Pizza Delivery with a Twist Ch. 12

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Friday was a crazy mess and a night to remember. Ken’s trophy wife approached me, but didn’t kill me. I set up my trannie friend Lisa up for a gang bang and she might want to kill me. I had a dream shower date with Zack and I want to live forever.

But, it’s Saturday. A new day at the Pizza shop. Jimmy J is still out of town, so I am still in a limited delivery list situation. First order of business will be to plan out a delivery to Ken’s house. His wife, Naomi, promised me a few minutes of alone time with her handsome husband tonight. I get to sex him up, but I have to leave enough so he will go chitty-chitty-bang-bang between her legs later at night.

I just returned from an early evening delivery to Chase. I have seen Chase a few over the past couple of weeks during different deliveries. He is a nice young college guy with a very trim body. He’s small, like me. He gently called me out as a CD, but didn’t have a big problem with it, so I sucked him off.

Sal broke my thoughts.

“Brie, have you seen Timmy yet?”

“He’s always 9 minutes late, so he should be here in 7 minutes.”

Sal frowned knowing I was right and went back to his business. Karen waved me over.

“Look at your face. Have you had sex already today?”

“I met a nice guy a few weeks ago. He comes on to me every time we see each other. His name is Chase and he ordered a Steak Sub today as soon as I arrived at work today. He’s cute and I think his balls were kind of blue from a party last night, so I sucked him off. He knows about me and we may have a few things in common. Have you had sex today?”

“No, you have one up on me today. However, I am thinking about getting together with you and my strap on again. Would that be OK?”

“Is that why you left your tube of Electro Glide in my bedroom? Because you knew you would be back?”

“Keep getting smart with me and I’ll bring the super dildo. Plus, Todd hasn’t touched me since I let him screw Josh’s faggot ass last weekend. I’m almost at the point where I would be willing to get your sissy cock wet.”

“We don’t need to mention Chase to Suzie just yet. It might be a one-time thing. He heads back to college in a week or so. Keep my secret and maybe we can fix each other’s problems.”

We looked at each for a moment in silence and stepped away from each other.

“Sal, when you see the Netherwood order, I would like to add 3 side orders of cheese sticks to it. I will pay for them. A little treat for the kids (2 kids and one really beautiful wife).”

“Good timing. Rick has their Pizza’s in the oven right now. 17 minutes or so.”

Game on. I headed to bathroom to freshen my body spray and straighten my wig. Gary is not in the shop today so I’m going to try that bare leg thing again today. I half planned this when I was getting dressed this afternoon. All I have to do is pull off my socks and tights. Not here, but in my hidden parking corner. I’ll need to be quick so the food doesn’t get cold. I’m ready to do this.

I think I should go for a longer skirt and thigh high stockings next time. I have to maintain body coverage per Gary’s rules, but I also need a way to get out of my clothes faster. I’ll have to search some trannie boards to see how others dress. Maybe next Tuesday when Josh comes over to watch his hypnosis videos, I’ll see what other CD’s are doing.

I pulled up and trotted to Ken’s door and knocked. Ken answered and had the money ready. What he wasn’t ready for was for me to reach in the doorway and put the boxes down on door table all by myself. He looked a little shocked, but moved out of my way. He also wasn’t ready for me to turn off the porch light either. Now I had him stunned.

“Hi Ken. I had the shop add some extra cheese sticks for your kids and your wife, free of charge. Do you like my bare legs? I hope you do because I can’t do this very often.”

I also took a little spin and flipped my skirt to show off my cheese cake. Poor Ken still hasn’t said a word. I took the opportunity to back up into and rub my cake all over his hardening cock. It may have been the worst twerking in history, but I got results. A fat dick and finally, some grunts and groans. At least he istanbul escort was trying to speak. Time to get us into that hidden corner. I was absolutely in control.

Once we were hidden from view, I pushed his PJ pants down and pulled out his hard pink dick. I licked his cock by stroking it towards my open mouth and tongue. Ken received a good 2 minutes of this activity when I stood and I put his hands on my barely covered ass, I mean cheese cake. He knew what to do from there. It really feels good to have your cheeks squeezed by someone who appreciates a couple of prime cut meat patties.

“I’m about to suck your dick and I want you to cum hard in my mouth. I hope it’s the hardest cum of your life. But you have to do it in 3 minutes. Can you do that for me? Squirt in 3 minutes? I’m sorry our time is so short, but it’s all I have. Your wife won’t miss you for 3 minutes.”

He still hasn’t said a real word. I slowly went down to my knees and took his fat pink cock in my mouth. He continued his low moans. I worked his dick up and down and side to side. I had my hands all over him and his full balls. I think I was doing pretty good. I think it’s true that practice makes perfect. I even rubbed his taint and tight hole before getting back to massaging his balls. It was all working because I felt him tense up and before I knew it, my mouth temperature went up and my mouth was very full. I was thinking that he hasn’t had sex since the last time I sucked him dry. I’m pretty sure that Ken’s last two cum dumps ended up in my belly.

