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My First MMFIt was about 6 years ago, I was with my asian girlfriend she had a hot body and big breast and was into almost anything. We had been going out for about 6 months and I knew she was into anal. One night while massaging me she said if i would like to get a prostate massage. I was intrigued as I have seen her moan and scream from ecstacy. I was right…she started licking my asshole and gently fingering my ass…It was the first time I was tight..she said relax and unclinch and spread your legs. I did. she was gentle but I was feeling some pain. with one hand she was jerking me off, but my cock had gone soft..she started blowing me and her piercing rub against my forehead making the little guy rise to the occassion. She was soo good at it I blew my wad in her face. She licked he cum off her reacable areas and continued sucking me off. Needless to say I slept like a baby hat night…A few weeks later I got back from work and my roommate had let her in and they were chatting. My roommate was gay, he was around his 20’s mildly inexperience but had a good heart. We shared the stories whenever we had the time. He would complain about men and I about the women. Before my girlfriend I had a dryspell and we used to have wine and complain to one and other. So he pretty much knew about my sex life, it didn’t help with thethin walls either, since my Girlfriend was pretty loud. He said soo I hear you tried new things snickering. I wasn’t embaressed at all I replied yeah that felt good no wonder you into it. He said well don’t get cocky you should get blown grandbetting giriş there is no substitute fo a guy. Dinner was ready and we all sat down having a wine and making chit chat, kept thinking about what he said, he was in a dryspell and we used to tease eachother now and then, I had plenty of drink and I knew we wanted to have a MMF for while with my girlfriend, since all the MFF’s were initiated by her I thought why not, my roommate was athletically build and I had seen him naked before he had a big uncut cock and kept it nicely trimmed. So I said well you know I keep thinking what you said about getting a blowjob from men but how can you be sure if you never had a girl blow you. He replied in kind and said well how can you? He was right I was straight as they came and he was gay and had never tried it with a girl. I said well why not proof..My GF will suck you off and you can do me? It came out so fast I didn’t realize it. My GF looked at me amazed, wow never thought you go for that..they had been talking about it but were afraid to ask me.This got me excited and hard all of a sudden, took a big sip of my wine and said, well why not. My RM stood up and droped his pants in front of her. there it was that monster cock, I was a bit envious of it but mine wasn’t that small either. She sarted caressing it and pulling on it then in one firm move she took it all in and started sucking him off. I could see that he wasn’t disliking it and his eyes rolled to the back and he let her do her thing.At this time I was soo grandbetting yeni giriş hard that I had to disrobe and let it enjoy his freedom. Occasionally I would stroke to keep it hard. My RM came on her tits she had a nice C cup for an Asian girl which I loved about her. `I asked and? he said well she knew what she was doing…he came to me grabbed my cock and stared stroking then went on his knees his cock still dropping additional fluid on the floor and started sucking me off..I couldn’t believe it he was doing a fucking good job at it too. he firmly g****d my ass and was using his fingertip to caress the opening of my asshole, this added some extra excitement to my hard cock. Meanwhile my girlfriend had completely disprobed and was fingering herself on the floor, I got soo excited tht I blew my wad on his face…he started licking it and said, mmm doesn’t taste half bad, better than most he had before. We went into the licving room still naked and still horny, looked at eachoter, I said I gotta admit I wasn’t turned off at all. He smiled and said well he would give a girl a try if I would do him. I had to think about it I love to have a sandwich with my GF as I knew she was into double penetration, I said well we came this far what the hell… My GF said that I should suck him off as well, she was soo turned on by the idea and since she was bi I should at least try it. There i was on my knees and I took it in my mouth I could still taste his cum from before, was a bit sauer but I had in the past tasted my own cum grandbetting güvenilirmi and wasn’t really happy with it either. I saw how my GF came behind him and starting licking and fingering his ass..I was soo excited that a starting sucking vigerously and started biting a bit, I heard him moan and say yeah never sucked before be gentle…I let it slide out of my mouth and could see the saliva sticking to it. It was huge a gave it a couple of tugs and started a gentle handjob. at this time my GF was working on my ass and had one finger in my ass. my rm turned around and said, stick it in I am ready for your. he bend over and stuck it in his brown spot. after a couple of hard entries I decided to focus on my GF she said why don’t you boys lie down and we see if we can fit both those big hard cocks in my pussy. I could eel his balls rubbing against me his hand was caressing my legs and my GF had alreadytaken both coks in her pussy, this girl was such a slut, I luved it. I felt my RM’s cock leaving the nest and then he entered her ass. She screamed and went wild. i could feel the pussy juice on my cock she was dripping wet. I came so hard that it splashed all over the place. while he was fucking her ass I was licking her tits and we were tongueing each other, my dick was soft and was in for recharging he seem to be going at it though.My GF came and collapsed on top of me. the my RM said hmm you got to do me now it is my turn, he started licking my asshole and rimmed it pretty hard, ocassionally sticking that tongue in there. Then I felt that monstercock penetrating my virginass, My girlfriend used one finger, his cock felt like a fist. after fucking that ass he came all over me and my gf. We all lied there and caught our breth. This was the only time we did it, but I didn’t dislike it at all.Looking forward to my next bi adventure with great expectation

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