My Changing Life- The Diary VI

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My Changing Life- The Diary VIIt’s Friday. The girls have completed their make-over of me and Chris and Terri are coming up the drive. I have butterflies in my stomach. Glenda looks me over one more time. So much happened today getting ready, well all week actually. She put me in a halter dress for tonight that was open all the way down the front, hugging my, as Glenda calls them, “beautiful, bountiful, bodacious boobs,” then it gathered at the waist and went into a flowing skirt that ended just above my knees. Glenda looked at me, smiled, and said “That dress has fuck me written all over it.” We all laughed.”I don’t take it takes this much for Chris to get excited” I answered.”No, but tonight he is going to go totally bonkers when he sees you. It might get loud and plenty wet tonight.” she said.I sat back down on the bar stool and sipped my wine as Terri came in. She stopped in her tracks- speechless. Chris came in behind her and almost tripped over Terri. His jaw dropped open and he stammered as he tried to talk. After a minute of not being able to get any words out, he just came over and put his arms around me and hugged me. I looked over his shoulder at Glenda and Sandra. The were just smiling from ear to ear. Glenda winked at me. We finally broke our embrace. Terri came over and said “Stand up and let me see what all the secrecy was about all week.”I stood up and turned around a couple of times. “Well?” I asked.”Stunning, absolutely stunning” she answered. Then she hugged and kissed me and whispered “welcome to the sisterhood” in my ear.”Thank you” I whispered back. I know I looked good, but this was important to see their reactions. Chris still hadn’t spoken. “What’s the matter, cat got your tongue?” Terri poked at him.”I’m just totally blown away” he finally answered.”Do you like it. I mean I can go change into something else” I offered.”Oh, Hell no. Don’t change a thing. This is way more than I expected.”I knew he liked it, as I could see the bulge growing in his pants. I reached down and rubbed it and said “I guess Mr. Happy likes it, too.” He just grinned.Glenda poured 2 new glasses of wine for Terri and Chris and we all went to the living room and sat. Glenda told them about the week and all that we had been doing. Every time she would tell about something Terri would have to ask how I felt about it, and what I liked most about it or didn’t like about it, and how it made me feel. You know, all the girly chit chat. Chris just sat beside me with his hand resting on my thigh. Glenda had taught me how to sit with my ankles crossed with my skirt pulled up slightly to give Chris a signal that it was ok to touch. I think he got the message. A couple of times Chris would move his hand up my thigh a little more. I was really wanting him to move all the way up to my crotch and rub, but he resisted- somehow. I finally laid my hand across his thigh. I felt like I was back in high school sitting in the living room with my boyfriend. I don’t know why this was so different- it wasn’t as if Chris had not already fucked me. He was quite acquainted with my man hole and little cock/clitty. But, it was like the first time all over again. As this was sort of my “coming out” party, Glenda had made us reservations at a quaint little place. We all loaded up in Chris’ SUV and headed to dinner. Now I was really getting nervous. First time in public really dressed looking like a woman. I didn’t even know if I could pull it off, but it was too late to back out.We had a table in a dark, quiet corner. We laughed and talked as we ate. It was a nice dinner. Toward the end, I was fighting back Chris’ hand under the table. I think Glenda noticed. She, at one point, looked at me with a smile and winked, acknowledging she knew what was happening. She finally motioned for the waiter to bring the check. Once it was settled, she stood up and said”I guess we better get these k**s back home before we all get put in jail.” Everyone laughed and we headed back home. Now, the nerves turned to excitement! I needed to get gaziantep escort bayan home and change into my sexy nighty and let it work on Chris for a little longer. When we got in the door, Glenda grabbed my hand and started and told everyone to “let’s all get changed in to something more comfortable.” She pulled me down the hall toward the master suite and the other 2 girls followed. Once in the room, she said” you did it. You pulled it off in public. And Chris is just about to split his pants wanting to get to you.”Terri chimed in”You look stunning. I had no idea you would look this good. Makes me want to jump you myself.””You guys can do that one night soon, but tonight is Chris and…what shall we call you now? How about Jamie? Yeah, that fits, since your middle name is James. Jamie, can you get used to that? I wish we had thought of this earlier. But, it’s ok.””Yes,” I answered”Jamie is a good name.But first, I need to pump.” With that I headed to the bathroom and got all hooked up and took care of emptying me “girls.” When I got back in the bedroom, Terri and Sandra had gone back to the living room. Glenda had stayed behind to help me. She looked extremely hot in her Baby Doll nighty. She helped me get mine on, then touched up my hair and lips a bit. A little spray of perfume on my neck and in my cleavage. Then she hugged me and kissed me gently on the lips. She