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Subject: New Adventures with Older Brother Part 27 Disclaimer � This story is a work of fiction, and depicts incestual sexual action between teen boys. If you are uncomfortable with that, or live in a community where that material is forbidden, please stop reading. Don’t forget, Nifty is a great resource, so please fty/donate.html Alrighty guys, got another chapter for you! I know the last few have been kind of heavy, so this should be the last one before we start rushing to the end game. Please send all criques and comments ail! Chapter 27: A Pack of Wolves A few days have passed since Harry paid me a nice visit… I still haven’t done what he has asked… I keep picking up the phone and hanging it up halfway through dialing that number. Ugh, I just keep getting flashbacks to young me being such a pussy about calling girls I liked to ask them out. Part of me is just… scared that it’ll just be some yelling followed by a hang up. I know what Harry said, but it’s not totally reassuring. I wonder if I can ask Ma- No, I gotta be the one to do it. Just… Gotta build up the courage. Get rid of the pips, like I used to for baseball. Well, can’t exactly go to a party and gt drunk with friends then mess around with some girl. Harry said he wanted to hang out one last time before he left back home. Maybe he could like hold my hand while I try… Like some kind of scared little boy at his first horror movie. Ugh, I sound so pathetic. I called up Riley to see what they were doing since they were leaving in 2 days, I think. Of course, I felt guilty that I could call these people up without any pressure, but the real call I have to do keeps being pushed back, but fuck it… “Hey Ben, what’s up?” Riley’s chipper voice rang through loudly over the speaker. “Nothing much… Is your brother around?” “Ugh, it’s always Harry this and Harry that! What about my feelings?” “You have feelings other than ‘Bitch?'” I giggled back at her. “Yeah, just like you have feelings other than cock sucker and cunt.” “That’s no way for a young lady to talk.” I smiled as I heard her sigh super loud into the phone. “You’re lucky you’re hot, Ben, otherwise I’d slap you.” “Who knows, maybe I’m into that…” “Are you into choking too? You know what, whatever! Harold, get the fuck over here!” “Is that Ben!?” Harry’s voice shouted faintly in the background. “Yeah, your boyfriend. He wants to tell you how much he misses your dick in him.” “At least I’m getting dick, unlike you!” Holy fuck, Harry. I just couldn’t keep my own gut busting in control. Guy can be real savage sometimes… All Riley could do was screech in jealous anger. “Hi Ben… You okay? You sound out of breath.” “Just… that was a real… good comeback!” I manage to wheese out between more laughing like a giant ass. “Glad you liked it! I was just about to call you, you free tomorrow?” “Yep, did you wanna hang out?” Thank gawd, maybe he can help me! “Totally! Would it be cool if I stayed the night too?” Rileys voice popped back up in the background “Damn Harry, you are just a slut.” “Takes one to know one, sis!” Harry snapped back. “Ha! But you’re totally welcome to stay!” “Cool! See you then!” *Click * Just gotta spend the night tossing and turning, nervous as fuck about this phone call… It’s one gawd damn phone call, but it feels like it has the weight of a whole world filled with fat chicks stuffed into 18 wheeler. Just… Heavy… . . . . . Harry turned up a little past noon, a big sly smile. Wonder what he has up his sleeve… “What are you so excited for?” “Get to spend time with one of my best pals before I head home, what’s not to be excited about?” “Uh… huh…” I didn’t believe him at all. “What did you wanna do today?” He gave me another sneer, and sat down on my couch, patting the spot right next to him. I followed his lead. “Well… I was thinking… We could do something… reckless.” His eyes stared deep into me, looking for any response. Reckless? What the fuck does that mean? Oh gawd… Does he wanna try this “let’s hook up with Ben” shit again? Ugh, we barely made it out the first time he tried this! I can’t sleep with him, Harry’s like… a brother to me. … That’s an awful example. “Come on, Ben!” He leaned in closer, as though he wanted to meet my lips. I froze… “You know you want to…” His voice trailed off, his stare never stopped, his warm face closing in on mine. Snap out it, Dummy! But I couldn’t help it… Maybe it was years of muscle memory, but I started leaning in too… Oh gawd, what am I doing?! What am I- Harry backed up, giving me a weird look. “What are you doing?” “Uhh…” I was confused now. “What were you doing?” “I was gonna say let’s go get tattoos. Did you just… Wow…. Wow wow wow. Ben!” “What!? You were leaning in and saying shit about being reckless… what the fuck was I supposed to think?!” The fucker