I stood up again in front of a very stunned and wide-eyed Ken doll and swallowed. Of course, I dropped back down and put his limp meat in my mouth. I didn’t want any noticeable stains on his PJ’s and I needed my soft man meat. Another win-win situation.

And it all happened inside our 3 minutes timeframe. A very successful delivery. That’s when we heard a voice from inside the house.

“Honey, is that the Pizza? It’s Saturday night, so be sure to tip her a little extra. If her delivery was better than you expected you should tip her even more. I’m sure she deserves it.”

I held my hand out and Ken started to make it rain. I quietly made a statement.

“Ken, I really want you to long dick your wife tonight and I mean give it to her good. As soon as the kids go to bed. Don’t wait, don’t hesitate. Like three times. Don’t forget her boobs. Massage them.

Three times? I’m in my thirties.”

“OK stud, twice then. Once how she likes it and once doggie style. Make the doggie the best. Get behind her and turn on the jack hammer. Thanks for the tip. Good night Ken.”

As he was closing the door, I heard him announcing the arrival of the food.

“OK everybody, let’s eat and there are extra cheese sticks. And then you kids need to get ready for bed.”

On the way back to the shop all I could envision was Naomi getting rammed all night, right into her perfect pussy and right between her perfect hips. I would like to watch that, something like a 3-Way, where I suck him hard and then he hammers her. Maybe it’s called a 2 ½ Way? How would one propose something like that? Something to work on.

Well, while I’m in the area, I should drive by Miss D house and get her phone number. To my surprise I had to park behind Zack’s car. WTF? I ran to the door as fast as I could. The front door slightly ajar so I slowly pushed it a little and looked around.

“Miss D, It’s Brie. Your door is open, is everything alright? I wanted to get your cell phone number.”

I could hear some noise coming from around the short wall near the front door.

“Come on in honey and close the door behind you.”

I did just that and peeked around the corner. There was Miss D kneeling in front of Zack with his dick in her hand. It was most certainly in her mouth before I entered. Zack was standing there and looked at me.

“I’m sorry Brie. This isn’t what it looks like.”

Well, that’s never been said before LOL.

“It’s OK Zack. We are not together. Miss D, get Zack’s cock out of your mouth this very instance.”

Zack and Miss D looked at me with great dismay.

“Miss D, get behind the couch and escort bayan bend over. Zack, I know you may have wanted to get her on her back tonight, but I really need to see her take it bent over. Both of you, get up and get over by the couch, do it now. She can lay down for you another day.”

They both compiled and went behind the couch and prepped themselves.

“No, long ways with the couch, right in front of the window. I want my show and we might as well include Mrs. Baldwin as well. Here, let’s pull your night coat up. We need your tits out in full fashion, you know, your usual.”

They gave me a funny look but they did exactly what I asked. The window frame was like the frame of a camera.

“OK, Miss D, present yourself to him. Zack, trim her like you know I like it. Get in there.”

Within no time, Zack was trimming her like a boss. I even pushed his hips to let him know what pace should be. Not to fast, not to slow.

“You feel that Miss D? Our boy is pounding your wet pussy for the second day in a row. You like that Miss D? Do her hard Zack. Miss D, I’m going to feel your boobs up a little.”

Before I moved up to frontal area, I put my hand in between Zack and Miss D and got it wet. I took my wet finger and inserted into Miss D’s very tight asshole. A quick in and out. She screamed with surprise.

“Hush Miss D. Good sluts take it everywhere with a smile on their face. Now put your head back down and be good pussy for Zack.”

“I’m doing my best to be good pussy for him. Am I doing it good Zack baby?”

“Zack, you answer her by slapping her wide ass cheeks if she is being good pussy for you. Beet red cheeks means she is satisfying you.”

He started to slap both of cheeks at a very fast pace with vigor. I actually had to extend my hand in a stop motion to get him to stop. I was afraid his was going to hurt her. He went back to thrusting like he owned it.

I went around and reached under Miss D as best as I could fit and went for her boobs.

“OMG these things are so big in my hands. How do you walk around with these Triple H’s? I want to milk them. Milk me dirty Miss D.”

“Sorry Brie, no milk but you can try all you want.”

Miss D was panting, moaning and groaning like a bitch in heat. I massaged her mega milkers for a few moments more when I noticed a change in Zack’s breathing.

“Are you ready for his nut Miss D? It’s coming.”

“Yes, I need his nut. Give me your big dirty nut. I’m your nut slut tonight.”

“Do you want another cream pie or do you want it on your fat ass?”

“You decide Brie. Where ever you want it.”

“Zack, if you cum on her ass and soak it good I will clean it up. Empty your full balls and dump your big load right here. And be quick, it’s getting late.”

I think I may have mentioned in previous segments that if you talk dirty to a hard cock with heavy balls, you get whatever you ask for. It was true then and is still now.

