Closet Sissy Son Made Into Daughter

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Why was I on all fours with my dad’s cock in my ass and my sister’s pussy in my face? Well little did I know that my mom knew about my secret. She knew that I had been wearing her and my sister’s lingerie.

It started when one day I was home alone and wandered down to the garage to play around on the air hockey table. I got bored and looked around as we had a lot of stuff down there. Boxes were piled up on one side and I looked in a few of them and found something that made eyes pop open.

I saw a naked girl on the cover of a magazine called Penthouse. I looked through that one and was amazed at all the naked women. I just thought that they were so beautiful and sexy. I found several more and explored them all.

As I did I found one section called Penthouse forum. I read that readers would send in stories and I read several of them till I read a story about how a man’s girlfriend had dressed him up in women’s clothes and used a dildo on him. I was floored and it stuck with me. I remember going through my mom’s JC Penny catalogs and seeing all the pictures of women in lingerie and it triggered something in me.

With that story and the images fresh in my mind, I found myself in my parents room looking for something sexy to wear. I was home alone and I instinctively went through the dressers drawers. As my made my way through the drawers my body tingled in anticipation of what I may find. And it wasn’t until the bottom two drawers, that I finally found what I was looking for.

I was amazed at all the lingerie my mom had. There were a lot of colors and there was lace, cotton, and satin. There were teddies, babydolls, and number of panties and bras. As I looked through them I found a black lace babydoll with a blue skirted bottom made of satin. I just had to try it on and I took everything off right there.

I put it over my head and put my hands through the straps and let it fall down over my stomach. The skirt stopped very high up on the thigh and my ass could be seen if I bent over, not to mention my penis.

I pranced around and noticed a bag beside the bed. It contained several pairs of panties including one that caught my eye. It was a satin bikini with a floral pattern all over a black background. It was so cute that I grabbed it and pulled it up my legs and the feel was amazing as it caressed my bum and penis. I was in heaven as I ran my arms all over me and felt all the sensations and it brought my cock to life.

I went back to my room and jerked off, while still wearing the lingerie. I came right there on my floor. I took everything off and put it back where I found it as precisely as I remembered.

I continued doing this whenever I was alone and I soon started making my way to my sister’s room too. I loved wearing her swimsuits. Especially a purple one-piece with a colorful pattern on the front half.

One day after school I made my way into the house and up to my bedroom. But when I got there I was surprised to Kartal Türbanlı Escort see nothing. Everything was gone and as I ran down stairs I yelled “mom what happened to all my stuff, it’s all gone.”

She came into the dining room and told me to calm down. “We have decided to use your bedroom for other purposes and you are going to move in with your sister.”

I was dumbfounded but asked my mom “why would you do that? How could you? I don’t want to live in my sister’s room!”

My sister had graduated high school but was going to a local college and was trying to save some money by staying home rather than living in a dorm or sorority.

“Well you should have thought of that before.”

“Before, what mom?”

“Before you decided to start wearing our clothes young man.”

I was stunned into silence and I just stood there. My mom said “You really think I wouldn’t notice some cum stains on my stuff. So I and your dad decided we are going to move you into your sister’s room. You are going to be our new daughter.”

With that she told me to follow her upstairs to my sister’s room. I noticed all the girly pictures on the wall and all the color, especially the pink. Though my main focus was drawn to the fact that there was only one bed and my sister was sitting on it wearing a two piece purple bikini swimsuit.

She came up to me and gave me a big hug and said “It is going to be fun having a sister.”

My mom told me to go into the room and I noticed a white one piece bathing suit with blue flowers all over it lying on the bed. My sister took my attention away from the swimsuit and showed me around. She showed me the big dresser and told me that one half was hers and the other half was mine.

She opened the top one and that contained a bunch of panties of all makes and colors. The second one contained bras and the third had socks and stockings as well as some workout clothes, and swimsuits. The fourth had chemises, babydolls, and nighties. She also said “since we will be sisters now we can borrow each other’s stuff.”

We then went to closet which I had never been into because it was locked. I saw that it was very spacious and we walked in and I saw a ton of tops, dresses, and various other outfits. Towards the back I noticed some outfits that seemed a lot more risqué.

I saw a maid outfit, a nurse outfit, a schoolgirl costume as well as several other costumes. I also saw a small three drawer dresser on the floor in the back and was told that it contained more lingerie including corsets, teddies, garters and more.

We went back into the bedroom and my sister then showed me the makeup table and gave me a lowdown on what everything was and what it was used for. Mom then called us into the attached bathroom where she was waiting there wearing a lime colored bikini bathing suit. She told me take off all my clothes, to which I replied “Right here? I don’t want to.”

“You will or when your Kartal Otele Gelen Escort dad gets home he is going to spank your ass red if you don’t do as you’re told.”

