Mother is Debauched Ch. 01

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My name is Kay. I am a single divorced mother, 44 years old, who lives with her son in a two-bedroom garden apartment a small city in Pennsylvania. My husband flew the coop about three years ago. I work at a Real Estate Office, so I am making decent money with the real estate booming in the last few years. I am petite, about five ft. two, with short blond hair. I think I have a decent 120 lb body with pert breasts. I jog and work out to keep in shape. I have an occasional date, but many of the men I meet are married and want to have an affair or the single ones are scared off by the responsibility of raising an eighteen year old boy. So my social life is nil. The story of my debauchery begins a few months ago when I was experiencing an unusual parental problem.

My son Bob was coming home after school, slamming the door and staying in his room. I tried to talk with him, but he just muttered. Even his appetite was poor. Usually, he was more cooperative and outgoing; so I am worried. Finally, I called Beth, who has a son, Charlie, in Bob’s senior class. Beth lived in a rental house, about a mile from my apartment, and has been a good friend since my divorce. A few years earlier, she had to kick out her husband for cheating on her. Beth tells me not to worry; she will get the scoop from Charlie.

The next day, she called. “The boys in school are teasing Bob because his penis is small, as they discovered in the restroom.” I am flabbergasted at this news. I really don’t know what do. This is the one time when having a male around would help. Beth listened quietly for a few minutes and said that she may be able to help. She will get back to me.

A couple of hours later, she called and asked me to come on over to talk in private. After a five-minute walk, I rang her doorbell. Beth invited me in and we sat down for some coffee. She asked me if I would swear what she is going to tell me remains between us. I agreed.

In breathless tones, Beth told me “that a few years ago, two divorced women with teen-aged boys were concerned that their sons were going to get into trouble. They were dating girls who were sexually active. And they were worried that like so many boys, sex would lead to pregnancy, early marriage and ruined lives. They wanted their sons to have a chance at college or technical schools, to make a better life. So they had a creative idea. There would form a secret club with several other divorced women with similar problems and together, they would provide a sexual outlet to their respective sons. And the beauty was that many of the mothers would have some well-deserved affection from sources not usually available to them and reduce pressures on them to marry another jerk.”

“The Club developed a set of rules: Minimum age for the boy is eighteen. Only mothers with boys would be eligible. And the eligibility would cease when the boy left home. One of the moms would maintain the only membership list to preserve privacy. To further preserve privacy, moms and sons would wear masks when they had sexual liaisons. Sex would be restricted to a controlled environment in a member’s house on pre-selected evenings. No moms could have sex with their own sons. And no S & M was allowed. Moms and sons would have to be tested for STD. Moms would have to sign a paper that they were knowingly enrolled their sons. Moms also would have to make a commitment to keep physically fit. And the boys would have to commit to passing grades and good behavior in school, or they would be dismissed from the club. And most important, no one could tell anybody about the club without the approval of the two Club Founders, who had to approve new members. If someone broke the rules, they would immediately be expelled.”

Beth took a deep breath and continued. “One of the founding mothers had a big house on a quiet rural road, left to her by her rich ex-husband. It had five bedrooms. It served as the house in which the liaisons occurred. Every Friday and Saturday nights, members would gather based on a pre-determined schedule. There were two groups of moms and sons, team A and team B. Moms were not on the same team as their sons. If a mom had her period or was sick, she would have to provide advance notice. Another mom would have to substitute on the team. As time went on, mothers, whose sons had graduated from the club, served as volunteer substitutes. The club started with four members and eventually grew to eight and stayed at that level. One Mom had just graduated so there was a vacancy.”

Beth’s voice took on a conspiratorial tone. She had gotten approval from one of the Founders to ask me to join and enroll Bob. I am completely stunned by the story. But I couldn’t help but be intrigued.

“I assume you and Charlie are members.”

“Yes, we are, and it is the best thing I have ever done for my son. Charlie has matured by the experience and knows that he has to tow the line in school and with teenaged pussy or he is out. And frankly, I have had a terrific time. My sex life is the best that I have ever had, and when I do go on a date, I am in control for the first time in my life. If I do have sex outside the club, I make sure it is safe sex, because I could hardly stand the thought Ankara bayan escort of Charlie being expelled.

“How do you keep it secret from Charlie?”

