Murphy Ch. 02

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It was 6 AM, Vixen had crawled under the covers and had started nibbling on my toes, two of her siblings lay on pillows beside me snoring away, the other one was lost somewhere in the covers spread across my King Sized bed.

Murphy hated that the pugs shared my bed, they were locked out of the room only when we were actually having sex, and as soon as Murphy reached for a cigarette, they were rushing up their little pet ladder to reclaim their rightful places.

His main complaint was every time Mr. Horny tried a morning cuddle, or sent his little finger to lightly brush between my legs, his normal signals that he was looking for some action, a fawn body managed to push itself into the gap between us.

He claimed we only had half a sex life because of them. I told him he was a randy bastard who got more than enough for two regular guys.

Well time to get up, let the pups outside, and brew some coffee, I had stories to write.

My relationship with Murphy had blossomed in other ways. He was now my full time agent, publishing some of my stories and pushing others out to those he knew in the trade.

Murphy insisted that I read for two hours for every hour I spent writing, and that time had to be outside my favored romance genre.

He’d also convinced me to branch out, romance was my stock in trade, but now I did a little of everything, from bodice rippers to porn.

I didn’t really like going outside my comfort zone, I had too many changes going on in my life at one time, but he was right, they paid, and if you got a commission, you gave the customer what they asked for.

Our relationship status was ‘It’s complicated’. I was a cross dresser, Murphy was certainly my boyfriend, but he wasn’t sure of what I was to him; girlfriend, boyfriend, something else.

Not so long ago I had just been an amusement to him, his own on call porn star; giving blow jobs in back alleys in exchange for cash, and the promise to publish my stories.

It was all pretty sordid. I knew Murphy was having a laugh at my expense, he would probably have bought my stories anyway, but I could never be sure, and he took advantage of that doubt to blackmail me in to participating in his role playing fantasies.

It was all good until he went beyond our established parameters, after his customary blow job, he tied me up, forced me over his desk and fucked me.

I’d never thought of Murphy as partner material, until then.

I certainly wasn’t the only person in his sex life, and I was happy with that arrangement, the idea of exclusivity still scared us both.

Murphy had only one request, if I was having an affair, let it be with a woman.

I’m not really sure he thought that through, he assumed I would be the giver rather than the receiver, and my ass would remain his exclusive property, but I’d lain on my back, legs spread, while a strap on had given me a good fucking before now, and I wouldn’t say no to the right person today.

I was about half way through reviewing my editor’s revisions of my current short story, 5000 words of Sapphic romance for a glossy magazine when Danza Kuduro blared from my phone.

That was Murphy’s ringtone, and my phone danced across the desk to its rhythm.

“Hi, love” I answered his call.

“Josie, do you have a school girl uniform in your closet?” That was Murphy, straight to the point.

“No, Murphy, I’m a cross dresser, not Sailor Moon.”

“I’m looking at something online.”

“Wait” he hated to be interrupted, but I was nipping this in the bud, right now. “If you’re looking at some costume fit only for a stripper and thinking I’ll be dancing on your pole wearing it, forget it.”


“No buts Murphy, if you bring something tawdry like that home, your butts hitting the road.”

I could hear him breath down the connection.

“Look Murphy, if you’re serious, we can talk, but not about cheap Halloween costumes.”

“Ok” he said “what are you thinking off.”

“You know I don’t mind Pendik Anal Escort a bit of role play; if you want me dressed as a school girl, dress me as a school girl. A proper school uniform Murphy, from a real girl’s school, private and expensive.”

“Uh hu” he managed to grunt.

“Let’s see, a yellow or green plaid skirt, short, above the knee, maybe a green blazer, white shirt, you getting the idea.”

His breathing was becoming heavier.

“Find it online, but send me a link before you buy” I ordered.

“Couple of hours” he said.

“Don’t you have work?”

“Yeah, but I also have a secretary.”

Less than half an hour had passed; “You’ve got mail” I didn’t have AOL any longer, did anyone? However I had programed my Outlook so I heard the familiar greeting when new mail hit my inbox.

I opened the URL in the email, Notre Dame Academy for Girls, this looked interesting; Green and White Tartan skirt, short enough that it was sure to show off my pantied ass, Green Blazer with Yellow piping, nice tie.

So Murphy was looking for a Catholic school girl, delicious.

I typed my response, “Buy It Now”.


Murphy was being a pain; I hadn’t seen him in 4 days, building anticipation according to him. UPS Tracking updates were all I had received from him, not even an invite for a lunchtime quickie.

The latest email showed the status of the long awaited parcel “out for deliver”, my work day was done as Murphy was texting me for an update every few minutes.