My mom said to get on with it as my sister hugged me from behind. I stripped and mom told me to get in the tub with her. She had a bubble bath going and we hopped in. She began to soap up my body and get me clean.

My sister handed her a razor and some shaving gel and mom proceeded to shave me of all body hair. She even had me stand up and put my ass in her face as she shaved down there as well. We got out and my sister rubbed a lotion all over me, even my penis and ball sack, which I noticed that she fondled for a second or two after.

My mom put a towel on the floor in front of the sink and told me to stand on it and bend over the sink counter. She produced a device that she called an enema. She told me it would squirt water into the deep regions of my butt and clean it out. She then inserted the nozzle into my rectum as my sister held me and caressed me and nibbled on my ear. She told me that girls have to do this sometimes, so we get clean in there.

The tube squirted water into my hole and it soon filled up and started pressing against my anal walls. After awhile, mom took it out and allowed the water to seep out. She did it one more time and we dried up and went back into the bedroom.

Mom told me to go the bed and put on the swimsuit that was sitting there. I moved slowly and my mom said “come on sweetie we don’t have all day.”

I grabbed it and stepped into and ran it up my legs and pulled my arms through straps. My sister came up and adjusted the straps and gave me a light spank on the bottom. Mom told me to sit at the makeup table and she applied some waterproof makeup to me face.

She then went to a bag that was sitting on the dresser and produced a brunette wig which he then fastened to my head. She explained that in the future we will grow your hair out like a girl.

We then headed out to the back and to our swimming pool. However when I opened the sliding doors and went out I was horrified to see my twin brothers in beside the pool. They were a couple years older than me.

I just stood there as they both came up to me and told me how pretty I looked and that they had always wanted a new sister. My sister whispered in my ear, that everything was just fine and to act girly and just have fun. My mom gave me spank to the butt to get me moving.

The three of us girls went and lay on chairs and my sister rubbed some sunscreen on my body telling me that we are going to work on their tan as the boys played in the pool. We stayed there for an hour or two but were interrupted by the boys who came up and were pulling me and my sister into the pool. We played around for awhile until my sister waded up to me and asked how I was feeling and liking being a girl?

I said I was fine and was starting to enjoy acting like a Kartal Ucuz Escort girl. With that my sister came up and wrapped her arms around me pulling me to her. She said let’s give these boys a show and she kissed me right on the lips and it wasn’t a quick peck either. I just melted into her and our hands explored each other’s bodies.

I caressed her butt as she caressed mine through the material of the suit. We continued to kiss and after a while she made it down my neck and began caressing my tits with one hand while her other made it down my belly and started caressing my cock through the swimsuit.

We floated to the edge of the pool and she pushed me up against the side. She had me turn around and she kissed my neck and caressed my butt. She stopped kissing me and sort of pulled away but she grabbed the bottom of my swimsuit that was covering my ass and slid it to the side. Just then I felt someone else coming up behind me and saw it was my brother, Zach.

My sister spread my ass cheeks as my mom came up beside me and told me that I was going to be a good girl and let my brother fuck my ass or else. He had his bottoms off and he grabbed me the hips and I felt his cock poking at my hole. He pulled himself into me as I held onto the side of the pool.

My sister let go, as he slid into me, and she assumed a similar position beside me. I looked over and saw my other brother, Kyle, doing the same things to her as Zach was doing to me. I moaned as he slid into me and shortly after that I heard my sister moan too as Kyle’s cock entered her asshole.

My mom was still beside me and was kissing me at times, which muffled my moans. She also explored my body and soon worked down to my cock. She massaged it through the material for a while but eventually took it and began stroking it as my brother stroked his dick into my asshole. It didn’t take long for me to cum as I was so revved up but my brother was still plowing into my ass. My cum spurted into the water.

My sister had cum to a little before me but Kyle was still going at it as well. My mom was still kissing me and fondling me as my dad came up to the pools edge and said “when you girls are done getting fucked, I want you two to get cleaned up and be in my bedroom.”

He walked off and went upstairs and just a minute or two after I felt Zach stop, but his cock remained in my ass. I then felt spurts hit the walls of my ass. He moaned and kept it in there even after he stopped cuming.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw my mom grab something. As Zach pulled out my mom inserted something into my ass, which she called a butt plug. She told me that daddy wanted it to stay in there and that we need to stretch your ass further. I could feel that it was bigger and I wasn’t sure that it would fit but it did.

Just then I heard Kyle moaning and saw that my sister, Kelly, was getting the same treatment as Kyle inserted a plug into her as well. We readjusted our bottoms and hopped out of the pool and dried off. We made our way up to our room together and I noticed how her butt swayed and felt mine do the same.

We made it to her room and Kelly went into her closet and drawers, as I sat on the bed. She came out with a heap of clothes and told me “it’s time to get ready for daddy!”

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