“I drop him off in front of the house and then leave. We organize it so most of the time; each of us participates on separate nights. But on rare occasions I might have to participate on the same night as Charlie. I park down the block and go in the back door and don my mask.”

I wonder out loud. “How I would know if Bob is having a good experience?”

“One of the bedrooms has a video tape machine, which the boys do not know. Boys are rotated through that room and the tapes are provided to the mothers for their viewing. Then they are destroyed. This also keeps participating moms from going astray with weird sexual practices, as they don’t know when the tape machine is on. There is one other thing that you should know; the members have accorded special privileges to the two Founder Moms. They get the first opportunity to initiate new members. And the two founders can remain active, even though their sons have become nineteen.”

I thanked Beth for the information and told her I had a lot to think about.

That night I am laying in bed, mulling over Beth’s invitation. At first, I was repulsed. But on reflection, it could be the answer to Bob’s problems. And the club presented a lot of positives. The more I thought about it, the more it stroked my senses and I began to fantasize. I pictured images of young naked men and mature women caressing and massaging each other. My own love juices began to flow and I found my panties becoming wet. My body shuddered from the touch of my right index finger stroking my moist clitoris. I used two fingers from my left hand to frig vigorously inside my vagina as my body began to heave. Since my ex left, I haven’t been shy about masturbating but the eroticism of the images of naked young men and older women in my mind heightened my sensations, reinforcing my vivid imagination.

I reached in the drawer and extracted my large dildo, with the bulbous penis head. I rubbed it along the edge of my labia to get moisture and soon I began pumping it in out of my grasping vaginal canal. Simultaneously, I squeezed my breasts together as my body began tensing. I knew I was going to climax and it was going to be huge. I tried slowing down to preserve the warm sensations; but I couldn’t hold out for very long. My lungs were gasping for air. Involuntarily, I yelled as major league orgasms erupted. Love nectars flowed profusely from my vagina. Three huge spasms caused my body to lurch upward, off the bed. Then I sank backward, glowing in the afterglow of uninhibited pleasure.

As I laid my sweaty head back on the pillow, the huge orgasmic explosion probably affected my judgment. Right or wrong, I come to a decision to try the club. I rationalized that I could always withdraw, if it didn’t work out.

The next morning I called Beth and asked her what the next steps would be. She said one of the Founder Moms would be in touch. Her name was Shelia.

That evening Shelia called. She asked if I understood the rules of the Club, as she repeated what Beth had told me. She sounded very friendly and upbeat, and she told me that so far not one of the boys had been expelled or dropped out, because they worked on academics to stay in the program. At that point I wanted desperately to hear news that confirmed I was doing the right thing. She gave it to me.

She asked for a few details about Bob’s lifestyle, and requested that I bring Bob to her house tomorrow afternoon after school. She knew about his problems from Beth. She said that Moms usually found it easier for her to tell their sons about the Club in private. I could wait in another room.

Shelia answered the door when Bob and I arrived promptly at 4 pm. She was about 45, attractive with gray streaks in her black hair. I couldn’t help but notice that she was very trim and had a nice bust, which showed prominently in a tight fitting sweater. She had a friendly smile and after a few pleasantries, asked Bob to come with her into her home office, to meet privately. After about 30 minutes, she reappeared with Bob in tow. He had a dazed expression on his face as he looked down at his shoes.

Then Shelia asked me to come to her office, while Bob waited.

Shelia was very positive in her tone. “After an initial reaction of disbelief, Bob thought the Club was something he was willing to try. I believe he and you will be really good members.” She gave me an enrollment paper to fill out with the club rules on the bottom. It also asked for my measurements. In a bit of a daze, I wrote them down and signed. She suggested that I not talk about the Club with Bob between now and Friday, the first meeting night, as that might enhance his concerns.

“I told Bob he was assigned to Team 1; you are assigned to Team 2, which meets on Saturday. Bob needs to come promptly at 7:30 PM on Friday. If there is another car in the driveway, you should wait until it leaves before dropping him off. You will receive a call on my cell phone when to pick him up. It would likely be between 9:30 and 10 pm.”

Sheila continued. “On Saturday, Escort bayan Ankara you should show up about 7:45 pm, drive to the rear of the house, park in the driveway, and enter through the back door. On Monday, I could come to her house at 10:00 AM to see the video tape.”

