My Bad Choir Girl

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She liked to get to church early.

Rose was a sweet girl, the kind you’d take home to meet Mom without a second’s hesitation — smart, funny, a girl you’d take to a social gathering and everyone would ask where you’ve been hiding her.

Of course, those are all good things, but being a shallow pig, I need to mention that she’s gorgeous. Long, soft hair. Dark eyes. A model’s facial structure. Breasts that she thinks are too large but guys would kill to bury their faces in for just a minute.

Rose has a great voice and loves to use it in the church choir. That’s why she always makes sure we get there early. Before the entire congregation arrives, she likes to slip off to a storage area backstage and put on her choir robe and sash. Sure, I guess she could put her robe on anywhere since she really just slips it over her clothes, but the backstage dressing has become a ritual for her. There, alone among the communion table and some candleholders used in a variety of services, Rose stands in the darkness and pulls the robe over her head, letting it settle down around her dress and adjusting it around her neck for comfort and appearance.

How do I know? Because I watch her. When she reaches her arms up to the sky to slide into the robe, her dress will rise on her gorgeous legs. Sometimes she’ll wear stockings underneath her dress with no panties because she knows I’ll be thinking about that while sitting in the pew, watching her stand to sing and knowing her thin strip of trimmed pubic hair is unconfined and will be easy access to my fingers on the ride home, as I tease her dripping pussy to multiple orgasms — one hand on the wheel, the other on her.

Yes, Rose is a sweet, church-going, God-fearing woman.

But she’s also my bad choir girl.

This Sunday in particular, Rose was wearing one of her more conservative black skirts. I’d watched her get ready at home and knew the soft cups that were holding her breasts under her white blouse. After she was dressed, she’d slid a black thong up her smooth legs and under the tight skirt. “Something for you to think about,” she said with a smirk.

But I decided I didn’t want to think about it that long. Standing in Rose’s impromptu changing room, with the congregation noisily entering the sanctuary on the other side of a heavy maroon curtain, ataşehir escort I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I didn’t sneak up on her quite as quietly as I’d hoped. In the darkness, I kicked a single communion glass and it clattered across the tile floor. Rose jumped and turned suddenly, her face just appearing at the top of the robe.

“Warren,” she whispered. “What are you doing back here?”

I put a finger to my lips as I walked to her as quietly as I could. When she was so close I could smell her perfume, I took her in my arms and kissed her mouth. She had recovered enough from her surprise to kiss me back, but it was an apprehensive kiss. She wasn’t sure about the intensity of my lips on hers when we were essentially — except for a piece of cloth — standing in front of the entire congregation. “Go sit down,” she whispered, her lips still touching mine.

In response, I slid my hand down her back and began gathering her robe. Lifting a little at a time, it didn’t take very long before my hand was under it, on her bare leg.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Rose whispered, though quite loudly. I quieted her by pressing my mouth against hers and slipping my hand under her skirt to caress her soft bottom.

Rose was struggling a little now, though I could tell she was only struggling because of the surprise and where we were. When I let my finger slip between her legs to rub her clit through the thin material of the thong, I could feel her pussy starting to lubricate the silk.

Rose was panting into my mouth. I moved my lips to her neck, pulling the robe back just enough to let me get my teeth and lips on her skin. She was on fire. Her arms were still putting up the pretense of a struggle, but her hips were thrusting against me, moving her pussy against my finger. I could feel her heart slamming against my chest.

In retrospect, I probably turned her a bit too roughly but I was aroused like I’d never been before. Rose was too. I bent her over the communion table and pulled the robe up, exposing her tight skirt. It didn’t take much to unhook and unzip and then I slid it over her legs and left it at her ankles where it served the dual purpose of looking incredibly sexy and keeping her from running away.

“Warren, avcılar escort God, no! Not here!” Rose was trying to whisper but her voice was tinged with equal parts apprehension and arousal. My fingers brushed the valley between her legs and came back wet. She was drenched at the thought of getting fucked in the church.

