My Panty Fetish Ch. 02

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I had a lot of replies from men who have a heavy panty fetish and thought I’d write a fantasy involving one of these guys- I have changed the name to protect him. I never realized that so many men share this fantasy in reality, but I thought that they liked reading about it and not participating in this fetish.

His name is John who confessed that he was married and often wore his wife’s panties, bra and stockings. He is in his late 20’s and frequently masturbated in his panties and even pissed in them.

So I asked him to book a hotel and I would visit him. I wore a very sexy denim microskirt, 2 pairs of my dirtiest panties one over the other and one up inside my hot, wet dirty pussy, high heeled stiletto heels and a tight white singlet with spaghetti strings

He had called me 10 minutes ago saying that he was in the room and gave me the number. I ordered him to take all his clothes off, lie on the bed with his legs spread wide and hands over his head and leave the door slightly ajar and wait for me.

I took my time picking up items and arrived at the hotel about 30 minutes later. I pushed the door open quietly and saw him on the bed with his hand on his cock. I closed the door and said to him. “Who gave you permission to masturbate”? He took his hand away and stared at me. I could sense he was mentally undressing me in his filthy mind.

“Stand up!” I ordered him. He had a largish cock. I put some of my worn lingerie on the bed and instructed him to put them on. As he put each item on he was to kiss and smell the material and thank me for the privilege of wearing my sexy lingerie worn by his panty mistress as that was my role for the night.

I sat in the chair and let my legs part so as he dressed he could look up my skirt as I knew that that was one of his fetishes. I smiled at him, asking him if he liked what he saw. He nodded and started to put on a suspender belt and stockings which he struggled to attach correctly. Next, I asked him to put on the panties from my young trim room mate that I had borrowed from her. I watched him try and put them on, but he could not get them over his erection as they were too small for him

“Well if you can’t fit them on. you’d better sniff them and tell me how they smell!” I watched him put them to his nose and breathe in her fragrance. I handed him another pair after having slid a couple of tight cock rings at the base of his scrotum which he could just fit on. I gave him a bra to put on and a tight shirt and short wet look skirt.

“Turn over! Spread your arms and legs!” When he had done that I secured his wrists and ankles to the bed frame and knelt between his legs. I placed a blindfold over his eyes and I pulled one of my breasts out from my t shirt and fondled it – inches from his face-pressing my knee into his balls and then the other one.

“Do you like breasts?” I asked him. He nodded. “What do you think of mine? They are nice, aren’t they? I bet you look down a girl’s blouse when you are talking to them, don’t you. We are going to play a game.” While I was talking I was fingering my nipples centimeters from his head.” I want you to tell me what size my tits are and what cup size they are. Open your mouth! He slowly licked around my nipples and back and forth over the top of them and sucked and bit on them a bit too. I really enjoyed this, as he flicked his tongue back and forth against them really fast;

He was doing such a good job that my pussy was dripping cunt juice. My knee was still pressing into his balls. I slipped my breast out of his mouth and asked him what size he thought they were

“I’m not sure, Mistress maybe 34 or 36?”

“I’ll give you a clue what is the favorite size liked by men?”


“And the cup size?”


“Very good. You deserve a reward.”

I moved down and pressed my breast against his panty clad penis and rubbed my nipple against it up and down and then slid my breasts on either side of his rock hard cock so that his cock was rubbing itself in the gap between my 2 tits.

I got up, removed the blindfold and moved over his head so I was standing over him in such a way that he could look straight up my skirt and then sat on his face. I untied one of his wrists.

“You may fondle me for 1 minute!” He did not waste any time. His hand shot up under my skirt and went straight to my panties. He rubbed his fingers against my pantied gusset.

“Fuck your panties are wet!” he said, trying to get his fingers inside the panties. I took his hand and placed them on my inside thigh on my clit and pressed it tight against it before slipping away from him and resecured his wrist

“I want you to use your tongue and nose and make me climax twice. During this time you have to guess the color of the panties inside my pussy and I will expect an answer after you have done your job!”

I was facing his cock. I reached forward and slid my hand inside the panties, feeling his hardness then removed it. I put it on the outside against his cock head and gently stroked it through the panties carefully because I knew that he could ejaculate and sat straight down on his face so that his tongue could press against my pantied pussy.

I pressed my pussy down on his tongue. It felt really nice. I could only imagine how wet the panties inside me was. Juices were running down my pussy through the embedded panties. I could tell he was enjoying tonguing me out as his tongue was attacking my crutch with gusto.

I encouraged him by saying to him” Oh that’s fantastic. Harder, you pervert! Harder! .Get your tongue further into my wet cunt! Can you taste and smell my lovely cunt juice fresh from my dirty unwashed pussy.

I climbed quickly off him. My legs were like jelly as I reached under my skirt and took off the top pair of panties and put them over his face like a nosebag with the smelliest part of then gusset tight against his nose and mouth. I could hear him licking them and inhaling the fragrance in the material and could tell he was lost in his own private sexual world where he was getting a perverse enjoyment from my most intimate item of clothing a girl can wear

I sat down on him again. “You really are a very good cunt lapper! You made me cum twice. Can you taste all my lovely fresh juice? I wonder if you can tell me what color I have on now?” I smiled at him, standing on the bed one leg on either side of his chest in such a way that he could not look up my micro skirt.

