Milking Time B2 Chapter 8 Clyda & Jordan Part

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Milking Time B2 Chapter 8 Clyda & Jordan PartChapter 8: Clyda & Jordan Part 2Jordan’s eyes wandered to Clyda’s crotch.”All right, love,” said Clyda. “I guess you’ve waited long enough. You’ve hardly taken your eyes off my crotch since you came in here.”Jordan nodded her head, her eyes filled with uncontrolled lust as she stared at Clyda.”I’m sorry,” said Jordan. “Have I been that obvious?””That’s Ok. Just sit back and just watch the show for a minute,” said Clyda.Clyda unzipped the workout pants, and stepped out of them, and then placed them over on top of her tube top she had discarded earlier. Beneath her pants, Clyda had on a skimpy pair of dark red panties.”Since I’m now almost totally in the buff, I think it’s only right that you do the same, love,” said Clyda.Jordan quickly removed her bikini panties, and stood there trembling, waiting for Clyda to take the next step.”I imagine that Tiffany and Dee Dee have already told you this,” said Clyda, “but we’re taught a number of mind control techniques here on the Island. In other words, most of us can control exactly when we want an erection or not. It comes in very handy not having to lug around a salami in your panties all day long.” Jordan tried to suppress a giggle as Clyda continued to explain.”We still have our cocks all the time. They’re just kept at a very small, manageable size, much like any normal male’s is, when it isn’t hard. It’s not that you didn’t give an outstanding effort there, Jordan. I can’t remember when someone’s paid that kind of attention to my tits. But I wasn’t going to show you my cock until I was ready to. And now I am.”Jordan folded her legs and sat on the edge of the bed. As Jordan watched, Clyda concentrated and released her mental control over her cock, and let it begin to grow and expand in front of Jordan. Clyda’s cock began enlarging in front of Jordan’s view. At first, it looked as though someone had shoved two large pairs of socks, or an equivalent sized bulge into Clyda’s panties. Clyda’s cock filled with blood, causing an almost instant increase to six or seven inches in length. The sudden change in Clyda’s cock, when it was already stuffed inside her panties, made it seem as though her crotch had instantly become alive.A second later, the head of Clyda’s cock poked above the rim of her panties. Clyda giggled at the sensation of her sensitive cockhead rubbing against the rim of her panties. Clyda’s shiny phallus lengthened itself immediately, quickly reaching the height of her belly button. Jordan’s mouth hung slightly open. Her breath came in small, shallow gasps. Clyda noticed Jordan’s obvious attraction to her rapidly growing member and flashed her a wicked smile. “You haven’t seen anything yet, love.”One of Jordan’s hands had flown to her breast at her first sight of Clyda’s immense penis. That hand now began to pinch and pull at her rapidly hardening nipple. Jordan’s other hand wandered to her crotch, and her fingers began to rub insistently at the swollen wetness she found there. Clyda’s exquisitely splendid penis began extending and enlarging to form an amazingly beautiful staff. It was dark brown, glistening under the bright light. The head was smooth and rounded. Clyda’s nostrils flared, her eyes flashed, and her penis grew another several inches in one pulse. Clyda stepped back and removed her panties so that she was now completely naked in the room with Jordan. The size and weight of Clyda’s cock caused it to sag slightly downwards.More and more of Clyda’s enormous shiny, cock became visible. It hung now nearly to Clyda’s knees. As she stood transfixed, Jordan saw that it was pulsing and growing both in thickness and in firmness, as though it had a life of its own. Clyda’s cock began to rise up slowly like a hard iron rod until it was sticking nearly straight up, angling above Clyda’s belly, slightly away from her body, at a forty-five degree angle. Jordan, unaware that she was moving, leaned hesitantly toward Clyda. It kept growing and growing, until it brushed the bottom of Clyda’s huge breasts.”Oh, Clyda,” she said as she fell to her knees at her side. “That is the most halkalı escort beautiful hunk of meat I think I’ve ever seen.”Clyda’s massive cock was now sticking straight out and grazed Jordan’s belly. It bobbed slightly to the beat of her heart. Clear fluid began to drip from Clyda’s cock in long, sticky strands. Jordan reached out a hand and collected a large dollop of Clyda’s precum. Jordan eagerly tasted Clyda’s juices, and rolled it on her tongue, savoring the rich sexual flavor of it.”You taste absolutely incredible, Clyda,” said Jordan.”Glad you like it love,” giggled Clyda. “But you’re going to get a whole lot more than just a taste in a little bit. Now suck on my cock like a good little girl.”Jordan reached out a shaky, smooth-skinned hand and touched Clyda’s slick, shiny cock. It did not feel wet or clammy as she had expected. It was dry and smooth and supple. It was soft and yielding to her touch like fine leather, yet underneath she felt a firm hardness like a stalk of wood as she encircled her fingers only a little more than halfway around Clyda’s massive cock. There was a heat Jordan felt coming out of that tumescent flesh; a heat she knew must be satisfied. A heat Jordan herself felt deep within her own oozing, young pussy, which now had three fingers from her other hand plunging into it. Jordan’s copious flow of cunt juices ran out where it dripped off to join with the pool of