Milky Mishaps – The Farm

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This is the third story in the series, and a standalone story (for now). I’m looking for an animator to do a drawing of Tracy or perhaps even a short comic for a scene from one of the stories, so if anybody has any suggestions please let me know.

Your feedback/comments are always appreciated. Enjoy!


Tracy opened her eyes as the early morning rays streamed through the bedroom window. Stretching her arms upward, she winced in pain. Her breasts felt heavier than usual today under her oversized night shirt. Lifting one breast in her hand, she hefted its weight.

I can’t wait until I can chop these damn things off and just have a nice, normal pair of C cups. Why does weaning have to hurt this bad?

She stood and walked to the floor mirror to examine herself. Pulling the shirt above her head and standing in only her panties, she gasped at what she saw.

Just below her long blonde hair, her tits seemed to come out a foot past her chest. The previously pale, white skin of her boobs was now slightly reddish, criss-crossed with blue, spidery veins. Capping off her swollen bust was two knob-like nipples, tiny droplets of milk hanging off each one. Somehow, they retained their perkiness and stayed upright despite the extra weight.

But how could they get this bad? They hadn’t looked anything like this last night!

Now that little Jimmy was almost one year old, Tracy had decided to wean him off breastfeeding completely. Last night had been the first full night she had gone without a feeding or pumping session. Without the frequent “milking” sessions, she guessed that her production had continued and that the extra milk had simply backed up in her tits.

Damn it. Well, at least the Zumba is paying off! She smiled and lightly slapped her flat, toned tummy.

“Tracy? What the hell happened?”

Tracy turned to the bedroom door. Her husband Jim’s mouth hung open as he stood staring at her, a cup of coffee in each hand.

“The doctor said I can’t pump at all while I’m trying to wean. He says if I pump them too much, it could actually increase my production and make it even harder to stop lactating. So, I haven’t pumped at all in like a day.”

“Oh. Well, anyway, thought you could use some coffee. I figured we could leave here in about an hour or so?”

“Yeah…about that, Jim. I don’t think I can go today. It’s just that it’s a long drive out to the country, and I’d rather stay closer to home in case I have a, uh, milk situation happen. I was thinking that maybe we could just go to the aquarium or go out for lunch instead?”

“Don’t be ridiculous babe, you’ll be fine. Just take your pump with you and if you need to ease a little bit of pressure off, you can pump in the bathroom. Besides, some fresh country air will do us all some good.”

Jim’s right. We’ve been cooped up in the house way too much lately. Today’s actually a nice day, and it would be nice for us and the baby to all get some fresh air.

“You’re right. I can’t stop living my life just because of my big, stupid milky tits.” She shook her naked tits side to side, and the two shared a laugh as they began to get ready.


“Ok, we’re here!”

The SUV pulled into the dirt parking lot. Next to the lot stood a giant wooden sign “Bessie the Cow welcomes you to COOPERSON DAIRY FARMS!”, with a picture of a smiling, cartoon black-and-white cow.

The farm was spread out over several acres of a grassy lot. The parking lot was about a five minute walk from the visitor center, where patrons could sample fresh dairy products, such as cheese curds and milk shakes, and pick up souvenirs. Next to the visitor center was the main barn where the dairy cows were kept and milked. Scattered over the farm were various attractions, such as a pig pen and a petting zoo.

Tracy sat nervously fidgeting in the passenger seat of the car. Back at the house, her attempts at putting a nursing bra over her swollen tits had failed, so she was forced to wear nothing but nursing pads under her shirt. The only shirt that fit over her boobs was a blue scoop neck T-shirt, which revealed a healthy amount of cleavage.

Jim got out of the driver’s seat and began to unpack the stroller from the back seat. After a moment of hesitation, Tracy joined him.

“Ah! Smell that fresh country air, Trace?”

“Smells like manure to me…Babe, I don’t think I can do this. Look at the way I’m dressed. I look ridiculous!”

Jim eyed his wife up and down. Aside from how obvious it was she wasn’t wearing a bra under her tight blue shirt, he thought she looked very attractive. Her straight blonde hair was pulled back into a neat ponytail. A tight pair of jeans was practically molded around her plump round ass and showed off her shapely legs.

“Honey, you look fine. In case you haven’t noticed, we’re at a farm, not at a soiree. Just relax, nobody cares how you’re dressed. Do me a favor, go to the other side of the back seat and grab the diaper bag while I get this little guy ready.”

