Mrs Lansdowne Next Door. Pt. 09

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It’s recommended that if you’re reading this storyline for the first time, then go back and at least look at the last couple of episodes.


I’d got to Gracie’s mum’s house on Tuesday morning for my regular session of gardening to be met by a concerned Gracie, who had been called earlier because her mum was unwell.

I asked if there was anything I could do, but Gracie had phoned the doctor, and she was going to take her for an appointment later that morning. Gracie agreed with me that it was probably best that I left the gardening for that week.

It was nine o’clock by the time I’d walked home, and as I approached the house I thought it odd that mum’s car was outside. She’d left for work shortly before me, earlier that morning, and I wondered if she had popped home because she’d forgotten something.

I walked in through the side gate, assuming that she might be in the kitchen, and as well as that, I would’ve been in trouble with my working boots on.

The door was unlocked, mum wasn’t in the kitchen, and I could see that she wasn’t in the lounge either. I was just about to shout upstairs, when I heard a familiar sound. It was the sound of a bed, rhythmically creaking…someone was having sex on it!

I was slightly disbelieving at first, I’d frozen, and was trying to process the fact that mum was having sex on a Tuesday morning, when she should be at work, and who the devil was it with?

I crept quietly back into the kitchen, and stood leaning against the worktop, and listening.

The noise of the bed continued for some time, and I heard mum, making excited demands of whoever it was. She seemed to want him to fuck her “harder” and for several minutes the bed seemed to take quite a pounding!

Inevitably mum started to cum, and I heard her cry out for several seconds. Momentarily the bed creaking stopped, and there seemed to be some muffled conversation before the creaking began again. By now I was guiltily getting hard myself, and I really thought how was this? How could I be aroused by listening to my mum having sex?

My mum’s second orgasm snapped me out of it, and when she cried out again, it was accompanied by grunting from the man, and muffled sounds from her.

The bed sound stopped, and there was the brief sound of conversation, before I heard movement, and the obvious sound of them getting up to get dressed.

I didn’t want to be caught out, but I did want to know who the man was, so I slipped back out of the kitchen door, and hid behind the conifer at the edge of the patio.

I couldn’t get a clear view of the path at the front of the house, but it didn’t matter because he exited via the kitchen door, just feet away from where I was hiding. It was Andy Higgins!

I had to restrain myself from uttering an expletive. I knew mum fancied Andy, she’d always said so, but it was strange that even though she’d got the full permission of Hanne to have sex with him at the club, and at her parties, it was still necessary for them to have a secret assignation like today.

It also made me angry that mum had accused me of being ‘sex mad’ when she found out about Debbie, and now she was having some sort of affair with Hanne’s husband.

I didn’t let on that I was there, and I waited until mum had driven away back to work, before going back indoors.

When mum returned home that evening I kept quiet about what I’d seen and heard, deciding that unless we had a further ‘bust up’ over Debbie, I would keep my counsel.

What she did say was that she would be going with Andy and Hanne to the club again on the following Saturday. I told her that I certainly wouldn’t be going, and it was probably best if we weren’t there at the same time,because it tended to be slightly awkward. Awkward was definitely not the right word given what had happened at the previous visit!

As it turned out my weekend was about to unfold in an unexpected way.

I had to get a bank account sorted for going to uni, and looking online I’d decided which bank was giving the best offer, so I’d made an appointment for 12.15pm on the Wednesday at a branch in town.

The appointment was with a Ruth Jones, who turned out to be a very pleasant adviser in her forties, who took me into a Ankara bayan escort glass fronted interview room, just off the main concourse. We spent quite some time chatting, then inputting details, before I came out just before 1pm.

“It’s Billy isn’t it?” A young woman suddenly appeared at my side as I came out of the interview room.

For a moment I didn’t recognise her, then I did.

“It’s Zoe isn’t it? from Saturday night at the club?”

“Yessssss…shhhh!” she said laughing, are you here on business? “

“Just setting up a bank acount for uni, that’s all.”

“I’m just about to have my lunchbreak, do you want to get a coffee, it’d be nice to have a chat?”

I wasn’t about to refuse a twenty something gorgeous woman offering to have coffee with me, so I said, “Yes, I’d love to Zoe, where?”

“There’s a Starbucks a couple of doors down, c’mon.”

Zoe took my arm, and the tap of her high heels beside me was music to my ears.

As soon as we’d got our coffees we found a corner seat and started chatting.

“Sorry I shhhsh’d you in the bank, no one knows about me and Kev going to that club.” Zoe giggled in a mischievous way. She continued, It was your first time wasn’t it, you looked really nervous going into the ‘Dark Knights’ room.”

“Oh my god yes, the whole evening was an eye opener.”

I was finding it really easy to talk to Zoe, possibly because she wasn’t that much older than me, maybe ten years.

“Will you be going again?”

I pulled a face, “Funnily enough my mum is going again this week, so I definitely won’t be going!”

Zoe laughed, “Look, why don’t you come round to us, if you’re not doing anything that is, do you have any girlfriends?”

