More Than Personal Ch. 02

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“I checked into Welsh’s numbers. He has the assets to fund the new S.N.A.T.C.H. program,” said Nicole as she stood in front of John Jacobson while she fixed his collar and tie, “The problem is, he is very tough to negotiate. He won’t even pull out his checkbook if he doesn’t agree.”

John wasn’t paying attention to a single word that his personal assistant was saying as he was hypnotized by the set of large breasts that were displayed before him in the low neckline of Nicole Goldwyn’s dress.

So round, so full, her breasts bulged in her dress, just aching to burst free.

“John,” said Nicole in a sing song voice, “John Jacobson.”

The busty personal assistant smiled and shook her shoulders, causing her big, surgically enhanced, boobs to jiggle side to side.

She then sighed as she leaned forward and kissed her boss, snapping him out of his daze.

“Sorry,” said John, sitting up straight in his chair.

“That’s the third time this week John,” said Nicole, flashing her smile as she folded her arms underneath her breasts, “Three times that you have been distracted by my boobs.”

John got up from his chair and went over to close his office door.

“I’m sorry,” sighed John as he went to sit back down in his chair, “I’ve been frustrated.”

“Frustrated,” said Nicole with a look of concern, before walking around behind John and putting her hands on his shoulders.

She then started to massage her boss’s shoulders as she spoke softly, “That’s what I’m here for John.”

Nicole then moved her hands down to his chest and ran her fingers lightly over it, “To make things easier for you.”

She proceeded by moving her hands down to his waist and started to unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants, “To relieve any frustrations…”

Her right hand went inside his pants and grabbed his 8 inch cock as she whispered, “and any tension.”

“Ohhhh,” moaned John in a low tone as his personal assistant stroked his dick.

“Ooooh John,” said Nicole in a sexy whisper, “Am I being a good personal assistant?”

“Ohhh Yessss,” moaned John softly as Nicole continued to stroke his cock.

She then whispered in his ear, “and do you often think of me as more than just an assistant?”

“Uhhh, Yessss,” moaned John thrusting his crotch upward.

“Oh John,” said Nicole in mocked astonishment, “You must be really tense.”

She gave a soft giggle as she spun his chair around so that he was facing her.

“While I take care of what’s in your pants,” said Nicole as she took his hands with hers, “Why don’t you release your stress with these.”

She flashed her smile as she cupped her large breasts with his hands.

“Ohhh,” moaned John as he felt the fullness of Nicole’s breasts.

“Mmmm, John,” whispered Nicole as she went back to work on his dick.

John continued to run his hands over the girl’s boobs, squeezing them and kneading them like dough.

He paused briefly as he ran his fingers over both tits.

“No you’re not imagining things John,” said Nicole as she continued to rub her boss’s cock, “My boobs are actually bigger than they were before. I went back into the hospital during the vacation that you gave me and I got these girls pumped up a little more. A little bigger, just for you.”

John diyarbakır escort moaned at what he heard and he thrust his crotch upward again.

“Ohhh, it looks like you’re ready,” said Nicole as she got down on her knees, “I can’t have you cumming on my tits, at least not now. So why don’t I take care of you some other way?”

She then flashed her smile as she pulled John’s dick out of his pants and pushed it between her lips and into her mouth.

Nicole gave a muffled moan as she took her boss’s cock into her mouth.

She underestimated the size of her mouth but she could manage as she started to suck.

“Ohhhhhh,” gasped John as his busty personal assistant started to suck him.

He had gotten blow jobs before but this one, this one was different. The power of her lips made John clutch the arms of his chair.

He started to breathe heavily as his dick started to spurt cum into Nicole’s mouth.

“Mmmmmm,” said Nicole with a muffled moan as she took all of John Jacobson’s cum, swallowing every single drop and then swallowing more.

“Ohhh Nicole,” moaned John softly as his cock emptied into her mouth.

“Mmmm,” moaned Nicole softly as she finished, popping his dick out of her mouth and tucking it back into his pants.

“That should make things better,” said Nicole, zipping John’s pants and buckling his belt.

She then stood up and adjusted her large breasts in her dress, cupping them and letting them bounce heavily.

Nicole flashed her smile as she saw John staring once again.

She then picked up the file folders from the desk and sauntered out of the office.


Ever since they made their relationship more than just business, Nicole felt like she was living inside a dream. A couple times a week she would join John in his private lounge where she would let him paw at her large breasts and, whenever he wanted, fuck them with his 8 inch cock.

Nicole especially enjoyed having her breasts fucked. Her big soft globes bouncing with each thrust of her boss’s dick as he showered them with cum. It would go on that way each and every time.

In the office Nicole had become much more forward as she would press her boobs against John whenever she would bring him papers to sign or prepare him for a meeting. As a gift for being so helpful, John had given her a week vacation and a raise. Nicole knew exactly what to do and made an appointment with her plastic surgeon. By the start of the next week she was back at work with a slightly larger bust line. John knew that there was something different about her but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it.


James Welsh was an investor that many security companies have been attempting to cut a deal with. At forty five years of age, he had the advantage against John Jacobson when it came to experience. He has been in the game longer and has cut more deals than the young stallion. To James Welsh, John Jacobson was still new to business world, regardless of the fact that he had been working for 5 years already. To John Jacobson, James Welsh was the last of the old breed that he needed to acquire in order to expand his empire. Getting the deal wouldn’t be easy but John knew that he would get what he wanted.


“I understand that this program is the next stage in security,” said Welsh as he sat at a conference table with John and Nicole, “but I have to look out for my own interests in this deal.”

“And that is completely understandable. I have my own interests as well” said John, briefly glancing over to Nicole, “Perhaps if we give you some time to think it over in my private lounge. Then will you consider?”

