Naruto’s Leaf Village Adventures Part 3!

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Author’s Notes: Firstly I’d like to thank everyone who’s so far voted and commented. I always enjoy reading comments as it helps me make better stories.
Secondly do remember that some things are going to perhaps be out of your liking and or prefernces, so If Isn’t what you like and would prefer something different, then comment and i’ll see about including it.
wNow on to the titties.

“Lady… lady Tsunade? Sh.. Shizune?” Sakura stuttered out. She’d ran in on Shizune and Tsunades moment of passion. Tsunade had been on top humping away at Shizune. At the very peak of their sex she’d entered unannounced, as she was hoping to get home quickly.

The Viagra she’d taken earlier on was still hard at work and she felt she may need to masturbate again. Fortunately Sasuke and Naruto were too tired to keep up and were only just coming into the hallway, still a good few meters away.

Tsunade leapt off of Shizune and slammed the door. “Hold on just a minute!” yelled Tsunade. “We’ll be ready in a sec!” Called Shizune. Sakura could hear a great commotion with the sound of clothes being replaced and things hidden. However though that wasn’t her main concern. Instead Sakura was more concerned about how wet she was from seeing them both like that.

Sakura had never really thought about what lesbian sex was like or what it looked like, but all of a sudden that’s all she could think of.

Sakura never had much time to think though as she was the door opened and a fully clothed smiling Tsunade and Shizune were there.

But before any of them could open their mouths a long wail came. “Hey Grandma Tsunade! We’re back!” Naruto and Sasuke both picked up their pace and soon reached the group.
All three stood to attention in the now completely normal Hokage’s room as Sasuke made the mission report. There was no sign of the fun that was going on only a few moments ago. Sasuke quickly finished the mission report and they were all excused apart from Sakura.

Naruto began a mad dash home nearly tearing the door off of its hinges.

Tsunade put a firm hand on Sakura’s shoulder. “Sakura what you saw…”

“Don’t worry I didn’t see a thing!”

“No no it’s ok what you saw… listen you go to Shizune’s apartment on… Friday evening when I’m free; we’ll talk about what you saw. Now go on, go home, I have lots of work to do.”

“Yes lady Tsunade.” She murmured. Sakura left the Hokage’s office still shaking with adrenaline and excitement.

Shizune still looked worried as the door closed on Sakura.
I hope that we didn’t shock her too much.”
“Nonsense, you and I both know that she’s entered puberty, perhaps she might even have enjoyed what she saw.” The mere thought brightened up the room. Within a few minutes the room was exactly the same, with Shizune helping Tsunade through mountains of paperwork. Only the odd glance and the one off kiss on the cheek from Tsunade betrayed they’re new relationship.

Naruto’s home about 3 minutes after reporting in…

There they were, right in front of him in all their glory… Naruto being as sneaky and as perverted as ever had managed to gain a very valuable item. Well to him it was anyway and probably it would be to Sakura too, considering that it was her underwear!

Naruto had been merely putting his own jacket into the washing basket when he’d notice them. It only took him a few seconds and no guilt to make up his mind and walk off as though nothing had happened. When he arrived back at the leaf village there was only one thing on his mind.

Naruto knew the risks of being caught, a beating from Sakura, a pulverising from Tsunade and god knows what the other women in the village would do! Despite all this he still wanted to go ahead…

A few blocks away from Naruto’s apartment…

Ten-Ten speeded towards Naruto’s house, for some reason she’d been asked for by the hokage, it was something to do with Sakura and calming down… still she wasn’t going to go alone. Unless it was Sakura’s womanly needs. If it was emotional then a team member would be needed, but who knew how to find Sasuke?

Ten-Ten finally arrived at Naruto’s apartment; it looked small, stuffy and had no lock. However she wasn’t going to just leave because of the house. Then again; the inside wasn’t much better… there were scattered plastic ramen pots and random clothing scattered around and this was only the living room!

There was also an odd grunting sound in one of the rooms Ten-Ten headed towards the sound at a fast pace. “No time like the present.” Was stuck in her head, steaming ahead she gripped the handle and tore it down.

What she found froze her to the spot. “GAAAHHHH!!!” Naruto screamed, and with that Naruto came, suddenly there was a large white streak of liquid across whoever’s panties that was on the bed. He was gaziantep travesti still in a state of bliss and completely unaware of the presence behind him. He began cleaning himself and quickly had his belt and pants back on.

