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MOM WANT’S TO BE MY CUM-BUCKET! – CHAPThis is the third installment of my story. If you haven’t read the previous two chapters you probably should, as this will detail the events that led to my current predicament. If merely want to read on, my name is Rick and I am a normal 15 year old teenager, who happens to have been fucking his mom senseless for the past two days. I had just finished fucking mom’s ass and had blown a huge load up her shit-hole, when I realized my 13 year old sister Rebecca had arrived home from camp three days early. The look on her face made it clear she knew exactly what we were doing, the only question was, what the fuck should I do now??? ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..Mom and I had been so caught up in satisfying our lustful urges that, while we knew things would change when Bec arrived home, we hadn’t discussed this or come up with a plan that would allow us to continue fucking once Bec returned from camp. The one thing I knew was that I didn’t want our games to stop!Bec was literally rooted to the spot, but she hadn’t screamed or started shouting so I knew I had to try and take control of the situation. I leant down so my mouth was beside mom’s ear. “I want you to remain perfectly still and do not react in any way, do you understand?”“Yes honey.” She whispered back.“Bec is home early and is standing at the door, she can clearly see that we’ve been fucking.”“Oh my God!” She sobbed softly.“Be quiet!” I hissed.She nodded, clearly not knowing what to do next. I decided I had to make the first move and turned and looked straight at my little sister. “You’re home early, we weren’t expecting you until Monday, are you ok?”The situation must have looked completely bizarre, as I was carrying out a normal conversation with my sister while I still had my cock rooted firmly in mom’s ass! Bec swallowed and said “There was heavy rain and they were worried the roads could be cut, so they decided we should all go home early. What….what are you doing?”There was no point in trying to deny what she could clearly see, so I decided we had to be completely honest and see how she reacted. “Mom and I are having sex. This started while you were away, and we realize that we love each other and we have decided to enjoy a physical relationship. I’m sorry you had to see us like this, but we are going to continue enjoying each other’s bodies from now on.”She walked closer, clearly studying the situation. “But……isn’t this i*****l? Don’t they call it i****t or something? And how come you’ve got your thingy in mom’s bottom, that’s not how you have sex!”Mom decided it was time for some parental involvement, and I couldn’t have been happier as I was getting out of my depth real fast! She moved forward and my cock slid out of her ass with a soft plop sound. “Sit down Bec, we need to talk.”We all sat around the table and mom looked lovingly at her daughter. “Honey, I know this is hard to understand, and yes you are right. What Rick and I are doing is i*****l, it is called i****t, and I could get into serious trouble if anyone ever found out. I could even go to jail so you must never, ever discuss this with anyone, even your best friends. Do you understand how important this is?”She nodded, and mom continued. “I’m not sure how to explain this to you as it just kind of happened. Neither of us planned this but Rick is telling the truth, and now that we’ve started we realize how much we both really enjoy having sex and have no intention of stopping! I know this means we are going to have to make some changes, but you will have to accept that Rick and I will be having sex, hopefully a lot! We need you to think about this, and then we should talk about it so what we’re doing doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable.”“But Mom, Rick had his thingy in your bottom!”“It’s called anal sex, and it’s just another way two people can enjoy each other’s bodies. Some people think it’s dirty or disgusting, others like us don’t agree. Rick is not hurting me in any way, so it’s fine with us.”Bec seemed to be regaining some composure. “This is so weird! Mom, I think you’re right, I need to think about this. I might go to bed ‘cause I’m pretty tired. Maybe we can talk about this in the morning?”