Oh Brother

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“I think dad is cheating is cheating on mom with the neighbor, Christina,” Zane said.

“No, their swingers, they thought we wouldn’t find out though. I saw her husband Felix, and mom go to the shed a few times,” Hadley replied.

“Who can blame him, that Christina is a MILF for fucking sure. I wouldn’t mind getting a piece of that myself,” Zane said.

“Dream on, brother, I don’t think you have the slightest chance, I could only imagine what would happen if you tried to hit on Christina, besides, she’s like forty-three,” Hadley replied.

“Please, if she likes dad, she’ll love me, Hadley,” Zane proudly spoke.

“Whatever, have your delusions, just stay away from that shed,” Hadley smilled.

Zane walked up to his room to play Xbox, thinking about getting a chance at Christina, that nice rack, round ass. Hadley finishes loading the dishwasher, thinking to herself; it would be nice to get Christina’s son, Ross in that shed. Damn him for having a girlfriend, she doesn’t even go to the same school. She leans on the counter, thinking how could she get him in that shed, he knows how much she wants him. Zane stares at a paused game, trying to figure out what reason he could come up with for going next door, to throw some moves on her. He hears he BMW pull up, runs to the window and sees she just came from the grocery store.

“Fuck this game,” Zane tells himself, running down the stairs.

“What the hell is wrong with you,” Hadley ask, as he flies past her.

“My chance to lay some moves on Christina,” Zane said running outside.

“I gotta see this,” Hadley said walking outside.

“Well, hey there Zane, what’s wrong,” Christina asked.

“Oh nothing, I figured you could use some help with those groceries,” Zane huffed.

“Sure, there’s a lot of them, I appreciate it,” Christina said.

“No problem, a gorgeous lady should always have help,” Zane said with a sly grin.

He grabbed as many as he could in each hand and tried his best to strut to her kitchen.

“Zane, it’s no hurry, I can carry some myself,” Christina said a little worried.

“Don’t worry, I’m strong, I can do it,” Zane said


“The girls must love you, huh,” Christina asked.

“I’d rather have a mature woman, than those drama harpies,” Zane said.

“Drama harpies,” Christina laughed. “You’re a trip.”

“Drama harpie,” Hadley asked herself.

They finished unloading the groceries, Zane shut the trunk for her, standing ever so stoic and triumphant.

“Thanks Zane, I enjoyed the help,” Christina said.

“Sure, I love to help. Anything you need, anything, I’ll be here,” Zane said with a wink.

“Smooth, real smooth,” Hadley said as he walked by.

They next day, they were outside washing their cars when Ross walked up to confront Zane.

“Dude, stop hitting on my mom, that’s just weird, It’s bad enough your dad is…fucking her,” Ross said.

“Not my fault you gotta sexy mom, she’ll come to her senses,” Zane said.

“I heard her telling my dad about you hitting on her, they thought it was funny,” Ross said.

“Yeah, I did too. He thinks he has a chance,” Hadley said.

“He doesn’t, and you don’t either, Hadley. Give it up,” Ross said. “Why do you have your shirt off?”

Ross turns to see his mother outside as Zane waves at her.

“Hey Christina,” Zane yells.

Ross shakes his head and walks away, “I’ll teach them.”

Zane’s been watchful the past few days, looking for any weak link or delay in the shed visits. çatalca escort Hoping for the moment to take, a chance with sweet Christina.

“Are you still up to this, give it up, seriously,” Hadley ordered.

“No, I’m studying to take my chance,” Zane said.

“Good luck, they haven’t been using the shed much,” Hadley replied, grabbing her car keys.

“I will get that pussy,” Zane yells.

Hadley starts up her Amazonia, when Ross comes jogging to the car, waving his arms around.

“What the hell is wrong with you,” Hadley asked.

“I need your help with something, it’s important,” Ross said.

“Hmm, what could this be, I gotta get to the store, Ross,” Hadley replied.

“I found out, Sonya was cheating on me, with a guy at her school, and…” Ross started.

“You want me to beat that bitches ass, she don’t know what she got,” Hadley slapped the steering wheel.

“I really…really wouldn’t ask, but I know you would probably be the only one to do it. I want to get back at her,” Ross said.

“You think I’d just fuck you at any given chance cause I like you,” Hadley asked.

“Well, I figure it’ll be sweet revenge before I dump her ass,” Ross said.

