Miss Victoria, Sex Therapist Ch. 04: Gregory

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Hello you naughty girls and boys!

We return to Gregory and finish his first appointment. He completes his demonstration and we learn something of his upcoming therapy.


Gregory had been on his knees for some time. He was finishing his second kiss; a kiss which put his tongue deep within Miss Victoria’s asshole. He had been working his tongue on, around, and within her ass as he ‘demonstrated’ what his girlfriend had been requiring of him each night. He had noticed she tasted a little different. Though there were many similarities in both the function and senses as he went about the familiar task, he could swear there was something just a bit different in Miss Victoria’s ass from the ass of his girlfriend. As he pondered this he heard the soft, yet commanding voice of Miss Victoria.

“Gregory, I do believe she instructed you these were to be ‘deep’ kisses. Let’s not lose our focus. I’m sure you can go deeper as well as do a bit more exploring with that tongue of yours.”

It seemed odd to hear those words from his therapist, but no more odd than the fact he was on his knees performing analingus on her. And immediately he began to push his tongue with more force, deep inside her ass. While keeping it extended he tried to flick it from side to side and roll his tongue around. He was feeling the work and was glad he was past the halfway point. He also knew he couldn’t slack off. He pushed his tongue around while thinking of ways to please her.

Miss Victoria was lying on the couch on her side. She was enjoying the tongue in her ass but more than that, she was enjoying her control over Gregory. While having a tongue in your ass was a pleasure itself, in the past she had a number of tongues more skilled than his snaking into her back passage. It was a shame too, as he had the equipment. Not every guy had a tongue so long and nimble. His was a tongue that shouldn’t go to waste.

He would be so much better once she had him properly trained, and she was looking forward to training him. It was also nice to have him come in and be ready for immediate ass licking. She had many other clients that had licked her ass, but they had to be worked up to it in one way or another. Gregory came to her with his tongue out, so to speak, and it was already primed for ass.

She could feel he was winding down a bit and would soon finish this second ‘kiss’. That was fine. She still had another one coming and he would first spend some more time with his lips and tongue along her crack. Besides, this was still the first night and just an introduction to what she had in store for him. As his tongue slowly withdrew and circled her asshole, she began to layout her plan for him.

Gregory was now into his third kiss for Miss Victoria when he felt his leg start to cramp. The pain made him wince and he had to try hard not to bite his own tongue. A tongue which he knew must continue Escort Bayan its work. He reasoned that the slight differences in height of the couch to the height of his girlfriend’s bed along with possible position changes from the shape and form of Miss Victoria’s ass and how she was presenting it to him, were responsible for this unexpected cramping.

His legs were often stiff, as well as other body parts, while performing this back home, but he didn’t usually experience such cramping pain in his legs. As he tried to will his leg to relax, he felt the cramp coming on in his second leg. He found himself thrusting forward on his knees to relieve the pain which pressed his face harder against the ass before him. Also his face scrunched in pain in a manner which drew his nose back fractionally and extended his tongue likewise.

“Now I believe that is the deepest you have gone tonight Gregory. Remember this position.”

There was no way he could tell her, the last thrust was born of pain. And he also didn’t think it would make much difference to her somehow. His cramps eased a little and he divided his attention between them and slowly working his tongue back out of Miss Victoria’s very fine ass. He was finishing his third kiss, but then he would have to continue licking her for awhile. At home he would continue until his girlfriend fell asleep. He really wasn’t sure how long he would have to lick here tonight.

It had been at least ten minutes since Gregory had pulled his tongue from within her ass. Now she was enjoying the slow licks along her crack and occasional kisses to her puckered hole.

“Okay Gregory, just continue as you are. I’m not going to drift off to sleep, but I do want a good idea of the whole process you go through.” And it was so much fun to have him licking her ass while she talked to him. It was just more of the power element in action.

“Now I have given some thought as to how we should structure your therapy.” And indeed she had. “I think we will begin with alternating sessions of theory and practice. During our Theory sessions, we will discuss how you feel, insights you have had about your girlfriend and your relationship, as well as me asking you questions and giving you assignments.

During our Practice sessions we will take a more active role such as we have done tonight to ascertain where we can make improvements and determine what specifically your girlfriend is aiming at. There may also be assignments from these sessions, such as things to practice at home. This way we will cover dialogue and exercises. As your therapy progresses we may branch out further. If you understand and agree with me push your tongue into my asshole twice.”

She so enjoyed such little twists and waited as she knew he was a bit surprised and considering what she had just said. However she did not have to wait long before she felt his tongue pushing Bayan Escort at her sphincter. It made its way inside her and withdrew. Shortly it was followed by another such stroke.

“Good. You’re doing very well Gregory and I have high hopes for you. Don’t disappoint me. Just keep licking.”