“Whenever you’re ready honey. There’s no hurry, but we should have some ground rules that you’re comfortable with.” Mom replied, and then gave Bec a kiss as she went off to bed.Mom and I looked at each other and she said. “I’ve always tried to be a good mother, and it hasn’t been easy since your father left, but I’m so confused! Is it so wrong that I want a life too, and I enjoy fucking so much? Does having k**s mean I have to become a nun and give up having a life of my own?”She looked as though she was going to cry so I gave her a huge hug and some gentle kisses. “Mom you have every right to a life of your own, and Bec and I would never want you to deny yourself for us. We can’t change what has happened, and maybe it’s a good thing as we don’t have to try and sneak around behind Bec’s back. We were going to have to face this when she got home, it just happened a little earlier than we expected!”“Thanks honey. I guess you’re right, but it’s a bit of shock to have my daughter come home and catch us fucking like that!” She said with a half smile. “I guess we’ll have to wait and see what tomorrow brings.”We continued to hold each other, and despite everything that had just happened my cock started to stiffen. Mom was clearly aware of this as she started to grind her mound against my rapidly growing shaft. She laughed and stood on tip-toe to kiss me. “I know I’m a slut and I can’t get enough. I’m so glad you are too, otherwise I’d worry that I’d fuck you to death!”She knelt before me and sucked me deep into her throat until I was rock-hard. I lay on ground and she squatted above me, holding her flaps wide open so I could see deep into her cunt, and then dropped her sloppy fuck hole onto my cock. This was our first cowgirl fuck, and mom was really getting into it, squeezing my shaft with her cunt muscles and thrusting up and down with increasing speed. I grabbed both her nipples and started to pinch and pull them, stretching her tits out from her body. She was lost in fuck-lust, writhing over my body and actually started drooling spit from her mouth that dribbled down into mine! She steadied herself by placing her hands on my chest, and as increased my rough treatment of her nipples she did the same to me, what a sensation! She squeezed and pulled my nipples and this immediately sent me over the top, pumping rope after rope of thick, gooey cum straight up into her fuck tunnel. This pushed her over as well, and I could feel her juices mixing with mine and bathing my cock in cunt-cum. While we were lying there catching our breath I looked up at the house and saw a light in Bec’s window. Her shadow was almanbahis yeni giriş clearly visible, watching us fuck like mating dogs, and I couldn’t be sure but it looked as though she was rubbing her little clit! Now this was a new twist, so I thought I may as well see how this developed.“Lie down on the ground you filthy slut!” I shouted at mom and she hurried to comply.I lay above her in a 69 position and fed my cum-coated cock deep into her throat. At the same time I leant forward and gave here drooling cunt a sloppy tongue-kiss. She moaned around my cock, so I started to slide my tongue up and down her slit. The taste of our combined cum was intoxicating, and I quickly found myself sliding my tongue deep into mom’s cunt in an effort to suck out as much juice as I could. Mom was loving the attention and responded by trying to suck my prick even further down her throat. Despite having cum twice, her efforts were rewarded by a nice dose of fuck-juice that I pumped down the back of her throat. She swallowed hungrily until she had milked me dry, and then gave my cock-head a gentle tongue kiss as I slid out to lay beside her.I looked back up to Bec’s window and she was still there! Now she had moved back into her room so I could see her clearly, and she had her head back, eyes closed, and was going to town with her fingers. My sweet 13 year old sister was clearly masturbating to the sight of her mom and brother fucking!I whispered to mom that she should have a discreet look. “Oh my God!” She whispered. “Perhaps this is not so bad after all!”By now I realized I hadn’t taken a piss in hours, and my bladder was full to bursting point. I stood above Mom’s head so I was looking down her body toward her shapely legs, and aimed my cock at her face. Without warning I started pissing over my cum-bucket’s face and hair, saturating her in seconds.She moaned and writhed under my golden stream. “Give me your piss!” She cried. “Piss all over your slut, you filthy shit-hole fucker!”I walked my stream up and down her body, saturating her tits and her cunt until rivers of piss flowed onto the ground. As she always seemed to, she shuddered through a huge cum of the own with fuck juice bubbling from her slit.When I was done I had another discreet glance up at Bec’s window. She was still there and still playing with herself, but now her eyes were wide in amazement and her other hand was over her mouth as though trying to stifle