just şişli travesti busts out laughing at me, cackling into my fucking couch cushions like a madman. Ugh, fuck my stupid lizard brain sometimes. Sending me mixed signals like that… Fuck. “Oh man! That’s priceless.” Harry took a few deep breaths to calm himself down. “Come on, dork. You gotta know someone who can do some tattoos.” “Harry, you’re way too young. No one would risk it.” “Ehhh… Someone would for the right price. And I’ve been saving up for a year now.wd” I shrugged. “I don’t know how much you think your chore allowance can cover that, Harry.” “We’ll see!” . . . . . I texted a few co-workers for a good spot to get this work done, and they all suggested some hole in the wall nearby. Part of me thought “this seems sketchy as fuck.” But their arms were covered in some amazing sleeves, so what the fuck do I know? We arrived a few minutes later, a grafitti’d building a few blocks down from my place, the only sign was a broken neon sign that said TAT�O, half hidden behind some iron bars on the windows. Harry led the way, and walked in… The room was brightly lit, completely opposite of how dark and ugly it was outside, with designs and sketches and pictures all over the walls. It was actually pretty chill, some pretty killer metal music playing over the speakers and the scent of cigarettes just everywhere. I watched Harry walk up to someone and ask a question, and get pointed towards one of the chairs in the middle of the shop. A super tall guy emerges from the back, and waves at us. Every square inch of his exposed skin was covered in either ink, piercings, or fucking both. His hair was a nice dirty blonde, but it was buzzed on the sides, and like 2 feet long on the top, in some dreads. “Hey guys, what brings you in?” He said in a very nice and slow voice. Calming, actually… Surprising. Harry looked at me… Guess I’ll talk now. This isn’t even my fucking idea, but whatever. “Yeah, we wanted to get some work done, and some buddies from work suggested this place. Kyle and Fred?” “I think I know Kyle… Dragon and knight fighting on his left arm, right?” I smile and nodded. Good, we at least got the right sketchy shack. “What were you thinking about?” “Hmmm…” I actually hadn’t even though about what fucking design I wanted for myself, just that… Getting one sounded fun after Harry suggested it. But what though? “Kyle said you have some original designs, I think… Mind if I check them out?” “Dude!” He grabbed a very beat up binder and tossed it at me. I caught it and flipped through the pages and… wow. Guy had talent, for sure. Tons of great designs. An hourglass with a skull of sand on the bottom, some kind of long spooky bird mask made out of smoke, some robotic looking spiders and webs, a wolf… Wait. Holy fuck, this wolf picture. The page was simple, a drawing of a wolf looking to the side, staring curiously, it’s mouth a little open so you can see its teeth and tongue. A mix of gray, black, and white, but the eyes are bright. The whole face is framed by dead tree branches, deep in the dead of winter style. It seemed pretty big, but… it spoke to me. It wasn’t aggressive or edgy, just… nice. Sleek. “Yep, I know that look.” The guy broke me from my staring, and hovered over my shoulder, peering at the page with me. “Let me take this and draw out a stencil. Do you know how big you want it?” We hashed out the details together… I wanted it to be nicely sized right there on my upper arm, big enough to be detailed, but still small enough that it only peeks out a little when I wear a t shirt. I think that’ll look nice. Harry peeked by too, looking at the design. “Honestly, Ben, this is really nice. Badass, stoic, sexy. Totally you!” “Thanks Harry… Guess I’m committing to this…” “Good! Now let me find someone who’ll work on me without asking for an ID…” I watched as he moved away, sizing up the other artists, but before I could see him get turned down, my guy came back with a few re-sizes of the picture, and we negotiated what will look good and how much. After some back and forth, we shook hands and agreed. Drew up the stencil, and we were set. He sat me down, just like my barber would, but instead of those weird backward poncho capes and the buzz of a clipper, it’s the even scarier whirring noise of a needle… “Is this your first?” I heard him ask while cleaning up my shoulder with some alcohol. “Yeah.” “Cool! Well, I hope it won’t be your last. I promise I’ll be gentle.” He chuckled under his breath as he got his table ready. “I’m Phil, by the way.” “Ben.” He took a while to get ready, getting all of his tools settled, and I just got more anxious… I don’t really like needles. Back in my wild stupid kid days, I fell out of 2nd story of a barn, got bit by a dog, ran into a wall and broke it, been beylikdüzü travesti shot with a BB gun (thanks Army), yet this idea of a needle attacking