My stalker became my Mistress!

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My stalker became my Mistress!I let a woman control me!I was in college. I lived in a big city, it was summer and I was working in a mall. I was talking to a couple while at work, educating them about a certain washer and dryer when I noticed a woman from across the aisle that kept looking at me and every time I looked over at her she would quickly look away with a smile. I spent about 15 minutes with the couple and when they were done asking questions, I looked around kind of expecting this woman to be looking for help but she was gone. About a week later while I was working I saw her come into the store but as I went to ask her if she needed help I was approached by a customer and after a few minutes she was gone again. This happened two more times and at that point I was really curious as to what kind of game this woman was playing. Then one day while I was reorganizing a clothing rack I was approached from behind and as I started to turn around I had noticed it was the woman who kept smiling at me then disappearing, she said in a low voice, “No, no, no, don’t turn around, just keep working”! I said to her, “I’ve noticed you in here a few times” and before I could say anything more, she said, “don’t talk, just do your work and listen”! She said to me, “I have noticed you in here too and if you do as I tell you, I will reward you”! She placed her hands on my hips and went on to tell me that if I cooperated with her I would be rewarded for good behavior! At that point I got very nervous and was looking for the best path to run. I turned around and before I could say a single word she said, “Ah, ah, no, you’re not listening! Turn around and do your job and listen closely…”She went on to tell me that she wanted me to get everything on her list, as she slipped it and some money into my pocket and then to go home and call her. She placed one hand under my skirt and squeezed my butt cheek, then as she moved her hand from my butt to my chest, under my smock and while squeezing my left breast, she pulled me tightly against her and she whispered to me, “don’t take too long to get my things or I will have to punish you”!For the rest of my shift my heart was pounding with fear and excitement. Work got busy and I had a hard time concentrating. My hands were shaky, my knees were weak and all I could think about was what was on her list and why she wanted (me) to get her stuff! Many crazy thoughts went through my head and after about an hour I had to pee so while I was in the bathroom I looked at her list, it read, my dear get everything on this list as quickly as you can and call me. I will then instruct you as to what you are to do next! DO NOT leave me waiting all night! I started thinking about what she had said earlier about a reward and a punishment! So, 3 hours later when my shift ended I headed straight to the pharmacy just a few stores away. I quickly began to gather up the mystery woman’s personal care items and headed to the next store to purchase her new under garments and I noticed the sizes she had written down were way too small for her! She and I are close in breast size but I have a size 0 waist and she is at least one and a half times my size. I purchased the items and headed across town to get the rest of the items at the adult store. I remember feeling really embarrassed while at the register!I rushed home as fast as I could and was so nervous I kept fumbling the phone trying to dial it. As she answered the phone, she said hello 3 times before I could say “hi, hi this is Lucy”, she said, “Oh it’s you! I am surprised you actually called! I said, “well I was curious as to why you showed up at my work four times to just look at me, smile and then leave, then to talk to me the way you did and tell me to get you these things. I wanted to ask you why? Why me?” She says to me, “Well my dear, it’s like this, when I told my husband I wanted to get a new pet, he said that if I wanted one then go get one.” My heart immediately went into overdrive and I asked her, “Wha, wha, what do you mean”? She said, “Well my sweet little pet, don’t be afraid but go to your bedroom, open the blinds and look out across the city.”Fear immediately rushed through my body as I dropped the phone! I peeked through between the curtains and I could hear her as she said, “open it up so I can see you, pick up the phone dear”. I picked up the phone and she said again, “Now open the curtains and look for the light flashing in the tallest building you see.” As I searched the city for the flashing light, my mind was racing, I stepped away from my window [sliding glass door to my balcony]I said to her, “Have you been stalking me?” She apologized and said, “I have my pet and if you want to hang up I understand. I’ve been searching the city with my telescope for months looking for a beautiful, young woman like you”. I stood there unable to talk or move. I could hear her apologizing again and again as I held the phone to my side. “Are you okay dear? Are you okay”? I thought about it for a few minutes which seemed like ten and said to her, “I’m scared”! She said, “I know, and I would be if you wasn’t”! Then she said, “Let me see you, its okay. I promise you