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My first time – BiHave you ever had an affair you never intended to have?Ever had a love affair that got off to a bad start, and then proceededto get worse?Ever turned your best buddy into a love slave for you and his sister?Ever wonder how such a dumb thing could possible happen?I’ve been wondering for years how this story could have happened. Itwas really exciting at the time, but it was also really stupid. If you’restill reading, I have to warn you this story gets into straight, bisexual,and gay sex between young teens still discovering what puberty is and whatsex has to do with it. If any of that bothers you, you may want to stophere! How much is true probably is not important since it happened longago in never-never land.—Donny and I were neighbors – both some thirteen years old. I was maybesix months older, but a lot bigger and a lot more developed than he was. Isort of looked out for Donny. We had become best buddies, schoolmates, andjocks. Both of us were on the same baseball team and swim team. We oftenspent overnights at each other’s house, and had jerked off together lookingat a girlie magazine. Donny had expressed his jealousy because my dick wasbigger than his. He was watching when I first shot a load. We Comparedsizes. Donny envied me, but had to settle for my predictions that he wouldone day “catch up”. Even though we often watched each other jerk off, wedidn’t go any further than that. Donny’s daddy had told him about queerswho did stuff to other guys. Sex was a no-no to Donny, even though I oftencaught him staring at me like he wanted to go further.Donny had a sister named Linda about a year younger than him. Lindawas a pest – always. When we went to my house, Linda would try to sneak upon us. My mom was a working mom. After school, Donny and I could go to myhouse to get away for a few hours until my parents got home. Linda wouldfollow us and check the door to see if we had left it open. If it was open,she would walk in. She almost caught us jerking off one day because I hadnot locked the front door. We just happened to hear something and managedto get our pants up in time.From before the time I went into puberty, Linda had decided she had acrush on me. She made no secret of it. She had also started puberty. Shewas proud of the “new boobs” that were like small tight knolls with rusticred large buttons on top. Whenever Donny or her mom wasn’t watching, Lindawould scoot in close to me or bend over to let me see them. At school, shewore a training bra to make them look bigger. Donny and I would tease herabout that. She would get even by teasing that she had seen “our tinylittle dicks”. To prove her point, she would try to get a look at us nudewhenever possible. We were more interested in sports than in girls so wemostly ignored her. Besides, I secretly wanted her cute big brother a lotmore than her.At f******n, I had developed another problem. My dick was a good fiveinches long on hard. My balls had dropped. I was constantly horny. My dickstayed stiff, or became stiff at the worst times – and for noreason. Raging hormones had changed me into a b**st. I would get hard onsin school that the girls would spot if I sat the wrong way or stood up. Athome, Linda made my life hell. Every time her brother and I would wrestleor goof off, I would get a hard on. When she spotted the bulge, she wouldtry to get a peek at it. That would cause me to get even more excited. Eventhough I wanted Donny, It was also great having a girl trying to impressme.At home, Donny would stare or tease me about the “bulge”. Linda wouldjoin in by placing her hand on my knee or thigh. No matter how much I triedto ignore it, or stop it, my dick would rise to the occasion. I would turna deep red if any one else was there. Linda would beam knowing she had mewhere I could not ignore her. If no one was watching, she would slide herhand up until she touched my shaft. I would move it away. Then one night,I let her feel it. Pretty soon, she caught me wearing loose shorts and ranher hand underneath the legs to get a better feel. I loved it. So didshe. It got to be a game of risk. Pretty soon, I would not wear anyunderwear and beam when Linda would discover she was now holding my barehard on. I also started sliding a hand into her panties to discover shealso had some fuzz there. We got pretty brave sneaking a feel or gettingcurious when no one noticed. Although I still wanted Donny, I began towonder what it would be like to have sex with her.One time when I was spending the night, Donny had tired of watching TVand left to go to bed. Their mom had already turned in for the night. Lindaand I were playing feely-feely. She wanted to see it. I slid my shorts downso she could see what she was playing