me for lord knows how many hours is the one that makes me all jittery. Just breath, Ben… It can’t hurt that bad. My artist looks up and smiles, letting me know he’s ready. I gulp… And I feel his hand grab my arm, tight and warm. “Don’t worry. It hurts more in your head than it actually does. If you need a break or anything, let me know, ‘kay?” I nod… This guy has real good bedside manner. Like a comfy nurse. He gets himself set, and I feel him ready to make the first mark… And like that, he starts. And like that, I flinch but otherwise… it feels okay? Less like getting my blood taken, and more like someone rubbing a lit cig on me. It’s honestly… not that bad? Or maybe Phil just kept my cool by being cool himself? Harry’s been gone for a while… Wonder if he’s doing okay. Maybe he conned someone into thinking he’s older using some big words. Sometimes he and Army would team up and run circles on substitute teachers out of boredom. Ha, I miss that… I know I graduated already, but I miss high school sometimes… That’s totally pathetic, but it was nice to just spend time with my friends all day everyday, no worries about anything, no dumb drama. The guy looked up at my 1000 yard stare, and asked how I was holding up. “Fine, I guess. Not that bad at all, thank you.” “Cool, cool. So why the wolf? You basically froze when you saw this pic.” “I’m not sure… I love wolves, I guess. They look strong, they survive in fucked up places like frozen snow or hot deserts, just doing what they can to survive. It’s just… that’s how I wanna be, you know? A pack of wolves are survivors, a family that works together…” Phil nodded along. “Totally get that. Never had someone actually say something so like… deep before. Most guys are like ‘They are cool!’ I like how they kill shit. Alphas!'” Maybe it was hanging out with Army and Harry for so long that made me just try hard to think and understand stuff. Both are so dang clever about shit, and I always kind of felt behind. But I guess their friendship did rub off on me… Haha, rub off. But maybe that’s why the tattoo spoke to me. Family… A wolf is kind of strong by himself, right, but with others? They can do anything. Take out bigger prey, living in the harshest of fucked up places, protect each other from worse motherfuckers… And yes, they do look fucking cool. What’s not to love. . . . . . “Alrighty, we’re about a good ways done. Why don’t we call it a night for now… I got an appointment coming in soon, plus it’ll be nice to see that heal then work on the finer details and coloring later. Sound good?” He must have seen my face clenching pretty bad towards the end there… I’ve been stuck in this seat for about almost 2 hours now… I take back what I said about it not being that bad… Maybe its just how long its been, but its getting pretty bad now. Plus sometimes I see the guy wipe his little napkin thing on his work, and a little blood comes up and… Yeesh, this is torture now. Glad we’re stopping for a while. I get up and stretch out, because holy hell… Sitting that long was baaaaaad. I look around, and I see Harry sitting on the couch, chatting with some big biker looking guy. He waves at me and smiles, then goes back to chatting. The guy could make friends anywhere… It’s so funny. He’s never awkward or scared of anything. “Already, let’s dress that beauty up, and you can be on your way.” He grabs a post-it notes and scribbles something on it. “Here’s my number, call me when you’re ready to finish that up.” We shook hands and he grabbed some saran wrap from his desk, and walked me over to the mirror. I looked at the work so far and… … HOLY FUCKING SHIT, I LOOK LIKE A TOTAL BAD ASS! . . . . . We made it home, Harry was basically just snoring the whole drive. I still hadn’t gotten a good look at his work yet, but I’ll let the kid sleep. Opening his door, I nudge him awake, and we walk into my place. I immediately rush to the bathroom to check myself out some more. Tossing off my shirt, I stare into the mirror and absorb every little detail I can… through the saran wrap and little smidgens of blood. But damn! Still looking great. Its framed perfectly, the detail on the wolf is fucking amazing, the fur looks almost real, and his eyes just look… I am so damn impressed! I should have tipped him more! “Hey Ben, do you got a spare tooth-” Harry stops dead in his tracks. “Holy fuck wow, Ben, that’s… And you… and…” Harry went back to staring at my chest, my stomach, my chest again, and back to my tattoo… Still got it, Ben! “Yeah yeah…” I put my shirt back on to put Harry back on track. “Let’s see yours!” Harry takes off his shirt, and right there, on the istanbul travesti left side of his ribs, is a simple but very nice tattoo of a wrench, with a date on the handle. It looks so dark again his pale skin, but its cute… And I forgot how pale Harry is