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This came to me the other day while working on some other stories and I wanted to share this fantasy with you. Characters are over 18.

There’s a sexual novelty shop near my office and I decided to visit it one day after work as I was interested in trying a butt plug. I figured getting there before they closed would lessen the anxiety of being recognized by anyone.

Upon entering there was a cute saleswoman who asked if she could help me and I told her I was interested in a butt plug. She smiled at me and pointed over to a wall with an assortment of items in plastic hanging on the wall.

As I was moving to that area I noticed that she went to the door and turned off the open light and locked the door.

Turning to me she said, “Choosing the right plug should be an intimate experience and I don’t want you to be distracted. My name is Joan by the way.”

She stuck out her hand to shake mine. I clasped her hand in mine and instead of shaking it, I turned to me and kissed her hand and told her my name was Marcell.

“So chivalrous, I am very impressed Marcell.” She said with a slight smile.

“Please, call me Marc.” I said.

I then told her what I was looking for, something small to start and hopefully get a little extra stimulation for when I masturbated. I also mentioned that I was toying with the idea of gay sex and wanted to be ready for when ever that happened.

She raised her eyebrows when I mentioned anal sex with a man and then told me that she had just what I was looking for and to follow her into the back room.

She turned and started walking and I followed. I then noticed she had a skirt on with stockings and the way her short skirt moved I could see her garter belt straps and I started to get excited.

We entered a room and she took something off the counter and turned to me jigolo seks hikayeleri with a sardonic smile on her face. She lifted it up and saw that it was a jeweled plug.

“These are my favorites. They come in small, medium and large. This is a small one.” She said and held it up for me to see and then she pushed it under my nose and I didn’t smell anything, thankfully. The last thing I wanted to smell was someone else’s ass. She put it in my hands to feel it.

“Turn around,” she commanded, “and pull your pants down,” she added.

I did as I was told and then she pushed on my back so that I was now bent over a chair. I gripped the chair as she spread my cheeks and then I what could only be a finger massaging a cool gel around my hole. Then the finger pushed in, sending a jolt through me that excited me and I moaned. Her finger went past my ring and she added another. She pulled out her fingers and then I felt something wet and hard pushing lightly against my hole. I looked back and saw her looking intently between my cheeks.

She started to push and told me to breathe out slowly and to push out with my muscles. I did and the plug slipped in and I felt its fullness. There was also this new feeling, a pressure pushing against something in my rectum that felt really good. I moaned at this new feeling and then she put her hand on my penis and started to stroke it. That felt even better.

I looked at her again and asked her if I could smell her crotch and masturbate. Her eyebrows went up and she told me that it would be really hot and we moved into position. I was on my knees with my dick in my hands. She stood up, picking up the front of her skirt and pushing her panty covered vagina into my face.

I noticed she was really bushy and then my nose was pressing against her panties. I could smell that unmistakable odor of a woman’s vagina, a mixture of pee, sweat and arousal. My mouth watered for a taste. She commanded me to kiss her mound and I did as ordered. The smell of her arousal got stronger and I continued to stroke my penis.

She pushed in vagina into my face with a little more force causing me to sit back on my haunches and I felt the plug push into my prostate and a tingling feeling radiated out from me. A chill went up my back and it felt like my cock got even harder than it was before. I started moaning between kisses and then I started mouthing and licking her panties trying to taste more of her. I was swooning, arching my back as I felt my orgasm start to rush through me. Sitting back on my haunches, I opened my mouth in ecstasy.

Joan dropped to a sitting position in front of me and spread open her legs. She took hold my cock and aimed it at her crotch and I came hard. Rope after rope of sperm splashed onto her crotch and then tracked up her stomach. The plug pushing against my prostate and her stroking me created the most intense orgasm. It was like I had a mini one, somewhere deep inside of me that caused a chain reaction that consumed me with ecstasy.

She laid back on the floor and commanded me to clean her with my mouth.

Getting on all fours I lowered my head and started licking. The taste of my cum mixed with the scent of her vagina was powerful and I felt myself getting hard again. I slowly licked up my sperm, savoring the flavor and thought about sucking a penis. Once I was at eye level, I looked down at her, my mouth full of my cum, and smiled. She pulled me down for a kiss and her tongue pushed into my mouth and I shared what sperm I hadn’t already swallowed.

At the same time we were kissing, I was rubbing my penis against her panty covered mound and wondering if she was going to let me enter her but then Joan pushed me back so that I was sitting again and she got up, pulling her skirt down and I got the feeling that this session was over but then she moved closer and pulled my head back towards her crotch.

I opened my mouth and she pushed her wet panty covered mound and commanded me to eat her through her panties which I did happily. I could still taste some of my sperm but then her secretions started soaking through again as I hungrily licked away. I stroked my cock harder and every time she thrusted her vagina into my face it pushed me back and I felt the pressure of the plug.

We were both close and she commanded me to catch my cum in my hand and not let it make a mess on the floor. I covered my penis with my free hand as she held the back of my head and she frantically humped my face seeking another release. Her wetness was coating my face and all I could smell was her. She shrieked and came at the same time I did. This time my orgasm snuck up on me, I could feel the delicious pressure and then bam, sperm was filling my hand and I was awash in my own ecstasy.

I caught all my sperm in my hand as I continued to kiss and rub my face into her wet crotch. I looked up at her and she looked down at me and we smiled at one another. Then she pulled me up to her and took my hand holding my cum and licked it clean. Then she pushed her lips to mine and we shared another cum laden kiss.

One final kiss and then she looked at her watch and said she needed to get home and make dinner for her wife. I pulled up my pants and then followed her out. She went to the cash register and rang me up and I paid in cash.

“Come back in a few weeks to get the next size plug and maybe we can have some more fun.” She said as she led me to the door, unlocked it and opened it for me.

I said thanks and that I will and as I walked to my car the plug in my ass was stimulating me again and making me hard.

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