with. She did the same. I showed herhow to jerk me off. She let me ease a finger up her cunt. It wasn’t longbefore she watched my cum shoot into the air. She pushed her cunt all theway down on my finger, and began to moan. Both of us orgasmed. Awkwardly,we broke it up with a deep kiss.I went off to bed with Donny. Still very horny, I slid Donny’s shortsdown and slid my hard on between his beefy butt cheeks. Donny didn’t move.I pumped back and forth along the crack until I had pumped a second loadthat shot all over his crack. Then I pulled his shorts back up and went tosleep. Nothing was said by either of us about the incident the nextmorning. Donny just went to the bathroom and showered. I knew he had toknow my cum had dried between his butt cheeks.Donny spent the next night at my house – without Linda. We slepttogether in my bed as always. Donny hadn’t said anything about the nightbefore. I was kind of surprised when he said he was too tired to beatoff. He had trying hard to shoot off, and really liked doing it. I wasmore than a little confused when he pulled off his briefs and lay on hisside with my hard dick pressed against his crack. Taking the hint gladly, Ipulled my shorts down and bahis firmaları slowly began humping him between the cheeks as Ihad done the night before. I could hear Donny breathing loudly. He was spretending to be sound asleep. I just played along. Once again sliding mydick between his cheeks, I pumped until I had shot my load.I had also held Donny close while I pumped his dick until heorgasmed. When he did, his cute little butt was doing a number on mydick. I was suddenly hard again. I lubed up my shaft with my own cum andworked it around his love hole. At this age, I didn’t know much aboutpreparing the hole for entry, but I did know to lube it first, and I sensedhe wanted it. So did I. I had watched him playing around in his Speedoswith that beautiful little bubble butt causing me to want it. More thanonce I had shot off pretending I was on top of it. I wasn’t about to askhim why. Horny teens act on impulse – and my impulse wanted my dick in hisbutt.Fortunately for him, my shaft was long and thin. When I got it inplace, I slowly but firmly pushed until I felt the head pop inside. A sharpgrunt told me Donny was definitely awake now. He didn’t try to get freethough. I paused to let him decide, but held him close. When he didn’t pullaway, I slowly eased in until I felt my pubes pressed against hischeeks. Donny’s cherry was mine. I slowly started my rhythm, and was soonpounding away. I rolled on top and soon planted my seed as far inside himas possible. He grunted a few times, but seemed to like it. I suredid. After unloading, my dick quickly deflated. We rolled apart and went tosleep.Despite the fact that we both woke up the next morning still nude,nothing was said. I had had sex with a few friends before, so I just felthappy and lucky. Somehow I knew Donny would not tell. I also knew he hadliked what we did. He was still sleeping as I slid in gently and once againpumped a load inside that gorgeous tight hole.A few days later, Donny asked if we could spend the night togetheragain. I was more than happy to oblige. Without saying a word, Donny slidout of his shorts to go to bed. I did the same. Once again, Donny went offto sleep. Once again, I spent much of the night pumping my load up hisbutt. Come morning, nothing was said. Nothing had happened. This happenedseveral times. He made no effort to blow me or get me to do anything at allalthough I usually jerked him off as I plowed his hole. Life was good. Iwas still playing around with Linda as well.Trouble came one night when I was at his house. His mom would be outtill late. We had the house to ourselves….me, Donny, and Linda.Donny wanted to spend the night playing cards and watching TV. He wasless than happy when Linda sat next to me on the sofa, and doted overme. She liked putting her arm over my shoulder or putting my hand on herknee; or both.I wasn’t sure how I felt about girls. It had been Donny I liked tohang with, but I did like what Linda did for me. It would also not lookgood if I preferred Donny to his sister although I sure liked what Donnydid for me. Neither parent was going to be pleased with either decision. Myparents would kill me if they found out I was screwing Donny. They wouldalso kill me for screwing Linda.His parents would feel pretty much the same way. They would also warnme not to come back to their house – ever.For an hour or so, we played cards. It was boring, but it kept me andLinda on opposite sides of a card table. She teased that she wanted to playstrip poker. Donny would not go for that. He also sat between me and Linda,preventing any contact. Both Linda and I were getting a little pissed offat him. We had other things