PervUniverse 03: The Voices

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Hi friends, this is a part of a series I am working on, PervUniverse, although this is a series, it is actually a collection of short stories, so you can start to read, any order you want. Enjoy.


Year: 2017

That was one of Abhi’s bad day. He had no plan to attack his junior as had happened. It was that pothead Neeraj’s act. He just wanted to maintain the senior’s authority in the college and Dilip just turned out to be easiest prey. He actually liked the kid although he never pretended so. He admired the kid’s calmness and patience but felt pity at his inability to look out for himself, which was one of the reasons he kept nagging him. He expected a negative response when he demanded him that he need a place to stay for a while but Dilip just nodded.

Dilip’s mother, Bhanu, was very welcoming. She was a sculptured beauty. A bit skinny but well round breasts and ass. A vivacious and elegant woman. It was easy to acquaint with her and they had become very good friends. Over time, they had become very close that they shared almost everything with each other, especially him, his girlfriends, activity with friends, his sex escapades and lately his bullying with her son. After an initial moments of frowning, she got hold of herself and surprised him by saying that she trusted him.

‘Dilip never had a father figure to look up to. His father was rarely home. He was pampered by me and his grandparents. I always thought that was fine and it was late when I realised my mistake. He has to be pushed Abhi. He has to go out, venture the beauty of the outside world, make girlfriends, sneak out with them. I tried but I never could… I was a failure as a mother’ Tears started drop from her, she leaned on his shoulder. ‘I know I might be asking you a lot. But help him, save him and thereby save me. You are the only man I could seek help now.’

Abhi patted her shoulder and calmed her. Had it been any other woman, he might taken the opportunity of her vulnerability, but she was different. She cheered her up and took on the mission.

All she asked was never to hurt him, which was why he had called her first as soon as he heard about the attack. She said she trusted him and that it was okay, these things happen.

Bhanu called her son as soon as she heard the news. Although, the motherly part of her was worried, she was surprised by Dilip’s reaction. He didn’t complain. The kid who used cry the moment even a small cut happened to turn had changed. She felt happy for him.

A week passed and the commotion has subsided. He still stayed at Dilip’s house which for his surprise seemed to be fine for his mother as well (well, his adopted mother). Maybe she must have started dating someone. gebze escort Abhi didn’t want to pry as he waited for her to present it herself. Moreover, he loved spending time with Bhanu. It had almost became a home for him, a second home where he brought his girls. Bhanu was fine with it, although she would make a smirky face or a funny remark on it, like ‘Hey, I gave you a room, not a sex cave’

Today he brought Gia. Gia could be described as one of those girls god had sculptured with utmost effort and then forget to fill her with a brain. A petite beauty. She always had a thing for Abhi. Abhi had made his interests clear but today for some reason, he was horny and Gia seemed fine with a sex session. Abhi’s room was downstairs next to Bhanu’s room. They shared a common wall. Dilip was reluctant to give up his upstairs room and Abhi was fine with it.

He sneaked her into his room. Even though, he knew Bhanu was fine with this, for some reason he didn’t want her to know it. He saw Bhanu’s room closed but could hear the tap running in her bathroom. Lately Dilip also hadn’t been home. But that was something that never bothered him.

‘Hey it’s fine… It’s just me…’ He called out loud to Bhanu.

‘Okay’ Bhanu replied back.

Gia was giggling on his bed when he came in. She had let her hair loose, just like Bhanu comes out after her shower, although it is attractively wrinkled and long unlike Gia’s. They were both almost the same shape. Bhanu a bit more thicker and more curvy and tall. Gia was short. He found his mind driving away and focussed back to Gia. The very thought of Bhanu giggling on his bed, waiting for him, brought him a hard on and he jumped forward.

Bhanu was in her towel. She was getting ready for her bath when she heard the front door open. She could hear the sounds of giggle from the next room. Abhi had brought one of his girlfriends for today. This wasn’t the first time he brought one, but this was the first time she was free enough to listen to them. A part of her wanted to avoid prying into it but the giggling was getting louder as if it were meant for her to hear. She halted her decision to bath and lied on her bed prying to sound of the lovers next room.

He heard the tap stop. She must be going to bath. He faced Gia, but his thoughts were next room. Thoughts of Bhanu prancing in her towel getting herself ready for her bath. Both Gia and he had taken off their cloths. They were both very excited, one for her long crush and other of the thought of his crush could be hearing them. She stopped as he started to go down on her.

‘Fuck Me first… I want that inside of me… fast…’ She was ogling at the long hard cock göztepe escort of his.

He wanted that too. He pushed himself up and gently slided his cock inside her. She tried to surpress her moan and she did to an extend.

Bhanu never know she could hear this much when concentrated. She could hear the whispers, even the gasps.