its okay. I would never hurt you, in fact what I want is quite opposite and you know what I look like so if you want to call the police I understand”! Still very curious as to why me and what she wants from me, I stepped out in front of the window, “thank you my pet. I want to thank you for leaving your blinds open which led me to finding you and watching you. I have watched you do everything you do”. My heart starting pounding harder and harder as I realized she has not only seen me naked but she has also seen me masturbate, and have sex with a girlfriend and male friend! “Will you do me a favor”, she asked? I thought for a second and said “okay”. “Turn the speakerphone on and take your top off.” I froze, totally speechless! I thought about it and after a minute I turned the speakerphone and set it down on the dresser, stepped toward the window and slowly slipped my top off of my shoulders and down around my waist.“Thank you my pet, now cup your breasts, squeeze them and pinch your nipples”. As I did, many thoughts went through my mind! As I was rubbing my breasts, she asked me, do you want to know what the items on the list were for”? Yes I said. “Take the rest of your clothes off, go lay on your bed and pleasure yourself with the vibrator you just got until you orgasm, then take the bath bubbles, body wash, shampoo, razor and shaving cream, draw yourself a bath and freshen yourself up, shave everywhere, put on your new under garments, the black dress and heels you have in your wardrobe then wait for my instructions”!I stood there in shock for a moment pondering her instructions and removed my skirt and top, went to my bed, laid back, relaxed and did as she said. After multiple orgasms, a long bath, shaving and doing my hair, makeup and getting dressed, I stood in front of my mirror to put my earrings in and the phone rang, “I sent my driver to pick you up; he’s out front waiting for you now. He’s coming back to get me and we’ll go to dinner”!As I stepped out my front door, it was dark out and the cold fall night was chilling me to the bone. I noticed a big black limo sitting at the front of my apartment building and the driver, [a really dark black man] stood there smiling at me.I remember how his big white teeth and the whites of his eyes were a little creepy to look at in the dark of night! As I stepped off the curb the driver said, “Good evening Ms. Lucy, my name is Ken, I will be your driver tonight”. As I sat down in the car, I lifted the bottom of my dress and pulled my feet in, the driver said to me, “Good luck Ms. Lucy, and have a wonderful time tonight”! I remember thinking (during the 20 minute drive to pick up the mystery woman,) what did he mean by “good luck”?Ken pulled the limo up to the front door and got out to open the door for the mystery woman.She whispered something to Ken before sitting down next to me. “hello my pet, my name is Virginia, in private you will call me Mistress Virginia and in public you will call me Virginia and always respond with ‘yes Ma’am’, understood”? Yes Ma’am, I uttered with a choking feeling in my throat. “I am very happy to have you by my side tonight”, I am taking you to dinner and then a ball dance and once there you will meet many powerful people from the community and afterwards Ken will be taking us to my best friend’s house out in the suburbs for drinks, dancing and whatever else may come about!” I was mesmerized by her beauty, her hair and her dress under her long fur coat. Mistress Virginia said to me, “I come bearing gifts and I want you to look and feel like an elegant princess who can have anything and everything she wants”. I remember feeling so shocked when she pulled this long skinny box from her bag, the kind of box a new necklace comes in. “remove your coat, you won’t be needing that”! But it’s cold out I said? She lifted a single index finger and waved it side to side, “When I tell you to do something, you do it and don’t ask questions understood? Yes Ma’am I responded. “I have çanakkale escort a coat for you.” She proceeded to remove the huge diamond necklace from its box and said to me “now turn around and lift your hair. This necklace was given to me by my husband when we got married, I was about your age now and I have received many compliments for it”. As I lifted my hair, she placed the necklace around my neck and whispered in my ear, “When I place something around your neck it is a sign of my love and devotion to you! Next time it may be another diamond necklace or it may be your collar. Whichever I choose for you, you will always be respectful of me and anyone around us and you will do as I ask of you, understood?” Yes Ma’am I said with a shaky voice. “Good! Now for the rest of your jewelry.” She reached into her bag and pulled out two little shiny chrome objects, one looked like an egg and had a wire protruding from one end and the other looked like a little Christmas tree. I remember how a warm, tingling feeling rushed through my body. “Pull your dress up over your knees, turn around, lift your bottom to me and lean on your elbows” I looked at her and tried to say something and she shook her finger, “that wasn’t a request my pet!” As I leaned down onto my elbows I felt her warm, wet tongue on my butt hole. She reached around me and