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My stepdaddyI’ve always had fantasies about my stepdaddy, what’s so wrong about that? I think it started when I was only about six, not that my sexual fantasies started then but that was the first time I saw daddy’s penis. He and mom were just dating and one day she told me to take a bath but I didn’t want to take a bath so I thought I’d just get wet in the shower and fool her. I slipped into her bedroom and took my clothes off and was going to get in the shower when I realized that Carl was in the shower. He had his back to me so he didn’t see me at first. I wasn’t sure what to do and was about to leave when he said “Jill?” He had turned around and was looking right at me. I said that I needed to take a shower and just went over to the shower and joined him. I didn’t think much of it at the time. He had been nice to me and I wasn’t scared of him or anything. I said “I just have to get all wet so mommy think’s I got clean.” He was saying something about not being right but I was looking right at his penis which fascinated me. I had seen my brother’s before but Carl’s was much larger and I thought it was really cute, kinda like a puppy. Now I was getting wet from the spray but he was taking most of the water so I kinda elbowed him out of the way and got under the water. I moved out and as I did I touched Carl’s penis. It was silky soft and I wanted to touch it some more so I ask..”can I pet it?” LoL dumb huh. I didn’t wait for an bodrum escort answer I just reached up and took it in my hand. It was kinda heavy and I run my hand over it until it twitched which kinda scared me so I stopped. I said, I better go and got out of the shower. So that was my first time for touching a penis and I never stopped thinking about it after I found out what they were for. So a few years later, I was coming into my own sexuality and I often thought of Carl’s penis when I masturbated. I wanted to make it grow hard and I wanted to touch it again and even thought of kissing it too. Carl taught me to play golf and by the time I was 13 I was pretty good. One day after a round of golf we came home and everyone was out. Daddy said he was going to take a shower and I went to my room. That is when I thought of that first experience and I got very horny. I was going to play with myself when I thought OMG I could do it all over again. I was giddy thinking about it as I went into their bedroom and heard the shower running. I took my clothes off and went into the bathroom. This time daddy saw me coming but he didn’t say a word at first. I guess he was looking at my young teen body. I moved toward the shower and he finally said “Jill?” I just smiled at him and said that I wanted to finish something that I started a long time ago. He kinda didn’t know what I was talking about so I said, remember that time when I escort bodrum came into the shower with you? He nodded. So, I guess he had thought about it too 🙂 I reached out and touched his penis and said that “I think about this alot.” I began feeling it all over and it twitched again but this time I wasn’t scared. I liked it. He tried to protest a little but I just kept feeling of his penis and it was becoming stiff. I’d never touched a hard cock before and so this was fascinating me. By now it was sticking out hard and firm and daddy was moaning a little. Suddenly he said “stop that.” I did stop and said I was sorry and almost cried saying that I was just curious and didn’t mean anything. He put his arms around me and said he understood but mommy would be mad if she found out. “She won’t” I said and felt his hard cock pressing to my lithe body as i held the hug. I knew about sucking cock from watching porn so i bent down and kissed the head of his cock and let my tongue roll around it. It was wet from the shower and tasted nice so I put some more into my mouth. It was big and I wasn’t going to get that much in so I began to slide what I could between my lips going back and forth. Daddy leaned back against the wall and let me suck his big beautiful cock. I was so tingling between my legs that I wanted to touch myself but was afraid to do that. So to keep my hands busy I touched daddy’s balls. They moved around in his bodrum escort bayan sack as I played with them. I began to taste something a little salty as I kept sucking. Daddy’s cock was pushing between my wet soft lips and gliding across my tongue. Suddenly I felt him tense and put his hands on my shoulders. He said something which I didn’t hear and then he moaned really loud and that’s when I felt his hot cum fill my mouth. It came in spurts filling my mouth until it was full. I let it out as he pushed his cock into my mouth. OMG so that’s what it’s like to take a mouth full of cum. mmmmmm I actually liked it. It was really slippery and run down my chest. Daddy’s cock began softening in my mouth but I wouldn’t let it go. I loved the feeling of it in my mouth and wanted to keep doing this. But then daddy pushed me back and stopped me. He turned me around and ran his big man hands over my titties and down my tummy to my very wet young pussy. He spread the juices from my dripping lips to my clit and began rubbing on her. I moved my leg up to give him better access and held onto his big shoulders. In no time I felt it coming, like an ocean wave spreading heat through my body. I shuddered as I cum and cum and cum. I had never had an orgasm like that b4. Daddy held me for a few minutes…lol I couldn’t have stood on my shaking legs anyhow. Then he whispered to me that we should keep this to ourselves. I nodded and got out of the shower. I bent over to pick up my clothes and saw daddy looking at my cute young ass. I knew right then that more was to cum. Now that I’ve told you this it’s made me horny and I’m going to finger myself to another good orgasm. Love you all…..Jill

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