Phoenix Son Pt. 01

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Hello My Dear Readers…

This New Story is based on a Script by a good friend of mine, whose Literotica ID goes by the name RATIMOM.

It has been a long time since I have been working on this Tale, and I sincerely hope I have been able to do justice to the Original Vision.

This is planned as a 3 Part Series, and the Plot set in India is told in Third-Person.

I have tried my best to make it as interesting as possible, and I would greatly appreciate your feedback.

Happy Reading!!


18 Year Old Sagar always had a happy life, and his Family was easily among the Most Financially Stable, thanks to his Father’s Booming Business.

He was a Single Child, and also the first among the Grandchildren, and grew up being showered with all the love one could possibly get!!

Sagar’s Dad, Sudev, was a busy man, and spent most of his time at the Office.

His interactions with his Son slowly became limited, but he still dearly cared for his Boy – It was just a case of him not expressing his affection, in right amounts.

Having said that, the 43 Year Old was still not a person who gave no importance to his Personal Life – He very seriously adored his Wife, and was in-fact very possessive about her!!

Sagar’s Mom, Nandita, wholeheartedly decorated the role of a Virtuous Homemaker, and was a Conservative Woman of great character.

She was clearly the Most Loyal Human Being anybody would ever come across – She dearly loved her Husband, and never did anything that would hurt him, and never ever hid anything from him.

The 38 Year Old was also very attentive towards her Son, and more than being a Typical Female Parent, she was actually a good friend to him!!

The Trio together shared an unbreakable bond, and it was a perfect life that they lived.

A lot of importance was given to Traditional Values & Cultural Practices, too, and the Family believed in always remaining morally correct, and it showed in their humble nature!!

However, despite the strong noble foundation Sudev & Nandita tried to built, their Descendant was a disappointing reality.

It was a matter of grievous concern that even after being provided with all the comforts, Sagar had strayed in ways only a Desperate Cheap Third-Rate Illiterate would, and his Twisted Thoughts were very well proof of the same!!

The Teenager walked around as a harmless good soul, always cheerful & respectful, but the actuality was that he considered every second of his existence as an opportunity to play in his mind the Dirtiest of Fantasies.

Well, to his credit, he did not have a lot of Carnal Desires – But, the Two he had were more than enough for him to be labelled Abnormal!!

Sagar’s First Fantasy involved his deep craving to have Hardcore Sex with Pregnant Women, who had considerably Big Baby Bumps.

It was a disturbing idea that began when he saw his Father’s Young Cousin Sister, during the 7th Month of her Pregnancy, and there was no turning back after that!!

He had just become an Adult, and his then object of desire, Soubhagya, was 25 – Her husband had unfortunately passed away almost the same time she broke the news she was carrying, and there were also a lot of Question Marks raised regarding the Origin of the Offspring, at that period.

Maybe it was this scandalous turn of events that eventually caused the Seeds of Lust to be sown in Sagar’s mind, but as far as he was concerned, it was definitely her Protruding Tummy that was arousing him.

He imagined fucking her in her Heavy State, as she helplessly squirted feeling his Thick Manhood rubbing against her Clit, and at times, he also visualized him as her Male Doctor, who mercilessly drilled her in the Hospital, during her Weekly Check-Ups!!

Sagar soon became a lot more daring, and started visiting Soubhagya often, and all by himself, at her Residence, where she lived with pinbahis yeni giriş her Parents, satisfying his evil self by feasting on the Voluptuous Cleavage Show her Busty Boobs inconveniently offered – And on a day he had her alone, he almost set about to rip apart her Tight Under-Sized Sleeveless Black Kurta Top, and make his intentions clear, and he would have done just that if her Deceased Husband’s Elder Sister had not arrived in time.

The Growing Lad was a bit shaken to understand how messy things would have turned into, and he realized there were always risks involved – But, he also knew his indecent inclinations were not ones he could so easily wave goodbye to!!

Truth be told, Sagar really enjoyed the pleasure just calculating the probability of defiling these vulnerable women gave him, and it greatly excited him, not failing to harden his tool, even once.

Fittingly, he got back to continuing this venereal lusting, the very Next Week, preying on his Expecting Jovial Curly-Haired Neighbor, Pearley, and his Gravid Straight-Haired Physics Lecturer, Jolly – The fact they were both Christians seemed to have thrilled him even more, and his Young Hindu Mind pushed him to picture his Rod being forcefully stormed inside their Leaking Hairy Holes, and after a while, he was so into it that he was also even as good as convinced that he was the actual reason behind their Impregnation, as well, with the event having been taken place right in front of their Incapable Partners!!