said, “here, wet this for me, this is to remind you that you are mine, understood?” Yes Ma’am! I opened my mouth and she gently put it in my mouth before licking me again and inserting the little butt plug. “Now hold your dress up and sit down, one more piece of jewelry” As I sat down she grabbed my right knee and pulled it toward her. She reached down to my pussy with the egg, rubbed it up and down and inserted it into me pushing it in deep. I moaned with exciting pleasure and asked about the wire. As she reached into her pocket and pulled out a tiny remote, she said, “Well my sweet little pet when I push this little button…” Whoa, OMG! I felt a tingling deep in my pussy down to my butt hole.WHOA I said! “Yes my little pet, that little zapper is my favorite toy, some day I will let you put it in me and play. Until then whenever you’re wearing it and you feel this (she presses the button again)”. Ooh dear god I said! “It’s ok my pet, I won’t push high yet. Whenever you feel this (button pressed again) you are to contain your emotions and be absolutely quiet! Understood”? Yes Ma’am I uttered!Once at the restaurant, we were seated in the middle of the room, I knew I would have an extremely hard time keeping my composure and I believe Mistress Virginia did too because she said something to the waiter and he escorted us to a corner table. After a delicious dinner and some small talk Mistress Virginia summoned the limo and we headed off to the ball. During the entire ride there Mistress Virginia sat as close to me as she could, she parted the leg slit in my dress and kept running her finger up and down my thigh. While at the ball everyone kept asking Mistress Virginia where her husband Victor was. She told them he wasn’t feeling well and introduced me as her [chef] in training and her companion for the night. I received compliment after compliment from nearly everyone there!I was asked to dance when I hesitated and looked at Mistress Virginia she pressed her little button and nodded her head to give the gentleman his dance. Then just as I turned to walk toward the dance floor she grabbed my arm and pulled me back, and whispered in my ear, “When you’re with me at one of these dinners or parties, never ever refuse a dance with anyone, understood?” “Yes Ma’am I whispered back!” As I turned and walked away she pressed the button again and I froze for a brief second then continued on. As we danced, the gentlemen introduced himself, “Hi I’m Chris, and you’re Ms. Lucy!” How did you know my name I asked? “Everyone here knows your name Ms. Lucy” Really, I said? “Yes ma’am, I believe you will be at the party later? Look around Ms. Lucy, quite a few people here will be going.” So, very curious I asked Chris, “Why not continue the party here?” “Well Ms. Lucy, the after-party is nothing like the ball! The after party is a whole different atmosphere, there are no suits and fancy dresses, everyone wears plain clothes but all that will be revealed in due time, just dance.” “So what time does that party start, I asked?” “I cannot tell you anymore Ms. Lucy, I’ve already said too much. Your Mistress will have my hide, please don’t ask any more questions” “My Mistress, I said? How did you know I have a Mistress, Chris?” Just then Mistress Virginia tapped on Chris’ shoulder and he bowed and walked away quietly. Just as Mistress Virginia put her arms over my shoulders, she pressed her little button once again, OMG I thought I was going to collapse! “Look around my little pet, many of the people you see will be at the after-party”. Mistress I said, how does everyone know you are my Mistress? So it appears Christopher has been talking too much. “Well you see Lucy, at one point or another nearly everyone here has been to the after-party!” “You will find out more later my dear, all in due time. Just hold me and dance.” Just then she pulled me in close and rested her head on my shoulder. I got this feeling like she had something big planned and I was part of it! She laid her head on my shoulder, softly kissing my neck and thinking back now, it seemed as though she was trying to ‘make up’ for what was going to happen to me later. After the dance was over Mistress Virginia grabbed my hand and led me to the bathroom. Once in the bathroom, we both used the facility then washed our hands. After drying, Mistress turned me to face the mirror, she stood behind me and said, “You’re a very beautiful, extremely attractive young woman my pet. If I weren’t already married I would make you all mine”!I remember looking in the mirror at Mistress with my eyes bugging out, “Mistress?” “Well dear, you’re very attractive, I love your beauty, and do you find me attractive Lucy?” Yes Ma’am I said, very attractive! “Good answer my pet as she said with a smile.” Just as Mistress Virginia and I were exiting the bathroom a man approached us and I heard him whisper to Mistress Virginia, “They’re ready at Josephs Ma’am!” Mistress Virginia led me through the ball room to an elevator. Once inside she pressed a button for the parking garage. She turned me to face her then reached over to stop the elevator. “Before we get to the car, I need to talk to you.She pulled my hair over to my left shoulder and began kissing my neck, slowly working her way up to my ear and