Zack moaned and pulled out. He laid his pulsating cock right between her butt cheeks and the white river started. Young adult males sure can produce a lot of river juice. Miss D collapsed face first down to floor and Zack collapsed back on his butt. Two sexually spent souls were laid out in front of me. But I had to live up to my commitment and clean Zack’s release off of Miss D butt and back.

I decided to use my hands and wiped as much as I could right to the top of her fat crack. I going to use her butt crack as a funnel. When I managed to get Zack’s cum into the top of her crack, I pushed my face into her V and stuck my tongue out. I lapped up as much as I could and took the opportunity to lick her rose bud several times. She squealed with delight and push her hips up. I figured that since I was down there, I would taste her pussy for a moment. I fulfilled my commitment.

“I hope Mrs. Baldwin was watching. That was quite a show.”

I waved out the window at whoever may have been watching. Miss D glanced back at us.

“Brie, is Zack your boyfriend?”

“No Miss D, he is not (where do I keep those sad puppy dog eyes?)

“OK. I wasn’t aware that sissy boys licked pussy. Are you stuck in Kurtköy escort the middle or something?’

“You know about me?”

“It took me a few weeks to figure it out. You exposed yourself by getting to close and comfortable with me. Your neck, your voice, your hands, you let your guard down.”

“I never meant to lie to you or miss lead you Miss D.”

“Don’t worry about it. I don’t mind at all. You are a hot little cutie if no one knows. You have only brought pleasure into my life, so there is nothing to complain about. I don’t want to lose you or have you change. Be yourself.”

By this time, Zack was in guy mode and laying on the floor catching his breath. I had to put his limp dick in my mouth for at least one minute. You remember that thing of mine. I should get a sissy roommate so I always have a soft dick around LOL.

“Brie, why are you sucking his dick? I’ve never left a dick hard in my life.”

“It’s my thing Miss D. I like them soft and spent. I have to have a limp dick in my mouth. Zack, time to go. Are you alright to drive?”

“Yeah, I need my clothes. Miss D, that was amazing, again. I’m glad you know about Brie.”

“Well, Brie was the one with the good sex position ideas off the top of her head, again. And I’m glad to see that Brie’s life style doesn’t bother you.”

We all chuckled.

“Enough sex kitten chit chat. We need to go now or Sal will send someone looking for us.”

“OK Mom. I’m ready.”

I went around to Miss D and helped her to feet and pecked her on the lips.

“Thank you again Brie. I needed a couple of good pounding and you both delivered, twice now.”

“Zack, hold out your hand. Miss D, make it rain.”

We were out the door and headed to our cars. Zack gently grabbed my arms and spun me around.

“Brie, are you mad that you caught me with Miss D?

“No, in case you didn’t notice I was an active participant. Listen, our shower date last night, well it was a dream come true for me. I’m really very happy, but I accept that we are not together as a dating couple. If and when you’re ready for me, I’ll be right here. Whenever you have all of your kitchen utensils together, you can bake. If and when.”

“Thanks Brie. You really something amazing.”

“You remember that. And remember, if you want to lay Miss D on her back and shake her good or fuck those huge boobs, I won’t interfere. Speaking of those things, how could you not want tit fuck her at least once? See you back at the shop.”

Back at the Pizza shop I thought I might make a proposal to Karen. I went behind the counter and stood next to Karen.

“So, Karen, here’s a thought. Josh is coming over Tuesday to watch his sissy faggot hypnosis video’s about 7 pm. What if you and Todd just so happen to stop by?”

“The hell you say. I told you he hasn’t touched me since he fucked that faggot last week and you want to present the opportunity to him again? That’s plain crazy.”

“Hear me out. Let him believe it’s a gift. Maybe he will appreciate the gift and come back around.”

“Or maybe he won’t. And Josh should probably have a say in this.”

“OK. Let me put this another way. He is not the guy you’re going to marry anyway. He’s just fun right now and allows you to have a pretty liberal sex life, right now. Or am I wrong?”

“I suppose you are not wrong about that. But, I’m 22 and I should be a sexual free spirit. He has value in my life at this point.”

“All good points Karen and I am not arguing them. And after Josh watches a few of his videos he will more than willing to engage. But, let me sweeten the proposal. You and Todd pop in unexpectedly on Tuesday and no matter what happens between Todd and Josh, you can do to me whatever you want.”

“Even if I agree, this all sounds like something that would require approval from your Mistress.”

“Absolutely, but I’m confident that she would approve of it. She will be home from her wedding weekend tomorrow. One of us can talk to her about it.”

“I’ll think about it. I need to get back to work.”

I turned and headed down the Sub Sandwich Line and walked right past Josh. I slowed and whispered towards him.

“Are you still coming over Tuesday? I’ll be wearing animal print panties and a matching camisole.”

“Damn Brie, I get hard for animal print. Have you picked out your favorite videos?”

“Oh yeah. See you Tuesday.”

End Pizza delivery with a twist 12

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