“You make a tempting offer Jacobson,” said Welsh, standing up, “I’ll accept it and will have an answer for you in an hour.”

“Excellent,” said John, as he and Nicole got up as well, “Nicole will take you up there.”

Welsh then left the room.

“The lounge,” said Nicole, confused as she gathered up a small stack of folders.

“Yes,” said John, stepping close to her and lowering his voice, “See to it that he is taken care of.”

He then hooked the neckline of her dress with his finger and gazed into her cleavage before slipping his key between her breasts, “Give him a push if you have to. We need this deal.”

“Yes sir,” said Nicole, flashing her smile and leaving the conference room.


“Jacobson certainly has it made doesn’t he,” said Welsh as he sat on one of the sofas drinking his third vodka chaser while Nicole sat on the opposite side and drank her usual club soda.

“Yes he certainly does,” said Nicole brushing her hair away from her right shoulder to display her breast.

She smiled as Welsh’s eyes linger toward her huge globe.

‘Like a dog to a bone,’ thought Nicole.

“You know,” said Welsh, his words slurring slightly now, “John is lucky to have a woman like you, so beautiful and young.”

“Why thank you,” said Nicole, placing her drink on the glass table and brushing her hair from her left shoulder to display her left breast.

She discreetly winked at the bartender in the lounge, who backed out into a room behind the bar.

Nicole then moved over next to Welsh, her breasts slightly thrust forward.

“So tell me Mr. Welsh,” said Nicole softly as she proudly displayed her boobs, “Do you really think I’m beautiful.”

When Welsh didn’t say anything and just stared at her large breasts, she gave a soft giggle and said in her sing song voice, “Mr. Welsh.”

Welsh snapped out of his daze and slurred his words as he tried to apologize, “Ssssorryy.”

“Oh it’s quite alright,” said Nicole, pushing her chest out further, “My breasts are quite noticeable.”

She then whispered softly as she started rubbing her fingers along his crotch. “You know I have had them enhanced recently.”

“Enhanced,” said Welsh, staring at the girls tits as they bulged in her dress.

“Mhmm,” whispered Nicole, running her hands over the man’s bulging erection, “They were big before, but I wanted them to be bigger. After all, bigger is better right?”

“Yyyesss” said Welsh, breathing heavy.

“Who knows,” said Nicole gently grasping Welsh’s cock through his pants, “If you and John agree on this deal, I might make them even bigger. So how can I persuade you Mr. Welsh?”

She then unzipped his pants, “There must be something that I can do for you.”

“Oh God,” moaned Welsh as he squirmed in his seat.

“You look like you need something Mr. Welsh. I can help you,” said Nicole, unbuckling his belt, “But you need to help me. Does John have your investment?”

“Uhh, Yess,” said Welsh, a strained look on his face as he pulled his checkbook and pen out of his jacket.

He quickly scribbled a figure and signed the check before cutting it and giving it to Nicole.

“Thank You,” said Nicole seductively as she slipped the check between her breasts.

“Uhhh,” moaned Welsh, his face turning red.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it,” said Nicole, pulling the man’s dick out and leaning forward as she took it into her mouth.

As soon Welsh’s cock entered her mouth, it erupted and started spurting cum.

“Mmmm,” moaned Nicole softly as she started swallowing his cum.

“Ahhhh,” moaned Welsh as his dick emptied quickly into the girl’s mouth.

Nicole popped the man’s cock out of her mouth and wiped her lips with a napkin.

“Thank You,” sighed Welsh with relief.

“No, Thank You,” said Nicole, pulling the check out of her cleavage and looking at it before tucking it back in.


“I certainly hope that you enjoyed yourself,” said John as he shook hands with Welsh.

“Oh I definitely did,” said Welsh, “You have my investment and I look forward to a demonstration in the near future.”

“Thank You,” said John, waving goodbye as Welsh left.

He then turned to Nicole who smiled as she pulled the check out from her cleavage.

“He couldn’t resist them,” said Nicole, stepping forward and moaning as she shoved her large breasts against John’s chest, “Uhhh, No one can resist my boobs.”

John smiled as he took the check from her and cupped her right breast, “Our secret weapons.”

“Why don’t you test these secret weapons yourself,” said Nicole, flashing her smile.

John moved towards the door when Nicole stopped him. “Not in the lounge,” said Nicole, gesturing to the conference table, “In here.”

John started kissing Nicole as he fumbled with the zipper on her dress before getting it to work.

They got onto the table and John started unbuckling his pants.

“Uhh, that dress was so tight,” said Nicole, moaning softly as she held her breasts, “My boobs are too big for it.”

John moaned and grunted as he pulled out his 8 inch cock and shoved it between Nicole’s boobs.

“Ohhh,” gasped Nicole as her tits started bouncing, “Ooh, Ohhh, Uhh, Oh John, Uhhh Yes.”

John started to moan and breathe heavy as he continued to thrust.

“C’mon John,” whispered Nicole as she started to breathe heavy.

John moaned as his cock erupted between Nicole’s breasts, spurting cum into her cleavage.

“Ohhh John, Uhhh Yessss,” moaned Nicole loudly as she climaxed.

“Ohhh Nicole,” moaned John as his dick emptied between her boobs.

“Mmmm,” moaned Nicole softly.


As they stepped out of the elevator into the parking garage John turned to Nicole, “You did well today.”

He then grabbed Nicole’s coat and closed it, “Keep those puppies nice and warm. We’re going to need them.”

“Yes sir,” said Nicole, buttoning her coat and smiling.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” said John turning and walking away, “Goodnight Ms. Goldwyn.”

“Goodnight Mr. Jacobson,” said Nicole.

The End.

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