The Hard For Pregnant Women Syndrome certainly was an outrageous addiction, and was going out of control, according to his own admission, but the reality was that his Second Fantasy very easily made the above mentioned Controversial Craving to be considered completely pardonable, in comparison.

Maybe, you can already guess what is being indicated – Yes, as much as he relished mentally violating Soon-To-Be-Moms, he also very seriously lusted for his Own Mother, always making sure that his Beautiful Female Parent starred in the Filthiest of X-Rated Dreams he gladly envisioned!!

Sagar always had a Sexual Interest in Nandita, and he imagined extremely dirty stuff about her, and in his fantasies, the Indian Mother was a Slut Wife who slept around with her Husband’s Clients, and technically, she was regarded as a Whore who brought in the Money.

He would without any remorse picture scenarios where his Mom was being ruthlessly filled by People In High Places, at times even against her will, to get his Dad their Support for New Projects, and he had even gone on to reach a point where he had also conveniently convinced himself that before his Parents got Married, Nandita was nothing but a Shameless Escort who Sudev often used to get Deals Sealed!!

The Boy considered his Mother’s maintenance of her 32-26-34 Sized Body as an effort to be ready for his Father’s Instructions, any time, and even the Inheritance of the Low Valued Family Properties by his Dad was according to Sagar a result of his Mom’s Doings, thanks to her Gutsy Nature that allowed her to Spread her Legs for his Granddad and Uncles, without any guilt.

In his mind, his Mother was the Most Indecent Woman, and furthermore, also the reason for him never failing in School, and even the verity that the Bus Driver used to wait for his Arrival, Every Day, how much ever time it took, was because she sucked him off well, along with the Cleaner and the Conductor of the School Bus, once Every Week!!

Sagar, when in a very happy mood, even mixed his Fantasies together, in different proportions, bringing himself a lot of satisfaction, with his favorite combination being able to think of his Mature Mother getting Pregnant, after being fucked by a Loan Shark who was owed a lot of Money by his Dad, with the Cruel Images concluding only with her ultimately also getting vigorously stuffed by her Own Son, in her pinbahis giriş Expectant State, a few months later.

Without Doubt, either of his Damaging Secret Desires were seriously fear-inducing, and unacceptable by all means – It was simply nothing like the Usual Madness associated with a Lost Adolescent, and could just not be ever classified as Harmless!!

Yet, despite all the Signs he would have exhibited, everything still remained Normal – He somehow seemed to have gained great control over his emotions, preventing his Venereal Mental Wants to never be converted into Obvious Physical Actions, and none of his relentless yearnings were ever noticed by his Parents.

They all continued to live blissfully, until Sagar turned 19!!

Nandita had a habit of presenting Expensive Gifts to her Son, on his Birthday, and it was always of his choice, as well – She would still end up getting him a lot more than he really wanted, and as expected, on the Previous Morning of his Latest, too, she had asked her Boy the Same Question, expecting him to demand a New Car, at max.

Sagar had learned how to Drive, and so, it was almost a given that he would soon ask for a Ride of his own, and his Mother had in-fact already got his Father to agree – Unfortunately for the loving soul, she had the shock of her life, when her Son very casually confessed to her that he Always Wanted to Have Sex with her, further proposing that he Would Like her to Sleep with him, on his Birthday!!

Nandita could not believe what was transpiring, unable to trust what her Dear Lad had just told her, and what she believed to have been a Verbal Violation of hers filled her with disgust and sadness, and she immediately bluntly rejected the immoral suggestion, somehow getting herself together, fuming with pain, but still stopping short of slapping Sagar on the face – She was sure her Little Kid had crossed all lines of decency, and she knew he had sinned and deserved punishment, but she still chose to be caring enough to forgive him, and give me another opportunity, hoping he would change into a better person, once he realizes the intensity of his mistake, after listening to the advises she gave him, a few minutes later.

It was very much a closed chapter, as both parties soon keenly went separate ways without any kind of further altercations, and it was an episode that would have ideally remained between the Mother and Son, but the Honest Housewife in the Former meant that the Husband too would have to be made aware of the development, regardless of the reality that he also was the Father, who could be hurt to hear about his Child’s Lewd Wish!!

