and suck it in front of him and show him what a real man looks like, and how he should be worshipped by this lowly woman? “Master”, please, “Master!”

He released the pressure of the belt/leash and said, “You may, my little sweet slut. Take it out and show that asshole your married to what to do with a real man’s dick!” I pulled the zipper down on his black jeans, undid his massive belt buckle and was most pleasantly surprised by a circumcised cock about 5 inches long and 2 inches across flaccid and a scrotum filled with 2 of the largest balls I have ever seen on man or beast, each one the size of a small birds egg. I most lustily wrapped my lips around it as I scratched his hairy stomach with my nails and had an earth shaking orgasm on the spot!

(I think I should mention it, but by now you should have figured out, that I found out that I am a massive and compulsive cummer. I can literally cum so much, that my Master will have me bathe him in it. It is why he calls me his special little girl, but it must not be contaminated by any other’s juices. He will keep me stimulated until I am unable to move and produce anymore for him and then after a few minutes to catch my breath, I take my juices he has collected in a basin and I anoint his body with it from his toes to his lips. It only occurs when there is just the two of us and it is when I am at my happiest! But more about that later.)

As I sat there on my knees, my eyes glazed over trying to catch my breath, my “Master” leaned down and took the belt off of my neck and said, “I think we need to get you ready for true adulation.” H e pulled his cock out of my mouth by pulling back, but I followed it like it was a steak and I was starving to death! “Now, now, now my little one, I know your hungry and you are going to be fed until you can’t handle any more, but we have a few things to do first.” He put his hand under my chin and told me to stand up, and when I had, he said, “Take your skirt and blouse off and give them to the worm to fold and stow on the driver’s seat. Then come to my bed.”

I did as he said and gave them to Peter with what I thought was a very wicked and saucy look, but I think he was so turned on by what was happening that he never really noticed or cared, and at that point I didn’t know or care myself! Then turning around I saw the Master standing in the nude and I wanted him all over again with a lust I cannot put in words to this day, I just knew that if I didn’t give myself to him right then and there I would die!

For people that have never been in a big rig (a truck) there are many types and styles with Kartal Eve Gelen Escort accessories you can’t imagine. When he had me get on the bed and I discovered that it was a waterbed, well I just can’t describe the disbelief! And while I was coming to grips with this revelation, he reached into a bag and pulled a snow white cat’s collar, covered in rhinestones and with a real silver bell attached to it and said, “Sit on your knees, hold your hands out with the palms up and lower your head.” I said, “Master, yes “Master” and then he fastened the collar around my neck as he told me, “This is your collar and unless I give you permission to take it off, you are to wear it forever. Do you understand me?” “Master” yes “Master” but my job”, He said, “It doesn’t matter about your job, but if you are mine! If you surrender and obey I will make allowances for you, but you must obey!” “Master, yes “Master” I replied without hesitation, thinking to myself I have got to be crazy, this is getting out of hand! But at that moment I was so filled with a wanton lust that had to be satisfied, I didn’t care.

He bent down and kissed me on the head and said to walk over to Peter, show him my collar (which I did), and to come back to the bed. But as I turned around and was taking the 3 steps which would take me back to him, I heard him say to Peter, “To prove your worthiness to be in my presence and allow you to watch me you little worm, crawl over here on your hands and knees, and then I want you to suck and lick your wife, my slave’s pussy and asshole out until it is totally clean, offer her to me, and then beg me to take and use her!” and then he told me, “Get on your knees and suck my dick while he cleans you up for me.”

It really is hard to describe how I felt at that moment, instead of just letting my husband watch us, he was making him service me orally for the opportunity and the privilege of watching us! Damn, I had an earth shattering orgasm contemplating that; this was way better than my imagination! We hadn’t seen this in any movie, and Peter really did it without even hesitating! To make matters even wilder he actually said, “Master” yes “Master” anything you ask of me “Master” I tell you the truth, I almost shit right there! I couldn’t believe that my husband was acting like this. This wasn’t part of the plan or the things we had agreed upon, he had not only gave me away, he was submitting himself too! And that was the moment that I realized that I had no idea of what was to come or what I and we had gotten ourselves involved in!