in mind. The game broke up.Donny decided he wanted to do some sit-ups to loosen up. He challengedme to keep up with him. I guess that would turn out to be his undoing. Wewould each do as many as we could without stopping. First, I would hold hisknees while he did them. Then he would hold mine. Although it wasn’t what Iwanted to do, I went along with it.To make things interesting, I teased Donny by rubbing my hands alonghis thighs as he did his sit ups. He giggled and warned me to stop. Hedidn’t have to say why. His shorts would slide up showing his tighty whiteybriefs, but that wasn’t the problem. I could also see his slender littlefour inch shaft tenting the briefs. Donny was getting a hard on. To make itworse, every time he lay back on the carpet, Linda and I could see theimprint of his dick under the shorts. Although Linda had plopped on thesofa to show her disinterest in exercises, she was now smiling that impishsmile she gets when she knows something is going on. She couldn’t seeDonny’s dick, but she could see the hard on. Things were getting morefun. Donny wouldn’t stop doing sit ups. He would lose the contest. His facewas red, but not from the exercise. Donny was aware me and his sister werestaring at his problem. I think he was relieved when he couldn’t do anymore.It was my turn. I lay back and made myself comfortable. Donny straddledmy legs holding my knees down for me. I wore a pair of sports shorts withwide open legs, and no briefs. I had dressed hoping to fool around withLinda. When I lied back, everything I had was clearly visible. I felt alittle uneasy at first knowing Linda was getting a pretty good view fromthe sofa. Her smile said it all. Donny was also getting a good view, butdidn’t say anything. He was trying to ignore the fuzz and the semi-hardshaft flopping back and forth as I started my sit ups. At first, I wasdoing them rapidly and wasn’t paying that much attention to Donny andLinda. As I started to tire a little, I noticed Donny was stretched out alittle more. I didn’t give it much thought. My shorts had bunched up onme. My dick was completely out in the open now. Linda was watchingfascinated. Donny was lying across my knees with his face almost in mycrotch. I even thought I could feel his breath blowing up my shorts. Mydick kaçak iddaa was no longer semi. It was hard as a rock.”Wow!” Linda couldn’t hold it back. That was all she said. It was allshe had to say. I was turning red all over.Donny was no help. He started giggling along with Linda.”PERVERTS!” I protested. “I know what you’re looking at.””It’s no big deal.” Donny roared.”Looks pretty big!” Linda challenged.”He ain’t all that big!” Donny continued.”Bet he’s way bigger than you.” Linda challenged again.”You’re not supposed to be checking out guy’s dicks.” Donnysmirked. He was still laughing, but Linda was getting to him.”Neither are you.” Linda shot back.I loved this. I wasn’t sure where it was leading, but having a boy anda girl arguing over my dick was new. Both had already seen it, and evenplayed with it, but they didn’t know how far the other had gone. I got thefeeling both were playing a game to see how much they could find out aboutthe other. I laid back, put my hands under my head, and slowly kept up thesit ups. I wasn’t ready to give up. Ignoring the two of them, and my dick,I continued.To a teenager, an opportunity to have sex is also aninvitation. Hormones speak a lot louder than words. That’s the only way Ican explain what Donny did next. Donny had been sitting on my legs staringat my dick like it was an ice cream cone just waiting to be licked. I don’tthink he even knew Linda was still there. Without a word, he leaned forwardas if to get a better look at my straining rod. And then, lifting the clothfrom around it, he wrapped one hand around my aching rod.Linda and I watched in shock. It got better. He lowered his bodystretching out flat as he opened up his lips and took about half of my dickinside his mouth. For a couple of minutes, we just watched, not believingwhat we were seeing.”My brother the fag who wasn’t staring at your dick just wants to suckon it.” Linda commented.”He sure likes what he’s doing.” was all I could add.By this time, Donny was bobbing up and down, sucking and licking. Itwas pretty obvious he liked this new toy.”Unless you want a mouth full, you oughta back off now.” I warned. Myballs were telling me I was about to unload.Donny didn’t budge. My hips thrust into the air. I shoved my dick inas far as possible and held his head in place as several shots blasted downhis throat. Only then did Donny pull back gagging. He sat up looking bothshocked and pleased.”You shot off.”, he blurted.”And you just swallowed it.”, I smirked.Only then did Donny realize his sister had just watched him blow aguy. She had sat