sometimes. It’s like sexy twink Casper the Ghost! “It looks really good. What does it mean?” “It’s in honor of my opa. I designed it a while back after he passed, since he used to be a mechanic, and I wanted to do something for him.” He adjusted the plastic taped to his body covering the design for a little bit, and sighed. “That’s pretty sweet though.” I tried to cheer Harry up, but… well, we all know I suck at this. “Listen, we have to stay up for a while anyway. Let’s play some games, then re-fix our new shit, then pass out. Sound good?” Harry looked back up at me and smiled. “Sounds like a plan.” We stayed up for a while, just swapping from game to game. I pulled out a bottle of whiskey Pa got me and poured us a few glasses to relax. Felt like a good time to celebrate, y’know? Eventually we just turned off everything and laid down in my bed, side by side, staring at the ceiling together, just… talking. Was nice, to just be lazy and say the first shit to walk into my brain. “Thanks for taking me to the shop, by the way… I didn’t think you’d do it. Maybe you’re a good ‘country boooy.'” He added some twang, like some kind of gay John Wayne. “No problem, Harry… Your parents won’t mind the tattoo?” “They never pay attention, so who caaaaaaaares! Only people who see me shirtless is Army anyway… And you, I guess.” “Ha, you do look pretty great though without that shirt.” Maybe it was the whiskey, but eh, who gives a fuck. Flirting never hurt anyone, right? “Thanks. You’re not so bad yourself.” He looked at me and flashed me that devilish elf smile of his. “Sooooooooooooooo… Have you called… you know… Army yet?” Ugh… Was hoping he’d forgotten. Or maybe hoping I had forgotten too. “Nope… I don’t know… Fuck… What do I even say. Have you ever had to apologize to someone? It’s fucking stupid as shit.” “Why don’t we do it now?” “What?!” I was already not ready to call him, now he’s wanting me to do it this fucking late? “Isn’t it midnight? It would be like 2AM there!” “So? Here…” Harry grabbed my phone off the nightstand and started dialing the number. I tried to reach over and stop him, but he just rolled off the bed and fell on the floor, giggling. “Ahhhh, shit!” “That’s what you get. Now give me my phone!” “Nope, Ben. You gotta do it… You gotta talk to him!” Harry swatted my hand away and scurried into the living room. I tried to get up, but fuck, I feel a little heavy now… Bleh Come on, Ben… 1! 2! … And I fell back on my ass again. Ugh, this is bullshit. Come on, you gotta stop him… 1! 2! There we go! Fuck, let’s stop this buster… I walk into the room and… SHIT SHIT SHIT! He already has the phone to his ear. Rushing to him, I reach out, but he just smiles at me again, and hands me the phone. “Psst. He’s listening, Ben… Start talking!” “Harry, I can’t… I can’t do… Fuck, I can’t!” I tried to hand it back, but Harry forced it back to me. “Come on, you can! Just tell him how you feel. Like what we talked about yester… Wait no… Was it yesterday? Whatever, just talk!” Fucking fine, if he wants me to talk… And I guess Army is listening… Might as fucking well, right? “Fuck!” I lift the phone to my ear and… Suddenly I feel super nauseous. But maybe instead of real vomit, it’s word… vomit? I giggle to myself, but Harry just gives me a weird look. Fucker, don’t judge me. I swallow hard… Showtime. “Hey… It’s me… Listen, I’m… I know we’re… Uhh… Weird right now and… Fuck!” I look at Harry, “What do I say?!” “Just tell me what you told me. Simple. So easy, a dummy like you could do it!” “Watch it!” I focus back on the phone. “Army… I know we didn’t leave off in a good place. But we’re still brothers, and I… I still care about you. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about… Shit, a lot of things. Me leaving. Me feeling insecure about the future. Me being myself. Look, I love you, alright? I always will. I get it if you never want to talk to me, but… Just know that I hope you can forgive me. You got mad and said some… some really hurtful shit. Like, no one ever said something like that to me before… And… And… I forgive you. Even after you hit me. Gawd, I still remember how much that fucking hurt.” I laughed a little, remember that moment… Army may not be big but he sure knows when to fucking slug a guy. “Ugh, fuck… Just… I miss you, okay? I miss you a lot. I don’t know when we’ll… y’know, see each other again, but… You’re my best friend, and… This is so fucking gay… I miss you… Okay?” I waited for his response, but all I got was silence. Fuck, I fucked this up, didn’t I? I should have asked him before I… I ranted for like 10 minutes straight like a nutcase. I look at my phone, and Harry just giggles to himself like a madman. “Sorry Ben, it’s voicemail… But you did great!” “YOU MOTHERFUCKER!” End of Chapter 27 Thanks for Reading!

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