Piss Practice – The Backyard

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This is a story about female peeing and masturbation. If that’s not your thing, please do not read further.

If it is your thing, continue on! I hope you enjoy this installment of the “Piss Practice” saga.

* * *

I decided I was finally ready to make a big step in my journey of perfecting the standing piss. I was going to pee in my backyard. My first time trying a standing pee outside. I wasn’t too worried about privacy since the backyard was fully fenced; six-foot tall and made of wood. Someone could peer over it if they tried hard enough but realistically no one would.

The weather was good; it was a warm day and I’d been drinking plenty of water and lounging around on the patio furniture outside. I had really loose, light pants on–my easy-access pants, as I like to call them. It made it easy to play with myself without needing to take off my pants completely. I’d been lightly teasing my pussy for quite a while. My clit was needy, and it was hard not to get too absorbed in pleasuring myself. The hard nub felt so good under my finger.

I was kind of excited when I started to feel the urge to pee. I was already wet with the anticipation and teasing. I pulled my pants down so I could get a good look at my pussy. The breeze against my wet lips was a new and unfamiliar sensation. My clit had swelled nicely, and I spread my lips a bit and admired it. I couldn’t resist the temptation to give it a good rub now that it was completely exposed. As soon as I did, the pleasure grew immensely. I was so much closer than I’d thought. I couldn’t take my finger off my clit, and it quickly forced me into orgasmic contractions.

I was about to burst with pee by the time I’d stopped cumming. I stood up, looking at my surroundings. I hadn’t planned out a good place to do it. I kind of wanted to aim at something so I decided to go for the tree. I scurried over to it and dropped my pants to my ankles immediately. A little pee started to leak. I swore as it got on my legs and dripped on my pants.

Worried about the mess I might make, I hurried into position. I was nervous but excited. I didn’t have much time to prepare myself before piss shot from me. It flew a few feet but then it started sprinkling everywhere, getting on my legs and feet and pants. It was a mess. I was getting discouraged and distracted, focusing too much on my sloppiness and failing at regaining control. I stopped my splashing altogether. The wind on my wet thighs made me feel cold and dirty. I finished my piss, squatting like I usually would if I was outdoors.

Irritated and wet, I went inside to take my pee drenched pants off and throw them in the laundry. I guess I wasn’t quite as good as I’d thought yet.

I would not be trying that again for a while.

I was standing in the dark backyard, letting my dog out for his last bathroom trip before bed. All I was wearing was my bathrobe and slippers. I had a spliff in one hand and my phone in the other. I was about 3/4 of the way through my smoke when I felt the urge come. I thought about how I’d piss when I went inside. Normally? Of course not. Maybe a man pee into the toilet. That was probably the thing that would benefit me most to practice.

My dog was waiting at the door, ready to go in, and I had a couple minutes to go until I was done smoking. I started shifting my weight back and forth. I really had to go. I put my phone in the pocket of my robe so I could free up a hand to clench between my thighs. I wondered if that really helped or if it was simply a human reaction that didn’t do much practical good. It didn’t seem to be doing me any good at the moment. I was really struggling to keep it in. I only had a couple more puffs to go though and I didn’t want to stop and then relight it. I tried to finish faster but all I could think about was how bad I had to pee.

Then I felt the telltale warmth on my thighs; I had leaked. I swore and moved my hand quickly out of my crotch so I wouldn’t get my robe all wet. I spread my feet a little, trying to get my robe out of the way, but my movement made me dribble again. I didn’t want to pee yet. After türbanlı seks hikayeleri my first standing pee outside being a failure, I was nervous about doing it again. I wasn’t ready to try again yet.

I didn’t have a choice. “Fuck. I can’t wait,” I muttered.

I went over to the side of the patio, squatting awkwardly as I walked in an attempt to keep myself from peeing all over my slippers. One hand still holding my spliff, I bent down to hike up my robe, as I did, my phone slid from the big loose pocket and hit the ground. I let my robe go as I scrambled to grab my phone, worried that I was going to pee all over it. As I tried to avoid the oncoming disaster–with only one free hand–I kept dribbling a bit, unable to get control of my bladder. The longer it took for me to get organized, the more pee I was getting on my legs and slippers.

I parted my robe and bent my knees slightly before giving a nice big push. I didn’t realize my robe had been stretched behind my knees, ready to catch every inevitable drip. I cut off my stream when I realized I was spraying a bit. Standing up straight and thrusting my hips forward, I pissed for another five seconds or so. Feeling as though I had finally relieved myself enough to regain control of my bladder, I took a nice deep breath and relaxed. It hadn’t been perfect, but it wasn’t a disaster either.