“Sakura… one day, that will be your face! Or your ass! Or…”

“Or on her tits?”

Naruto jumped from the chair he narrowly missed hitting the roof which was about two feet from his head.
“Ten-Ten! Wha- what are you doing here!?” Naruto sidestepped in front of the panties.

She began unrolling one of her storage scrolls which was mainly used for weapons. “Naruto you really are terrible… hand them over.” She held out a commanding hand, and Naruto broke, he stepped aside and gave the panties to Ten-Ten watching carefully the cum in the middle so it didn’t spill.

“You’re just going to destroy them right? I mean there’s no need to say anything right? Sakura has enough on her plate already.”
She gave out a frown that said “really? Are you still trying to save your skin?”

“No, I’m going to take them to Sakura and then, my guess is that she’ll kick you around the village.”

Naruto began hopping around the room in a sort of hyperactive dance.

“No wait! Ten-Ten, I was… I was thinking of you! I’ve always loved you!”

“Number one, ewwwww! Number two, I can tell when you’re lying; you’re not very good at it.”
Naruto had made a slip, still he thought “there has to be some way to get around this let’s try crying and begging.”

Ten-Ten began to leave.

Naruto dropped to his knees and clasped his hands together. “Please Ten-Ten! I’m begging you here! I’m sorry ok! Men totally sexualise women and it’s wrong! I’m wrong! But I just had these urges! And they were too strong for me!”

He leapt over to her feet and bowed. “I’m a fool I know but surely there’s something I could do!? Anything else! Just give me something to do to make up for it!?”

This stopped Ten-Ten in her tracks. She bit her lip for a moment, obviously thinking hard. She then turned on her heel to face him.

“You’ll do anything? Anything at all?” The countless ideas of what she could gain from this momentarily blocked her morality. Besides if she showed them to Sakura, Naruto would be hurt and so would Sakura’s feelings; whereas this way no one would get hurt and she would gain… she wasn’t sure what she would gain yet, but she’d think about that later.

“Yes yes! Anything! Absolutely anything!” He begged.

She had him in the palm of his hand. Even though she was a fast thinker, this was still a too much to process. “I’ll think about it ok? Now I’ve got to go attend to someone.” Ten-Ten strutted out of Naruto’s apartment, her confidence had given her power, power over someone else. She liked the feel of it. It made her feel a sick pleasure when Naruto bowed to her and begged her. Still thought she’d never seen a naked boy before. The idea thrilled her, questions came to her like icicles to winter. Why had she enjoyed him bowing so much? Was she going to tell Sakura? If so how would she tell Sakura? Was there any point to telling her?

Even more aggravating she didn’t actually get to see Naruto’s dick. Curiosity was one of the worst teasers, as she’d only ever seen pictures of naked boys, and one being right there, caught in the act, but still without showing her any of his goods drove her to near insanity.

At least she had the book on sex that her parents had given her. Yes that would have some information, surely it would help her. “Never mind all that now.” she thought. “I’m nearly at Sakura’s place.”

Ten-Ten’s room. Midnight.

Ten-Ten was awake under the cover. She was reading “Sex, The Complete Series. By The Great Toad Sage.” It was one famed around the five hidden villages, as it had nearly every single piece of information on sex and was easy enough to get hold of. After reading as much as she could about sexual privacy which the book had little about. She’d decided against showing the panties to Sakura.

Ten-Ten had settled on the idea of, “If Sakura was going through puberty, why show her this now and destroy her trust for men? She didn’t want to see me so she might have been on her period or something.” Of course Naruto wouldn’t have them back and he still owed her.

Currently she was reading up on the idea of female dominance. She was alone now and frees to explore her sexuality, which seemed to be heading closer and closer to femdom. The idea of having a slave, that worshipped you no matter what you did. Knowing that you could beat and humiliate bad slaves and they would enjoy it too.

Ten-Ten had slowly been getting wetter and wetter and knowing that she had someone willing to do anything for her. It was all too much. She felt she was about to cum already. “Just a quick one.” She repeated in her mind. Forgetting she had clothes on, Ten-Ten began masturbating.