In the afternoons I switched from coffee to tea. I was sitting sipping a nice Earl Grey, reading a Space Opera Murphy had published, with the grumble snoring around me, life was good.

The doorbell rang, I looked through the window and saw the UPS truck in the drive way. I opened the door to a new driver; she was very attractive in spite of the ugly brown uniform.

“Miss Hume?”

“Call me Josie” I leaned over to sign for the package, flashing her my widest smile.

She placed the recorder back in its holster “I’m Mary; you’re on my route now.”

We chatted for a few minutes; with her promising to stop for tea someday when she was less busy. I was looking forward to that, there was a definite connection.

I sent Murphy a text “It’s here.”

“Put it on, send me photos.”

I sent him photos all right, from last winter, me standing in a winter coat, hat, scarf, gloves, the works, not an inch of flesh to be seen.

I hadn’t been fucked in days; Murphy deserved a little pay back for putting me through that.

I looked at my phone, 3 dots, for a few minutes that’s all it was, 3 dots. I smiled as I imagined Murphy typing then deleting text after text, finally he just sent, “Please.”

I told him not to bug me for an hour, then I luxuriated in a bubble bath, drank a glass of wine and zoned out to Astral Weeks.

I got out of the bath feeling very relaxed, smooth and sexy, time for some fun. I put on the white knee high stockings first, my favorite yellow satin bra and panty set, then I stepped into the skirt, this was exciting, almost as exciting as the first time I had put on a skirt, and felt the wind against my thighs.

I was finally dressed, in my mirror I saw a girl fit for her final year at Notre Dame. Well, almost, the six inch patent leather heels were perhaps a bit out of place.

I sent Murphy a dozen photos, nothing too explicit, hints, a flash of yellow panties under a green skirt, a blouse with undone buttons showing the bra line.

I had set out to tease Murphy, and instead turned myself on. I climbed onto my bed, reaching into the bedside table to withdraw my favorite dildo; it was a present from Murphy, cast from his erect cock.

I lay back and let the plastic cock slip in to the warm wetness of my mouth; I worked it in and out for a few moments as my other hand Pendik Yaşlı Escort played inside my panties.

Normally when masturbating, I liked a lot of foreplay, but I couldn’t contain myself today, I raised my hips, slipped the panties down to my ankles, spread my legs and shoved the dildo in my ass in one easy motion.

I worked the dildo, I was so familiar with it now, it easily found my G Spot, my hips bucked, my back arched, with my eyes closed I could see Murphy between my legs, sweat rolling down his red face as he pumped his hard cock inside me again and again.

Damn it, I looked at the clock, I had lasted less than 5 minutes, this was a costume with real potential. I laughed, cleaned myself up, and redressed.

My phone buzzed, Murphy was texting again.

“Your Uber has been at the door for 10 minutes, what’s going on?”


Murphy’s Secretary was named Jen, since Murphy and I had become an item; she was fairly friendly to me. Today she just pointed to the door ‘He’s waiting for you.”

I was not the only one Murphy had purchased a costume for, he was leaning against his desk, dressed in his usual charcoal grey suit, wearing a black British public school masters robe over it.

He pointed to the high back wooden chair in front of his desk “Sit.”

I did as I was told, back straight, knees closed, legs crossed at the ankles, looking demure and ladylike.

Murphy opened a manila folder “Well Miss Hume, it seems your discipline problems are not improving; I was expecting you 15 minutes ago.”

“I’m sorry sir” I said “I got caught up in study hall and lost track of time.”

“I’ve tried treating you as an adult Miss Hume, but it doesn’t seem to be working, I think it’s time for a different approach.”

I didn’t know where Murphy was going with this, but I played along. “Yes sir.”

“Stand up, bend over, hands on the desk.”

Oh shit, I knew where he was going now. I had always resisted his spanking fetish, now I couldn’t see a way out, other than using our safe word.

I was horny, and overdue a good fucking, if I called it out, I was sure Murphy would go off in a huff, and I wouldn’t see him for days.

Screw it.

I did as I was told; I grasped the desk and bent over, my body forming an L shape, with the heels pushing my ass high in the air.

He moved the chair to the side, “You need to learn young lady, and you will learn”.

He pushed my skirt over my back, my panties were flashing him, and I heard his breathing deepen as he removed the thick leather belt from around his waist.

“You will receive 10 strokes, you will call them as they land, and thank me for each one, do you understand?”

“Yes” I could hardly get the words out, and I felt my eyes tearing up before he had even started “Yes sir.”

