My Little Sister’s Sexual Escapades; Part II Teenage Challenges: Her Virginity

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My sister’s imaginative antics continued even though she was almost seventeen.Clearly she was infatuated with my cock and created every opportunity to touch it, play with it, put her hand on it or in my crotch, and of course make it cum as often as possible. One evening whilst the family was enjoying a meal together at a steakhouse and I was in deep conversation with my parents I felt this feather tickle my balls. As I was not wearing any underpants, which often happened in very hot weather, I reached down and caught the perpetrator, my sister’s hand. It had ostensibly had reached down to retrieve a dropped serviette and in the process was diverted to address my manhood. I was dumbfounded. I had to keep a straight face and could not show any discomfort or surprise or say anything so I just squeezed, hard!She could not comment either other than utter, “I can’t find it. It must have slipped behind my seat!” With that she sat up with a huge grin on her face. She had obviously been down there to enjoy the view, I thought. But then again she couldn’t have seen too much in the dark. I did not realize that her feather was taped to a tiny key torch which she discretely slipped back into her clutch bag.I simply glared at her.One day, Cathy’s closest friend was invited over to spend the weekend. My parents were delighted and I was politely requested not to disturb the girls but to use the time studying.I agreed, trying hard not to smile. Little did my parents realise that I was not the guilty party.I busied myself with my studies. Cathy and Jacky went to the movies, swam, watched TV and had a great time. I showered at my usual time and after my rub down, which always gave me an instant erection of note, I marched back into my adjoining bedroom totally naked and hard.I walked straight into the faces of two giggling young ladies sitting on the edge of my bed staring at my throbbing boner. Jacky’s eyes Fikirtepe escort bayan were out on stalks and her hand held over her mouth. She simply uttered one word, “Wow!”Both girls burst out laughing. They were overcome with excitement.My dear little sister then said, “See, I told you you’d enjoy it, especially this part”.She fell to her knees in front me and started sucking my cock so hard that it felt as though my balls were once again being extracted along with my bum as well! She came up for air, still firmly holding my shaft and said to her friend,“OK Jacky, it’s your turn now”.Without hesitation Jacky did the same and just swallowed my head in one fell swoop with confident to and fro movements. With one hand placed firmly on my shaft and working in unison she could feel me hardening. I noticed that her other hand was down on her crotch. She seemed to be massaging it at the same time. Even my balls were tightening into their sac. The experience was unbelievable. Somehow I felt that she had done this before. Her competence expressed it all!Cathy enjoyed every minute just as much as I did.Any longer, I’d shoot my load, I thought. Fortunately she stopped, looked up at me and said, “thank you, you have a beautiful cock, much bigger and thicker than my boy-friends”.Ah, I guessed it!Cathy was gloating. I was reeling. Once I’d regained my composure I reluctantly said to them, “OK, hope you’ve had your fun, now please go !”. But my naughty little sister had other ideas.”Thank you” she responded, “but can we say ‘good-bye’ first” and with that she shoved Jacky back on her knees and whispered, “You go first”.Jacky’s soft mouth encircled my head once again and swallowed deeply. Her other hand moved to my balls this time and simultaneously fondled both. Again she felt my cock hardening instantly and withdrew. The head was purple and oozing pre-cum. Escort Sancaktepe She licked it and said, “Yummy”, and gave it a little peck whilst uttering a fond “good-bye”!My little sister followed her friend’s example. She swallowed deep, right hand tightly squeezed around the shaft. It moved in unison with her mouth. Up and down, to and fro, whilst the other was gently massaging the hardness of my tightly packed balls. She was improving with each stroke, I thought.I was overcome and blown away by the actions of these two little nymphs. The hype was unbelievable. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I’d be treated to another awesome blow-job like this.My sister sucked like she was on some mission and it worked! The pressure proved too much. I shot my load with such gusto that I saw her gulp at first and then swallow three times with each eruption as though she was drowning.“Wow”, that was so nice. Thank you so much, Briany, see you later!” she chuckled with a naughty twinkle in her eye.“No!” I shouted, “Go and play now, or I’ll tell mother”, I lamely uttered.Late that night they both tiptoed back into my bedroom naked! They started massaging my cock. I woke up again from a deep sleep. They giggled. My cock had recovered from their earlier exploits and had rested. It was rock-hard once again. Without uttering another word I was stripped naked. Before I knew what was happening my sister whispered to her friend, “I’ll just show you what I like to do”. She hopped onto my tummy, legs wide spread, with her growing pussy fully displayed. She carefully placed it over my shaft, her clit in line with my exploding head and moved along it, up and down. I just lay there, almost paralyzed and moaned with pleasure.Suddenly she jumped off knowing that I would not last too long and whispered to Jackie, “Go on, your turn now”.Jackie was a beautiful young üsküdar escort lady, developing fast. Her breasts were already a 32B, her nipples were well-formed and protruding nicely and not even fully erect. Her pussy was something else. Her pubic hair was clearly visible and her lips really puffy with a little nodule peeping out at the top!.She mounted me, legs wide apart, treating me to a sight I will never forget. Her outer lips were firm and magnificently shaped. The inner lips were clearly visible as they were protruding nicely, yet protecting her love passage. A beckoning site of note, for my already crazed cock! It was going demented with frustration and wanted more of her. Then to crown it all I was exposed to the biggest clit I’ve ever seen. It looked like a miniature penis and was just asking to be massaged and sucked.She carefully lined it up. She ensured that her large clit head would be in direct contact with my head and then engulfed my shaft into her puffy lips. She rode me like a professional, slowly at first, to work in unison and gently increasing her speed. Her rhythm increased, with her pussy lips opening wider to take in more of my member.Suddenly she lent forward onto my chest. Her erect nipples pouted and hardened even more as she pushed backwards and forwards. Her wetness spread all over my shaft and then suddenly consumed it into her velvety canal. It was heaven. My entire body just stiffened. I could feel my cock diving deeper and deeper as her pussy muscles encircled it ensuring no escape.I realised that I had slipped unintentionally inside this beautiful young maiden’s love sanctuary and was actually going deeper with each movement as she thrust faster and harder. There was no stopping. She simply continued relentlessly. I was totally overwhelmed and out of control I moaned. She moaned. I exploded. She screeched. I uttered, “Oh no, I’ve cum inside you!”.“I know!”, she replied, “It’s awesome, thank you!”“But without protection?”“Don’t worry, my period ended two days ago. It’s all quite safe”.I was so relieved. My little sister looked on in total awe, ‘gob-smacked’, but with so many questions.Jacky was still on me with her pussy fully swollen and savouring every moment.

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