I finished my spliff and was going to head in, but I felt another jet of pee ready to go, so I took the opportunity of having two free hands to do just a little more outdoor piss practice. I was able to part my lips better–I hadn’t mastered the one-handed technique yet–which immediately improved things. I started pissing pretty hard. It was jetting at its natural upward angle, and I was aiming it at the side of the house.

When I was done, I headed inside to assess the mess I had made, which turned out to be surprisingly less than I’d thought. Feeling pleased with myself, I got into bed and quickly rubbed one out before falling asleep.

I relieved myself upon waking the normal way–I always do; I’m not much of a morning person and usually don’t want to focus on aiming my pee. I’d started drinking a big glass of water first thing in the morning though so I’d be ready for my second pee right away. It’s a good habit that I always wished I had; thanks to piss practice, I was motivated enough to do it finally.

I let my dog out for his morning pee. I could tell my own would be happening in the near future too. The first big one of the day. I was getting aroused as I imagined it. I was wearing my bathrobe, naked underneath, so I slipped my hand in just to see if I was wet. Confirmed. I wiped my sticky finger off on my clit and went back to watching my dog.

A few seconds later, I felt the urge to go hit strongly. I wondered if it was just because I’d been thinking about it and got inspired by watching my dog take a remarkably long piss, or because I actually had to go. Wanting to save it for practice, I tried to ignore it.

I realized my hand had moved instinctively to my clit in order to prevent myself from peeing. I’d come to learn that sometimes when I really have to pee, I can buy myself some time by rubbing on my clit. It seemed to distract me or something like that. I thought about rubbing myself as I waddled inside to the toilet, but then I realized there was no reason I couldn’t pee right where I was. I’d done okay the night before.

I went to the edge of the patio and hiked up my robe as I readied myself. I parted my lips slightly but didn’t bother too much since aim didn’t matter. I pushed out three whooshing jets of urine that splattered on the grass about four feet in front of me.

I sighed in satisfaction. It had been enough to relieve the pressure in my bladder, but I’d still saved plenty to build up for my next official practice session. I was proud of myself when I found I hadn’t peed at all on my legs, shoes, or robe. I was starting to get my confidence back.

Trying to ignore my tingling clit, I went inside to get dressed. I decided to wear a short but casual dress. No panties. Easy access for the rest of the day.

“Goddamn it,” I muttered to myself, unable to ignore my arousal any longer. “I can’t believe I have to masturbate already.”

I sat down and spread my legs. I tugged a bit on my clitoral hood, stimulating it. I pulled it back a little to expose my nub. It was cute and pink, not yet fully engorged. I started flexing it, watching it grow as my arousal increased. My pussy was leaking cum excessively, so I used it to start masturbating my clit. As I pleasured myself, I felt my bladder tingling with the arrival of the rest of my morning water.

Rubbing myself excitedly, I hurried to the backdoor. Why not try it outside again?

I hiked up my skirt and took a few steps onto the patio, but not as close to the edge as I had been earlier. I squatted wide with my toes pointed outwards and my hands on my knees. The weird position aroused me further. I took a deep breath and then released. The stream wavered for a second but then it turned into an amazingly powerful piss that jetted straight out. I kept urinating for about 10 seconds. I didn’t want to fully empty my bladder yet, so I forced myself to stop. But I couldn’t resist one last, short, power squirt before heading back inside.

I went to the couch and sat down, spreading my legs. My aroused pussy looked so sexy. Dripping with pee. Stringy cum hanging from my hole. Slightly puffy lips. Erection protruding from under the hood. I resumed my pre-pee masturbation session and started rubbing right on my eager clitoris with my fingers. It felt incredible to pleasure myself, and part of me wanted to keep edging myself instead of cumming. But I was too aroused. I couldn’t resist. Even though I was only rubbing myself lightly, it quickly sent me into a heavy, pulsing orgasm.

I drank some more water when I was done and tried to focus on getting some actual work done until I was ready to pee again. Since I hadn’t emptied myself completely, I knew it wouldn’t take too long.

When I felt my bladder start to tingle, I put on a video of a girl who masturbated lying down with her legs spread. The whole time she just leaked pee. No heavy squirts. Just a continuous dribble. I pleasured myself as I watched, finding it very erotic in its own way. Not wanting to cum again yet, I forced myself to stimulate my clit very slowly so I wouldn’t push myself over the edge on accident.

Originally, I planned to do a cool pee in the bathroom, but now I was feeling more confident about my skills, I wanted to try something outside that required a bit more precision.

I stopped stimulating myself, realizing it was time. I put on my shoes and ran outside.

I went over to the fence. There were a couple of imperfect pieces where there was a knot in the wood that was now missing. One such hole was low–knee height. One was high–about eye level.

