My wife joins a gym

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My wife joins a gymKate, my wife of 20 years has put on a few pounds and decides to join a large gym that was recommended by a friend of hers. Kate has some nice large 38DD boobs on her; I’m hoping these boobs will not be gymed off.Kate arrives at the gym and does all the paperwork and they show her to the change rooms and allocate her a locker. These are the showers, which are open showers and no cubicles. We are going to be closing them in soon, the assistant assures me. Not what I expected, Kate comments.Kate puts on her newly bought gym tights we bought a few days ago. She looks into the mirror and admires her large breasts which are tightly covered by the Lycra top. So sexy, but not showing off enough shape, she decides to be naughty and she takes off her outfit and removes her panties and gym bra to show a bit of sexy detail. She looks into the mirror again and admires her slick body curves. She pulls her leggings up a little to pull into her crotch, hmm nice camel toe, she admires to herself.Off she goes to the circuit section to join a mixed group of men and a few women. The bell goes and all take a machine and start warming up. Kate looks into the mirrors all around the room and starts to admire some nice manly bodies working out. I thought I would find a bunch of fat men and women working out. She does notice that the men are of the same age and seem to be in some sort of training program for sportsmen. She asks the guy next to her on the bicycle. Excuse me, sorry to disturb, I’m Kate. Are you guys in a team training? Yes, we are in junior rugby team training for an international tour. I’m Rex, by the way. Nice to meet you. You will enjoy it here, they are really professional, he comments.He takes a good look at Kate’s body in sinop escort the mirror as Kate moves to the next machine. She can see a few of the men have now noticed her in her pantiless tights. Kate is feeling rather sexy and a little embarrassed with all the attention. She gets onto the sit-ups machine to do some stomach exercises. She hooks her feet into the straps and lays back to start her reps. Rex bends down to assist her. Sorry you need to bend your legs a bit and helps her into position with his hands brushing against her bum. She feels a sense of excitement rush through her body. She becomes aware of her camels toe which is really protruding now doing sit ups, but she can’t do a thing to pull her tights out of her pussy. Her nipples become hard and are now pocking out. Doesn’t help that I didn’t put a bra on, she thinks. The guys are having a good look as they are working out. Well enjoy, that’s why I took my underwear off, I suppose. She just loves the attention.As Kate is doing her sit ups she can feel the tights pulling deeper into her pussy crack and this is causing some intimate pleasure with the friction, she feels her pussy getting aroused having all these men looking at her pussy. These tights are really body hugging and reveals all her curves, especially her pussy. I see why girls love these tights. Maybe I need to wear my panties when doing gym or not.As the group moves around after each rep, Kate is feeling rather comfortable with the attention and becomes a little more relaxed. She starts to chat to the guys as they move around. She never once pulled her tights out of her crack as the boys loved it and they deserve some excitement at gym. Kate could feel her pussy get wet from the attention and discreetly feels escort sinop her crotch, it was wet. She looked into the mirror and could see a wet patch distinctly. Ooo shit I’ve had a pussy stain on my tights all this time. Well they seem to love looking at it, she thinks to herself. I was wondering why I have so many eyes on me when I was stretching.The session is over and all head off to the showers. Great workout Kate, says Rex. Hope we see you hear again on Tuesday. You were a real inspiration to all of us. Kate thinks about that and smiles, I’m sure I was with you guys looking at my camel toe, she laughs. You showed and we looked, he commented and heads off. Kate headed off to the showers and as she was passing the men’s shows had a naughty thought. I wonder what is going on in there. She peeps around the wall and sees the entire rugby team naked, chatting and quite normally having a shower.Just then Rex Surprise’s her from behind. What you are doing hear peeping into the boys showers, you naughty girl. Come with me and I’ll introduce you to the team. Do you mind if I have a shower with you guys rather, she asks sheepishly? Yes you can are cheers of joy from the team. Kate undresses in full view of all the guys with confidence. Cheers erupt. Kate joins the guys in the showers; they all give her a nice wet hug with their cocks growing harder as they touch her naked body. Rex grabs Kate and leads her to a bench near the showers. I can’t hold the pleasure in any longer Kate, I need to fuck you girl. You intentionally made us all horny today and now you have a problem, we all want to fuck you. Kate proceeds to suck his now very large hard cock. She sucks on his cock like she has never had cock before. After a few minutes, he lays sinop escort bayan her down on the bench and proceeds to open Kate’s legs and slides his erect penis inside her and starts to fuck her hard. Fuck that wet pussy big boy, Kate insists. He pounds away at her pussy for a few minutes and erupts inside her pussy. Kate orgasms as well and screams with pleasure. Rex pulls his cock out of her cum oozing pussy and fondles her large tits. Thanks for that, it was the best I’ve had in a while. Kate heads off to the showers to wash Rex’s juices out of her pussy. As she is doing this she feels hands all over her body feeling her ass, her large tits and a finger slips into her pussy. She just loves the attention. She bends over to take a large cock into her pussy. Another guy sticks his cock into her mouth to suck on. Kate can’t get enough and they take turns to fuck her pussy. She thinks to herself, how I will explain this one to my husband, thirteen cocks in my pussy in one day. Kate takes her last cock and he cums in seconds. Thanks guys for being such gentlemen, I really enjoyed that shower fuck. Now I would appreciate it if you guys could be discreet about this as my husband would kill me if he found out I fucked you all. She casually takes a shower and dries herself off in front of the team. Come guys pose for me please, need some mementos for my masturbation sessions. Two guys pose naked for her. They are all joking and playing games with her. She gets dresses and gives them all a hug goodbye. So I’ll see you guys on Tuesday for another workout. Don’t forget to wear those tights again; they give us inspiration the guys shout. She just smiles at them.Kate meets up with her best friend a few days later and tells her the story of being fucked by the rugby team; she just looks at Kate and smiles. I knew you would enjoy the gym, why do you think I go there. I told my husband it was a women’s only club. I get at least two of them to fuck me every week. Keeps my pussy happy.

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