Nandita was as always only indifferently telling Sudev what happened that Night, and as always she was actually expecting him to not pay any real attention to her words – Though she was adamant she would be definitely repeating her description of that one particular tricky incident, until her Man fully understood the seriousness of the situation, involving their Boy, she was still just looking forward to finding a startled paternal expression on his face, and she only wanted the relief of having always been honest with him.

However, It was also indeed a reality that she was truly unaware of the kind of reaction it could force in her Spouse, and she in-fact did not even really care of his depressing feelings, until her Well-Built Partner turned completely violent, in a matter of a seconds, as soon as his Wife finished the narration, shocking her more than what her Child had with his Improper Acknowledgement!!

“I Hate You… You Bloody Bastard!!” Sudev screamed at the top of his voice, breaking the Door to Sagar’s Cozy Bedroom, strongly grabbing the Youngster by his hair, who struggled having fallen on the floor, to agitatedly pull him out into the Veranda, before proceeding to very aggressively beat him, till he started to severely pinbahis güvenilirmi bleed.

Nandita remained motionless, stunned by her Husband’s very natural yet very unexpected outburst – She was just not ready to see her Better Half unleash himself so harshly, even though he had all the right to!!

“I Don’t Want A Son Like You… You Shameless Bastard!! Get Lost Forever… And Never Ever Come Back… I Don’t Want To See You One More Time!!” Sudev shouted, literally kicking Sagar out of the House.

“Su… Look… The Neighbors are all watching… Let us talk this out inside… Sagar… Come In, Son… We can make…” Nandita tried hard to bring the scene under control, vehemently sobbing, but only to be furiously disrupted by her Partner’s rough tone.

“Nanda… I am going to… You… You are the reason this Bastard is so spoilt!! You gave him all the freedom in the world, and you turned him into an animal… One more word in support of him, and I will use my hand on you too!!” the Angry Middle-Aged Male brutally warned his Wife, almost raising his arm against her, in public, forcing her to back out, scared!!

It was crystal clear that none of the happenings was what Nandita had expected to see, when she opened up to Sudev – The Topic discussed was what No Father or No Husband could have accepted, but since the Mother could forgive her Son, forgetting about her Status of a Wife being Disrespected, she was anticipating a more informal approach by the other concerned individual.

Sagar’s Mom really thought that the Two Men in the House would sit down at the Dining Table, over a meal, and have a Man To Man Conversation, with the Senior showering the Junior with Words of Wisdom, that would encourage the Latter to Not Always Lock Himself Up in his Room, where he would have generated all of those Unwanted Forbidden Thoughts, and instead, Start Socializing, and Meet More Girls of his age – She was only wishing for her Son to be indirectly told that he had to regulate his emotions and rethink about some of his feelings, but the very unfortunate permanent arrangement that had been alarmingly announced by her Husband had totally shattered her!!

“What will he do without Us… Tell me that… Su… He is still a Small Boy… Please… Let us give him a chance… He Is Our Son!!” Nandita pleaded to her Husband, with Folded Hands, following him as he walked back inside the House, even putting in an effort to stop his movements – As much as she knew she had actually only done the correct thing, she was now just too sad, and was cursing herself for being stupid enough to share a detail so immoral, if she had already pardoned the Offender, and allowing matters to reach a phase so difficult to handle.

When no amount of pleading worked, and the Couple found themselves locked inside their Residence, all by themselves, the Hurt Mother astonishingly watched through the Window as her Boy painfully left the Compound, with his head hanging down in shame, and she could clearly see him cry despite the darkness of the hour.

She was immediately reminded that it was well past 12 AM, and it was her Son’s Birthday, and when she looked at the Clock, it was found to have been displaying the exact time she had given birth to him, 19 Years ago – The realization once again broke her, pushing her to once again appeal to her Husband!!

“Bring Our Son Back… Please… I Want My Son… I Will Take Care of him… I Will Make him The Best Boy!! I Promise You that… We Need Him!! Please… He is Our Son!! We Need Our Son!!” Nandita cried, falling on her Man’s feet, begging him for a change of heart.

“We Don’t Have A Son, Nandita… We Never Had A Son!!” was all that Sudev sternly replied, stuttering in between, but yet very clearly communicating to his Wife how let down he felt to hear about the disturbing ordeal she, whom he unconditionally loved and sincerely respected and cherished more than anything else, had to go through – As he finished speaking, the hatred he had for Sagar made itself more expressive, through his terrifying voice, solely hinting that the Disownment was easily the least he could have done!!

To Be Continued…

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