I know Peter was having a hard time because with me on my knees, my “Masters” cock in my mouth and thinking about what Peter had been told to do and was doing very nicely I might ad, I was just cumming and cumming, not orgasming, JUST CUMMING! I could feel my cum, running down my legs and every once in while I could hear Peter try to catch his breath as I squirted him again…lol. It was great, I was in heaven and we had just begun.

The only problem I have ever had with my “Master” is that he doesn’t cum very fast or often for that matter. I really have to work for it, which I do and love to do! lol, and so after a period of time, I have no idea how long, he said to Peter, “Well worm, is it clean yet?” Peter replied, “Master” yes “Master” it is ready, take this slut and use her. Fuck her until she can’t move “Master, please “Master” and beat her too “Master”

I was still having a small problem accepting everything that had happened in the last couple of hours, but here was my husband calling another man “Master”, deferring to him, obeying him, and begging him to take me and use me for his pleasure. I don’t care what you read, think or feel, until it actually happens and you experience it, there is no way to describe it so Kartal Evi Olan Escort that you can comprehend or feel it’s sensations!

As I was thinking these thoughts, the “Master” stood up and moved around behind me; taking my hair in his hand he pulled me up and then bent me over the bed and entered me doggie style. God it was so filling, my “Master” (I have received his permission to write this next comment) is not the largest man in the world, but he is way above average and he touched places inside of me, my husbands little worm had and never will find!

He started out slowly and as he did he kept asking me, “Is this what you wanted you little slut?” and as I saying “Yes oh yes “Master” yes “Master”, he was screaming at Peter, “This is what you wanted isn’t it you asshole. You want to see a real man fuck a tramp because you can’t. Isn’t that right worm?” “Master” yes “Master” and as he was asking me, “Well slut do you like it, is it what you wanted, are you my little slut now?” and as I was crying out, while trying to catch my breath, “Master” yes “Master” he started to fuck me harder and harder like some kind of primitive animal with a passion and violence that was causing my head to spin wildly in circles I couldn’t even count.

In the meantime he was pulling back my head with my hair, and I began to feel his hot breath upon the nape of my neck; and then, he actually bit me on the nape of my neck at the base of my skull and growled like a great cat, he actually can sound like a lion (it’s kinds freaky, if you know what I mean) and that was it, at that point I was so far over the edge and out of it, I passed out!

I really don’t know how long I was unconscious but when I awoke, there was my “Master” sitting naked upon the edge of his bed looking at me, while he brushed my hair out of my face and I realized that my husband was sucking and licking my pussy like he was dying of thirst in the desert! I couldn’t believe my eyes, I assumed that my “Master ” had cum in me and there was Peter slurping it up like a kid licking an ice cream cone making all kind of noises as he did so.

I said, “Master” I am sorry that I disappointed you “Master” I didn’t mean to pass out “Master” Please forgive me “Master it won’t happen again “Master” I Promise “Master”, sounding like Peter had earlier in the evening trying to apologize to me, funny how things seem to be on a wheel that goes and comes around again and again.

He assured me there was no problem and that things were OK, he did demand that I come over and kiss him which I did without hesitation and he had me sit in his lap as we engaged in some small talk and the three of us agreed that it had not only been fun and satisfying to all concerned, but that we wished for it to continue and wished to repeat it as soon as possible again.

We exchanged some personal information and pleasantries, and then he did as he promised (after I explained that I worked in a public and semi high profile job), allow me to take my collar off when I go to work or attend certain required public functions, though truthfully between you and me, (I would rather die than take it off really!) it is just that it is a necessity I have to do on occasion, that really bothers me when I do. One day, it will never come off! I have been given several very nice collars by my “Master” for wearing on special occasions since then, but none of them will ever be able to replace my special little treasure I was given that night. It is my special badge and most wonderful gift that I thank my “Master” for every opportunity that arises.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading these as much as I have writing them, and I want to thank you for all of the encouragement. It has really been overwhelming and I am trying to answer everybody that requests it, but I have only so much time, so please be patient.

I would also like to thank you for voting and rating them so high as it was a really unexpected bonus and it lets me know, kind of like a report card, how well you really think I am doing!

Til the next time, here’s a REAL BIG KISS, Ann

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