He didn’t pause, I heard the swish as the strap moved through the air, it landed across my cheeks sending my ass into red agony. I stood up “Fuck.”

Murphy roughly pushed me back into position “Did you not understand your instructions Miss Hume?”

Genuine tears were flowing down my face; I had never experienced that sort of pain, not even when I surrendered my virginity.

“Yes sir” I cried “sorry sir.”

The belt swished again, the leather extended a little further this time, and the tail whipped round to lash my hips. I bit my lip to stop myself crying out; finally through my tears I managed to stammer “two, thank you sir.”

“Two Miss Hume, I think not, you haven’t got past one yet.”

The belt landed again “One, thank you sir”.


The count was five, I was miserable, but from the heavy panting behind me, I knew Murphy was turned on as hell.

It was too much; I anticipated his next stroke and put my hands behind my back covering my ass just as the belt lashed across them.

“Keep your hands on the desk Miss Hume.” Murphy voice had reached a Pendik Zenci Escort rare level of excitement, would he come in his pants before my thrashing was over?

“We will not restart the count” thank fuck for that I thought “however.”

I felt his hand pull on my panties, rolling them down to the knees. Shit, the thin material might have been giving me some protection; now I didn’t even have that.

“Six, thank you sir.”

“Seven, thank you sir.”

After number eight had lashed fresh agony across my beaten ass, I decided to change tactics.

My tears flowed freely, through my sobs I managed to bubble out “Please stop sir, I’ve learned my lesson, I’ll be a good girl.”

“Have you Miss Hume? I’m not so sure.”

“I’ll prove it sir, I’ve changed, honest.”

“And how do you intend to do that?”

I didn’t answer, I simply turned and dropped to my knees, I quickly unbuttoned his fly, pulling his trousers down, his boxer shorts followed and his fully alive cock poked out at me.

I moved in, opening my mouth to swallow his engorged erection all the way to the balls in one smooth motion. Murphy’s cock always tasted good, the skin smooth around the hardness, I loved the sight of it, the taste of it, and even through my pain I could feel my own cock harden with pleasure as I continued to mouth him.

“God Josie, your blow jobs are even better when you’re sobbing.”

I removed my lips, “Thank you sir, I’d told you I’d prove I’d learnt my lesson.”

I was working him hard now, my tongue on the head and eye, my hands played with his balls; my mouth never stopped moving on the shaft, I occasionally letting my teeth scrape down it to make Murphy grimace.

Murphy demanded I look up, keep eye contact, I could see his wide smile as I did so; then his hands grabbed my hair pulling my head back to shoot a load of cum at my face.

Murphy had excellent stamina; his cock often remained hard after coming, and today was no different. He pulled me over to his couch and casually tossed me, face down, over the arm.

I had risen on tip toe, spreading my legs to let him know I was ready. He easily slipped his cock inside me, his hips pushing against my abused ass, I gasped with the accompanying sharp shock of pain, then he pulled back slowly, thrust again, gasp, slow, thrust, gasp, slow, thrust, gasp, he began to steadily increase his rhythm.

Murphy was a wonderful cock smith, he was rapidly working me to orgasm, but my ass was still smarting, and as each thrust seated itself fully inside me, it sent a fresh wave of pain curling up my spine.

Murphy’s hands were around my waist, pulling me back, impaling me a little more at the apex of each thrust. My hands were pressed deep into the cushions, bracing me, while I moaned under him, and I felt my own cock move to his rhythm.

I felt the cum stir in my balls “Don’t stop Murphy, I’m coming.”

He thrust harder, pleasure and pain heightened; it was unusual for me to come without some form of stimulation against my cock, but in a few more strokes I shot a load out to land across the Green leather seats.

I was totally spent, I collapsed over the couch arm, Murphy continued to pump my ass for a few seconds more, then I felt his spunk spread it’s warmth around the inside of my ass.

He withdraw from me very gently, “Don’t move Josie.”

I heard the click as his camera phone started to take pictures, “Up on you heels, ankles together if you can honey.”

It was a struggle, but I managed to present myself for each of his requested poses.

When he was finished, I cleaned the couch and lay down watching as he worked at his desktop computer. He turned the screen to face me and walked over.

He sat with one hand resting on the couch arm which he had just fucked me over, I moved beside him and the other curled around me bringing me close to him.

He was watching a slide show of his recently taken pictures, my ass was a blistered red in most places, in some places it had turned disturbing dark blue, there was very little of my normal tanned skin to be seen.

“Next time” he asked “can I video it?”

I wasn’t sure there was going to be a “next time” but I could see his cock spring to life at the suggestion, so I simply leaned in and kissed him.

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