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My friend ShaunaWhile growing up in my area there were a couple of people who went to both primary and secondary school as me, one of whom was my friend Shaun. I was protective of Shaun, he was a thin and wispy boy, not athletic at all and very shy, and had a feminine face. Boys will be boys, and he was sometimes picked on in school, but I did help him out, one day I very publically beat the living hell out of a boy the year above us because he backhanded Shaun while on the yard, and that at least ensured that he was never physically struck by anyone in school again. Sadly I didn’t see him much after school, but I did keep in touch, and knew that he’d started transitioning and was now calling himself Shauna, and openly came out at as gay. This didn’t affect our friendship in any way, and I made sure he knew he could come to me if he needed help or some support, and I always made sure to invite him to get together with boys from school. I was 22 I believe when late one day I heard a sharp rapping on my door, and was surprised to find Shauna standing at my door, shivering, crying and bleeding from a cut above his left eyebrow. He was wearing shiny black flat shoes with little black ribbons on top of them, some light blue women’s jeans, and a black top with a nice brown women leather jacket, his hair had been grown to just past shoulder length, his finger nails were painted black, and despite the trickle of blood down the side of his face, you could tell he was wearing a nice shade of cherry red lipstick and mascara, admittedly he looked very nice and made a pretty woman, with a woman’s small frame. “Shaun? What the fuck happened to your eye? Come on get in here.” He came into my house and I immediately started walking him towards my bathroom where he could wash his face with a flannel. “I was walking home from visiting my cousin Ffion bahis firmaları when two boys blocked my path, I recognise them from school, they were the year below I think, they started calling me a fag, and a princess, and the one hit me and cut my fucking eyebrow open, I ran and you were the closest person I knew, I hope you don’t mind me coming here”. He spoke in a shaky manner, and when he spoke some of his words were in interspersed with sniffs and snivels, the protective feelings I had for him were coming out again, such a sweet and friendly person. “Fuck man, little bastards, you can stay here as long as you like man, wash your face and I’ll get you a plaster”. Once I’d placed the plaster over his cut, we sat down one the settee, and he huddled up to me and put his head on my shoulder, still shaken and tears still building up in his eyes. “Do you know their names?” “I knew the one boy, he’s that Michael guy’s little brother, remember the one who had art class with us?” “What, psycho Michael?” “Yeah that’s the one”. “I’ll have a word with Michael about this, trust me, he’ll kick his brothers arse for this, he was asking about you when I saw him a few months back, he thinks you’re lovely”. “Oh no please don’t, I don’t want to cause any bother, I knew stuff like this could happen when I started taking hormones”. “Still doesn’t make this right, who’d want to hurt such a beautiful woman?” I was able to make him laugh and smile by saying that, which felt good, it was nice to see those lips smiling instead of trembling. “Trust me mate, they’re just scum who don’t like the fact that they see you taking positive steps in your life to make yourself happy, and they’re just doing nothing, and I’ve always said you can come to me about anything”. He sat up and faced me, and gave me a smile that filled me with an incredible warmth, it was kaçak iddaa a look that cut straight through the tears and trembling and said ‘I’m lucky to know you’. He came in to hug me, nuzzling his head between mine and my shoulder, and he put his hand on my chest. “Now cheer up okay? Don’t let a couple of idiots ruin your day, you know I love you buddy”. I turned my head around and gave him a reassuring kiss on the forehead. He then turned his head, said “I know” with a smile, and kissed me on the cheek. He pulled his head back, and then gave me another one, longer this time, and then started to gently move his hand back and forth across my chest. For a few moments it’s quiet, and I can see in my peripheral vision that Shaun is biting his lower lip, but clearly wrestling with his thoughts. I look at him and ask him if he’s alright, and I don’t know if this was how he’d felt for a while, or if in that moment he needed help from a big strong friend, but he leaned forward and kissed me on the mouth and started to rub my cheek with his hand. “You’re so sweet to me, you’ve looked after me for almost 18 years now, you stood by me when I was bullied, you stood by me when I came out, when I started hormones, and I do hardly anything for you”. Again he leaned over, and kissed me just by my mouth, and now his hand is rubbing back and forth on my chest a bit harder. “Look Shaun, I don’t know if now is the time for you to be doing this, it’s been a strange day for you, and the last thing I want is you doing something you’ll regret. As beautiful as you’re looking, I just don’t think this is something you want to be doing”.”Don’t worry about me, tell me to stop any time you want or is you feel uncomfortable”. Shaun stood up and mounted me on the settee, one leg either side of mine, one arm resting on my right shoulder, the other stroking back kaçak bahis my hair, he’s biting his lip again. He leans in for the kiss, and at first I hesitate, but I join in and our tongues meet. I don’t know I feel about this, but his makeup is helping me, he does look very pretty, and his features so feminine, and you can see a bulge where the breasts are starting to grow from the hormones, he starts moving his body back and forth, grinding his bum against the front of my jeans, and I can feel myself getting excited. After a while of this he looks me in the face and says “Say when, okay? Don’t worry, I’m not expecting you to return the favour”. He climbs off and gestures his hand out, I take it and he leads me to my own bedroom, the size difference between us as we walk is making me smirk, him being 5’6, and myself being 6’1. He gently pushes me down onto the mattress, and climbs on, and starts to unbotton my jeans. He pulls them down revealing my cock. He starts to work my cock, and kisses the tip with his delicate, cherry red lips. Then starts to pump me with his hand and mouth, his small hand is doing wonders for my self esteem, and it felt good, really good, it was the first blowjob I’d had, despite having had a girlfriend for 3 years, the idea simply did not work for her, but this was working, I could feel myself getting ready to pop. “When” I declare, and I’m able to make my way to the bathroom to finish up. Afterwards it’s a bit quiet, but it’s getting late, so I spoon Shaun, kiss the back of his neck, wrap my arm around his and we both sleep. The next morning was a bit awkward, but I still felt good about being able to comfort Shaun at a time like this. I still see Shaun, or should I say Shauna now, to this day. She had her surgery a few years later, and met a man who she has now been dating for three years. My daughter loves her Aunty Shauna, shouting with glee every time we visit them or they visit my house, and while we choose not to talk of that night, we both think back fondly on that one night of close fun we had as very good friends.

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