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My name is Stella; not Stella of the movie, but this is the story of how I recaptured my groove at age 61. My husband passed away six years ago, and shortly after, my divorced daughter moved in with her young son. My daughter is now thirty seven and my grandson a handsome athletic eighteen year old. I have been living a quiet satisfied life with my daughter and grand, but over the last year or so I have been noticing some changes in myself. It started with an unexplained feeling of restlessness most of the time, and about three or four months ago that restlessness suddenly identified itself as horniness. I have been having frequent and overwhelming bouts of horniness, to the point where I have slipped back into a long ago discarded habit of masturbating.

I masturbate on an average four or five times a week, sometimes even during the day if I’m home alone, but mostly at night. Looking out my window onto the street, or while about town shopping, or at family or social outings I would look at, or if the opportunity presents itself, even flirt with, random strangers of all ages whom I find attractive, some of them I have to admit, ridiculously young, I would store the images of these males in my mind and use them as fantasy food in my bouts of self pleasuring. I would spend literally hours sometimes, just rubbing my nipples and clit or finger fucking my pussy and asshole till I cum. Recently I’d started even sticking cucumbers, eggplant, bananas and plantains up my cunt.

I have always been an attractive woman, of mixed ancestry, my dad having been three quarters black, and my mom half East Indian, and half Portuguese. I am five feet eight, with a figure that is described here in the Caribbean as slim-thick, that is, I am slim but rounded and curvy, not in any way boney or angular. I have the ass of my dad’s race and the color and skin tone of the other mix. My breasts never grew bigger than small avocadoes, always firm and prominent with long nipples; and since I’d suckled only one child, remained fairly firm and upright over the years, not necessitating much need for bras. After my husband’s passing I had lost all interest in sex and men, even though I would occasionally be hit upon by guys, old and young, and this was just fine with me until the heat that took over my body a few months ago. Now, I look at, think of and sometimes flirt with men all the time, without allowing it to get serious. I sometimes wonder if this started because of the presence of my grandson who is nearly always shirtless in the house and not averse to sometimes wandering about in his underwear, and he seems to always have a semi hardon.

On one such horny day, I’d been moving about the house doing this and that, a little bit tipsy after two glasses of wine, when I ventured downstairs and saw the old refrigerator that had been replaced a few days ago, and was now awaiting disposal. I had been holding on to this fridge for sentimental reasons, but last week after it had broken down after being fixed six months ago, I decided enough is enough and my daughter quite pleased to see the last of it, not giving me chance to change my mind, purchased a new fridge the next day. Looking at the fridge I immediately remembered the young man who had last fixed it, and the way he had been so brazenly checking me out as I stood by watching him work. I am sure that if it weren’t for the presence of my daughter and grand, he would have made a pass at me; which I would have passed up of course, because the constant itch in my pussy hadn’t yet started. But as I thought of him now, his name was Michael, with my pussy itching like hell for some action, I couldn’t help wondering what it would be like to see him again, not to do anything, just flirt a bit and then finger fuck myself to the memory after he’d left. I began rubbing my pussy through the thin house dress that I was wearing, and an idea came to my head. I got my phone and found his number. He answered after the second ring.

“Hi Michael, I don’t know if you can remember me, but this is Stella Shury, from Courida Park whose fridge you fixed last Christmas”

“Of course I remember you, who wouldn’t, the beautiful lady with those nice light brown eyes; the well-kept house with nice art pieces and a huge bookshelf; Shows a lot of class, your house and you”

I was sweetly stunned by his words, and immediately raised the hem of my dress and pushed a shaky hand into my panties.

“You’re a real flatterer; you do know how to make a lady feel good. Anyhow the fridge broke down again bahçeşehir escort and I bought a new one, but I remember when you needed a part for mine, you said that for old brands like this you rely on parts you salvaged from abandoned ones. Well I was wondering if you could come by and see if there is anything you could use from mine, all free of course”

As I talked I was rubbing my pussy frantically, hoping to reach a climax before he hung up. I had never done anything like this before, and it was exciting.

“Oh thanks Stella, I’m sure there is something I can use from you; and of course I can use another look at that nice house and its nice contents, I’ll drop by around six”

I didn’t want him coming around when my daughter and grand were home from work and school.

“That would not be a good time, can’t you make it anytime tomorrow between nine in the morning to about midday, which would be the best time for me”

“Ok, see you at nine tomorrow Stella”

“Good, Mike, looking forward to it, bye.”

I put down the phone and rubbed my stiff nipple as I finger fucked my dripping cunt. Two minutes later I erupted in a powerful orgasm that made me scream with pleasure.

The next morning, I was never so anxious to have my daughter and her son disappear out of the house. They usually left around eight, but would sometimes run late. This was one of those times, and I was becoming fretful at their slothful movements when at eight thirty they were still in the house; but ten minutes later they departed, to my relief. I hurried to my bedroom and took off the matronly dress I had on, and slipped into a pair of light blue shorts, the hem of which I had considerably taken up the night before, and stitched in the seat so it would hug my ass tight. I had no doubts; I know I was in good shape for my age. I then put on a thin, loose and low cut see through white blouse that barely reached the pants waist. No panties! The doorbell rang at exactly five minutes after nine. He stood outside the door looking at me lecherously, his dark brown face glowing with a broad smile, his black eyes twinkling. He certainly didn’t make any bones about telegraphing his thoughts and feelings.