quietly. Her big brother had just sucked off the dick shehad been hoping to play with. Things had suddenly gone weird.”OH MAN!” Donny’s voice got very high. “I’m in deep shit. That wasjust an impulse, Linda. I just wanted to try it. Honest! We can keep thisour secret. I never did anything like that before. O K?”For the first time, Linda’s face lit up. Her big brother’s voice waspure fear. His future was now in our hands. Donny had crossed the line.”Yeah, sure Donny. You just happened to see this long hard dick thatneeded sucking, so you did it. Mom and dad are really going to love thisone. My brother sucks dicks. Why should I keep that a secret? If I suckdicks, you’d tell on me in a flash.”For the first time, I saw tears welling up in Donny’s eyes. His worldwas falling apart. If I told anyone at school that Donny sucked my dick, hewould be known as a queer. If Linda told his parents, his dad would breakevery bone in his body. Donny’s shameful secret wasn’t just his anymore.It was my turn to speak up. Donny needed help. He had mysympathy. After all, it was Donny I was really attracted to. It was Donny Iwas screwing. Linda had also sucked my dick, and wanted to do it again. Shewasn’t exactly innocent. I knew her parents would be just as angry if theyfound out we were having oral sex. I also liked screwing Donny. Neither ofus wanted to tell everything.Slipping out of my shorts was no big deal. The two of them watchedcuriously. My pride was still very much ready and willing for some morefun.”Donny needs to be punished for being gay, but we can’t tell what hedid. That would mean you wouldn’t be allowed to suck it either. We don’twant that. Besides, Donny can’t tell on us now. He wouldn’t want us to telleverybody what he likes to do – would he? We can do what we want todo. Donny might even want to do stuff when we want him to. Donny’s littlesecret is secret as long as we keep it secret.”As I spoke, I slid next to Linda on the sofa. I also removed the cutelittle lacy night gown she was wearing. She sat next to me grinning fromear to ear in only a very small and very sexy pair of panties. My handsfondled and caressed her breast as I soon had her hand all over my onceagain stiff rod. The panties came off quickly. Linda wasn’t shy, and sheonly glanced up at Donny as she slid them off. My finger quickly found herclit and she was smiled as I slid it inside her… A long wet kiss sealedour new found freedom. Both of us liked the idea that Donny was watching.As for Donny, I think he was relieved at first. We had agreed to keephis secret. The tears stopped. He even smiled a little. The smile fadedwhen Linda took off the top. He stared at the cute little knobs on herbreast. He had gotten glimpses of them before, but this was the first timehe had openly stared at them. Seeing us kiss and pet each other was alsonot new. He had ignored us before. Now he watched as we kissed andhugged. When the panties came off, his eyes grew wide. His little sisterwas naked – and playing with the dick of his best friend.If Donny had planned to say anything to protest, Linda quickly put anend to it.”As long as we’re naked Donny, it might be a good idea if you weretoo. Why don’t you go ahead and take off your clothes?”Donny looked totally shocked. It never occurred to him that his sisterwould ever get naked in front of him. Now she was asking him to take kaçak bahis offhis clothes?”You’re embarrassing me, Donny.” I spoke firmly. “Your sister and Ithink you should get your clothes off. You’re not one of them perverts thatjust like to watch, are you?”Slowly, Donny stood up and slid out of his clothes. His thin littlefour inch dick stuck out straight, only half erect. There was a small patchof fuzz at the base. He wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do after he gotnaked so he sat back down in the recliner still watching fascinated as hissister and I continued some pretty heavy petting. He looked half angry andhalf curious at what we were doing.Linda had progressed beyond the petting. We slid off the sofa onto thecarpet where we could stretch out and she was able to lay on top of me. Bythis time, I was so horny; I would have tried to screw the sofa. Linda knewt, and loved it. There was nothing to keep us from making out. Her nakedbrother watching was a turn on for both of us. Linda teased me by lying ontop of my dick. She had it between the cunt lips, but not inside. As sherocked back and forth, I knew that couldn’t last long. For one thing, shewas getting hot. I could feel her juices oozing out. Mine were too. Theprecum was covering the head of my aching dick.”Slow down.” I whispered. You keep this up and I’m going to spray aload all over the top. Let’s make it last a little longer.”Although Donny looked depressed and tried to ignore what he