softly ran her tongue around the outer edge of my ear and working her way to my ear drum canal. Mistress Virginia sucked my earlobe briefly, and then pulled the top of my strapless dress down over my breasts, folding it neatly around my torso. Then she placed these little shiny stars around my nipples and pushed them down so that my nipples stuck out as far as possible. I remember how they had tiny teeth on them that poked into my nipples and how they hurt a little. My sweet little pet, some things are going to happen at Joseph’s house that you may or may not like. My friends and colleagues formed a secret fetish club 10 years ago and usually organize a get together 2 or 3 times a year. Every member has his or her own fetish/kink and tonight you my dear are the star attraction! Every year at least one new member, usually a young woman like yourself is introduced to the club and she is always the star attraction for her first time. You might enjoy every fetish and kink given to you or you may not. If not just say the safe word ‘red’! But, my little pet you must give each and every person whom engages you an attempt to play out their fetish and/or kink, understood?” With a big gulp, “Yes Ma’am I replied”. She restarted the elevator, leaned in toward me and gave me a big kiss, tongue and all! As the elevator doors opened, I remember this huge rush of emotions running through my body. My knees became weak and my heart was pounding! The cold fall air made my breasts numb, Mistress Virginia carried the fur coat she had given me in an effort to teach me a little humility walking to the limo with my dress folded down below my breasts. As I got comfy in the back seat about 8 or 9 more people piled into the limo for the 30 minute ride. As soon as the car began moving Mistress Virginia snapped her fingers and pointed to an older gentleman, he was a good looking 65 year old man with a very beautiful much younger wife. He immediately got down on his knees, crawled over to me, pushed my dress up to my hips, reached under my butt and began licking me. It was an incredible feeling to be getting licked by a man more than twice my age, especially with his wife sitting there watching. My pussy was extremely wet and the pleasure that engulfed my body was incredible as Mistress Virginia and the other passengers took turns passing her little remote around. One couple was so turned on watching me get licked that the wife lifted her dress and began riding her husband’s cock. They must have zapped the bottom of my pussy 2 to 3 dozen times during the escort çanakkale long ride to Josephs. One by one they each took turns licking my pussy, at first Mistress Virginia denied me orgasm. I didn’t think I could last as long as I did. I started to orgasm and Mistress Virginia started pussy the little button again and again and again at least a dozen times. I must have had 3 or 4 orgasms.As the limo pulled off the freeway, everyone started to gather themselves and Mistress Virginia tossed me the fur coat she brought along for me and helped me get it on before leaning in a giving me a huge lip lock. My heart started pounding harder and harder the further we went. 4 miles later the limo turned into a driveway, stopped and called for the gate to be opened and I could hear, “this is Ken with Miss V and tonight’s star attraction Ms. Lucy”!The car stopped at the front door and we were greeted by Mistress Virginia’s friend Joseph, he hugged Mistress Virginia then turned to me, putting his hands on my shoulders, “And THIS must be Ms. Lucy? My my you are extremely attractive!” Mistress Virginia presses her little button and I hurriedly replied, “Thank you Sir!” Kissing my cheek he says, “Welcome to my home, ANYTHING you want or need just ask!” The front door opened and we all stepped into the foyer and 2 maids took our coats. Mistress Virginia straightened out any wrinkles in my dress where it was folded down and exposing my 34d breasts and then using her fingers, made sure my hair was all neat. We walked down the hall and into a huge living area with couches, a big screen TV a bar and a huge fireplace with a nice warm fire in it. We were approached by a woman wearing tight latex pants, high heels a posture collar that had two small chains attached to a tray strapped around her waist that had 6 glasses of champagne on it and her arms were bound behind her back with her elbows tied together and her wrists tied together. Mistress Virginia wrapped her arm around mine and reintroduced me to everyone there as we sipped our champagne. Everyone gave me compliments for my dress, hair, beauty and my breasts which some touched with their fingers and lips! Mistress Virginia and others were talking about things and places I knew nothing about and she kept her arm on mine the entire time. Occasionally I would hear a comment like ‘lucky lesbians’.Just as we were offered a 3rd drink a maid walked up to tell Mistress Virginia that they were ready for us downstairs. Mistress Virginia asked Joseph to give us a moment so he cleared the room and led everyone downstairs.Mistress Virginia looked deep into my eyes and said, “My dear sweet pet, you’re about to embark on a path like no other! There are some people downstairs who want to see you get fucked, others will fuck