Tracy Escort Bayan rolled her eyes and walked to the other side of the car. The diaper bag had slid under the seat. Bending over to reach it, she froze as she heard a whistling noise in her direction.

“Damn girl! Baby got back!” She turned her head and saw two tall, lanky young men laughing at her. They appeared to be identical twins, both dressed in dirty, oversized T-shirts and jeans. They each sported a messy mop of greasy dark hair and a farmers tan. Looking at them, she thought they were poor country folk.

She backed out of the car and turned behind her, hands on her hips. “Hey, back off creeps!”

“Holy hell! Look at the size of those milkers!”

Tracy gasped and quickly folded her arms across her chest. The two laughed, and were quickly interrupted by a yell from behind them.

“Jerry! Terry! You’re both eighteen now, you ought to know better. Now you two leave that poor woman alone and come give me a hand with the little ‘uns!” Tracy looked past the twins and saw a woman shouting from the window of a dirty old Ford truck. Tracy coughed as she got a whiff of diesel fumes. The truck engine wound down, and the woman exited the passenger’s side holding two small babies in her arms.

No car seats? Great…

“Yeah come over here boys! We don’t want to miss out on the free tour day, now. I hear they’re gonna give us free samples and everything!” A burly man in overalls got out of the driver’s side of the truck.

Free tour day? So THAT’S why Jim wanted to come here. Ugh, cheap bastard…

“Yes, sir! Well, we’ll be seeing you…” Jerry pointed at her breasts “and THEM, real soon I’m sure.” The twins laughed as they walked back over to “Mama” and “Papa” by the truck. Seconds later, Jim walked over to Tracy.

“Who was that?”

“Nobody, just a couple stupid hicks, let’s just go.”

Jim and Tracy finished setting up the stroller and were walking on their way to the visitor center, with little Jimmy in tow. Just as they were almost out of earshot of the family, Tracy heard a faint baby cry coming from the parking lot. She tried to ignore it and focus on the building in front of her. As the crying continued, she felt her maternal instincts kick in and she stopped Jim.

“Honey, I think those people need help.”

“They’re fine, babe. Don’t worry about them.”

“You saw them, Jim. They’re obviously very poor. I mean look at them, they looked like they haven’t showered in a week.”

“Tracy, this isn’t one of the church’s volunteer events. You can’t just go and help random strangers. It’s demeaning. Plus, those guys were harassing you, so just forget it. They can handle things themselves.”

“Well it’s not the baby’s fault, Jim! Look, I’m going over there to see if I can help. You and Jimmy go ahead and I’ll meet you inside. Don’t worry, the FREE tour isn’t going anywhere.”

“Yeah, whatever. Take your time.” Jim pushed the stroller and continued walking to the visitor center. Tracy jogged her way back to the parking lot, her tits swinging up and down with each step.


Terry spotted the blonde coming their way, and shoved his brother on the shoulder to get his attention. Tracy was jogging, her massive unsupported tits swinging up and down in her T-shirt with every step. Mama, Papa, and the twins stood by the truck and stared at the woman. As Tracy approached, she noticed the two babies the woman was carrying were now crammed into an old stroller meant for a single baby.

She stopped in front of the family and caught her breath. “Excuse me ma’am, I heard your babies crying. And, well, I was wondering if there was anything I can do to help?”

The mom’s face lit up. “Oh, bless you child! Yes, I’m afraid they haven’t eaten all day and they’re quite hungry. Do you think you can give them a snack?”

“Sure! Wait right here.” Tracy jogged over and unlocked her car. Sifting through the contents of the back seat, she retrieved a bag of goldfish and returned to the family.

The peppy blonde, a beaming smile on her face, held out the bag in front of the mom “Here you go. This should tide over the little guys.”

Without taking the bag, the woman looked at the bag and frowned. “Oh no dear, I’m afraid they’re much too young for solid food. I noticed you had a baby and all, and well, I was hoping you could give them something else?” The woman pointed at Tracy’s breasts.

Tracy looked down at her shirt and noticed two dark spots forming. Hearing those babies cry must have triggered her milk letdown! Blushing, she started stammering “Oh! Well I, uhm, I don’t know if uh…”

As the crying continued, she suddenly became aware of the painful pressure in her breasts. Well, I need to pump a little bit anyway to ease some of the pressure. Why not pump some and help those who need it at the same time? Plus, there’s nothing wrong with donating milk. People do it all the time!

