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She is tall and slender, with shoulder-length auburn hair. Her breasts are full and soft with large brownish-red nipples. Her bottom is full and grabbable. Her lips are lush and kissable. Her eyes are huge and limpid and brown. And she is mine.

She’s a sales clerk in a local department store, in the lingerie section. I visit her almost every day at different times, so she never knows exactly when I’ll appear. Today, it’s mid-morning, and she is working the floor. I wait, unseen, until she heads to the back – then I make my move.

She is bent over at the waist, sorting and straightening the panties in a wooden display when I saunter up behind her and grab her hips, pressing my pelvis into her full buttocks. The hard ridge of my strapon, hidden beneath my denim mini-skirt, fits snugly into her asscrack. She stiffens and gasps, then moans softly when she realizes it’s me.

I bend further over her, my hands seeking her lush breasts. Her nipples are already hard with excitement and anticipation, and I fondle and twist them until she moans again, pressing backwards into me. I laugh and stand back up, slapping her ass affectionately. I grab a pair of panties and say, “Excuse me, miss – can you help me try these on?”

She straightens, her eyes wide and her full bosom heaving. “O-of course, ma’am,” she stammers, “please follow me,” and leads the way toward an available dressing room. I follow at a leisurely pace, admiring the pretty legs under her skirt and watching her ass sway back and forth. Unlocking the dressing room door, she smiles and beckons me inside.

I slip inside the dressing room and close the door. She is backed against the wall, eyes wide and teeth biting her full bottom lip. “Hello, girl,” I say softly, advancing slowly, a predator with the full intention of ravishing this helpless creature. Reaching her, I press my topkapı escort body full into her curves and push her, hard, against the wall. She is just taller than me, so her mouth is slightly above mine.

I thrust my hands into her hair, luxuriating in its softness as I pull her lips down to meet mine. Lingeringly, I kiss her, feeling her yield to me. My tongue snakes past her lips, tasting her gently before I claim her mouth roughly, passion and lust mingling in an intoxicating cocktail. Over and over I kiss her, feeding feverishly on her lips and tongue and on her low moans.

Finally, I come up for air and kiss her face and her neck, pausing every so often to bite her pale skin and taste the salt in the faint dew of her perspiration. Reaching her chest, I lick the shadow of her cleavage, putting off the moment when I will please us both and touch her breasts again.

“Please,” she whispers, “please… touch me again.”

“Where?” I whisper back, “here?” And I stroke her hair.

“N-no…” she gasps, “here…” And, grabbing my hands, she places them on her breasts. I smile and knead them, luxuriating in their plush softness. Her nipples are again – or maybe still – poking through the fabric of her bra and her dress to nestle into my palms. Unable to wait any longer, I pull the stretchy top of her dress down her arms and expose her pretty lace bra. It’s a front closure, thankfully, and when I unfasten it, all that lovely naked flesh explodes into my waiting hands.

Pushing her full breasts together, I bring her nipples to my mouth. Puckered and wrinkled, they stand up even more proudly under the onslaught of my hungry suckling. Kicking her feet apart, I thrust my pelvis into hers and grind the hard length of my pretend penis against her clit. Head thrown back, she meets me thrust for thrust as I rub and tease and suckle fatih escort and bite.

Releasing her abruptly, I point to the floor and unzip the fly of my skirt. My purple phallus springs free, and I point it at her. “Suck it,” I command, “and get it nice and wet.”

She obeys unhesitatingly, her full lips engulfing the head and then the shaft of my pretty penile enhancement. She sucks strongly, looking up at me as she does so. All the way in, all the way out, her saliva glistening in the fluorescent light.

When I judge things are wet enough, I take her arm and lift her to her feet. “Take your shoes off and go stand in front of the mirror,” , I tell her, moving to follow as she does. The three-panel mirror has a pedestal in front of it, about a foot high. I bend her over, showing her that I want her to place her hands on the pedestal for balance.

The mirror shows her to advantage, her breasts swaying slightly as she assumes the directed position. I lift her skirt, noting that she has followed and left her panties at home. Wait! Panties!

I glance over to see the panties I used as an excuse to get her in here discarded on the floor. Grinning, I pad over and pick them up. Returning to stand beside her, I grab her hair and pull it sharply. When her mouth opens in protest, I stuff the panties inside. “There!” I say with satisfaction, “can’t have you making any noise that will give us away, now can we?”

She doesn’t make a sound, but her the heat in her eyes jumps a thousand degrees as she looks at me in the mirror.

Not breaking eye contact, I move to stand behind her and make her spread her legs for me. . The heels I’m wearing make me the perfect height to drill her properly. My counterfeit cock has dried, but when I touch her pussy I realize that’s not going to be a problem – she’s positively dripping with excitement. eyüp escort Dipping the head into her pool of arousal, I spread the wetness around before slowly sliding inside. Inch by torturous inch I penetrate her, watching as her eyes roll back in her head.

Still inside her, I bring my hand down on her ass in a sharp slap. She groans around the panty gag, wriggling her hips and pleading with her eyes for me to do more. Again and again I spank her, turning her pale skin rosier with each successive strike. She thrusts herself back toward me, further impaling her tightness. When her skin is burning, I stop spanking and switch to caresses, pinching the more sensitive spots.

She’s so wet I can hear the slosh when our fucking resumes. I reach down and find her nipples, pulling on them with every stroke. I’ve positioned the faux flesh flute so it’s hitting my clit, and I know it won’t take me long to cum. I find her clit with one hand, propelling her toward climax even as I race alongside her.

I can tell when her orgasm hits because her muscles tighten and it becomes more difficult to thrust. Watching her cum puts me over the edge, my hips pistoning faster as I shudder, trying not to scream with pleasure. She’s watching me now, her eyes warm with satisfaction and affection, the panties in her mouth wet with drool around her smile. Lowering my forehead to her back, I enjoy the aftershocks.

Finally, I pull out and walk around to remove the improvised gag from her mouth. “Clean it,” I command, and she quickly sucks her juices off my pseudo prick. Tucking it back inside my skirt, I help her to stand and adjust her clothing back to its professional state.

Taking her in my arms, I kiss her once more, tasting more than her mouth. “Thank you, girl,” I whisper against her lips. “Tomorrow, wear a pair of your own panties. I have plans for them.”

She giggles, kissing me back hotly. I release her and head toward the door. Slipping out, I walk back through the store with a big smile on my face, thinking of all the delicious things I’ll do to her tomorrow…

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