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Moving KellyHello My name is Mike and let me tell you about my sister Kelly. She is 5`8″ 120lbs with an athletic build blond deep green eyes. Me I am 5’11 around 250, I would not say I am fat but a large guy.Kelly just got out of real bad relationship she thought this guy was the one, but he cheated on her with his secretary and it was all over from there. Now she is moving to a new city in a different state and I’m the one who gets to help her move.I guess the day started like any other day I got up gassed the truck up and hooked up the trailer and headed to my sisters apartment to start loading all her stuff up for the big move. The plan was for me to pull the trailer and she is going to follow in her car so we didn’t have to make two trips. As we were loading boxes into the trailer we talked like we always do we were open in all things noting being that we were so close in age me 29 and her 27 nothing really offended either of us.We talked about the few girlfriends I had and how she didn’t like any of them. Then it was time to hit the road it was a long boring trip but we made it half way, we were somewhere in Illinois but I had to stop so we pulled over and checked into a motel so we could get some rest. We got into our room and the only down fall was there was only one king size bed I told her I would sleep on the floor she said don’t be silly we are grown adults we can share besides it will be like when we were growing up. We sat around and talked some more but I could tell Kelly was getting restless. Let’s go out and do something! Kelly Said.I said ok in a tired breath who knows I could get my second wind.Great she said I think I saw a bar with live music and dancing lets go there!So I got my nicest shirt on and we went out it was a nice place the crowed was just starting to file in we sat at a booth in the corner and karşıyaka escort we talked and laughed and were having a good time then the elephant in the room came out after she had had a few drinks. I don’t know why he had to cheat on me his secretary is not really that cute. Who knows why he did what he did I think he was stupid for it your perfect and anybody would be happy to have you as there girlfriend. In fact to make the night fun we are in a new town no one knows us here ill be your boyfriend.So I took her had and headed to the dance floor it was the least I could do to try to make her feel good she had a smile on her face that could light up a room. We danced and danced it was kind of hot my arms around her.Kelly shaking her ass in front of me and grinding up on me but who was I to complain it was my idea to be fake boyfriend and girlfriend.We walked to up to the bar and I had to go take a piss, when I came back there was this guy flirting with her I was thinking to myself I am off the hook she can focus on someone else. As I walked up she keep telling him she had a boyfriend and here he is now right then she threw her arms around me and gave me the deepest most passionate kiss not one a sister would give a brother on instinct I kissed back our tongues wrestling in each others mouths the guy backed off and she pulled off.I had a confused look on my face she just smiled at me. I don’t know if it was the booze or the atmosphere or what ever it was but I liked it but I didn’t want to take any further we continued to dance and she kept kissing me on the cheek.We stayed till close and it was about 1 am Kelly walked back to the room I went to the office and paid for one more day I was not going to pull a trailer on a few hours sleep and we had a long trip ahead of us.Walking back into the room the light was low karşıyaka escort bayan and I could tell the Kelly was already passed out under the covers I slid out of my jeans pulled my tee shirt off and all I had on was a pair of boxes it was hot and I was tired and didn’t wana dig out any shorts besides Kelly has seen me in my underwear before.I woke up a few hours later and felt Kelly pressing against me her arm d****d across my chest her head on my shoulder. I was pretty content on just letting her stay there then I felt her kissing my shoulder and her had sliding across my chest I just laid there frozen then I looked over at her and she was wide awake looked up at me with that beautiful smile and moved kissed more on my shoulder to my chest her eyes still locked on to mine as she got up onto her knees and continued to kiss my body her hand slid past the waist band of my boxers and started to rub my cock( now I am not going to say like most stories I have read how I have a 12 inch cock no its an average size 5 to 6 inches long but it gets the job done) Kelly moves up and looks me deep into my eyes and gives me another kiss like the one in the bar her hand still on my cock she kisses down my body and pulls off my boxers I finally say something.Kelly what are you doing?I know you want this I felt it getting hard when dancing with you.You cant you are my sister.She winked at me and said No! You are my boyfriend remember and Ill do anything for my boyfriend. And with that said she put my erect member into her mouth and proceed to take it all the way down and then jerk me off I wanted her to stop but deep down she was right after the kiss it kind of changed I didn’t see her as a sister I wanted her as a lover.She continued to suck my cock I was in heaven.I started to think the asshole that left her was defiantly escort karşıyaka stupid for this girl can suck a dick. Kelly stood up and took off her bra.She had the most gorgeous pair of tits I have seen in a long time I sat up and gave her a big kiss and wrapped my arms around her and took one into my mouth as she let out a little moan. I sucked on the nipple and she pressed her body close to take it all in I rolled her over to her back and still sucking on her breasts I slid off her panties and she had a beautiful landing strip for me to look at.I kissed around her inner thigh and all she could do was moan I rubbed her pussy lips I could tell she was already wet. I had to take a taste I slid my tongue inside her hole and it was so sweet. I attacked the clit and I could tell it was doing the job she was screaming like a banshee and cuming like crazy I was lapping all the juices up like a dog.She Pulled me up and said I can’t take it anymore Fuck me big brother.I think that turned me on even more than here kissing me.I slid my cock into her dripping pussy,Yes that’s it she said fuck me like you want it fuck me hardShe didn’t have to tell me twice I was pumping as hard as a I could Kelly was screaming like crazy it felt so good I didn’t wana stop.I rolled over onto my back and she got on top and started to ride my cock hardShe said you like fucking your sister don’t you Yes I said and started to fuck her and said you like fucking your brother don’t you?She started to moan loud and said yes I do keep fucking me.Then she rolled off me and got onto all fours and told me to fuck her from behind so I moved around and started to pound her pussy from behind I couldn’t take it any longer I was going to cum I told her and I almost lost it She said cum on my face as she turned around and positioned her self by my cock and started to stroke it and suck it as well I started to shoot and she surprised me even more by not pulling back but she took it all into her mouth and swallowed it all we both collapsed I kissed her again and we both fell asleep The rest of the trip that’s a different story

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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