“Could we give it a shot, that’s the only way,” Hadley asked.

“Fuck yeah, I know you wouldn’t do that shit to me. My mom is home though,” Ross said.

“My brother is too, we could use the shed, we got time to do it now,” she turned her SUV off.

“Not now, go do what you were doin, I’m gonna take a shower. Text me when you get back, so I can be waiting. We gotta be quiet, though, it ain’t sound proof,” Ross said.

“Uh… okay, sure. I won’t be long,” Hadley said.

“Me either,” Ross said. “Promise kiss?”

They kissed and he watched her drive off, then immediately rung their doorbell.

“What do you want, Ross” Zane asked.

“My mom’s at home, She’s about to get ready to meet your dad in the shed, beat her to it, you might have a chance,” Ross explained.

“Why the fuck are you telling me this, I don’t believe it at all,” Zane said.

“As much as I’m sick of you and your dad fawning over her, think about it, this will probably be one of very few chances, maybe then, you can drop the subject,” Ross explained.

“True, she wouldn’t even know the difference, I’m sure. I know my dad leaves first, so I wouldn’t get caught,” Zane said.

“I’ll text you, so you can get there first, but you gotta be quiet about it, so no one can hear you in there,” Ross said.

“Thanks man,” Zane said.

Zane waited for Hadley’s text, laughing at his plan. He texted Zane, telling him to walk in the left side door, shut it and then pull the curtain, watch out for the bed, he texted Hadley the same accept to enter from the right. She replied she was a block away, he texted Zane to get goin.

Zane rushes to the shed and opens the door, opens the curtain right in front of him and sees the bed, he smirks, closes the door, the curtain, and sits down. Moments later, he hears the other door open with a sliver of light broken by feet, and then darkness. Her curtain swooshed to the side, “this is it,” they thought. Nothing but the sound of being undressed, tossing of clothes behind curtains, hands reach out and catch. Zane pulls her close, holding her face as they kiss. He runs a hand down her back, firmly squeezing her butt, she barely manages to stifle a moan.

“This is fucking awesome,” he thought. “Her body is just as I imagined.”

“I knew esenyurt escort Ross liked it a little rough, he’s pretty big too,” she thought.

Zane would’ve just been happy with the nude make-out, session, but time is burning, and the chance to fuck is now. She sits him on the bed, on her knees, more than happy to start sucking.

“Oh my god, she’s giving me head, I’m getting head from Christina, the tongue work is amazing,” he thought as he pushed her head down. “awe shit, gotta stay as quiet as possible, damn her vacuum mouth.”

“Choke me, daddy, I’ve been bad. That bitch can’t compete with me,” she thought. “He can barely keep quiet, I’m good, I’ll make you scream.”

“Can’t cum yet, need to change,” he thought.

“Uh-oh, precum,” she thought.

Hadley stopped; she ran her tongue along his piece, up his chest to his lips. Turned around and sat in his lap, her eyes wide as she nearly felt him in her stomach, she grinded slow and steady. His hands fondle her tits, she bites her lip and whimpers.

“That’s right, ride it, ride it hard, this pussy is tight for an old broad, super wet, I bet it taste good,” he thought, grabbing her between her legs to signal a faster speed.

She caught on, nearly twerking on his piece. He went back to her nipples, biting her neck.

“Damn, I feel it throb, no way I can keep quiet. Shit, not while he bites my neck and rubs my clit,” she thought.

He placed a hand over her mouth as he fingered her. He felt her lock up, screaming in his hand as she came. He quickly switched it up before he came himself, laying her on the bed, he went down on her. she locked her legs around his neck, he felt her cum run down his chin, working quadrants, the alphabet, cursive alphabet, and for good measure, some numbers. He stopped just before she came.

“Damn,” she thought. “wait, oh make me yours, make me yours.”

He pulled her legs, sliding in, picked her up and pinned her to a wall, going to town. “Time for the money maker,” he thought, hands firmly gripping her ass, nails nearly dug in. She clawed in to his back, they shoved their tongues down each others throats. “This is it,” she thought. Her legs locked around his, she covered her mouth, blocking all types of expletives and noises, pulling his face in to her neck as he started up. They were trapped there for a moment, before he staggered over and they fell on the bed. No time to wind down, they went back behind the curtains to fight with the clothes. Ross sat on the back porch watching.