“Sorry I’m late and glad to see you Stella”

“Glad to see you too, Mike, hope you find something, come in”

“There is always something to find he said” looking me up and down “I must say you look so fresh and beautiful”

My pussy was twitching in my shorts like crazy as I led him thru the house. I took him into the kitchen, and went straight for the wine bottle. I needed a little buzz to be able to go thru with this, but not so much to make me go all the way through; that was not in my plan, just a little flirting to get the juice flowing. Maybe, a little ‘accidental’ touching. I bent over to get the glasses, knowing he’d be eying my ass.

“Hope it’s not too early for you” I said as I poured the wine

“A bit early yes, but what the heck, how can I refuse one so beautiful?”

I handed him the glass, making sure our hands touched. I showed him to a chair, and then sat down on a stool facing him, my legs spread, and one foot up on a cross rung of the low stool. He was looking down at me. We chatted for about ten minutes about his work and the little things I do on a daily basis. I found out that he was thirty and single, but a father of two. I got up and went over to his chair to pour him another drink, enjoying the feeling of him looking down and into my blouse at my little perky tits. I went back to the stool and sat with both of my feet on the floor, but with my legs spread much wider this time. I could see the glint of desire in his eyes as he stared every now and then directly at my crotch. After we’d been chatting for about twenty minutes, I felt the effects of the wine and his unabashed attention, and decided it was time to shift gears before I lost control. I began to think that it wasn’t that easy to keep from stepping over the line of flirtation.

“Let me give you a chance to see what you could salvage from this old girl” I said, meaning the fridge.

I got up, and he did the same, and my mouth flew open at the sight of the massive hard on forcing against his khakis. I felt my pussy contract and my nipples stiffen and burn. On weak legs I led him to the fridge on the back porch. I stood in the doorway watching as he used his tools to open the back of the fridge.

“I don’t know why people are so quick bakırköy escort to get rid of the old, throw it in a corner” he said tinkering with a part. As he worked he was constantly checking me out; my legs, my crotch my tits, my eyes, he looked everywhere on me, and under such obvious undressing, it was all I could do to keep from grabbing him. The wine hadn’t been such a good idea; it was causing me to get ideas.

“Old does not necessarily mean bad or valueless” he continued turning right around to look at me. “As a matter of fact there is a lot of good and value in old things, and people”

As he spoke I was thinking “damn, he’s good, he could break down an old brick fort with words”

“As they say, the older the violin the sweeter the tune. And I’m sure you must have heard about wine mellowing with age, becoming more refined and tasty.” He grinned at me. And I felt like somebody unseen was caressing my pussy and kissing my mouth deeply; even my ass hole was twitching, and I knew that this was no longer harmless flirting. I no longer cared about having things under control. I wanted this guy to fuck me.

“As for me, I like old or aged things, I find them more interesting, capable of delivering much more pleasure than the new or young” he looked me deeply in the eyes.

I was titillated; I felt my skin tingling all over, my mouth watering.

“Young man, I get the feeling that all this talk about old being nice is directed at me, in a nice way of course; are you making a pass at this old lady?”

He held my gaze for a few seconds, then looking directly at my stiff nipples, then at my hot wanting crotch he said, “I don’t see old when I look at you, I see a beautiful, sexy, mature woman with a lot of juice waiting to be sipped”

“That doesn’t answer my question, are you making a Pass at me?”

“Would that be a bad thing?” he put down his tools.

“It depends on how far you intend to take it; that would determine good or bad. Are you just flirting, trying to be nice, or do you really want a piece of this old girl?”

He pondered a while, and then stretched out his hand as if for a lift up. I grabbed it with my hand sweaty with excitement. He sprung up, his body crashing into mine. Holding me around the waist he pulled me close to him, his right thigh wedged between mine his big hard cock forcing against my belly. I felt my pussy pulsing. Bending his knees a little, he forced his hardness against my pussy.

“I am making a pass at you lovely lady and I am ready and willing to take it all the way. Is that a bad thing?”

“No” I said weakly, my heart thumping, my pussy begging.

He leaned over and licked my lips a couple of times then pushed his tongue into my receptive mouth. He stretched his hand down and lifted me off my feet.

