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She could feel his presence long before he spoke to her. She could tell by the look on other peoples faces that he was stood behind her watching her work out, probably sneaking pictures of her bum as she leant further forwards over the cross trainer and stepped it up a little.

She jolted slightly as his finger run up the outside of her thigh and his lips gently brushed her arm. “I’ve missed you.” he mumbled, his voice as soft as silk.

She turned her face towards him, knowing she was probably sweaty and red from her work out, but she couldn’t resist looking at him.

She raised her eyes to his, blue meeting brown, refusing to let his chiseled abs intrude into her mind and making her hot.

“Did you now.” she replied.

He slid one hand down her backside, cupping a little just as he let her go. “Come find me when you’ve finished.”

She could only nod.

She finished her work out on the cross trainer and headed to the mats. The only thing possessing her mind was knowing that he couldn’t resist her when she squatted in front of the mirrors.

She took stock of her core bag and slung it across her shoulders, stood straight and squared up in front of the mirror. She couldn’t help the smile that slid across her face as she watched him take a seat on the bench kaçak iddaa behind her, a few of his friends hovering around him.

She breathed deeply and started her squats, the whole time being able to hear the quiet conversation going on between him and his friends. She knew what they said, she knew how much he wound them up about their love life, about the jealousy that seeped through the group.

Hurry up

The text was demanding, as always, and she knew if she teased him any more than she already had he’d pin her earlier than she wanted.

She sent him a snapshot of her stepping out of the shower, and headed to her locker to get her stuff.

That isnt hurrying up. How many people are there??

She looked up and quickly replied;

A few oldies from the aerobics..

She smiled at a few ladies as they headed to the showers, and started pulling on her underwear.

“Don’t you dare.”

His voice stopped her dead.

He took hold of her arm and gently ran the tip of his tongue along the back of her neck. “There’s people in here!” she whispered.

“Yes, you’re right.” his grip tightened on her arm as he abrubtly moved her towards the lockers.

He twisted her arm around her back and pinned her easily against the lockers. “those old girls cant hear a thing… kaçak bahis but makesure you don’t make too much noise,” his breath chasing down her spine.

He shoved her feet apart with one movement and lifted her towel up past her bottom. She could feel how wet her pussy had become, it slowly starting to stick to the inside of her thighs, she wanted to clamp her legs shut to ease the throbbing, but he held her in place.

“Don’t you move, don’t you breathe.”

She could feel how hard he was as he pressed against her, his kisses running all the way along her shoulders and round the back of her neck. His hand gripped her hip roughly and he rammed himself against her harder. “You want this?” he asked.

She took a deep breathe and nodded. “Say it.” he growled.

“Please.” she whispered.

He released her hip briefly and she could hear him quickly pull down his shorts. His fingers dipped into her wet pussy, teasing her as he tugged on her clit and bit into her shoulder.


He slid himself into her, as deep as he could go, one of his large powerful hands pinning her hands against the lockers, the other digging into her hip and pulling her towards him.

He arched his back, bringing himself almost completely out of her, before slamming back in again.

“oh illegal bahis jesus.”

“Shut up or we’ll get caught.” was all he grumbled, his face buried into her hair, his breath thick against her skin.

He slammed again, as she pushed onto her toes and curled her bum towards him. “Harder.”

“Oh.. you’re calling the shots now are you?”

He rammed into her again, she could feel the sweat on his palms as his hand slipped of her hips in his haste. “Come on then baby.”

She shoved outwards, his knee propping her knee up to bring her higher, and pushing him deeper.

He started pounding, hard, the metal doors of the lockers crashing with the momentum.

“Oh shit.” she gasped, as she felt him swell inside of her. “Oh baby yes.”

He grunted and pinned her against the lockers again, she could feel his hot cum filling her up, feel the pulse through his cock as he emptied himself out.

She took a few breaths to steady herself, as he let go of her wrists and slipped out of her. “You were quick.” she said.

He grabbed the back of her head, twisting her face round to his and roughly shoved his tongue into her mouth. “Don’t tell me what to do and you’ll get to cum next time,” he panted into her mouth, “Dirty little bitch.”

He quickly pulled his shorts back up, slapped her on more time on the ass and left.

She took a few more deep shuddering breaths, steadying her knees and her nerves, as the ladies came out of their cubicles and looked at her.

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