you, some just want to watch and see you orgasm. Some are going to deliver you pain via crops, clamps, dildos, vibrators or just really tight bondage! I cannot say if it will be too much for you but I can say this…IF you want to walk out the door right now, I will support you 100%! IF you want to go downstairs, face your fears and enjoy a few hours of kinky sex and mind blowing orgasms, I will support you!IF you do it and at anytime you want to stop, your safe word is RED! I told you earlier when I was your age I got started the same exact way, by a kinky woman who sought me out and I don’t regret a single minute! We’ve only just met and I know you have reservations, whatever you decide, I have your back! So, do you want to go downstairs?” I think a tear dropped from my eyes as I replied yes Ma’am! We’re here, this is something I have wondered about and after everything that has happened so far tonight, and I trust you! Mistress Virginia hugged me, gave me a big passionate lip lock and said, “Good, I’m glad!”Once in the basement, Joseph led Mistress Virginia and I into a backroom where the walls and shelves were covered with many different bondage toys and clothing. The maids began removing my dress, heels and Mistress Virginia removed my jewelry including the little remote buzzer in my pussy. The two maids then began helping me into a latex body suit that was really tight and snug. I remember instantly loving that! As one maid was getting my heels on the other was braiding my hair. Joseph wheeled in this weird looking contraption that had 2 seats on it. One had a dildo straight up through the seat and the other had pedals with a chain that appeared to power the dildo. Joseph then grabbed a long rope, doubled it and methodically tied it around my shoulders and arms so that my elbows both touched behind my back and then my wrists. Joseph then placed a ‘corset collar’ around my neck that also covered my mouth up to the bottom of my nose and cinched it tight. A maid with a chrome fish hook shaped thing that had a loop at the straight end and a golf ball sized ball at the curved end lubed the ball end with baby oil, the other maid lubed my butt hole and inserted it into my butt… Oooh how it hurt at 1st! Then Joseph looped a shoelace through the loop braided into my hair and tied it to the loop at the end of the anal hook so that my head back and I was looking up at the ceiling. Joseph then instructed me to stand with my back to the dildo, step up and backward onto the frame of the mechanical contraption and to sit down as a maid guided the dildo into my pussy. I moaned with great pleasure as the big, thick dildo eased into me. Straps were wrapped around my ankles, calves, thighs and my torso and shoulders so that I was completely immobile. Once all the straps were tight and entire machine was looked over, Joseph and crew threw a black silk sheet over me and ordered the two maids to push the entire contraption and me out into the middle of the dungeon room floor. It was dark and I could hear everyone whispering. As the lights turned on, I heard everyone asking, “What it is, what is it”? Joseph explained that it was his latest creation and with the help of his wife, it was finished just two days ago and that I am the 1st to be on it! He went on to explain in more detail how the idea came about while he and his wife had visited with Gord from houseofgord. As Joseph pulled the silk sheet off of me, the crowd all cheered and clapped their hands. I couldn’t turn my head at all but I could see Joseph walk to the front row of seats and grab a woman’s hand and led her out of my site. I could hear him instructing her to have a seat and start pedaling it slowly.As the dildo slowly began to fuck me I could feel someone applying a lubricant and a light tingling feeling inside from my pussy to my butt hole. Joseph then stepped into view and was holding a black box with a few red dials and a switch. He began to tell the crowd that a device is attached to the machine so that when the operator pedals faster the little tingling gets stronger and stronger!Joseph then attached wires to a clamp on each pussy lip and to the little stars that were making my nipples stand out longer. He then removed the corset collar from around my neck and mouth, stood back and with an evil grin, winked at me and then started fiddling around with the dials. Little ‘shocks’ began to zap my nipples and pussy lips more and more as he turned the dials up then down and kept repeating it.After a few minutes the girl began to pedal the machine faster and faster and the little shocks became big shocks. It got so intense that I thought I would have to yell my safe word. Mistress Virginia noticed that I was struggling with the pain of it, walked up to me and was rubbing my cheeks and asked if I was ok. Yes ma’am, I think so, I said with a shaky voice! Just as Mistress Virginia sat down I began to orgasm the most intense orgasm I ever had! Orgasm after orgasm rushed through my body, it was the 1st time I’d ever experienced multiple orgasms! Joseph was really good at identifying the end of every orgasm, just as one ended he would increase the intensity of the tens unit causing another orgasm to make my body shiver and shake violently within the tight confines of