My perverted start in life and my lust for stacey.

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My perverted start in life and my lust for stacey.please ignore my bad spelling and grammer as it’s hard to consentrate with a hard cock.Hello every body.I want to tell you how bad I am, you might feel pretty sick at time’s but I am something else.At f******n I was jerking off to my little sister, by fifteen I had cum over her sleeping body, like I said, I am sick.My dad left us when I was young and we ain’t seen him since, My mother never met anybody else and soon she turned her attention toward’s me. I remember her coming into my room when she thought I was asleep and rubbing her clit as she sucked on my young cock, once or twice I even cum in her mouth, haha. this did not help me to grow up normal, if anything it twisted me in a bad way. I remember when she got real poorly, I could sneak in her room at night and off over her, she was so out of it with the morphine, I loved cumming over her big floppy tit’s & hairy pussy.these day’s at an older age I get my kick’s differntly, I am sat here now in a pair of silver patterned stocking’s with a red g-string on, and my family around me blinkered to my perverse way’s, hidden under my jean’s.But at 38 never thought I would be the victim of my loving nice. she was my wife’s sister’s daughter so it might not be i****t but it was still wrong, Stacey has been one of my fantasies for three year’s now but only legal for the last two year’s. still I have been shooting my sticky cum in her panties which I stole when she was about ten, think the best were the red cotton one’s I stole from her dirty washing when visiting her mother some year’s ago.Any way Stacey came round the other day, I was in the back yard thinking I was alone, jerking my stiff cock as I watched a vid of some teen girl’s piss over each other, when Stacey popped her head over my side gate shouting out a loud hello, all most catching me with my cock out fully hard and close to shooting my spunk all over the place. I fethiye escort had not managed to cum and was a bit fucked off about it, Stacey opened the gate and sat next to me, my cock never softened and I was sure Stacey noticed this. Being the sick bastard I am I was soon looking at her sexy ass and firm tit’s and thinking about how I would jerk off to her sexy body later when she reached across and stroked my erection. I so nearly shot my lot in the pink cotton panties I was think I had been jerking off to her sexy body since she was just a just a teen and now she was squeezing my cock through my jean’s. I was in heaven and with in a few minuets I shoot a big load into my pant’s. Stacey laughed and told me I had better get cleaned up. Rushing to the bathroom my mind all over the place trying to make sence of what had just happend and coming up with nothing I started to strip and clean myself up, Stacey appeared at the bathroom door and watched as I sponged my cock and ball’s clean, My cock was getting hard again as she watched me then to my horror she noticed the pink panties I had been wearing full of cum on the bathroom floor, Stacey picked them up and to my shocked delight she licked some of my cum straight from the inside of my discarded panties, made a low moan and told me to get my ass into the bedroom, Once in my bedroom Stacey followed and as I watched she stripped down to her black satin bra & panties and ordered me to put something sexy and girly on, Opening a box I kept at the bottom of the wardrobe I removed a pair of red stocking’s a frilly red suspender belt, red frilly french knicker’s and a sexy red bra that I had worn many time’s in the past but all way’s on my own. Stacey watched me dress and I could see she was as hot and horney as I was by her erect nipples poking at the matireal of her bra and the damp spot forming on her panties between her leg’s.when I was finnished dressing in my escort fethiye sexy stocking’s and panties Stacey ordered me to bend over the bed and as I did as I was told she spanked my left bum cheek really hard, followed by a hard slap to my left, my ass was glowing red instantly, Stacey pulled my panties to one side and started to rub my asshole with her fingers, I was so glad I had recently showered.pulling my ass cheek’s apart Stacey spat right on to my puckered asshole and then slipped her finger into me.Stacey continued to spank me and finger my ass as she told me she new I had stolen her panties in the past and asked if I still had them, I told her I did and as she let me go to get them, I handed them to her and she looked close at the cum stain’s that covered them. Stacey then told me to bend oer again and as I did she pulled my hard 6“ cock out from my frilly french knicker’s and rapped her cum stained old panties around my hard on, then she started to stroke my cock as she jerked me off into the panties I had stolen from her in the past and continued to finger my ass stroking my prostrate the first time any one had done this to me.It did not take long for me to reach orgasm and the amount of cum that I released in to her panties was amazing given the fact it was my second load in fifteen minuet’s.Stacey then lay on my bed and told me she wanted me to lick her wet cunt till she climaxed on my tongue a task I was only to happy to carry out, pulling her black satin panties to the side I was greated with a strong smell of her juicy pussy and felt my soft cock twitch as it started to come back to life for a third time. the first taste of her hairy blond pussy had me full erect and wanting to spend the rest of my life licking, kissing and tongue fucking her amazing wet pussy, As I licked away at the hottest young cunt I had gotten my hand’s on in years I followed her lead and using her pussy juice as a lube I pushed fethiye escort bayan a finger deep into her hot asshole right down to the last knuckle, Stace loved it her ass lifted up and a loud growl came from her throte I just sucked on her clit as I pushed my finger then another deep in and out of her bum hole, when she did climax it was with a louder moan and to my delight she squrted her hot cunt juice over my face and into my mouth, she might have been satisfied but I wanted more, I wanted to get my cock into her and fuck the living shit out of her perfect sexy body.Moving up the bed I held her panties to the side and pushed my hard cock deep into her wet tight pussy as deep as it would go, my ball’s resting on her ass between her spread leg’s and my mouth moving to her hard nipples still covered by her satin bra, as I chewed on her nipple Stacey pulled her bra cup away giving me an unrestricted way to her half inch erect nipple, my mouth just locked on to it and I sucked, bit and teased her nipple as I fucked my cock in and out of her wet pussy, finnaly doing what I had dreamed of for a long, long time.It was a fantasy I had been dreaming for a long time and even though I had all ready cum twice I could feel the heat from my ball’s as my third cum started to work it’s my from the depth of my soul and I new it was going to be the best cum of my life. Stacey reached a climax and she nearly forced my cock out as she squrted her girly cum out of her pussy and drenched my ball’s in her sticky fluid’s, this did it for me and I started to fuck her as hard as I could really hammering my cock in and out of her just using her for my own pleasure and then it happened I warned her I was close and she told me to pull out, as I did Stacey took hold of my cock and placed it in her black satin panties just as I erupted and filled her panties with a really large load of hot cum, We lay together for a few minuit’s then Stacey wriggled from under me and putting her panties inplace told me she was going to keep her cum filled panties on all day and that she would be wanting a refill very soon, but that will have to be part two if you all want to hear about it…x

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