She read the book whilst doing so. Everything to do with femdom in the book turned her on. Her eyes hovered on a picture of a woman spanking a man, god “it looks great! I want to try it.” Ten-Ten’s hand moved quicker.

“Wow, that’s a woman fucking a man? Oh a strap on. Ooooh that does look hot… Woh! Is that… wow a woman peeing onto a guy! It’s so dirty! Oh I’m so dirty! I’m so close!!” Ten-Ten threw her head back and opened her legs; the mere thought of doing this had made her hotter than ever before! There was a powerful vibration throughout her body. She bit into a pillow to muffle her scream of joy. Cum flowed out of her like a river for five seconds straight, to no displeasure of Ten-Tens.

The book had told her she was something called a squirter. When Ten-Ten’s orgasm passed, she looked down at the soaked material that was her bottom pyjamas. “I should be called a gusher!” Thought Ten-Ten. She then opened her bottoms up and ran a finger along her pussy, collecting as much cum as she could with it. She took her finger straight into her mouth, having discovered a while ago how nice her own cum tasted. “I wonder if any other girl in the village drinks her own cum.” Was her last thought before she fell into a deep sleep.

Around midday. Naruto’s apartment.

Ten-Ten strode over to Naruto’s apartment which again wasn’t locked. She pushed gently until it was near fully open and then pushed with all her force, creating a thunderous cracking sound. She then gave the same treatment to Naruto’s bedroom door, and alongside a huge cracking sound, there was a thump on the floor.

When Ten-Ten walked in she saw Naruto sitting there nursing his head, evident from the messed up sheets and blankets that he’d fallen out of bed.

“Morning!” Ten-Ten chirped. Naruto’s head was still spinning and for a second he wasn’t fully awake.
“Morning… Ten-Ten? Why are you here?”

She gave him a wink and a cute smile. Almost like a memory refresher he realised from the wink.

“Ah! Ten-Ten! Well well? Have you thought about it?”

“Indeed I have Naruto and lucky for you, I won’t show Sakura!”

“Yahooooo!” Naruto yelled and with a jump he was on his feet.

“Of course there is a price for this…”

Naruto was too happy to care about the price. “I’ll pay whatever it is!”

“Of course you will, here this is what I want you to do is sign this.”

She handed over a scroll bound tightly in red silk. Despite his passionate hate for reading he read every word
and line.

“WHAT!! You want me to become your personal slave for FIVE! YEARS!!?!” He shrieked, whilst Ten-Ten sat calmly on his bed. This didn’t suit her for long and she lay down on the bed in a totally relaxed manner. with closed eyes.

“Yep! And you’re going to sign it. I mean you wouldn’t want Sakura to get angry now would you? Oh you know how angry she can get. Don’t worry though Naruto.” She patted him lightly on the cheek and handed him a pen. “I’ll protect you.”

Naruto’s brain worked at 1000 miles per hour, sorting out the pros and cons and calculating about how hard Sakura would hit him if she knew. Naruto looked back at the scroll, it was a long contract defining that Ten-Ten could do whatever she pleased to him and he would have to accept it.

Reluctant yet beaten Naruto signed it. Ten-Ten was watching the entire thing through a half closed eye. She looked incredibly calm on the bed, as though she had always been there and always would be there. Only did she herself know how excited she was. “What should I try first?” Buzzed around her head. “I should peg him! No wait; let’s see if he understands what he’s gotten into.”

“Good to see you came to your senses Naruto.” She spoke softly yet she hid darkness in her voice.” you’re going to have a test. Nod if you understand.”

Naruto nodded but didn’t like where this was going.

“Your pants unzip them and take out your cock.”

“Woh woh wa-“

“Naruto! I just gave you an order! Now follow it!”

He looked down at his crotch, he still couldn’t fully grasp that this was going on. Slowly Naruto undid his zipper and fished out his cock. He held it in his hand, still limp but it had some life in it, as it slowly grew larger.

“Play with it.” Commanded Ten-Ten who was now sitting up and watching closely.

Naruto looked at her still not believing what he was doing. Yet he began to play with himself. He was getting hard off of the entire situation. Ten-Ten’s eyes followed Naruto’s hand hungrily; inside she could hardly believe what was going on. She had the feeling again of power.