“Where to?” he asked. I pointed inside, and showed him the way up the stairs and into my bedroom. He put me down on the big, soft bed, kicked off his slip-ons and quickly got out of his khakis and boxers. I marveled at his big black cock with its glistening head and puffed veins. He climbed onto the bed and lifted my blouse clear of my tits. He took a stiff nipple in his mouth and sucked it hard, making me wince. His strong hands spread my legs wide and he tugged at the loose leg of my shorts, moving it aside to expose my pussy with its lightly sprinkled trimmed, salt and pepper hairs. He poked a big forefinger roughly into my wet cunt and stirred up inside it. He got between my legs and managed to get his huge cock into my aching pussy despite the interference of the shorts leg. He slammed into me hard, making me grunt and grab his sides to control his movements. He took hold of my legs at the ankles, and spread them wide as he pummeled my too long denied pussy. It was a bit painful, his was the biggest cock I had ever known, and being I hadn’t such action for so long, and it was really stretching me. I bit into my lips, and felt teardrops on my face, as he roughly worked my pussy, but I didn’t ask him to stop. I took it like a woman determined.

“You like this baby, you like the feel of my cock in your nice, sweet pussy?”

“Yes, oh yes” I whispered through the pain, “fuck me, fuck me”

“You like it hard like this?”

“Oh yes baby, keep fucking me hard just like that” I gritted my teeth as he slammed into me. He let go of my legs and I planted my heels into the mattress for leverage as I started to work my body under him in a deep rolling grind. başakşehir escort

“Oh yes baby, yes, work that pussy under me. Play that old violin good” his words excited me more, made me forget the pain and think only of giving him a good fuck. I grabbed his shirt in a tight grip as I bucked and jerked under him, listening to the sloshing sounds of his mighty cock moving in and out of my very wet pussy.

I felt him rip my blouse apart and drag it off me. He pulled out his cock, lifted my hips and dragged the shorts off me. He flipped me over on my belly, put his hands under me and raised me up on my knees, my ass high in the air. I felt his hands separating my thighs and the positioning of his cock at my pulsing pussy. I bit my lip and braced for the assault. He drove into me, pushing me forward. I took it, gritted my teeth and pushed backward

“I can take it you fucker, I can take it” I heard myself saying “this old girl can take it, give it to me. It’s been so long, six years. Six long fucking years of no fucking, so pack it into me good boy”

He was slamming into me hard, every thrust pushing me forward, and every time I would push back to take the next blow. I felt my knees getting sore, beginning to bruise due to lack of me being on them for so long. I wriggled my ass as best as I could against his pounding, grunting and snorting like a crazy sow. I felt him slap my ass hard and I yelped. He slapped me again. He pulled out his cock and flipped me on my back. I was glad, for the sake of my knees how would I be able to explain that to my family, maybe blame it on a fall in the yard. He brought his cock to my mouth, and I opened up and took it hungrily, sucking and licking and biting. He pounded into my mouth, using it like a pussy.

“Suck my cock honey, suck it hard” he gripped the back of my head and raised it off the bed. He pulled my head forward and I gagged on the big tool, almost throwing up. I grabbed it with both hands; one on top of the other and still had a few inches sticking out. I took it into my mouth and clamped down and around the big head. I sucked it hard, pulled away, spat on it, sucked it again, pulled away, rubbed it all over my face, sniffing and licking. I slapped it hard, and threw myself back on the bed opening my legs wide and using both hands to spread my pussy. He knew what I wanted; he brought his mouth to my pussy and started licking the lips, inside and outside. He stuck his tongue in as far as it could go, rubbing his nose into it. He moves to the clit and bit it gently then sucked on it furiously, moving his head from side to side.

“That’s it my boy, that’s it, trouble that old clit, make it hard aaahhhh!” the orgasm hit me suddenly; I bucked and kicked about under his mouth glued to my clit. I pulled at my hair, squeezed my tits, bit into his shoulder.

I lay trembling for a long time as he gently stroked my thighs and my belly. When it was over he got between my legs and gently eased himself into me, making long but careful strokes. I began to wind under him, after pinning his legs to the bed under mine. He was stretched out on me, his hands under my armpits gripping my shoulders as he kissed me deeply, exploring my mouth with his tongue. He started to quicken his pace, making short quick thrusts and blowing hard. I saw his face grimace, felt his body tense then shake violently as he gave way to the eruption in his loins. I rubbed his back softly as he spewed his cum into me.

He remained on top of me with still enough firmness for me to work with. I wriggled and jerked below him gently, urging myself on. He bent his back and took a hardened nipple in his mouth, gently sucking and licking at it. He put a finger in my mouth, and then he brought it to his own mouth, wetting it thoroughly before stretching his hand around and gently ease the wet finger into my ass. I quivered at the gentle intrusion into the tight hole. He worked it in and out slowly, making soft coaxing noises, calling me his baby and honey, telling me to cum again on his cock, to soak it with my juices. His coaxing caused a hot tingling reaction inside of me; I felt a pressure building up, and quickened my movements, trying to capture it before it disappeared. He started a slow jamming inside of me, helping me along, I felt the arrival, and gripped his ass as the fireworks inside my pussy and head exploded sending me in all directions, my hands and legs flailing wildly as my helpless body surrendered to the turbulence inside.

When my shaking was over I turned around and took the large cock in my mouth and sucked on it gently for a long time until he exploded in me. I swallowed every drop; then I licked his balls lovingly as he stroked my hair. He remained with me late into the afternoon, even though I was too sore to fuck again that day; but that was just the first of many steamy days between us.

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