They both wanted to get away quickly before either were caught, Hadley was quicker than Zane, sitting in the kitchen with a drink. Zane appeared shortly, looking at her covered in sweat.

“Why are you grinning so hard, Zane,” Hadley asked.

“Why are you sweaty, Hadley,” Zane fired back.

“I just helped Ross get even with his girlfriend, we had sex,” she grinned.

“I just got me some Christina…in the shed,” Zane stood proud.

“Uh, stop lying, me and Ross were just in the shed, the best sex I’ve had so far,” Hadley argued.

“No, I just fucking left the shed, that’s were…I..ca-” Zane started.

“Are you fucking kidding me, we were…oh my god, I want to kill myself! What the fuck, are you telling me-” Hadley yelled.

“We fucked each other!? I ate your pussy and fucked you,” Zane exclaimed.

“I…I..sucked your dick, I rode your dick…I rode your dick,” Hadley went on.

“No, no, no, no, no, fuck, what the fuck,” Zane screamed.

They etiler escort both ran to their rooms, fighting for the lead. Ross was in the patio door laughing his ass off.

They didn’t talk to each other for nearly two weeks. Their parents had no idea what happened, at some point, they let it go. Zane didn’t want to set foot in that shed again. Although, every time he saw Christina go in there, he was tempted. One day, he stepped on the back porch, Ross, was on his.

“So, Zane, how was my mom’s pussy,” Ross laughed.

“You don’t know how fucked up that was, dude. I can’t look at her or myself, anymore,” Zane growled.

“Well, it is Kentucky, so…” Ross started.

“Fuck you, I should beat your fucking ass in to the pavement,” Zane said.

“Then leave my mom alone, next time you wanna fuck her, think about that sweet sister pussy,” Ross said.

“I’ll make sure I fuck your mom, to rub it in your face,” threatened Zane.

“I set you up last time, you really man enough, she’s in there now waiting for your dad to show up,” Ross said.

“Dude, fuck off, I’m not fucking my sister again,” Zane said.

“Hadley’s gone dude, she left while you were threatening me, I’m out here to let her know when your dad is here, she’s in there all nude, watch,” Ross said. “He’s here!”

There was a reply knock on the shed.

“I’ll show you, mother fucker,” Zane stormed to the shed.

“You know the drill, big dog, left door,” Ross said.

Zane walked in, stripped down, walked through the curtain. She started to speak and he shushed her. Zane grabbed her face and kissed her, he grabbed her ass, she grabbed his, spread it and stuck a finger in it, he followed. No thoughts, just sex. She got on her knees and sucked him off, he let go a few moans, she sucked and slurped, even his balls. He started to fuck her face, figuring she liked it rough. He held steadfast to his climax. She guided him to the bed, where he laid her down and ate her pussy, doing all the tricks he knew. she moaned, groaned, locked her legs around him. She poured out, he resisted her attempt to push him away as he knocked out another. Once her legs were tired, he figured what the hell, lifting them up to tongue her asshole. Zane really wanted Ross to hear her scream- which she did intermittedly.

“I’ll show both of you who a real man is,” he thought.

with a grunt, she yanked him up and stuck him in, he sucked on her lavish tits as he pounded her, nails in his back, legs locked, she was screaming hard as she climaxed. He thrust hard, quick, fast, and in a hurry. Flipping her over, hands on her wide hips, he went at her doggystyle. Making himself last as long as he could. There was a lot of squishing noises, he slipped out, unknowingly going in her ass, makes no difference to her. His hands on her shoulder, forcing her head in the mattress.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes,” she yelled.

Zane was on the brink, he must’ve smacked her ass raw. He pulled out, she sat up and sucked it, she laid him back and rode him hard, to the point of matched breathing. He let go, cumming hard, followed by her, she sat on his face for clean up, found the towel, finished, tossed it to him. Zane put his clothes on, stepped outside, walked over to Ross.

“Now, like I said, I can lay it down,” Zane said with shared cum on his face.

Zane’s mother walks out of the shed and spots Ross and Zane, Ross starts to bust out laughing.

“Sorry, ma’am, he asked for it,” Ross laughed.

She noticed he had some cum on his face, all she could do is stare at him in pure un- well more like adulterated awe. All he could do is walk away, Hadley pulled up as he walked to his Talladega.

“You finally get Christina,” she asked.

“No, although I’d rather it were you instead,” Zane, got in his car and drove off.

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