a gasp. I also noticed the window was now open, when it was closed earlier, so it looked as though she was keen to hear what was happening rather than just watch. This was becoming increasingly interesting! We went inside to clean up, and showered together like a loving couple before calling it a night. I knew I was wondering what tomorrow would bring when we talked to Bec, and was sure Mom was having similar thoughts.Morning came and Mom and I decided we should dress a little more discreetly than the past couple of mornings, so I pulled on a pair of shorts and Mom put on a short house coat and we headed down for breakfast. Bec normally enjoyed a sleep-in most mornings, so we were surprised to see her at the table wolfing down her breakfast.Mom gave her a hug and kiss. “How are you this morning honey?”“Ok Mom.” She smiled, and gave a smile as well. “I feel a lot better for a good night’s rest, I was really tired after the bus trip home.”Mom made coffee and we sat with Bec at the table. Bec looked at us both. “You really surprised me last night. The last thing I expected to see was you two having sex in the yard, what’s going on?”Mom and I looked at each other, and Mom took some time to gather her thoughts before she answered. “Honey, I know we’ve spoken about sex and girl stuff, particularly when you had your first period a few months ago. Sex is something very personal. Some people have a high sex drive like me, and they want to have sex as often as they can. Other people are happy to have sex every once in a while. You know I caught your father having sex with the neighbor and I couldn’t forgive him for that. The problem is my sex life ended then, and I don’t want it to! I enjoy sex! But I don’t want to try and pick up a man in a bar and bring him home when I’d rather be looking after my k**s. Can you please try and understand that?”“I guess so Mom.” Bec replied. “But what you were doing outside last night didn’t look like normal sex to me!”I didn’t want to leave this all on Mom’s shoulders so I replied. “s*s, there really is no such thing as normal sex. When you meet the right guy and decide to have sex with him, what you do is between the two of you and is nobody else’s business. It will be up to you how you choose to enjoy sex, and if it’s good for you both, that’s all that matters. Some people may think what Mom and I do is weird or perverted, but we both enjoy it so they can go screw themselves!”Mom nodded her agreement. “Bec, I have decided to give myself sexually to Rick. Anything he wants is ok with me. I trust him and I love him just as I trust and love you. I know neither of you would hurt me or take advantage of me, and I enjoy giving myself to him in this way. We don’t want to embarrass you or make you feel uncomfortable in your own home, and we will act like a normal mother and son when you have friends over. But if it’s just us, Rick can do whatever he wants with me whenever he wants to.”“But Mom, you let him pee on you last night, and he had his thingy in your bottom too! That’s some freaky shit!” Bec responded.“Yes he did pee on me, and he had his cock in my ass, and I absolutely loved it! Other people might think it’s weird but I don’t care because we both thoroughly enjoyed it. You were watching us from your window weren’t you, and that’s ok, you are not in trouble!”Bec looked a little concerned but answered honestly. “Yes Mom, I guess curiosity got the better of me.”“Ok, how did you feel while you watched us?” Mom responded.Bec gave this some thought. “It was kinda funny Mom. I started to get tingles, and then I started to get wet….you know….down there.”“That’s completely natural honey.” Mom assured her. “Did you touch yourself down there when you started to get wet?”Bec blushed bright red with embarrassment. “Mom, not in front of Rick please!”“Why not honey? Rick is the man who was fucking me and you were watching him too!”Bec was clearly shocked at the language Mom was using. “Well, yeah I did.”Mom pushed ahead. “Did if feel good baby? As you rubbed yourself did it feel better and better until it was hard to breathe?”“Yeah it did! How did you know?”Mom ignored Bec’s question. “And when you kept rubbing what happened?”“It’s kinda hard to explain, but I just wanted to keep rubbing harder and faster, and then I shook all over and…..all of this stuff came out of………..down there!”Mom and I both smiled broadly, which seemed to put Bec at ease a little. “Congratulations honey! You’ve had an orgasm!” Mom told her. “I’ll bet it felt almanbahis giriş great didn’t it!”Bec blushed for the third time. “It was a little scary. For a second I thought I was going to fall over because my legs went all weak. It really felt good though!”Mom smiled again. “Baby when you decide you want have sex you will be amazed. Rubbing yourself feels good, but having sex is so much better!”