A smile reappeared on Tracy’s face. “I see. I think Bayan Escort I can help, wait right here while I go get my pump. It’s back with my husband.”

“Pump? Oh no, you don’t need that dear. I think you have everything you need right there already.”

Tracy stared at her confused for a moment, and then blushed as she realized what the woman was asking of her. “Ohhh. Umm, yeah, I really don’t feel comfortable doing that. Really, it will just take a minute…”

As she turned to head toward the visitor center, the twins quickly came up on either side of her and grabbed her arms.

“Hey! Let go of me!”

“You heard mama now, you best not disobey.”

Terry grabbed the bottom of Tracy’s shirt, and pulled it up above her tits. Her giant breasts swung out in the open, areolas peeking from around her nursing pads. The twins dragged the struggling woman and stood her directly in front of the stroller.

“Well, let’s see what we’re dealing with here now…”

Terry ripped each nursing pad off, freeing her nipples. “I think these will do just nicely.”

Hearing footsteps behind her, Tracy turned her head to see Mama approaching her from behind.

“Look, please don’t do this! I already said you could have some milk! This is completely unnecessary!”

“Well true, but you know what they say and all, breast is best! Boys, keep holding her arms.”

“Nooo! Please!”

Mama planted her hands on Tracy’s naked back, and pushed her tits-first into the stroller. After some resistance, Tracy slid forward as her breasts wedged themselves firmly in the plastic sides of the stroller.

“There we go! Perfect fit. We’ll just give you a few minutes to do your thing now.”

The twins let go of Tracy’s arms, who was now firmly locked into place and now powerless to move.

Tracy’s head leaned over the handlebar of the stroller as she stared at the ground. She suddenly became aware of two cold, wet noses bumping into the sides of her breasts. She tried to shake her tits and move them out of the way, but quickly realized it was pointless. She felt two warm, wet mouths enclose both her nipples, followed by a strong tugging sensation. The tiny mouths greedily began suckling at her engorged teats.

“They’re sucking my nipples! Please, get me out of this damn thing!”

Moments later, a very familiar sensation came over her. Oh no. Oh no. My milk is coming out! Tracy closed her eyes and gritted her teeth as she felt the backed up milk from her swollen breasts gush simultaneously from both her nipples. She silently cried as she was forced to endure the humiliating breastfeeding session.

Fifteen minutes later, Mama finally spoke up.

“Well, I think that ought to more than “tide them over”. Boys, give her a hand, why don’t you?”

The twins grabbed Tracy’s arms and pulled hard. With a PLOP sound, Tracy’s breasts were free. The top-heavy blonde immediately fell backwards onto the ground.

“Welp, thanks for helping us with the little ‘uns miss. See you at the tour!”

Tracy lay on the ground with her eyes closed panting heavily, her heaving breasts moving up and down with every breath. Her freshly suckled nipples were a dark shade of red. Thin streams of milk flowed from each nipple down her breasts onto the ground next to her.

After a couple minutes, the dazed blonde composed herself and brought her shirt back down over her giant tits, forgetting to replace the nursing pads.


In the visitor center, Tracy navigated her way through the shelves of souvenirs. Rather than feeling emptied, the breastfeeding session had actually triggered her milk production, and now she felt as engorged as ever. Desperate for relief, she hunted for Jim so that she could recover her breast pump. She finally found him looking through some keychains.

“Jim, I need the pump. Hey, where’s the farmer by the way?”

“He still hasn’t showed up yet. How did it go with the family from hell? You were gone a while.”

“Nothing. Uh, I mean it went ok. They needed a little, um, help with their babies.” Tracy folded her arms over her boobs in an attempt to cover her engorged nipples, which poked obscenely through her thin T-shirt.

“Yeah, I BET they did.” Jim glanced at her breasts.

“Whatever. Just give me the damn bag, I need to go pump.”

“What about the weaning? I thought you weren’t supposed to touch them.”

“Now suddenly you care? I’m the one who told you I didn’t want to come here in the first place. Anyway, where’s the bathroom?”

“No bathroom here for guests.”

Tracy winced and grabbed one breast. “I don’t think I can make it back to the car.”

“Just go to the barn next door, I’m sure you can find some private space over there.”

Tracy sighed and grabbed the bag, quickly making her way outside the visitor center.


The giant barn was a nondescript warehouse with a large open door at the front. The inside was essentially one giant room, each side lined Escort with cow pens. In the center of the barn was a wooden platform on which stood “Bessie”, a full sized black-and-white replica cow used for demonstrations. A small ladder was on the side of the platform, which connected to an open hatch at the top of the cow.