As we were driving home, I frequently glanced at Bob’s face to ascertain Bob’s mood. He seemed to be struggling with his emotions. As Shelia suggested, however, I was silent. On Friday morning, I reminded Bob to be home promptly, so we could have an early dinner. He nodded.

On the way to Shelia’s house, he seemed a bit uptight. No one was in the driveway, so I pulled up and left him off. At about 9, I received a phone call to pick him up at 9:30 pm. On our drive home, he was lost in reverie. I noticed that his facial muscles were relaxed and he seemed tired. After some TV and a snack, he headed for bed. He gave me a tight hug and said, “I love you mom,” which was unusual for him. I took it for a vote of gratitude.

After dinner the next night, I tell Bob, “I am going out with a few friends, don’t expect me home early.”

I arrive promptly at the house at 7:45 pm. There are two cars parked in the driveway as I entered the house. Shelia greets me fondly with a big hug. She shows me some masks on the table for my selection and guides me to one of the bedrooms. She points to a silky nightgown and the lacy underwear lying on the bed. She talks to me as I change. “Since this is your first time at the Club, I have chosen one of the older boys to be your partner. He has been in the Club for two years and knows how to give pleasure as well as receive. The younger ones had to be guided a bit, but they caught on quickly.”

She tells me. “That no matter what we do together, all the boys like oral sex and that should be part of scene.”

Then she leaves and soon there is a knock on the door. In walks this six-foot tall boy with a great set of abs. He wears a robe, but his penis is noticeably erect, pushing the robe forward. He seemed to be well hung. I would guess about eight inches and his circumference was considerable. I couldn’t remember any date that was that well hung, including my ex-husband, who was six inches at most. He glances at my body and my 34B bosom, which was still firm and perky. I am glad that I had kept myself in good shape, as this evening would certainly test my mettle. Though I enjoy my dildo, I prefer direct action.

Our masks inhibit eye contact, but also, seemed to release any inhibitions that I would have felt. I feel free to explore as I lay back on the bed and reached out my hand, motioning him to join me. He caresses my breasts and moves his hand down my stomach to the number one erogenous zone. I still have on my lace panties, so I could feel his hand only indirectly.

I think to myself that it is better for me to take him off first, to relieve the incipient pressure of his youth-driven testosterone to prolong our overall enjoyment. I know that young studs could have multiple ejaculations.

“Do you like to be sucked” I cooed. “You bet,” he responds.

I begin licking his swollen testicles. It is clear, he is ready to cumm, but I try to prolong the pleasure by licking his penis, rather than sucking. I hear him gasp for breath, as my tongue goes around his penis head and around his massive cock. When I think he can’t hold out any longer, I put his throbbing penis in my mouth and use my upper mouth and lips as pressure points. I cup my hands over his testicles to provide warmth as I suck him with an upward motion.

OOOOOOHH, he cries out. Oh, Yessssss!!!!!! As he presses forward from his hips and he ejaculates his jism into my waiting mouth. I almost gag, as the considerable liquid hits the back of my mouth. It’s so much that I have to remove my mouth before he is finished, so I jack him with my hand for the final spurt. I run to the bathroom to spit out the salty residue and bring back a warm wet washcloth to clean the stickiness from his flaccid penis.

I wasn’t sure I should ask him his name. But he says it is okay. His name was Cleve.

“Cleve, would you like to give me some pleasure.” “Sure, what would like to do?” he said, with a huskiness in his voice.

“My pussy is wet and could use a good sucking. And then I would like you to penetrate that huge penis of yours into me. I haven’t had a good fucking for a long time.”

I pull my lace panties down, and he leans his head and warm smooth body against me and begins licking like a real pro. He obviously has the experience that Shelia mentioned. His tongue darts in and around my clitoris as I begin to feel the heat of passion rising slowly but surely. “Ummmmm, that’s great. You really are good with your tongue. Stick your finger in my vagina and rub around till you find a little rough area on the upper part behind my bone. That is a special spot. Rub it gently.”

He finds my G-Spot and I was off to the moon. Good boy that he was; he keeps sucking while he is fingering me. Then, I tell him to just concentrate on sucking and licking. After a few more minutes of pure pleasure, my body starts to convulse as an intense climax hits me. I feel that I ejaculated, almost peeing, Bayan escort Ankara which I rarely did. His whole face was wet with my nectar.

“Stop sucking me,” I cry out as he over stimulates my sensitive, vibrating clitoris.