“Mom’s right s*s.” I added. “I’ve been rubbing myself for ages and I thought it was great, but I never knew how much better actual sex really is!”“Well it was kinda obvious you two were enjoying yourselves, so what happens now? Am I going to come home and find you two having sex in the kitchen?” Bec asked, with a strange half smile. Mom and I looked at each other and I said. “Would that freak you out if we did?”“It’s a little weird, but I felt kinda good watching you last night. Could……could I watch you having sex, you know, up close so I can see what you’re doing?”Again Mom and I exchanged glances, and she raised an eyebrow at me and gave me the slightest nod. “That’s ok with us.” I answered. “But you need to understand we use some very explicit language, and I may do some things that you think are hurting Mom. What we do when we fuck is all about pleasure and lots of it, so don’t worry. If you feel uncomfortable you can tell us and we’ll go somewhere private, ok?”Bec seemed much happier, and gave a one of her classic beaming smiles. “Ok, I need to catch my bus and so do you b*o. See you guys at sex time!”Mom and I hadn’t realized how much time had passed, so it became a mad rush as we got dressed and headed out the door.Bec didn’t say much on the bus, so we just chatted about her time at camp and school stuff. We normally don’t see each other at school, but she was waiting at the bus stop when I got there after school. “Hi s*s, how was your day?”She moaned. “I’m so glad it’s Friday! Really unfair I had to go to school today, I should have had a free day seeing I should have still been at camp.” She leaned in to whisper so the other k**s couldn’t hear. “I want to talk about…….you know. Can we sit together on the bus today?”This was a little uncool, but I figured she wouldn’t ask unless it was important so I went along with it. We waited until all the other k**s got on the bus, and found a seat up the back where we could talk privately.“What’s on your mind s*s?” I asked, more than a little curious.“Well. You know how you said rubbing yourself is good, but proper sex is better? And then you said you’d been rubbing yourself for a while, well, I’ve been rubbing myself for a while too and I can’t see how sex can be better than that! Can you explain it to me?”“Shit s*s, it’s hard to put into words, but I’ll try! Rubbing yourself feels good no question, but you know what you’re going to do next. When you have sex with someone they can do things you might not be expecting, but feel real good. I guess it’s like watching a scary movie, you kinda know what’s coming, but it still surprises you when it happens. Does that make any sense?”She looked thoughtful. “So you’re saying it feels better because you don’t know what’s coming next?”“Exactly! It’s all about anticipation. You know something really great is coming, but don’t know precisely when it will happen or how sometimes.”“Ok, I think I get it.” She said, and seemed happy to leave it at that for now.We walked home from the bus stop, and I was surprised to find Mom had decided to go with situation normal, and had the soft music and candle-light going as we walked in the door. Mom was sitting back on the lounge, and today she obviously gone for sexy but (somewhat) discreet look. She was wearing a hot pink mini dress, with a plunging neckline that made it clear her bra was on holiday. The two sections that barely covered her ample tits tied around her neck halter style, so the dress was backless with only her ass covered, just!I gave her a kiss on cheek, she responded with a deep tongue kiss on the mouth. She gave Bec a huge hug and a peck as well. She looked at Bec and said. “I missed out on my morning fuck and I’ve been climbing the walls all day. Do you still want to watch Rick fuck me?”“Sure do Mom!” Mom, looked at me, lifted the front of her dress so I could see panties were an option she hadn’t bothered with. “Your slut needs a good hard fucking baby. Want to shove your cock in a nice warm hole somewhere?”“Mom, I haven’t thought about anything else all day. Get on your hands and knees you cunt!”She was there in flash, a look of lustful expectation on her face.I grabbed my toy bag and went straight to the lubricant and the butt plug. I knelt behind her and started to gently tongue her puckered rosebud. Mom gasped, but Bec did too! She was sitting on the lounge craning her neck trying to see. “s*s, if you want a good look then come over here!” I hissed. She was beside me a flash, her sense of curiosity overwhelming everything else she may have been feeling. I had Mom wet enough that I could slip my tongue into Mom’s ass, and she groaned in approval.