‘Abhi, this is so… big…’ the girl was whispering.

‘Okay, I’ll be gentle,’ He said back. He wasn’t whispering.

Bhanu could hear more moans. It was getting more a frantic. She could feel the girl withering with pleasure as he was pushing deeper into her. She pulled off her towel. She wanted that pleasure, that huge cock. She wanted to moan like the girl next door. She had to be the one next door. Her fingers had slided between her thighs, which her left hand grabbed her breasts.

Gia tried to close her mouth but Abhi pulled it away.

‘It’s all right, I want to hear your voice.’ Yes, he wanted to hear her voice, not for him to hear, for the goddess next door to hear. He pushed inside her more and more. He wanted her to scream with pleasure…

‘Ah… Yes…’ Her voice was escalating. ‘Oh my God… Fuck me Abhi…’ she felt free. This was heaven. She could scream with excitement.

Abhi kept moving with a grin. He was enjoying this too.

Bhanu couldn’t hold on to this anymore longer.

‘Ah… Fuck…’ the girl was screaming. She envied her. She was so wet and excited. She had her 3 fingers inside her, but that wasn’t enough. She wanted cock. She wanted to barge into that room, pull that girl away and jump on that huge long cock. The cock that would make her scream…

She was sweating, breathing hard. She had to get this thoughts out of her… He grabbed the towel and wrapped it around and ran to the dining room for some water.

Even dining room wasn’t helping. She could still hear the moan. It was as if she was haunted by a porn actress.

‘Take me from back. I’ll turn around.’ The girl voiced.

Doggy, they were fucking doggy style. Abhi’s hand would be on her hips. Unknown to her her left hand had slid back and was pinching the ass as she drank. She had to go back to her room. She needed to end her session.

On her way, she noticed something from Abhi’s room. The door was ajar.

‘YES YES YES…’ the girl was crying added to it was the ‘BLUP… BLUP…’ resulted from the constant frictional motion between the fleshes of two lovers. He was ramming her hard and Bhanu took sneaky look through the ajar door.

There, on his bed was Abhi. His one leg on ground and other on the bed. He couldn’t see her and all she could was his muscular ass pounding halkalı escort a short, skinny girl who was on her fours. She had immersed herself into the pillow. That should have been me, Bhanu kept envying. She brought her fingers to her pussy. She was going to pleasure herself right there. Watching her muscular roommate fuck his girlfriend.

It was hard to hold on to her towel, it had drifted apart. She didn’t care. There she was naked, spying at a young lovers making love, fingering herself. A momentary turn of head was all it took, either one of them could catch her. The thought wasn’t tensing, rather it was thrilling. She was shaking.

Abhi heard her door close. He knew she was no longer in the but he kept the fuck going. He still hoped she heard them. He turned her to his right so that he could reposition his leg. Now his right held ground while the left on the bed. It was during that turn, he saw her. A pair of eyes, staring at them. She was completely naked. Before he knew, he had paused himself and drooled at the naked figurine in front of him. Through the small gap of the door, the complete view wasn’t visible. But this was enough.

Gia had turned to look why the pause. ‘All right?’ she enquired.

‘Yes, my love… I was just enjoying the view…’ A reply that he gave still gazing at Bhanu.

Gia couldn’t see Bhanu because of the table and other stuffs beside her.

Abhi continued his pounding while Bhanu fingered herself. Their eyes were fixated to each other. They drifted aside only to mesmerise at the other’s naked flesh. Bhanu was craving for his muscular figure. His 6 packs. She wanted to claw his back with her fingernails. Bhanu could feel his movements inside her. They were fucking through the air. She saw his firm grip on her ass, she could feel the grip on her ass as well, the pounding and the fingering were in sync.

Abhi leaned forward, closed her eyes with his right arm and whispered’ Keep your eyes closed’ and then leaned her back. Gia obeyed and leaned back and was on knees, still taken by him. Abhi looked back at Bhanu, he wanted her see it. His hands were by her sides as moved more and more into her. Once he steadied, he brought his arms up to grab her tits. That was meant for her. Bhanu could feel that grip too. She had started to grab her breasts as well… This was how he wanted to fuck her. Her round tits grabbed in his strong firm hands while he long hard cock pounded her from behind. She wanted that too.

Abhi couldn’t hold much longer. The nude view of the woman he desired the most was too much for him to hold on to and adding to the view of her fingering at his fuck session… Abhi gasped for breath…

Bhanu couldn’t either. She might wet the whole place. She collected her towel and ran to her room…


Hi Guys, This was another short story from my experimental venture, PervUniverse, I hope you enjoy. By now I hope you get what the idea I am trying to experiment. I await your feedback and suggestions. Your responses are motivating.

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