the restraints that kept me from falling off this incredible machine!Having had 6 orgasms I could barely hold my head up. Joseph had told everyone that it was break time and they could get a drink and use the bathroom if need be. Several people crowded around me, rubbing my tits, pinching my nipples, massaging every bit of me they could. Some were even wiping up my cum to taste. Joseph and his two maids began to unbind me and as I tried to stand on my feet I fell into Josephs arms. I’d never felt so weak. In fact, I must’ve lost consciousness for a brief time because to this day I still don’t remember how I got onto the table I was on next! One of the maids tightened the string that held my head back, pulling the anal hook deeper into my ass.It took me a few minutes to come around but it wouldn’t last as Josephs maids brought in another machine with a dildo attached so that when turned on it fucked me. Joseph placed a strap every 12” from head to toe on this X shaped table. He started the fucking machine slow but quickly picked up the pace. Joseph then picked one man and one woman to come do what they wanted çanakkale escort bayan to me. The guy walked up in front of me, dropped his pants and stuck his cock in my mouth. The woman began swinging a flogger over my ass, alternating cheeks. She was real gentle at 1st but with the crowd yelling “harder, harder, harder”, soon she was putting a serious sting in my ass. Once I had an orgasm, Joseph unstrapped me, removed the anal hook and turned me over and strapped me down again. He then invited everyone up for a free for all! Soon there were hands and tongues all over my body. One woman was kissing me and I remember her squeezing my nipples while sucking my tongue. I felt like I was in heaven with tongues everywhere, my clit, nipples, belly button, ears, thighs etc, etc.Just as I thought I could catch my breath after making out with a woman, a guy stepped up and began to fuck my mouth. He got harder and longer with every stroke. Before long he was making long strokes and would poke my throat every time it was all the way in. I felt like if he had shot his load with it in all the way that it would have hit the bottom of my belly. With everyone talking and cheering it was difficult to hear what any one person was saying. The guy that was fucking my mouth then went to my pussy and another guy was soon in my mouth and it felt really good with all the hands and tongues combining the pleasures. Someone began to cheer for the guy fucking my pussy and soon after more joined in, Ken, Ken, Ken, Ken… My 1st thought was “The limo driver”? Just then I heard someone say, “Isn’t that better that just driving a limo”? I heard him say to someone that he was going to impregnate my belly. Ha-ha, I’d never heard that before! Ken kept pounding my pussy for what seemed like an hour. One guy suddenly swung a flogger onto my tits, back and forth one after the other! OOOH SHIT I screamed as the flogger hit my chest! That really stung worse than on my ass but the hands massaging my tits after made it feel really good.Another guy approached between my legs and knelt down to lick me before shoving his cock in and just then I felt a strong hand lift my head, I looked up and it was Ken. He wrapped a collar around my neck and fastened it tightly. Ken then began to fuck my mouth, getting his cock all wet and lubed then eased it into my throat again and again and again until he was able to make full length strokes back and forth. The collar made it a lot tighter on his cock and he was moaning and groaning. I felt his grip on my head get tighter as he tensed up, shoved his cock in deep and dumped a huge load into my throat. He pulled it half way out and stopped to leave his cum throughout my entire throat and all the way up to my mouth. His warm cum felt really neat and before I could swallow it, he used his cock like a plow to push it all to the bottom of my throat!Just then the table was adjusted and my legs were spread wide. Mistress Virginia approached me and gave me a big kiss, she then stood up, lifted her dress over her shoulders and stepped in close so that I could lick her pussy. She must have been very aroused by the site of the show as she was soaked and only took about 10 or 12 minutes before her sweet creamy juices were flowing down on my face!For the next couple hours the small crowd of about 40 all took turns massaging various parts of my body. Many of the women were happy to stand over me and rub their pussies on my face. Of course I was happy to give them what they wanted since I love to lick pussy, a lot! The guys were at the other end taking turns stuffing my pussy full of cock. Only when one was ready to bust a nut did the ladies get pushed aside. Some of the guys were happy enough to finish on my face but Mistress Virginia made sure each and every one of them did it in my throat! Once they were all finished and happy filling me at both ends everyone returned to their seats. Joseph announced that it was now 10:30 pm and he wanted to continue for about 2 more hours if everyone was for it. And of course nobody moved a muscle. ? The maids then each strapped something around my ankles, unstrapped me from the table and led me to Joseph where he stood with a bunch of rope and some