“Not at the moment. We’ve only just moved up here a couple of months ago, so I’m still getting to know the place.”

“Tell you what, come round tonight for a drink, Kev would love to see you, we can get to know each other, and I still have one or two single friends who I can line up. Not for tonight, but you never know in the future!”

I must have looked a bit dubious, so Zoe added, “Oh god I didn’t mean to scare you, no pressure, just come for a drink.”

“Ok, I’d love to, yes, where do you live?”

Zoe gave me the address, and we swapped mobile numbers, I told her I’d be round about 8pm.

The week was looking good!

That evening the conversation was lacking between myself and mum. I’d told her that I’d met Zoe at the bank, and she’d invited me to her’s that evening.

Mum raised her eyebrows, and just said, “I think she wanted you on Saturday so be prepared tonight!”

Thinking exactly the same, I left for Zoe and Kev’s by taxi, mum did pay for it so she wasn’t totally unhappy with my visit. It did occur to me on the journey as to whether she had ‘got together’ with Kev in the ‘Dark Knights’ room last Saturday.

When I arrived Kev offered me a beer, and we sat in the lounge until Zoe came down. I asked how well they knew Becky and Ray, and he explained that he’d known Ray for many years. They had played together in the same Sunday football team before Ray had hung up his boots, and over the years they had built a friendship, until one drunken Saturday evening Ray and him had a threesome with Becky.

When Kev started going out with Zoe, eventually she was persuaded to ‘swap’ with Ray, and a whole new relationship developed.

When Zoe appeared, she looked delicious. Simply dressed in a tight top, with a mini skirt in tartan, and bare footed. Kev poured her a drink, and she sat beside me on the sofa.

I discovered that Kev was an electrician, self employed, and he was very busy with new builds at that time, he thought there might be the possibility of some ‘casual’ work on the site where he was working. He said he would have a word with the site manager, so that was great news.

Getting me a second beer he handed it to me saying, “I’ve got a load of accounts to catch up on, I’ll leave you two to chat, I know Zoe’s been looking forward to you coming over. Don’t worry, I won’t interrupt, we’re quite open about these things.”

‘These things’ could only mean one thing, and my cock twitched.

When Kev had departed, Zoe moved a bit closer to me, hitching her feet up Escort bayan Ankara under her, and we began to chat, and I tried to break the ice by asking about the club.

“Oh we’ve been going for about a year now, we’re very ‘picky,’ but it was Becky and Ray who first introduced us. I remember my first time, so I know how you felt on Saturday.”

“Well I’ve known Becky for a few weeks now, it’s complicated because of my mum. She got friendly with Hanne and Andy next door, and they meet up together, and somehow, separately, I got involved with them, yes it’s complicated!”

“Becky’s such fun, did you know they used to do porn films?”

“She did tell me that they dabbled in them, not internet stuff, just privately.”

“Yes, that’s right, in fact they helped me and Kev out with a few personal fantasies.”

Zoe hesitated slightly, “Hey! would you like to see?”

She saw me looking puzzled, and getting closer, she picked up her phone from the arm of the sofa.

“Promise you won’t tell anyone, but look.”

Zoe touched the screen a few times, turned it sideways, and handed it to me. The sound was low, but the image was Zoe and Kev having sex in what looked like Becky and Ray’s lounge. Zoe was kneeling over the end of the sofa naked, and Kev was behind her fucking her ‘doggystyle.’ She was making encouraging sounds, and was being very enthusiastic!

Zoe saw me watching open mouthed, and leaned over to slide the video further on. The next clip was showing Kev on the floor of Becky’s lounge, and Zoe riding him, I was staring at her breasts bouncing up and down.

I whispered, “Fuck me!”

Zoe giggled, “Really…would you like that?”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean it quite like that, I was just surprised.”

“Shall I surprise you even more?”

“What’s coming now?” I chuckled.

She took the phone back, and was touching the screen again.

“Becky and Ray are into a bit of bdsm.”

“I knew that, I’ve seen their playroom, when I was painting in their house.”

“Ah so you’ll recognise the bed in this clip,” Zoe said.

She passed the phone to me once more.

It took me less than a few seconds to recognise the room, the bed. I watched Ray bring a naked, blindfolded Zoe to the bed, and lay her on her back. Then he attached her wrists, with leather straps to the bed head.

As he parted her legs I went, “Phew!” and Zoe giggled.

“You wait,” she said excitedly, “I was helpless.”

Ray strapped her ankles wide to the bottom corners of the bed.

“You look wonderful,” was all I could say.

“Now watch.”

Ray disappeared, then reappeared carrying a large wand-type vibrator.

Slowly he applied the head of the wand to her pussy, and Zoe’s cries began to ring out.

Her body was trying to twist and turn, but her restraints held her tight. Ray kept the wand fully in contact with her clit.

Her screaming reached fever pitch as she came. She was shoutiing, “Oh god, oh god…I’m cumming…I’m cumming.”

Beside me Zoe gripped my arm, “Exciting eh? Yes, but Ray didn’t stop!”

And he didn’t.