“Faster.” She commanded

She watched as he stroked faster. It looked like he had about five to seven inches. Ten-Ten had always dreamed of having a boyfriend with a big cock. Six would only just satisfy her, so she made a note in her head to measure Naruto and have him whipped if he was under six. “Heck,” she thought “I could whip him now if I wanted too!” She watched him for six minutes saying “faster” on occasion and thinking to herself.

“Uh… Ten-Ten, I’m getting close…”

“So? I didn’t say stop so you DO NOT stop!”

“But uh… where should I uh… finish? Please Ten-Ten I’m nearly there!”

“Stop!” Commanded Ten-Ten. Naruto stopped immediately and put his hands to his sides. In her Ten-Ten giggled. “He passed! He really will do what I say!” She laid her head back on the pillow and closed her eyes. In her head she counted: one, two, three…

Naruto stood there slowly getting limper; he wondered what was going on in that crazy chick’s head. He also wondered why she stopped him, and why he was so aroused from all of it. He’d never thought about anything like this and was, despite being blackmailed, enjoying it all.


She said nothing to him but placed her fingers to her lips.

Ten-Ten opened her eyes on the count of 120. She swung around so that she was lying on her belly and rested her head on her hands.

“Start jerking off again.”

Naruto obeyed yet muttered “start, stop, start, stop…”

“What was that!?!” Shrieked Ten-Ten, she was ready to jump at any chance of punishing her slave.

“I was only saying how weird this is.”

“It’s what I ordered you to do! That’s all it is!”

Naruto was able to go for another three minutes with Ten-Ten watching closely. She noticed how he groaned and how his penis got harder and harder.

“Ten-Ten I’m close again!”

“Good come over here.”

Naruto became more and more embarrassed as he got closer to her. He stopped about five feet away. This wasn’t very pleasing to his new owner.

“Did you hear me? I said come close! Not as far as I can throw a kunai!”

He moved slightly closer.

“You’re trying to piss me off aren’t you?”

She reached over and grabbed him by his dick not very gently and pulled him closer. Naruto was now literally centimetres away from Ten-Ten’s face. Ten-Ten was herself starting to feel the heat, if just a little, she’d managed to get a new slave not only see but touch as well as boys dick. To her this was huge! Now she had on more Idea to teach her servant humility.

“Ten-Ten seriously I’m close! Where should I… ya know, release?”

“Stretch out your front pants and put your dick back in your pants.”

Naruto did so, obedient to his new mistress.

“But I’m going to cum! I need tissue!”

“Keep stroking! You’re going to blow in your own pants!” She cried it out with glee. Now it was obvious that

she was enjoying her knew found power. As much as she could.

Naruto could feel it, there wasn’t any going back now even if he stopped, but he didn’t want to, being demeaned it felt so wrong and gave him even more sexual pleasure. His knees shook and he momentarily lost thought over pleasure.

Ten-Ten watched hungrily as she was hypnotised by him cumming in his own pants! By now she could smell the cum and that odd smell which only appears during sex.

She noticed it all coming out; it began to fill his dark blue briefs. This was amazingly pleasing to Ten-Ten, as she enjoyed seeing him cringe as the cum covered his own dick’s head! It began to run to his balls and soon they were too painted in white.

“There’s a lot!” Thought Ten-Ten “Big things in small packages!”

Naruto stood their holding his pants open as to not move the cum flooding himself. Ten-Ten herself was amazingly wet, not cum but it was close to it. Her panties too were wet and she wondered if she could cum just like Naruto.

Ten-Ten finally got up and strode over to him. She stood in front and placed her hands on her hips. Then very slowly she leaned over to him and whispered in his ear.

“You’re a dirty boy Naruto; you’re my dirty boy now.”

She grabbed his hand and tore it away from holding his pants out. Naruto squirmed at this.
Still whispering in his ear she said. “You’re going to leave yourself like this all day, and I’ll be back at night to check you’ve left it there.”

Her hand began playing and exploring his crotch, making sure to spread some of the cum around and she even gave a playful squeeze on his balls. She suddenly tightened her grip to the point of pain and then she stood back placing one hand on her hip.

“These are mine now. You will not play with yourself at all unless I give you special permission. Nod if you understand?”

Naruto nodded still wincing with pain.

Ten-Ten released her grip, walked out of the apartment and in a flash was gone. The entire thing was over far too quickly and Naruto with mixed feelings wanted it to continue.

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