big bar that hung from the ceiling on a block-n-tackle. Joseph turned me so I faced the crowd and he hung the rope around my neck and under my arm pits to my back where he methodically tied my elbows together and then my wrists. Joseph then instructed me to sit on the floor. He then lowered the bar to the floor and fastened each ankle strap to the ends of the bar. Lifting his foot to my shoulder, he pushed me down onto my back and began to pull on the rope, lifting my legs off the floor. Joseph then jumped up and grabbed the rope as high as he could and with his body weight, pulled me off the floor in one quick motion which left me swinging back and forth and around in a circle!He tied the rope to a hook on the wall and as I kept swinging, he disappeared into another room. I was having a bit of vertigo from swinging but I could tell he had a bunch of things in his hands. Joseph then knelt down in inserted an inflatable gag that strapped around my neck and over the top of my head and he gave it 3 big pumps before sending me swinging again.As the swinging slowed, suddenly there was a loud crack and a huge sting in my ass. OMG did that ever hurt! Over and over the crop stung my ass, left cheek then the right, back and forth until each side received 15 strikes each and leaving my ass a bright rosy red.Joseph then turned his attention to my more sensitive spots but swung his crop lighter since the pain in my ass had me screaming and in tears. Once he had put a hot stinging on my pussy and tits, the maids put little suction cups over my nipples and my clitI’d thought about using my safe word several times but I was really enjoying this incredible night! I’d had a lot of enjoyment and orgasms and wanted more before he was done! I was amazed that I could have so much fun and so many orgasms from a group of people touching, massaging, licking and fucking me!By this time the clock was nearing midnight and once again everyone began taking turns giving me some sort of pleasure and/or pain. The men all had their cocks in my throat and were licking me and the women were pretty much one or the other, either way I was having a lot of fun and was really hoping to be invited back!!! It was nearly 2am and I was exhausted, Mistress Virginia had to help me get my dress and coat on and held my arm until I got into the limo where I quickly fell asleep on her lap for the ride home! Mistress Virginia woke me as Ken parked the limo near the elevator. As we stood at the elevator, I nearly passed out from exhaustion. Luckily Ken had noticed and quickly picked me up before I fell to the concrete floor. I awoke the next morning in a large heart shaped bed not remembering anything since Ken saved me from falling. There was a red silk nightie with matching stockings and heels on the bottom of the bed with a note that read, “Take a shower, put these on and join us downstairs”!As I got to the bottom of the staircase the strong smell of bacon filled the air. I followed the smell and voices and as I walked along, the site of this penthouse was incredible! The staircase, which was in a huge living room, seemed to ‘protrude’ from the wall with no risers or an outside wall to support the treads. A huge fireplace with a giant screen tv hung above it. The walls and furniture were snow white with a peach colored carpet. Several sculptures adorned the walls. I entered the kitchen and, “Good morning Lucy” both Ken and Mistress Virginia said. “Did you sleep well”, said Ken?“Yes Sir”, I replied! “Please call me Ken” he said.Mistress Virginia said, “Oh good, then you’re ready for day two”? I replied, “Day two Mistress”?“Yes Lucy, you’re only part way through your training my pet”!“Training Mistress”, I replied with a shaky voice?Mistress Virginia then stood up, walked over to me and put her hands on my shoulders and said with a giggle, “I’m k**ding Lucy, but if you would like to continue with this and see where it leads then I am quite sure my husband will be okay with it”! “Isn’t that right dear”, she said as she turned to Ken.“Ken”? I said as Mistress Virginia turned back to me.“Yes my pet, and unless you have to be home today then I would love for you to stay? In fact, he’s letting me have you as my very own pet so I’m going to let him have you anytime he wants! That is if you can handle it and you want to”? The rest of that day was amazing and incredible! Mistress Virginia, Ken and I spent most of the day having fantastic sex in every room of the house! Their penthouse is amazing and very extravagant/lavish and I enjoyed living there with them for the next 4 years. I probably would’ve stayed longer had they not split up.It was a very good time of my life and I have no regrets! Mistress Virginia and Ken had covered all of my expenses (the only thing required of me was that I had to wear a maid uniform or nothing at all, whatever they wanted. Unless of course my family showed up to visit) including a cell phone so I was able to save a lot of money. Ken gave me permission to drive any one of 3 cars, either his brand new corvette, an 80s Porsche or a 60s mustang. Once in awhile I could drive one of the lamborghini’s, Bentley, GT40 or Ferrari but not without him!I loved those two and always will!

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