pre-cum forming on the bed below the bobbing tip of Clyda’s, shiny cock.Jordan, without even thinking about what she was doing, was leaning forward. Rocking forward on her knees, she sought to bring her yearning lips into contact with the satiny-smooth, skin of Clyda’s cock. Heat bathed Jordan’s face as she reveled in the sensation of the veiny texture of that cock flesh. The smell sent Jordan to new heights of arousal. It was a rich, clean, sexy kind of smell that inflamed her desire. Jordan reached under Clyda’s stiffening shaft, and found her thick, heavy balls. Jordan began squeezing and fondling Clyda’s nuts in her right hand. Clyda’s balls were as large as two tennis balls, and felt as smooth and sleek as billiard balls.Clyda gave a husky sigh, as she responded to Jordan’s lips on her cockhead. Jordan could feel more blood surging into and filling Clyda’s balls, and felt them become noticeably heavier and larger.Jordan’s mouth dropped open and she ran her tongue along the side of Clyda’s mammoth cock. Jordan absolutely loved the bumpy feel of the veins passing over her tongue. All along one side of Clyda’s huge cock she ran her tongue. All the way up to the flared end, which was larger than Jordan’s fist, from which now trickled thick, viscous pre-cum. Jordan stuck out her delicate tongue to gather up some of the hot slime oozing from Clyda’s engorged penis. Jordan slaked her thirst on that white jism, truly loving the flavor of it. It was like an all-powerful aphrodisiac. Jordan became ravenous in her need for more of that fluid. Jordan opened her mouth wide and took the massive head of Clyda’s cock. At first, Jordan could only get her mouth over the opening at the tip of Clyda’s cock, and get part of her cockhead in her mouth. Jordan longed to take the entire head, and as much of Clyda’s shaft as she could deeply inside her mouth, and then exhaust herself sucking hard to draw out that delicious juice from Clyda. For a moment, Jordan didn’t know what she would do, but then she remembered Tiffany and Dee Dee’s instructions. Things worked differently on the island, because of all the hormones and diet supplements that everyone took. Tiffany and Dee Dee had told Jordan that if she relaxed, and believed, and just let nature take its course, that her body would be able to do things that she had never thought possible.So Jordan relaxed as much as she could, and tried to let her body go as limp as possible. In a moment, Jordan felt a fuzzy sort of numbness in her head and jaws, almost like the feeling she would get when the dentist gave her a shot of novocaine. But although Jordan felt the numbness come over her, olgun escort she lost none of the sensitivity in her tongue, and savored the taste of the tip of Clyda’s cock on her lips.Next, Jordan felt her jaws opening wider than she had ever been able to open them before. It was as though part of her chin had turned to soft, elastic rubber. As Jordan’s jaws opened wider to receive Clyda’s cock, the entire head slowly entered Jordan’s mouth, followed by two inches of the shaft. Jordan caressed Clyda’s cock with her tongue in her mouth, and couldn’t believe how wonderful and delicious it tasted.By now Clyda’s penis had grown to an awe-inspiring twenty plus inches! It was easily three inches across. Clyda playfully thrust her hips forward gently, letting Jordan discover just how huge and powerful her cock truly was.Thrusting her upper body forward, Jordan tried to stick herself on Clyda’s mighty rod, striving to drive it down into her very guts. Wildly her mind spun with what she was doing. The amount of cock that Jordan had in her mouth far surpassed anything she had ever sucked before in her life. Clyda thrust her hips forward and another several inches of her cock entered Jordan’s slender mouth and throat.The gag reflex that Jordan expected never came. Clyda’s mammoth cock continued its inward journey until part of it was actually sticking down Jordan’s throat. As long as Jordan remained calm and concentrated on breathing through her nostrils, Jordan felt like she could take an unlimited amount of cock down her throat.Jordan was down on her knees under a huge and powerful shemale amazon, an amazon that she loved. And Jordan was sucking the mammoth, nearly two-foot long cock of Clyda. And she loved it, loving every minute of it, every raw second. Reeling with the wild passion of what she was doing, Jordan knew that she would not stop, simply could not stop, until she had sucked her lovely shemale amazon Clyda to completion. Not until she had sucked to her very hearts content on that mighty, enormous staff, and until she had sucked Clyda herself to the climax she knew Clyda needed so badly to achieve, and she as well. Only after Clyda had pumped her copious flood of seed into Jordan’s mouth and down her greedy, gulping throat would Jordan be able to make herself stop.”And then, I just know Clyda will want to fuck the living daylights out of me,” Jordan thought to herself.Jordan closed her eyes and found herself contracting and using her throat muscles in new ways that she had never thought possible, as she sucked and massaged and literally fucked Clyda’s enormous cock with her mouth and throat.Jordan lost track of time as she engrossed herself in working on Clyda’s cock. Some ten minutes later, she could feel Clyda’s breathing increase, and she could feel the shaft of Clyda’s cock begin to pulse and vibrate faster.”Oh, yeah. Oh yes! Don’t stop, damn you. Don’t stop!” cried Clyda.Clyda began to fondle and caress her own breasts as she sought more release