My German Desire

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My German Desire”Lets get to the car, quickly” you said. “I want to see them properly, to make sure they right”.”Hold on, what’s the rush. I can put them on when we get home”.You stopped walking and turned to me, your eyes widened, and you stood, quietly for a second.”You mean I have to wait, I don’t want to wait. I told you I was buying something special, I’ve missed you. I have been working so much recently, and we just haven’t spent enough time together”.S…… works away so much, I sometimes wonder if he is having an affair. But he is a passionate man, who, like most men, doesn’t like the thought of waiting.”Please….I just want to have a quick look, please.”We carried on towards the car, he took hold of my hand and held it tight.”I love you, I have always loved you”. You said, as we got to the car and you opened the passenger door for me.As I got into the car, I saw your eyes, those deep, dark eyes. You gave up your life in Germany for me, moved away from your family, and worked so hard to secure your future within the company, and our future, now we were married.You knew I couldn’t resist you. It didn’t matter what you wanted, I always gave it to you, always.”Just get in the car S……, we really should be getting home”.You walked around to the drivers side, and slowly got in the car handing me our purchase.”Please sarıyer escort baby, put them on. No one is around, the parking lot is getting quiet now, please!”I felt your hand touching my thigh, moving up slightly, pushing up my skirt and reaching for my underwear.”Take them off, put on the ones I got you”. I shuffled in my seat, pulling on one side, as you feverishly pulled on the other. My panties were on the floor of the car as you took the parcel from me. You handed me something”Put them on baby, its ok, its empty around here now”.I wasn’t looking around for other cars now, the excitement rushing through me was obvious as I felt your fingers dip into my pussy, oh yes.I felt a surge of warmth rush over me.I slipped on the panties and moved my hand over them.”Take off your top, and your bra, and put this on”. He handed me the deep red bra, matching the colour of my panties. “Take them off baby.”My top was up and over my head in seconds, I was beginning to get nervous, but you just said it was alright, we were alone. Unfastened, my bra fell from my shoulders, and my full breasts were there, on show, in a parking lot. You leaned over and kissed them, gently sucking them and touching them with your warm hands.”Mmmmmm, you are so fucking esenyurt escort sexy, I love you so much” you whispered. I put the red bra on, and you fasten it for me, very slowly, your gaze fixed on me spilling out of it.”Oh my god, you are making me so fucking hard”.Your cock was busting out of your open trousers, trying to force its way out of your underwear.”Suck me baby, suck me hard”. You pulled me forward, and pushed my head down to your waiting hard on, not giving me a chance to refuse. My open mouth was filled with your fully erect cock, which was being pushed up, deep into my throat. Your hands were holding my head as you forced it down, hitting the base.You pushed me off, smiled and asked me to climb on.With no hesitation, I did as you asked, you pushed my panties to one side, your cock was so hard, it was spurting precum, and you were shaking.”Fuck me baby, fuck me hard, I want to fill you up”.My pussy was slamming down hard on your cock, and I was cummin so much. You were moaning, I was worried that someone would hear. Little did I know that a group of people were walking past our car, and stopped suddenly.”Harder babe, fuck me harder, I am so close, oh yes”.With my feet moved onto your seat, and my hands around your neck I rode you hard and forced my wet pussy avrupa yakası escort onto you, you pulled me down heavy, with your hands around my hips.”I’m cummin baby, oh yes, here it comes”.I felt a hot jet of cum shoot deep inside me as your cock twitched and jerked, warm cum was spilling out onto your balls, and the seat.”Oh god, it isn’t stopping, keep going baby, I want to cum again already. You held onto my shoulders and gripped them so tight, you let out a huge moan as a second load shot into me, I was well and truly fucked.”I married you because I love you, I fuck you because you are the hottest girl I have ever met”.I kissed you and climbed off, settling back into my seat.Adjusting myself as I put my clothes back on, I noticed a crowd of people, stood, looking at our car. The windows were steamed up a little, but there was no doubt in my mind that they had just witnessed a free, live sex show.I was so ashamed, people had been watching us, lots of people.”Can we leave S……, just drive baby, please”.You turned on the ignition, and started to pull away slowly. Someone stood in front of the car which forced us to stop, leaning forward, he started to speak. You lowered the window to hear him.”That was the hottest fuck I have ever seen in my life man, I applaud you both on a truly amazing show. I bet you cannot wait to get her home and fuck her all over again”.People were giving us a round of applause, haha.”The man has a point hunnie, lets go”. And we left the parking lot, you driving, and me, sat, with my legs apart slightly, as you pushed your free fingers in and out of my pussy for the rest of the journey home.For S…… xx

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