I watched breathlessly as he continued on, and Zoe kept cumming…another three times.

She was suddenly shouting, “Stop…stop…I can’t take anymore.”

But Ray made her cum once more.

The clip finished and I just said, “Incredible, you took it all, that’s so horny.”

“Judging by the look of your trousers the video seems definitely to have had an effect on you!”

I shifted awkwardly, but before I could think of a reply, Zoe placed her hand on my crotch, and gently squeezed.

My cock, which already was swelling, causing the mound in my trousers, was increasing in size even more.

“Let’s see what this is all about.”

I watched her unbuckle my belt, wrestle with the button, then slowly pull down the zip. She took the waistband of my boxers, and tugged it down just a couple of inches, and the head of my cock was poking out of the top.

“Mmmmm, interesting, just hitch up, pull your trousers down.”

I lifted my bum up, and pulled my trousers and boxers down to my knees, and relaxed back down. Of course my cock sprang alive, and Zoe reacted,

“Jesus, that’s big! What a lovely surprise.”

Looking Bayan escort Ankara down, a small globule of precum was glistening on top. Zoe, with one finger, smeared it around the head, then looking into my eyes, erotically licked her finger, slowly closing her mouth over the top two knuckles.

“You know what I’m gonna do?”

I didn’t need to answer, as she lowered her head, I felt the soft, warm moist feeling enclose the first few inches. She began to suck, lick, slide her mouth up and down. After about two minutes, she suddenly exclaimed, “This is fucking ridiculous, I need it inside me!”

Reaching under her skirt, she tugged off the thong she was wearing, and threw it over the back of the sofa. In one movement she lifted herself astride me, and guiding my cock with her hand, lowered herself down on it.

“Ohhhhhhh, fucking Jesus, oh my fucking god, that feels so good.”

Adjusting her position, she pulled her top over her head, and unclasped her bra, both of them going rapidly behind the sofa.

I felt wonderful. A tight, wet pussy engulfing me, a pair of pert, full breasts inches from my face, and a young woman wanting to fuck me.

Zoe wanted to cum, and she was in a hurry. As she slid up and down on my cock, and ground down hard between each thrust, one hand was down between her thighs, and her fingers were rapidly massaging her clit.

Her head was thrown back, with her tongue occasionally wetting her lips.

“Pinch my nipples, Billy, pinch them hard.”

It was like a reflex, as soon as I squeezed them as hard as I thought I should, her whole body jerked, and she started to cum.

Not only did her body start to tremble, but her voice shook too.

“Oh fucking hell…oh fuck Kev…oh god I’m sorry…I mean Billy…oh god I’m cumming…FUCK!…FUCK…FUCK!”

She collapsed forwards onto me, her pussy soaking, and still gripping me.

Catching her breath, she knew that I hadn’t cum. She raised herself off me, she slipped to the floor between my legs, and pulled my trousers and boxers right down to my ankles.

She took my cock, still slick from her juices, but spat on it and started to rub. I was groaning, closing my eyes, but within a few minutes, I felt myself cumming.

I opened my eyes and watched as my spunk started jetting in spurts first over Zoe’s face, a great sliver up into her hair, then another spurt across her nose and into her half open mouth, and then the third, and fourth shooting down over her breasts, until a steady oozing trickle flowed over her knuckles and fingers.

“Fucking hell Billy, that was some load of spunk.”

Underneath the sofa was a box of tissues, obviously strategically placed for events such as those, and although my trousers had suffered the overflow we both managed to tidy ourselves up, and Zoe retrieved her garments from the back of the sofa.

“Sounded as though you two had fun.”

Kev came down from upstairs, and saw my embarrassment.

“Hey Billy, don’t be embarrassed, Zoe and I understand each other, we both love each other, but we accept we both have needs!”

I smiled, but didn’t reply.

Zoe came over and gave me a hug, and added, “Billy was great, I hope we can be friends.”

“Actually, I’ve just been texting Ray, he’s invited the three of us over on Saturday, can you come with us? It will be an overnight stay if your mum’s okay with that? I have a feeling he may invite a few more as well.”

I replied, “She’s going to the club with Hanne and Andy, so there won’t be a problem, yes I’d love to come with you.”

And so arrangements were made, and Kev added that he’d check out the casual work at the building site.

When I got home mum was still up.

“How did it go? I bet you ‘had’ Zoe?” Mum chuckled.

I didn’t reply, except to say, “I’ve been invited round to Vicky and Ray’s on Saturday, to some sort of party.”

“Hmmmmmm, well you know what that will be.”

“I can guess… we’ll see.” I wasn’t sure whether mum knew more about those gatherings.

“Andy and Hanne have been to some, be prepared for some games, and some forfeits. I know Andy had to do some unusual stuff.”


Mum elaborated, “I guess I ought to tell you…warn you I mean.”

She was looking doubtful. “Some bdsm stuff, if you know what that means, and one or two who go are bi, so be warned.”

“Wow, I’ll be careful, it could be an interesting evening.”

I went to bed with thoughts that swirled around in my head.

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