I removed the panties from his head and shoved them inside his panties, wrapping them around his cock head and slipping his own panties back over hiding his cock.

“Black!” he said


It was quite warm in the room so I removed my singlet and started to play with my boobs, placing first my left nipple into my mouth and licking it until he was erect and then my right one. I again knelt between his thighs and placed each breast on either side of it, pressing the breasts against his nose and mouth effectively stifling him of breath. I knew from experience that a lack of oxygen enhances the eroticism of the male’s penis in such a way that he becomes super hard.

I climbed off him and untied one of his hands and placed it under my skirt so that he could fondle me and feel just how saturated my panties were. I left his hand under my skirt for 1 minute and in that time his finger pressed the gusset inside my cunt and felt the wetness of my panties before I took his and away and retied the hand to the cuff on the bed.

My panties were so wet that they could no longer contain my pussy juice. I sat straight down on his face and asked him to guess again.


“Wrong. Oh well. My girlfriend will love to taste and chew on my dirty panties. She always guesses correctly! I bet you’d like to see that!”

“Red!” He shouted

“Correct” I peeled them off and placed them over his head. Can you taste how wet they are? Tell me how much you love my dirty wet panties.

“They are fantastic. What a taste and smell of my panty mistress’s juices. I am privileged in receiving her creamy panties to have made her cum 3 times in a row.” I could hear him breathe in the fragrance in the gusset and lick the gusset out reveling in all the lovely juices contained up the tight red thong panties.

“There is one more panties for you, but do you believe that you are worthy of them, panty slut? They have been inside my pussy for 4 hours. I have 2 guys begging me for them and they will pay $50 for them. What will you pay? Will you beg for them?”

I moved away from him and sat down on the seat and slipped my hand down inside my skirt and skid a couple of fingers into my sloppy pussy to feel just how we I was and to see how far up inside my cunt the panties had travelled. I brought one of the ends down so that the tip of the panties just protruded from my pussy. I closed my eyes knowing he was following my finger in his filthy mind as I frigged myself for the next 10 minutes.

I could hear him begging for my panties, telling me he’d do anything to touch and sniff them

I got up went to the bed and lowered his panties, touching his cock. He was desperately trying to rub his organ against my hand to get sexually satisfied. It was throbbing with sexual excitement. I smiled, removed my skirt and straddled his face so that the tiny bit of panty protruding was within reach of his mouth. But as soon as he lifted his head to grasp the end I lifted my butt up until he was trying desperately to put the end in his mouth and pull the luscious panties out of me. I looked down at him and smiled and lowered myself. This time I let him grasp the end with his teeth and pull them slowly out of my dirty, wet cunt.

Finally, they were out. He could not believe his eyes. They were saturated with pussy juice. I wiped his face with the panties so that the smell of my wet panties could be smelt in the room. I pulled his panties down to his knees and wrapped them tightly around his penis, wrapping my fist around it. I slid the material along his shaft.

“Cum for me, panty pervert. Blow into the panties for your Mistress! “. He did within a few seconds, filling the panties with a couple of teaspoons of his cum. I continued to milk him dry before unwrapping them from his cock and shoved the cum end into his mouth so that he could taste his own cum. I looked down at his cock. It was still hard.

There were 2 panties lying around which I had discarded and now put on and knelt over his cock and started to empty my bladder into the panties until they could no longer hold my golden wine. My yellow pee seeped through the material directly onto his cock and balls. I Reached over, removed the panty gag from his mouth and moved up to his head so that I could piss straight into his mouth. Without being told he opened his mouth and lapped up every last drop I gave him.

Moving down his to his cock I sat straight down on it and rode him up and down till I could sense that he had ejaculated inside me. Moving back to his mouth I let his cum drip down and over his face before untying him.

I took the 2 pissy panties off and handed them to him and made for the bathroom. I saw him put them on and touch my denim microskirt. I knew he wanted to put it on and told him if he wanted to put it on he was free to do so. I also had a bra in a bag and handed that to him. The 2 wet panties that he now had on made him very kinky and soon had him dressed in my clothing, kneeling by the side of the bed, asking me to rape his arse. The bar fridge had a beer bottle in it and he begged me to fuck him with the bottle.

I am not sadistic, so I removed the crown top and rammed the top of the bottle into his arse and let the beer flow down into his arsehole slowly until half of the contents were inside him. I found his underwear and shoved them into his anus to hold the beer in, reached between his legs under the skirt and rubbed his balls and cock with my hand until he exploded into the piss stained panties.

After he had recovered he told me that was the first time he had cum so many times in succession and thanked me profusely, hoping we could repeat it. I told him next time I would bring another guy in who likes fucking guys in panties if he liked that, He said that would be really kinky.

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