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Steve Watson watched as the neighbors, Bill and Angela Mitchell and their daughter, Amanda, left for church. The daughter was home from college over the Christmas break, so he would have only a two week period to do what he felt an urgent need to do. He was glad to see them drive away, because he knew they would be gone for over an hour, leaving him enough time to get into their house and take care of that need. As he and his wife did, the Mitchell family lived in an inexpensive home in a middle class suburb, and was not overly concerned with prowlers, so Steve expected to have no trouble getting into their house.

He was right; the cheap cylinder lock on the back door yielded easily to the pick he had devised from a nail, and he pushed the door open and entered. He knew, from having been there before, that Amanda’s room was upstairs, facing his house, and the laundry was done in an alcove off the kitchen. Steve was not concerned with any of the other rooms in the house, because what he was seeking would be in one of those two places, if it was there at all. He decided to try Amanda’s bedroom first.

It was a good choice, because he immediately found what he was looking for. On the floor next to the bed was a pair of blue panties, probably the ones she had worn the previous day. After noting their location, because he wanted to be sure to put them back in the same spot, he picked up the silky garment and buried his nose in it. Immediately, he was breathing in the delectable aroma of the 18 year-old’s pussy.

His cock responded to the stimulation by becoming semi-erect, especially when his mind focused on Amanda, a pretty girl, rather plump, in a pleasing way, with reddish-brown hair and freckles on her face and shoulders. She had adana escort a very nice pair of breasts and a curvy ass, and the mental image of the cute teenager wearing the skimpy panties fixed itself in Steve’s mind, bringing his cock to a full erection.

With his left hand holding the crotch of Amanda’s underwear against his nostrils, Steve opened the waistline of his jeans and unzipped the fly so he could stretch the opening in his jockey shorts and bring out his stiff cock. Slowly, still inhaling the heavenly aroma clinging to the panties, he started stroking himself with his right hand. It felt good, but he knew there was a way to make it much better, and he started looking for a way to accomplish that.

Once again he hit it lucky. Under a corner of Amanda’s bed was another pair of panties, pink this time, and Steve picked it up, wrapped the crotch around his nose and breathed in a lungful. The scent was the same as that which clung to the wisp of blue nylon, but not as strong. She must have worn the pink panties on Friday, he surmised, and put on the blue one Saturday morning, and the scent of her pussy had faded somewhat from the first pair.

That didn’t matter to Steve; the fact that the garment had been in contact with the cute teenager’s pubic area was enough for his needs, as long as he could continue to breathe in the stronger aroma from the blue panties. Carefully, making sure the head of his cock was in contact with the spot that would have been right over her love hole when she wore the panties, he wrapped the wispy garment loosely around his cock. Although not silk, the material felt smooth and soft to him, especially when he started slowly stroking his erection with his right hand.

The afyon escort delectable aroma from the panties being held against his face became stronger the longer he held it there, and Steve thought about Amanda playing with her precious clit while wearing them, masturbating until she climaxed, and the juices from her pussy soaking into the fabric. His imagination went further, and his mind pictured the cute redhead naked in her bed and fucking her boyfriend – no, a whole bunch of men. All of them would have been wearing condoms so the juices flowing out of her pussy would have been all her own sweet nectar. After the gang shag had gone on for hours, Mandy would have put her blue panties back on, and the ocean of her juices, and only hers, would have soaked into them.

The more sexual escapades he attributed to the neighbor’s daughter, the faster his hand stroked his cock and the harder his breathing became. He sat on the bed – the same bed as he imagined Amanda lying on while the crowd of men fucked her in all her holes, bringing her to multiple orgasms, so many she lost count of them.

“Uh!” he grunted, as his hand moved faster. “Yeah, Mandy, right in your hot little pussy!” he announced out loud, and he pumped his cock even faster.

Steve’s climax had been building up for several minutes and, as he imagined the cloth that had once covered the girl’s crotch to be her actual pussy, with her legs wrapped around him and his dick going in and out of her, it erupted. His cum squirted out into the panties that were covering the head of his cock, and he kept pumping until he was through ejaculating. For a minute, Steve sat on the bed, very happy about the way he had fucked the sexy young woman by proxy.

He still had alanya escort plenty of time, but he had to be careful, and make sure he left no evidence of his having been in the house, and he had to leave before the Mitchell family returned from church. After taking a final deep breath of the musky scent of Amanda’s pussy, he placed the blue panties exactly where he had found them. Her bed was unmade, but Steve smoothed any wrinkles he might have left while he sat on it. He was aware the pink panties, soaked with his cum as they were, might present a problem if he put them back where they had been and Amanda or her mother picked them up and smelled or felt his semen.

He didn’t want to take them with him because they might be missed, so he took the undies down to the laundry room and left them in the dirty clothes hamper, near the top but under someone’s blouse. If Amanda sorted the laundry, he reasoned, she would think her mother had found them and brought them downstairs, and Angela would think her daughter had brought them down if she was the one doing the sorting. Before leaving, he looked around to make sure there was no other evidence of his having been there. Seeing none, he walked through the door he had entered and pushed it closed behind himself until he heard the bolt of the lock click into place.

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