Not What I Would Normaly Do

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Not What I Would Normaly DoI was ready to go home and be with my k**s and husband. It had been a long week for me as I had to work out of town doing sales and was now completely worn out. As I drove along the highway thinking of my next few stops I came upon these two boys hitch hiking. I pulled the car over and offered a ride. They were not bad looking boys, in their mid teens. I told them I would take them to their house thinking that is what I would want someone to do for my k**s if they were out like this. Their house was way out of my way and once we got there, come to find out the parents had gone away for a long weekend. They invited me in, there was four boys total and the house was very nice with a pool and hot tub and even a pool table. I walked into the kitchen and they had alot of liquor on display as if they were going to have a huge party. The mother part of me kicked in and I felt that I had to do something to protect these k**s from getting into trouble. The boys offered me a drink which I really needed. I drank it down and they fixed me another which I chugged also, then the third one I nursed. But having an empty stomach I caught a buzz rather quickly. The boys said they were going to go for a swim and I offered to fix some dinner while they swam. They got naked and jumped into the pool. As I fixed the food I could not help watching those young men running around naked. Seeing those young cocks and bahis siteleri balls were starting to have an effect on me, my pussy was starting to tingle and get wet with my thoughts of having one of those fine young cocks inside me. Maybe it was the liquor or the fact that I had not been laid in a week but I was getting very horny very fast and could shake these feelings. I had the dinner ready and called the boys in. They all came in naked and went thru the food. They all went to the TV room to eat and I joined them. They said I should join them in the hot tub after dinner. After dinner they all went to hot tub and begged me to join them. Being so horny I peeled off my clothes and joined in. Being a married woman almost fifty I should not have done this but at the time I thought nothing would happen. In the tub the boys had their hands all over me. They were fondling my d cup breast and my hairy cunt. Eight hands exploring my body had me wanting to fuck so bad, I told them I had to pee and jumped out and ran to the bathroom. I had to stop this before I did something really bad. Once to the bathroom I sat on the pot and thought for a minute. Then the door opened and it was one of the boys. He asked if I was alright, he was standing right in front of me with his half hard cock dangling inches from my face. He then held his cock out and I opened my mouth so he could push it in. His soft pubes pushed up against bets10 giriş my nose. I started to give him a blowjob. His young cock hardend to rock hard instantly. I worked him over real good as I wanted him to cum and I knew he was close. A few more seconds and he exploded in my mouth. I normaly do not let men cum in my mouth but this was different. Rope after rope shot into my mouth and swallowed it all. The boy stepped back when all was done. That was when I noticed the other three boys and come in and watched the whole show. All four boys stood there with rock hard cocks. I said we should get back in the tub which we did. But I could sense the sexual tension and knew I would have to do something about it. My pussy tingled at the thought. I told the boys we should go back inside the house and watch some TV. I laid on the floor and the boys sat around me watching, waiting for something to happen. I felt I had to do something, they all had rock hard cocks and seemed to be pent up. I knew what they wanted. But I was not sure how to give it to them without being a slut. I mean a one night stand with four men at once. I have only been with four men in my whole life. I decided I had to do it and reached over to one of the boys and started to rub his cock. It felt good in my hand, and after a minute all the boys moved in. That was the signal they were waiting for and now they were all over me exploring bets10 my body, my breast, my vagina, everything. Then one pushed his cock into my mouth and then one pushed into my cunt. They switched places quickly, mouth and my cunt, almost like they were trying them out. It was making me even that much more horny. Then I realized they were virgins. Then one of them started to me hard. This buckled down and started to bang me like he knew what I needed. Just as he got started he thrust deep into me and exploded filling my hungry cunt full to overflowing with his hot seed. As soon as he pulled out another boy took his place and with in minutes exploded also. Then the last two did the same. All four boys sat back and stared at my now cum covered and cum filled cunt. One boy went to the kitchen and came back with a damp cloth so I could clean up which I did. I asked them if this was their first time and they all said yes. They asked if it was okay that they all came inside me. I told them that it was okay for them to cum inside me. We talked for a little bit about sex and they asked many questions. Then they wanted to fuck me some more which I agreed to but told them lets take our time. I went into one of the bedrooms and they came in one at a time to fuck me. They took turns fucking me most of the night and part of the next day. It was good fun for me showing these young men the ways of a woman’s body. I drove home later that day. I had hardly got in the door when my husband ushered me to the bedroom and started to fuck me. He thought I was really happy to see him because of how wet I was, I will never tell him that I was dripping with four boys cum.

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