waswatching, he was also getting aroused. He sat quietly massaging his dick ashis sister and I concentrated on our own sex. He had gotten used to beingnaked in front of us and was now openly cuddling and playing with hisdick. It was fully erect, and I could tell he was trying to prolong theorgasm. He was also not pleased that little sister was having sex withme. Jealousy might have been a factor. Maybe not. Little sister had notbeen into sex before. Donny now realized Linda was into puberty – andsex. She had also just watched her big brother become gay with the guy shehad a crush on. Nothing was making much sense to Donny at this point.It was about to get worse. Linda had slowed down a little. She hadalso made a decision. She rose up just enough to take another look at theslender stiff shaft pointing upward at her. Reaching for it, she placed itat the opening to her secret hiding place and slowly edged my mushroomshaped head inside. She paused only for a second before taking it abouthalf way in. There was another pause and a tight feeling. Then I pushed andfelt my dick slide all the way in. I could also feel my pubes pressedagainst hers. I knew she was mine.We held it up for a minute. Linda was still lying on top of me, andwas kissing me again. I was in heaven. The feeling was different andterrific. She felt hot and tight. Every movement she made sent feelingsfrom my dick to every part of my body. I’m not sure at what point I rolledher over so I was on top, but I did. My dick was now giving the commands. Ibegan pumping in and out slowly. Linda had spread her legs open to acceptme. Completely unaware that Donny was still silently watching, I was soonrapidly drawing all the way back only to plunge back in to the hilt. Lindawas soon pushing up wildly, and doing things to my dick that I didn’t thinkwas possible. My balls were trying to draw all the way up into my dick. Mydick was pounding as if it had a life of its own. I could feel it throb asseveral shots of cum came in rapid succession. Linda and I were in anotherworld. I lay on top of her for a few minutes, and then slowly pulled out aswe came back to earth.”You guys sure make a lot of noise when you fuck. Never heard so muchmoaning and groaning.” Donny was saying. “I really oughta be pissed. Mysister just lost her cherry. I bet she ain’t gonna tell mom that.”Linda took off for the shower. We found out a short time later thatshe had already started taking birth control pills, but she had also justgiven up her cherry. Donny and I both knew that, but we agreed that wouldbe our secret. I made up to Donny by giving him a blow job that night forthe first time. His sister watched. No sooner had I finished than Donnysurprised me by rolling over. A little Vaseline was applied, and then I wasscrewing again. I shot my third load of the night as deep inside Donny’sbutt as I could. Linda was a little pissed to find out I had been playingwith her only to spend the night with my dick up her brother’s butt allnight. I quickly explained that I pretended Donny’s butt was her cunt.The three of us continued to see each other. Seldom did a sleepover goby that I did not have sex with both of them. Oddly enough, Donny never hadreal sex with his sister. She jerked him off a few times, and she blew him- but that was it. I admitted that I was bisexual after having had sex withLinda. We had sex often, but she also started seeing other boys. The crushdidn’t last that long. She liked watching me sit Donny on top of my dickand would take turns doing that.Both Linda and I liked teasing Donny by showing him off, or byhumiliating him in front of others. Donny liked it too. He claimed he gotmore excited when he had to perform in front of others. I think we all did,but especially Donny. He was not considered gay even though he admitted toa few friends he liked guys better. I think that’s because Linda and Iincluded Donny in all our parties and stuff. The parties were mixed. Boozewas sometimes sneaked in. Donny wasn’t the only boy to get plastered.Another boy took a dare and wound up on his knees sucking off a dickwhen he lost the bet. He did this in a bedroom “in private”. A computer camrecorded the whole thing so a dozen other boys and girls could watch on alarge TV screen in another room. We also taped it to show the boy so hecould “improve his technique”Donny claims the first time he shot off was while he was sitting on mydick rocking back and forth in front of his sister. It was only a few dropsof clear fluid, but it shot almost a foot into the air. Donny got soexcited I thought he was trying to squeeze my dick off. Donny finally admitted he was gay and I grew up liking pussy, but loving cocks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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