Frustrated, Tracy scanned the barn for a private place in which she could pump.

There’s nowhere to pump! My tits feel like they’re going to burst if I don’t get some relief soon…

Moving her eyes to the replica cow, she noticed an open hatch at the top. Climbing the ladder and looking inside, she discovered the cow was completely hollow! Though dark, there would be ample room for her to sit inside and pump her breasts in private. As long as the hatch was open, there would be enough light to see what she was doing.

She carefully climbed in and sat cross-legged in the rubber interior. She scrunched her T-Shirt up above her breasts and took out her pump, struggling to fit the plastic flanges over her thick nipples. Just as she was getting ready to turn on the pump, she heard voices approaching. Thinking fast, she quickly closed the hatch of the cow, leaving her in complete darkness.


The crowd of roughly twenty people filed their way into the barn as the charismatic “Farmer Hank” led them inside. Hank was an older, bearded overweight gentleman wearing a checkered button-up shirt and a pair of jeans.

“Welcome to the barn folks! This here’s where we milk all the dairy cows. Now, most of the milk we produce here goes to grocery stores, schools, and the like, and of course to the visitor center to make the best darn milkshakes you’ve ever had in your life. Now, I’d like y’all to meet somebody real special. This here’s Bessie! Say hello to Bessie everybody!”

The crowd surrounded the fake cow and examined it, some taking pictures. One person raised their hand. “Hey how come the cow’s only got two udders? Isn’t it supposed to have four?”

The farmer chuckled. “Well, first off, we actually call those the “teats”. The udder is the big part. And by gosh you’re right! It looks like we forgot to get Bessie fully prepared for today’s demonstrations. Say, I could use some help here. Who here wants to give poor ol’ Farmer Hank a hand?”

Hands shot up from the crowd. Hank pointed at Terry and Jerry.

“You two handsome young gentlemen. Come on up here, now! Everybody else, go on outside to the horse pen. I’ll meet you there in a couple of minutes.”

The crowd shuffled out of the barn, leaving the twins and the farmer alone standing next to Bessie.

Hank pointed to the back of the barn. “Now, there’s a fridge in the back over there with a big plastic baggie full of milk. It’s got two teats on one end. Now if you look close at the udder on Bessie, you’ll see two holes for the missing teats. Get inside the cow and put the teats on the bag where the holes are. That way, Bessie will have a full set of four teats. Y’all boys think you can handle that?”

“Yes, sir!”

“Alright now, I’m going to take these people to see the horses. We’ll be back in a little while. I’m counting on you boys!” Farmer Hank left the barn, leaving the twins alone.


Tracy heard the voices dissipate, so she decided to resume pumping. Suddenly, the hatch opened and light poured onto Tracy’s face. Looking up through the hole, she saw the faces of one of the twins from before.

“Well, well, well, look who it is, Jerry.”

The other twin came up to see what was inside the cow.

“Holy shit! It’s the milky momma from the parking lot! What are you doing inside there gal?”

“Looks like she’s due for another breastfeeding session! I don’t know about you, but I’m starving!”

Before she had a chance to react, the twins climbed in and closed the hatch, leaving the three crowded together in complete darkness. She could only feel and hear what the twins were doing, with no way to anticipate their next moves.

“No! Stop!”

She felt the breast pumps ripped violently off her nipples. Seconds later, they were replaced by two greedy mouths hungrily sucking at her tits. The twins were sucking hard, mashing their entire faces into her pillowy boobs as they tugged up and down at her nipples.

“Stop it! Get off of me! Please, somebody help!” The cow was mostly soundproof, so it would be very difficult for anybody to hear her pleas, let alone anybody outside the barn.

A hand slid in the waistband of her jeans and panties and landed on her mound. Without warning, she felt two fingers jabbed inside of her.

“No, no not there! Please, please stop. Only my husband can touch me there!”

She felt the fingers slide back and forth in her tight passage as the intense suckling on her tits continued. To her horror, she felt herself get wet, her juices dripping down her leg. Her loud cries of protest turned into gentle moans. No longer resisting, her moans became louder and louder in volume.

She held the twins’ heads in her hands as she felt the onset of an orgasm. Sensing her impending climax, the twin with his two fingers inside her added a third, which was enough to set her off. She thrust hard against the fingers and quivered as an orgasm washed over here.

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