“Yes baby, that’s so fucking good! Tongue your slut’s tight little shit-hole, please!”If Bec was uncomfortable with the language we were using she didn’t show it, and I could hear her breathing getting heavier. Having my sweet little sister watching us was an unbelievable turn-on, and I was having a ball cleaning the inside of Mom’s shitter with my tongue. When she was good and wet I turned to Bec. “Do you want to help me a little?”She looked at me, clearly unsure about what to do, but nodded. “I want you to pull Mom’s ass cheeks apart as far as you can.” I instructed.She was tentative at first, possibly worried about hurting Mom, but then firmly pulled Mom’s cheeks apart until the rosebud started to open a touch. I poured some lubricant straight in and Mom hissed as the cold liquid touched her hot skin. “That’s perfect Bec, thanks.” I said to encourage her.It was time to stuff Mom’s ass, so I slowly but firmly pushed the plug in until the base slipped inside.“Feels so good baby!” Mom groaned. “Stuff your slut’s ass! Have you got a load of hot, sticky cum for my shit-hole tonight?”“Maybe slut, maybe.” I responded. “We’ll see if you deserve it.”Mom was really getting into it. “Please baby, please! My shit-hole is on fire and the only thing that will put it out is a huge load of your fuck juice!”Bec and I could both clearly see that Mom’s cunt was now running with her fuck juice. Creamy liquid was oozing out of her flaps and running down her inner thighs. She even smelt like a woman ready for fucking! I quickly stripped off and Bec gasped again when she saw my cock fully erect up close.I knelt back behind Mom and Bec kneeled beside me. I aimed my shaft at Mom’s juicy fuck hole and rammed home in one hard thrust, almost pushing her over. “Thank you baby, that’s just what your little fuck slut needs!” Mom whispered. I was starting to get the hang of controlling when I came, and I almanbahis güvenilirmi wanted to see how Bec would react so I kept my strokes slow and deep.Bec had disappeared for a moment, and when I looked for her I saw she was quickly stripping off too! Before I knew it she was naked beside me, and she gave a nervous smile. I leaned over to give her a gentle kiss on the lips, and she nervously kissed me back. I smeared some of Mom’s juice on a finger and started rubbing Bec’s flaps very slowly and gently. “Ok s*s?” I asked, as the last thing I wanted to do was push her too far. She just smiled and nodded.It was kind of difficult to coordinate thrusting my cock in Mom’s cunt and fingering Bec at the same time, but I got a rhythm going. Bec put an arm around my shoulder, and watched intently as my cock slid in and out of Mom’s juicy fuck box. “This is getting me really hot b*o!” She whispered in my ear.“I’d hope so s*s. If this didn’t get your juices flowing I think you’d be dead!” She giggled in reply. “Do you think I should cum in Mom’s cunt, or blow my wad on her face?” I asked Bec.“I’d love to watch what happens when you cum!” She replied.“Then I’m going to need both hands, can you look after yourself down there?”She quickly took over from me in attending to her juicy little cunt and we both picked up the pace. Mom and I were both sweating freely now, and the sweet bubbling feeling was building in my balls.I whipped my cock out and just made it to Mom’s sweet face in time. I lifted her chin with one hand and stroked my cock over the edge with other, blowing a huge load of cum all over Mom’s face. This had to be my biggest load ever, as I simply could not stop! In seconds Mom had cum spattered all over her face, hair, neck and tits. Rivers of gooey, white fuck juice ran down her chest toward her cunt. Mom was having a massive cum of her own, as her juice was gushing out of her cunt as though she was pissing! Soon she had a pool spreading on floor beneath her, and then she collapsed on the floor.In the meantime Bec was furiously rubbing her clit until she started shuddering through an intense orgasm of her own. “Fuck, cunt, fuck, cunt, I wanna fuck, fuck, fuck!!!” She yelled as she flooded her own section of floor. Soon the three of us were lying on the floor enjoying the afterglow of a great fuck session. Mom crawled over and smeared her cum-covered face all over mine, transferring my juice back to me. We kissed and caressed each other as our breathing returned to normal, and then looked at Bec. She was lying on floor as well, with her eyes closed and a huge smile on her face. I smiled at Mom. “She’s just like you Mom. One good cum and you both look like the cat that found a gallon of fresh cream!”She smiled at me. “The cat can go and get fucked. I know whose cream I want!”I crawled over to where Bec was lying and gave her a quick kiss. “You ok s*s?”