After I catch my breath, I note that his penis was again in full erection. Someone told me that women hit their peak sexuality between 35 and 45, while men are declining after 25. The difference in Cleve and my ages makes for perfect sexual harmony.

I now had a daring thought. Since Cleve was much taller than me, either I could straddle him or better yet, he could kneel on the bed and I could put my legs against his shoulders. I bet none of the other moms had done that to him. This way I could get maximum vaginal tightness and when he leaned forward, his pubic hair would rub against my clitoris. I did this once with my ex-husband and I had maximum clitoral and vaginal pleasure. However, it was a real strain on him and he almost folded away when he ejaculated. So we never did it again. I explain the choices to Cleve. He was up to it.

He put his penis into me and completely fills my tight pussy with his length and girth. I have second thoughts but what the hell. I raise my legs up, which tightened my vaginal wall around his penis. Fortunately, I was well lubricated, but I told him to slowly move in and out, because I didn’t want to tear. Eventually, we got into a slow moving rhythm, as I relax. He had great control and my vagina starts to pulsate with pleasure.

After a few minutes, I tell him to stop because I am not able to move my body enough to begin inevitable climb toward a climax. I filed this technique away for someone with a smaller penis. Instead, I went into the doggy position, and directed him come into me from behind. This was perfect as he fills me up and can pump in and out at will. It doesn’t take long for him to ejaculate into me, as he collapses forward. My vaginal wall begins twitching with the moisture from his sperm and the final thrusts of his penis, and I have a vaginal climax, with multiple orgasmic contractions.

I was all sexed out. I glance at my watch on the table and was surprised to see that it was after nine. Time flies when you’re having fun. I didn’t think Cleve was ready to stop, but I need to moderate our time together. I give him a few kisses and tell him that he is a great lover and that I look forward to seeing him again. He got his robe on and left, while I buzzed Shelia, as she had asked. I shower and dress in my regular clothes, make the bed, and neatly fold the nightwear on the dresser. A few moments later, Shelia knocks on the door and escorts me out. I remind her that I will see her Monday before work to view Bob’s tape. She nods

Monday morning, I knocked on Shelia’s door at the appointed time. She lets me in and after a few pleasantries, and questions me regarding my experiences. I gave her a quick overview and tell her that I was well satisfied and hoped the boy was as well. She says that Cleve was impressed, which I assume is a compliment. We go to the TV room, and Shelia draws the curtains and shuts off the lights. She turns on the VCR and sits down near me on the couch. She explains that when each boy comes into the house, they are escorted into a room where they can relax and enjoy a few snacks, while they wait. One by one, they are called into a room where they undress and put on their mask. Since Bob is a new member, one of the Founding Moms tells him what to expect during the evening after the others boys have left. He is not asked to undress at this time. The second Founding Mom serves as the “sex teacher” for the new initiate, including the removal of his clothes, and that is what is on the tape. The tape begins to roll.

I see Bob coming into the room, being greeted by Shelia. Shelia has a robe wrapped tightly around her. Shelia is talking to Bob, and then begins to undress him. He lets her do it and actually helps her when she has a hard time unbuttoning his pants. Soon he is naked except for his underpants. Shelia is talking again and then takes his hand and rubs it against her thigh and then puts it inside her robe against her breast. Bob looks completely focused. Shelia takes off his underpants and says something to him. Shelia verbalizes to me that she tried at this stage to put him at ease and compliment him on the wonderful shape of his erection.

My eyes are glued to screen. Yes, Bob’s penis is on the small side, but it is wide in girth and could eventually sprout if he hits a late growth spurt, since my ex had six inches. Shelia is laying back on the bed now as she opens her robe to reveal her full body. She is not too bad. Her breasts are fulsome and while she is bit pudgy, she is in pretty good shape. She has a large oval aureole with nicely sized nipples that quickly harden when stimulated. Obviously, she is quite experienced with shy youngsters. She takes his penis and rubs it between her breasts which she squeezes together and gives him a titty fuck. Bob has hard rocks by this time. Then she takes his hand and moves it first to her breasts which he gently kneads and caresses. Her hand is gently cupping his testicles as she strokes them until pre cum is flowing profusely, careful not to play with his penis which would probably cause a premature climax. His testicles rise back into the scrotum until they are completely tense and his penis is a maximum length. Then she moves his hand to her vulva.

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