He had just pressed his tongue back into her ass twice in response to a question and still he had to remain where he was and lick Miss Victoria while she spoke to him about his treatment.

“I think we will begin with two sessions a week and see how that goes. If Tuesdays and Thursdays sound good to you give me two more with your tongue. If one of those days won’t work…give me three.” She smiled wickedly to herself.

“Three!” he thought. But surely if she wanted two for ‘yes’, then only one would be required for ‘no’? And wasn’t it supposed to be one for ‘yes’ and two for ‘no’? He thought for a moment and was thankful that Tuesday and Thursday would work out fine for him. Then to convey the message, he once again pressed his tongue inside her ass…twice.

“Good. Now I think our next session will be Practice. I think I can have something set up by Tuesday. Now I just need to cover a few questions…”

More questions?!? But that meant…no, surely this wasn’t happening.

“So first off do either of you have bondage toys?”

Gregory thought for a moment, but couldn’t think of anything he or she had that would qualify. In fact they really didn’t have adult toys.

“My asshole is waiting for your answer Gregory.”

So he accepted his fate and pressed his tongue deep into her ass three times. The good news was that since the questions began, Miss Victoria’s asshole was relaxing and allowing easier entry.

“I see. Well does she have a vibrator?”

At least it was a ‘yes’ answer and he pressed his tongue twice.

“Does she have a non-vibrating dildo?”

He was quite certain she did not, but of course that meant his tongue had to push into her asshole three times.

“Hmm, I have my doubts. Anyway, how many vibrators or vibrating toys does she have? Give me tongue for each one?”

“For each one?” he said to himself. He considered a moment and found he could recall three. He was about to tongue his answer when he thought of another one that would probably count. But then he decided three was close enough and it saved his tongue a bit. A tongue that by now was very tired. He pressed it thrice inside her.

“Really? We may have to do some investigating.” She figured he was wearing out and decided she was ready to end this little game, at least for tonight. “Okay, last question. How many times in the past month have the two of you gone out to dinner?” She waited and felt his tongue push inside her twice and stop.

“Only two times? Well Gregory, you have given me something to work with here. I will go over my notes and Escort have a plan for you Tuesday. You may now withdraw your tongue but I think a thank you kiss would be in order.” And of course in the next moment she felt his lips kissing her rosy hole.

“Now close your eyes while I get up.”

Gregory knelt with his eyes closed as Miss Victoria got off the couch. A minute later when she said he could open his eyes, she was standing and smoothing out her skirt. He wasn’t sure whether or not she had put her underwear back on.

“You may get up from the floor and put your shirt back on.”

He took a couple of breaths and began to slowly work his way off the floor. His body cried out to him and he feared for a moment he would collapse as one of his leg cramps threatened to return. At least a part of him had forgotten he had removed his shirt, but he was quick to locate it, if not so quick as to put it back on.

“Now just wait there a moment Gregory.” And Miss Victoria leaned over to her phone. “Katherine, has Mark left yet? Okay well Gregory is about to come out and then you can finish up with Mark. Okay.”

Turning her attention back to him, she gave a short but pleasant goodbye, reminding him of his Tuesday appointment. He thanked her a few times and then made his way to the door.

Out in the reception area Katherine was seated at her desk. Gregory saw no signs of this Mark fellow that had been mentioned and it didn’t even look as though anyone had been in, until he noticed a coat on the rack he hadn’t seen before. Curious, but it really wasn’t his business anyway.

Katherine smiled up at him from her desk. She seemed to have a glow he hadn’t noticed when he came in. But then he was pretty sure working for Miss Victoria paid well. Nice work if you can get it.

“I’m so happy Miss Victoria could find a place for you.” It seemed an odd thing to say and Gregory was about to ask her what she meant when she must have sensed his confusion and added “…in her busy schedule.” Well yes, he had gathered she was doing well and all indications were that she was quite successful. And Gregory was grateful he had found someone to help him although he wouldn’t have imagined his first meeting would have gone anything like it had.

“Yes, I’m quite pleased she could help me.”, he said to her. Then he made to get his coat and make his way to the door.

“Have a pleasant evening.” he said at the door.

“Already taken care.” she replied with a smile.

Another odd thing to say he felt. It was almost as if Miss Victoria and Katherine spoke a different language or a dialect that was just a little off from what he was used to. He decided to just dismiss it for now and make his way home.

In the elevator, he tried to gather his thoughts a bit after such an eventful day. He was feeling as though he was forgetting something and kept checking his pockets on the way down.

As Gregory hailed a cab out front of the building it suddenly hit him. His girlfriend was unaware of this meeting and what he had been through. When he got home he was going to have to do it all again later tonight before he got any rest!

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