whispered in my ear “I know you are excited for tonight, but I am excited for to have a night with you- alone. You have made a very hot looking woman.” She then led me by the hand back to the living room. “Chris, I don’t think we formally introduced you to our friend Jamie. Jamie, Chris.” Everyone laughed. Sandra handed me a glass of wine and I sat down beside Chris. He had changed into some long gym shorts and a tank top. I could already see the outline of his semi hard cock going down the leg of his shorts. I watched the other girls fold their legs under their butts and sit on them. I decided I should, too. Somehow, I managed to do it! Glenda winked at me. Now, when Chris put his hand on my thigh, it was kind of under my nighty top. I could feel the heat coming off of him. The other girls got lost in their conversation and touching, and stroking each others hair and such. Chris had finally worked his hand into my crotch. He leaned over and kissed me. I slid my hand up his shorts leg and squeezed his man meat, which brought out an approving groan. As this was going on, the girls were getting more and more “sexual” with each other. Chris was kissing and burying his face in my “ample” cleavage and getting hotter by the minute. I wiped a drop of pre-cum off his cock and brought it to my tongue and licked it off. I looked at him and said “I think we should move to the bedroom.” He stood up and helped me up. As we walked by, Glenda patted me on the ass.I closed the door behind us and laid on the bed. I PULLED Chris on top of me. We kissed a minute, then I rolled him over and I was on top. I pulled his shirt off and began kissing down his chest and stomach to the top of his shorts. I started pulling them down and he raised his ass so I could get them all the way off. I went back to kissing on his stomach and made my way to his extremely hard and wanting cock. He was flowing a lot of pre-cum, which tasted wonderful. When I finally slid as much as I could down my throat, he was purring with pleasure and excitement. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to make him cum while I sucked is dick or get him inside me first. I decided to pull off and let him take me. But tonight, from the topside. I wanted to dig these new fingernails in his back! I rolled him back over on top of me. He pulled my top off over my head, then slid my bottoms off. I raised my legs to invite him in. He moved down and planted his face between my cheeks and ate me out, sticking his tongue as deep as he could in my man pussy. It was like it was his first time all over again.He got me pretty sloppy wet with his saliva, then moved up and lined escort bayan his cock with my anxious and excited honey hole and pushed in. Shit, it felt so amazing! I wrapped my legs around him and locked my feet together with my heels spurring him in the ass. He was pistoning in and out of me like a mad man! I wasn’t sure how long he would last, being as excited as he was and horny! I dug my new longer fingernails into his back, dragging them up and down. This just made him go after me more and deeper. It took about 15 minutes when I felt his cock swell and began to blast stream after stream of man honey deep inside of me. I reached down and grabbed his as and pulled him as deep into me as I could get him. He finally stopped moving and just rested, still deep inside of me. Then he rolled off of me and just held me. I think he liked the whole new package!We laid there in sweet afterglow, him making circles with his fingers around my nipples, stroking my hair, enjoying the moment. I was just feeling contented. I knew it wouldn’t be long before he wanted more. And I wanted more now! I reached down and started stroking his soft cock, feeling it come alive in my hands. Once it was back to “full staff” I rolled him on his back and raised myself on him and slid down him, impaling my gaping and dripping ass with his love muscle. My turn now to work him while I watched his face. In just s few minutes he was bucking up to meet mt movements. We went at it lake this for about 30 minutes when he came again, flooding my yearning bowels with more sweet love potion. I was worn out, but certainly in a satisfied way. I lay on his chest with his still buried in me. Finally he spoke. “Baby, why did you wait so long to make all these changes?” he asked.”I don’t know. I guess I was afraid that you wouldn’t like it and I wasn’t sure if I was ready to take it to this level.””You don’t have to wonder any longer. I love it. I love you.”Oh hell, there are those words. I don’t want to be owned, and that sounds like ownership thinking. I mean, I love being with him. I love him fucking me silly, but I don’t think I’m “in love” with him. “Me, too” I replied. Safe enough for now. I rolled off and he spooned me. I grabbed a towel I had put on the night stand and pulled it between my legs to catch the leakage and dosed off, satisfied but anxious for more. The morning came and I had to get some relief. Thank goodness this is the last weekend of this lactation experiment! I rolled over and maneuvered until I had his lips at my nipple. As soon as I expressed a little milk into his mouth, he latched on and nursed me dry. Then to the other, and he sucked away. Such relief. I felt his morning wood coming up. I gently rolled him on his back and went down and nursed on his stiffening tool. That woke him up and he grabbed the back of my head and faced fucked me