I scooted my dress up, so the skirt was above my hips. I decided I would go for the high one first since my stream naturally spurts upwards. My fingers slipped on my cum-slick lips, making it hard to keep them spread as I started to piss. I made the height easily, but I couldn’t get a good grip on my wet cunt, so it wasn’t a very refined stream and kind of splattered.

I decided to stop so I could wipe my hands off a bit on my legs and hopefully get a cleaner flow on the other hole.

Getting into position, I aimed at the low hole in the fence like it was a toilet and shot pee, hitting the target pretty easily. “Fuck, I’m doing it!” I said excitedly. I adjusted my fingers a bit, trying to make my stream narrow and more controlled. I was amazed and excited when it worked. I actually saw my piss stream going into the hole. A bit of splashing was obvious on the fence, sure, but still an amazing improvement.

Feeling proud, I started pleasuring myself where I stood in the backyard. I got into a wider stance and squatted down a bit, giving myself easy access to my pussy. “Oh, yeah,” I whispered, as some more piss leaked out of me while I touched my engorged nub. In my new position, I wasn’t getting any pee on myself, so I let myself keep dribbling freely as I masturbated. I didn’t have to wait long before I got to enjoy a pleasurable orgasm with the wind gently blowing across my wet cunt.

My success that day excited me. My attitude about my skills outdoors had improved a lot since my first messy try. I planned on doing it more. It was convenient in the morning and evening since I would often wear my bathrobe with nothing underneath. For the comfort of sitting down, I definitely preferred masturbating inside, at least when it came to making myself cum. I’d still toy with myself before or during my piss, but I’d finish myself off when I got inside. The only downside of it was that I missed squirting pee while I orgasmed since I wasn’t in an appropriate space place to piss.

The next day, I slipped on my sandals and went outside with my dog mid-morning. I’d been lazy and hadn’t dressed yet, so I was only in my robe. I’d had a couple glasses of water, and I was ready to go.

I looked around, wondering where I should do it this time. I could aim at anything when I was outside. Or nothing at all. I decided to walk around the yard as I debated where to relieve myself. I noticed I’d started waddling a bit as I clenched my thighs, holding back my urine. I decided there was no real reason to hold it. I had a full bladder, and I was basically bouncing up and down in an effort to keep it at bay.

I stopped walking and spread my legs shoulder width apart, then I let a little pee out. It was hard not to keep going or let my stream get strong. Trying to regain control, I started touching my clit and walking again. Every so often I felt some piss leak out. Since I was walking, it got on my legs and feet more, but the warm liquid felt nice. I started relieving myself a little more freely as I walked, still touching my clit. It felt dirty to walk around while I pissed myself, and I could tell I was getting more and more aroused by the second.

Finally, I decided to stop where I was. I didn’t want to waste all my pee wandering around the yard. I wanted use what I had left for a big squirt. I stood in the middle of the yard and parted my robe in preparation. I thought about standing like a man with my legs kind of straight, but I thought I’d be able to get better distance if bent my knees a little and tipped my pelvis up. I spread myself as best I could, covered in piss as I already was.

I took a deep breath and relaxed, urging my pee right to the edge of coming out. Then I bore down, pushing with my muscles as hard as I could. I let out a long groan with my effort. A big jet was expelled from my pussy. It made a loud hissing noise as I pushed aggressively. I was shooting my piss into the grass so I couldn’t tell exactly how far it was going, but I guessed it was a good six feet at least. It lasted about five seconds before I cut it off, feeling mostly empty.

I went to the backdoor, but I couldn’t resist doing a little more. I turned around and let loose one final, short blast of piss, accompanied by a loud grunt.

Still wet with piss from my walk round the yard, I made my way to the bathroom to rinse off. I ran the water in the tub; the sound of it triggered that tingle again but I resisted the urge to piss more. I did, however, start to pleasure myself. I rubbed on my nub with one finger. It was already erect from the attention I’d given it outside.

I put one finger on either side of it and pushed it out, admiring the way it protruded even more like that. I liked seeing it trapped between my fingers and it made me want to rub it. I freed up my right hand by using two fingers on my left hand to put pressure on the sides of my nub. Now I could use my free hand to put a finger on the trapped, bright pink pebble. It turned me on to watch and it felt pretty good too. After stimulating my clitoris like that for a little while, I let it go and returned to my usual technique.

Already covered in my own pee and feeling dirty, I decided to let myself go while I rubbed my swollen clitoris. I didn’t think I had a lot left in me, but what was remaining wanted to be released. I groaned in pleasure as I masturbated while I watched myself urinate steadily on my legs. I was out of piss by the time my clit started twitching and my orgasm shook my body.

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