and satisfaction, while Jordan worked on her cock.From the look of the spasms in Clyda’s hips, Jordan realized, she was going to soon get her share of Clyda’s cum, and then some. Clyda was now thrusting her powerful hips forward in an unmistakable rhythm. Clyda would pull her cock out until the tip of her cockhead would just graze the inside of Jordan’s teeth, and then shove it back down Jordan’s greedy throat again.Clyda was seeking her release. When Clyda pulled her cock back, Jordan stabbed her tongue deeply into the drooling pisshole at the end of the shemale’s massively turgid cock, drawing it back out slimy and coated with thick white jism. Then Clyda would thrust her huge pole back into the sensuous depths of Jordan’s gullet again. Jordan’s young hands flew up and down the lengthy girth of Clyda’s mammoth penis. Jordan was trying to grip the mighty shaft, and jerk Clyda off as best she could from her kneeling position.Clyda was making whimpering noises now, her hips thrusting her huge prick forward into Jordan’s şişli escort open mouth. Fully eight inches of that gigantic organ were thrust down Jordan’s throat, and was then pulled back until only the flared head remained in Jordan’s wide-stretched mouth. With mighty lunges, Clyda fucked her stalk into Jordan’s hungry gullet as she teetered on the very brink of orgasm. Jordan’s mind drifted back for a moment, and she quickly recalled how Tiffany had grabbed her own balls, and literally milked the jism out of them, during the milking ritual.Reaching out, Jordan found Clyda’s two swollen balls, resting against the base of her thighs. Each testicle had swollen to the size of an orange, and felt as smooth as a billiard ball. Jordan found them to be firm at first touch, but after a moment, they became somewhat pliable, and Jordan could squeeze them handily with a little exertion. Jordan began squeezing and tugging on Clyda’s balls to match the rhythm of Clyda’s thrusts down her throat. Clyda lifted one of her heavy tits to her mouth and began eagerly sucking on her own nipple. Clyda’s nipples were several inches across, and the areola had swollen so that they were puffy end erect from the rest of the surface of her breasts. Clyda’s nipple was now almost an inch long, and as thick of the tip of her little finger. Almost like a miniature cock. Clyda teethed and sucked on her hefty nipple, and she could soon feel sprays of milk spurting from it inside her mouth.Caught up in the ever-increasing cycle of pleasure from sucking on her own nipple and Jordan sucking on her cock, Clyda quickly escalated to the point of no return.Clyda gave in to the wave of pleasure building within her, and surrendered her control over her body. Clyda gave a throaty moan of pleasure from deep within, which signaled to Jordan that the moment of climax was imminent.After several more inward lunges from Clyda’s cock, Jordan’s throat and cheeks swelled up and her eyes appeared to bulge outward for a moment, the result of an unimaginable amount of thick, white spunk bursting out from Clyda’s throbbing hunk of meat. The first gusher of Clyda’s jism went straight down Jordan’s throat, and Jordan could feel it land in her belly, like someone pouring a glass of water. The shock of this sensation caused Jordan to loosen the grip of her throat on Clyda’s cock, and Clyda pulled her cock back somewhat, so that only the head was in Jordan’s mouth again.Jordan had thought that Barocca’s cum had tasted sweet a few days ago, when she received some at the end of the milking rituals. It was nothing compared to the sweet, sensual taste generated by a shemale amazon like Clyda, when she was lost in the throes of love-making.Streams of cum began to appear around Jordan’s tightly stretched lips, momentarily coating her face before it began to drip and run off in heavy dollops that fell to Jordan’s ripe, young tits. The ravenous Jordan then pulled her head back until the massively flared end of Clyda’s cock was just outside of her open mouth and she continued to jack Clyda off with her smooth, young hands. Jordan stroked Clyda through half a dozen more mighty jets of semen. Clyda’s stream of spunk was an inch wide where it exited her huge penis, and each jet filled Jordan’s mouth to overflowing before she was able to swallow it all down. The next colossal splurt from Clyda’s humongous cock nearly tipped Jordan all the way over. It rocketed out of Clyda’s huge cock and filled Jordan’s mouth and poured down her neck in a river. By the time Clyda’s emissions had subsided somewhat, Jordan was coated from her neck to her tits with a thick slime of shemale cum. Clyda closed her eyes as one of the most intense orgasms she ever had overtook her. Wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure overwhelmed her as she looked down at Jordan sucking on her monster cock, and imagined just how glorious that wonderful deluge of jism must taste. Clyda recalled how truly wonderful her first taste of shemale cum had been, and looked lovingly at Jordan as she swallowed every drop she could.Jordan again thrust her mouth onto Clyda’s mighty rod and greedily drank down what dribbles remained. Jordan finished up with Clyda, letting her still erect staff slip from her now sated lips and bringing her ripe tits up to her mouth where she could lick up all the leftover spunk from Clyda’s furious emission. Clyda squatted down, and held Jordan’s breasts with her own hands as well. Together, the two girls licked every drop of Clyda’s cum off of Jordan’s breasts.

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