The voices on the other side of the curtain were so close we could make out distinct conversations. All it would take would be someone to brush aside the heavy velvet cloth and they would be face to face with our debauchery.

I nudged Rose’s thong aside with one hand and opened my slacks with the other. We didn’t have time for foreplay. Neither of us wanted it anyway.

My cock was swollen and dripping precum when I touched it to Rose’s molten pussy. I put my hand over her mouth and thrust into her, feeling her teeth dig into my palm even as her cry was stifled.

I pumped my cock into her from behind, feeling her tight cunt squeeze my shaft with every thrust. The choir robe was up, exposing Rose’s sweet ass to the darkened room. I couldn’t resist. I slapped her pretty butt with my open hand and heard the sharp, “CRACK” echo off the rafters. Rose flinched, groaned loudly into my hand and bucked her naked hips against the table that was inscribed simply, “Do this in remembrance of me.”

I took my hand away from her mouth and put both hands on her hips. This wasn’t making love. This was raw. We were fucking. Hard. My cock jutted out of my slacks and the fabric made a muffled sound with each contact of Rose’s bare bottom. Rose put both of her hands in her mouth. Bent over like we were, my cock was rubbing against all her sensitive places. The head had to be bigger than it had ever been before. I felt her cunt close around me, like it was swallowing hard, and before she even made a sound, I knew she was cumming.

“Oh God,” she whispered a bit too loudly. “Oh God, OHGODOHGODOHGOD.”

I joined her, launching burst after burst of hot cum into her tight silken pussy.

We stayed together, my sticky dick in her drenched pussy, breathing hard and listening to the congregation. There was no sign that anyone had heard.

I let my cock slip out of Rose’s cream-filled cunt and leaned avrupa yakası escort over to kiss her at that tender spot where the spine ends and the butt cleavage begins. She moaned and stirred against the table.

I pulled her skirt back up her legs, but before I pulled the robe back down I slid my hands under her skirt and pulled the thong off. She willingly stepped out of it and I put the delicate piece of fabric in the pocket of my sport coat.

As she stood on unsteady legs, the choir robe fell back into place. I touched her cheek and kissed her lips.

“Are you mad at me?” I whispered into ear.

She smiled weakly and shook her head. “Why on earth do you think I’ve been coming in here to change week after week?” She didn’t whisper it. Turns out it had been a fantasy of hers ever since she started singing in the choir.

Rose sang out loud and strong in that church service. At one point, when the whole choir stood, I noticed Rose’s cheeks flush and she looked straight at me and dipped one eyebrow. I had to look away to keep from laughing. I suspected (and she later confirmed) that when she stood, my cum drooled from her pussy and ran down the inside of her thigh. It was one of the reasons I had taken her thong.

She found a reason (or possibly just an exit) to sneak out of the church in her choir robe. I found out on the way home that she had stripped naked under it. As I tried to concentrate on the road, Rose teased me by pulling up the robe and toying with her beautiful pussy. She’d rub back and forth on her clit, then dip the finger deep inside while she arched against the seatbelt and moaned sublimely. The look on her face had me hard all over again. A little over halfway home, she unsnapped her seat belt, unzipped my slacks and wrapped a hand around my shaft while her mouth closed over the slick purple head.

I was tempted to drive miles out of my way to keep feeling her magic mouth on my sensitive dick. But it was time to take her home and make love.

I threw her over my shoulder in a fireman’s carry and took her into the house with her playfully kicking all the way. Once inside, I tossed her on the bed on her back and took off my clothes while she teased me by showing me her body under the robe.

This time we took it slow. With the choir robe pulled up over her full soft breasts, I licked her whole body, from her chin to her breasts, to her belly button, to her tight little cunt that still tasted of pussy juice and cum. I slid up her body and put my cock inside her, kissing and exploring her mouth while I slowly moving my hips — making love to my nasty little choir girl until she sang her special song only for me.

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