“Mmmmm” She moaned and nodded weekly.I gently rolled her onto her back, and then spread her legs wide apart. She didn’t resist, and probably wasn’t in any condition to do so. Mom was clearly curios about my intentions, so she crawled over and lay beside Bec, smiling at me. I kissed Bec’s nipple and she arched her back and moaned. I licked and sucked at her breast, and then took her nipple in my teeth and gave a short, sharp nip. Again she moaned and arched up, almost as though she was trying to get more of her nipple in my mouth. I started moving down her body, planting soft kisses until I arrived at her sloppy little cunt.I kissed right on her extended little clit that was still protruding from its hood. “Oh fuck!” She moaned. Slowly and softly I licked from the top of her flaps down to her shit hole and back again. Her taste was euphoric, completely different to Mom’s but just as pleasant. Just as Mom seemed addicted to ass fucking, I was getting hooked on cunt juice. I poked my tongue into Bec’s tight little fuck tunnel and I felt her hands on my head, lovingly stroking my hair. Gently, I cleaned her out her juices, savouring her sweet taste and smell. She was rocking her hips in time with my tongue thrusts, and now her hands were more insistent, holding my mouth firmly against her sloppy cunt. In a tiny voice she whispered. “Tongue my cunt! Suck my cunt! Make me cum, please!!!”As I increased the tempo she was writhing around and jamming my head into her tight snatch. Suddenly she was started shuddering violently, pumping what seemed like gallons of cum all over my face! She came more than Mom did and she was only 13! She finally went limp, which was just as well as I could finally take a deep breath.Mom and I looked at each other over Bec’s tiny, spent body. “I think I’ve got some competition!” Mom said with a smile. “I think I’ve got some tender, fresh fuck-meat!” I smiled in reply.“I think my little cunt just exploded!” Bec whispered as she lay on the floor.Mom got on her hands and knees and gyrated her ass at me. She smiled back over her shoulder. “Remember I said my shit-hole had an itch? Do you want to unplug me and scratch it baby, please?”My cock was rock-hard after tongue fucking my sweet sister, so I moved behind Mom and started fondling her sweet, taut butt. I eased the plug out and was again amazed at how her shit-hole gaped open, as though she missed having something stuffed in there. She was still slick from the lube so I slid in easily.“Oh yes baby, that’s what Mom needs. Fill my shit hole with your hard cock!”I stroked in deep, still feeling her tight hole clamped around my cock despite the stretching she had received from the plug. With each thrust I ground my nuts against her slippery cunt, and mom groaned in appreciation. I was in no hurry this time, having blown a huge load over Mom’s face and then enjoyed sucking Bec’s little cunt dry, and I wanted to prolong the enjoyment for a while.Bec had started to come back to life, and was watching intently as I violated Mom’s shit hole. “b*o, I feel like I should be disgusted by this, but it’s just soooo hot! My cunt is twitching and I just want you to fuck her! Are you going to cum in her ass?”“Mom loves a load in her ass Bec, and like I said before, this is all about what feels good!”I started pumping harder and Mom was grunting her approval every time I thrust into her tight back hole. “Get ready bitch, I’m gonna give you a load!” I shouted.“Fuck your slut and pump me full baby!” Mom encouraged in reply.Bec was fascinated as my cock started to spasm, and was wide-eyed as my sticky cum started oozing out of mom’s shitter and dribbled down toward her cunt. She was even more amazed when Mom spun around and jammed my softening shaft into her mouth, sucking furiously.“Oh Mom you’re such a slut! You’re sucking Rick’s cock when it’s been in your shit-hole.”Mom released my cock and smiled at her daughter. “If Rick is good enough to fuck my holes the least I can do is show my appreciation by sucking him clean. After all, I helped make the mess!”Bec smiled. “I guess you can’t argue with that!”“Well my sweet little cunts, the one thing I can’t argue with is that tomorrow is Saturday; and that means we can fuck all day!”Mom and Bec smiled in agreement, and we decided to call it a night and get some rest. Tomorrow should be a very enjoyable day!

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