Mom Transforms Son into a Transsexual. Part 2

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Mom Transforms Son into a Transsexual. Part 2Mae and me were laying in bed cuddling when our Mothers walk in and informed us we had a doctor appointment Mae and I exchanged looks and went into the shower Willa came in the Bathroom and told us to shave each other’s body.We finished as told and dressed each other in our best prissy outfit and walked down stairs we quickly left, jumped into Moms Caddilac we drove for about a half hour then pulled up to a Medical Building. Me and Mae waited in a room while our Moms Talked to a doctor, 90 minutes later a Nurse marched us into The doctors office. The sign read Dr. Goldstien Our mothers were sitting in chairs in front of the Doctors desk, The Doctor was a woman, her name was Karen,5″ 11′, brunette, large boobs, and black eye glasses, I asked where me and Mae were suppose to sit all three woman laughed. Dr. Karen wrote out a Presciption for us then said see the Nurse on the way out and make a appointment for both of you. When I asked what the pills were for I was told they were vitamins, Then Mom dropped Willa and Mae off. As Mommy and me drove off I was informed they were moving in with us permanently, I started thinking about all the fun me and Mae would have. When we got home Mom grabbed my hand and we went to her bedroom, Mom took off her dress,Panties,bra,and Pantyhose. She then screamed strip you sissy faggot whore.Mommy threw güvenilir bahis siteleri me on her bed and said she’d be right back, when she returned she was carrying her sex toys,lube, a collar and leash.She said “ass up and head down honey” she then took out a huge butt plug, inserted it into my ass then told me to sleep.At the end of the month Willa and Mae showed up followed by the Movers I had on pink panties and a pink bra, my nipples started hurting so you could see them the big strong movers giggled when ever they walked by me. When the movers were done the four of us sat down at the dinning room table, Me and Mae were informed that from now on we would be home schooled, Then Willa took out two chastity cage and locked our genitals up. This was to be our lives for awhile,For the next year Mae and me grew closer we eventually fell in love. On the first Anniversary of meeting Mae and Willa we took a trip to Thailand Mom and Willa were very buisness like while Mae and I were giddy,18 hours later we landed at the Bangkok Airport, escorted to our Hotel Suite.Two days later we all went to a Hospital, the doctor injected us with something,Next thing I know the room was fuzzy My face was bandaged along with my chest, In the bed next to me was another person I soon fell back asleep. I awoke with a heavy feeling on my chest, I turned my head to see Mae in the bed youwin giriş next to mine,It looked like she had fake boobs in her gown,Mommy and Willa walked in our room and said “Let us see” let us see what mommy, Your titties baby, I was shocked yet not really Mae and me rushed into the bathroom and saw we had real breast well sorta…giggles. We all toured the city and saw all the cute Thai girls, Mom and Willa asked us if a girl was a genetic girl or a ladyboys, naturally we couldn’t tell the difference. at the end of the week we flew back home.We were all very tired from our long flight so Me and Mae went to our room while Willa and Mommy went to theirs. Mae and Me woke up the next after noon,There was a knock on the door then it flew open and Mommy said Shower and get yourself pretty we have a “Party” for you girls tonight. We showered and we couldn’t stop playing with out new toys “Our Breasts”. we fixed up our make up, we had grown to be very good at putting on our make up by then. We combed each others hair, then we saw our out fits on the bed, two school girl out fits, mini skirts, white blouse, no bra or panties, pink socks and patent leather shoes. It was 9 Pm and time for our big entrance, we both didn’t know what to think or do, none the less we went down to the “family Room”, The room was crowded , everyone was in costume it seemed like we youwin güvenilir mi walked onto the set of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.The woman were wearing Men Suits, the men dressed in cocktail dresses with high heels and the men wore the sissy slut collars like me and Mae. Mommy and Willa were nude and cuddling on the love seat drinking wine, Then two men walked up to me and said “honey you look so fine we should get friendly, One black guy lifted up his dress and flipped out his cock, it was huge and dripping pre cum,he forced me onto my kness and proceeded to face fuck me white a white guy was licking my ass, then he put two fingers in my sissy pussy, he pushed them in and out for five minutes, he commented on how tight I was he then removed them and I felt so empty, I knew then I was a cum slut shemale for life.The men spit roasted Mae and Me for what seemed like eternity,Then the women put on their big strap on dildos and fucked the men white saying degrading things, the alcohol was flowing and so was the d**gs,The room was spinning then I woke up with Willa she was drenced in cum, who’s was it I don’t know all I knew was I wanted Mae.The next Morning I awoke to Willa laughing at me, when I asked what was so funny she said “Your Mother and I have been planning this for years bitch you don’t think we did this because we are nice. I went down stairs to see Mae dressed in a maid out fit serving my mom her coffee,I laughed then I was informed that I would also be a servant for Mom and Willa, Mae would be the Maid and I’d be the Cook.Mommy and Willa told us we were responsible for recruiting virgin sissies for their Mothers and or Fathers.

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