until he finally gave up the love juice I was hungry for. I took every drop of it. I got up and went to pee and shower. I think he fell back asleep. I got all cleaned up and sat and put on my makeup, then a pair of shorts and a low cut t shirt type top that let a bit of cleavage peak out. Fixed my hair and went in the kitchen to get a much needed cup of coffee. Glenda was sitting at the kitchen bar drinking a cup when I came in. She had on a short robe with nothing underneath it. She jumped down and came and hugged me. “Well” she started “how was it? Tell me everything!”I poured myself a cup of coffee and walked into the living room with her behind me. “It was fabulous!” I exclaimed. I proceeded to tell her, we everything. She was hanging on every detail. As we talked the other 2 came in and were asking questions. They all seemed to be pleased that he responded like he did. Terri chirped in that she has seen that kind of reaction from him the whole time they have been married. We all laughed. “I can tell you this much” I started “I don’t think he has ever fucked me like he did last night. It was exactly what I wanted and needed. I don’t know how it can be any better that this was, but I’m sure going to see if it’s possible.”In the back of my mind, I wondered how Bobby would respond to seeing me now. But, I’ll deal with that later. I was also having thoughts of being with Terri. Would she look at me as one of her woman lovers now? I sure hope so.Chris finally got up. The girls all made poking comments at him, like growling and calling him stud and tiger. He would just grin. We decided to stay in tonight, and cook out on the grill. I went in and took a nap during the afternoon, only to be awakened by Glenda snuggling up on the bed with me and sucking my breasts dry. When I woke up as she was finishing, she said “I’m gonna miss this when you dry up.””I know, but I won’t. I need a break from it. But, I’m glad you woke me up like this. Now. help me find something to jack Chris up again.”We went through the closet and she picked out a strapless top and a mini skirt and a pair of red lacy panties. She helped me with my eye make-up, then reached down and kissed my bare shoulder. “I’m really getting jealous of not having you all to myself” she whispered in my ear. “I know, but soon it will just be us.” I slipped on a pair of flip-flops and went out to start the grill.After we ate dinner, Chris was ready to go to bed. He had been rubbing my ass all evening and running his hands up under my skirt and blouse. He was ready. We headed back to the bedroom. He closed the door and and started peeling his clothes off, then mine. He laid me on the bed and began kissing all over, sucking my nipples- and anything else he could latch onto. Finally, He lifted my legs up and went down and began working on my manhole. There was no talk, just pure lust. When he had me ready, he pushed deep in me with on quick thrust! I wrapped him up with my legs and was moving to meet his hard thrusts. He was kissing on my neck and the fucker sucked a hickey on my neck! He was crazy in lust and when he came, it was enormous!!!! I don’t know how he can make that much cum all the time. But, it was awesome and I felt totally satisfied. I can say that I have been made love to by my man. He was exhausted when he finally rolled off of me. He just lay on his back panting. Then the shithead fell asleep. Oh, well, I guess I had done that to Sandra a few times in our years together. I Got up and went and showered and cleaned out, then put on a robe and went back in the living room to talk to the girls. Terri and Sandra had sort of paired off and Glenda was sitting alone. She looked hot in just he nightie. I went and sat beside her, after I poured myself a glass of wine. She reached over and pulled me to lay my head on her breasts. “So, did he fall asleep on you?” she asked.”Yeah, but not until he fucked my brains out” I giggled. “It happens. Get used to it. Just part of being a girl.””I know. It’s ok. I’m gonna have to pump before long anyway.””I’ll take care of that for you tonight, if you would you like me too.”I reached up and pulled her head down and kissed her deep. She was rubbing my ass and dragging her nails on the back of my legs. It just felt perfect. She did drain me in a bit and I went back to bed with Chris. I woke him up and let him take me doggie style before we both fell back asleep. In the morning, I sucked his cock again and he gave up a nice big load for my breakfast. He and Terri bugged out early. Glenda, Sandra, and I were all just sitting around in out house robes, being lazy after a weekend of lustful sex!”Everything good with you and Terri?” I asked Sandra.”Oh yeah. We’re really good.””I’ll say” Glenda said. “Girl, she was on you like crazy. And it sounded like you were enjoying every minute of it.”Sandra blushed. “We, wait until I get a hold of you tonight” she said to Sandra. “It was you that I wished would have been buried in my pussy” she added. “Jamie, you may be on your own tonight. That sounds so weird calling you Jamie. Let’s get dressed and go have lunch in town and then maybe go shopping. I want to see some more how Jamie does in public.”With that, we were back to just us. My life had changed. I was basking in the thought of all that had happened and what my future held living as a woman with these 2 women that I loved so much.More to cum….

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